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 |  Doctor and incompetent staff force many delays, repeat appointments, and referrals  |  show details
by Patrick Connolly on Mar 8th, 2014

Since Doctor Hatfield changed his company name to Concentra Primary Care, an insurance company, there have been many noticeable changes in his level of service. As we ended 2013, his advice to me regarding some of my issues, which in the past could have been viewed as pre-existing conditions, was to call his office for an appointment after the first of the year, 2014. When I called the first week of January to schedule an appointment, my scheduled appointment was set for approximately January 13, 2014. During my short meeting, the Doctor gave me information and instructions about the referral process leading up to my expected surgery. After our short three or four minute meeting, his staff gave me different instructions about the process. His staff told me that I had only thirty days to get all my medical exams together for the operation. These thirty days must include the actual operation itself. They said they would be sending me a referral for the recommended physician that would perform it. I waited two or three weeks for the referral to arrive in the postal mail. During this time, I made several calls to his office to find out when and if it would arrive. One of my questions to his staff over the phone was, "Why is this taking so long?" The reply was, "Oh, we have up to fourteen business days to make this referral". I recently checked with Banner and Blue Cross and discovered that this is an outright lie by his staff. I finally received two referrals in the mail, one handwritten authorization for a visit to Valley Bone And Joint, a business run by the Doctors brother, Stephen E. Hatfield, and another handwritten referral for a polyp inspection at Desert Valley Gastro. My primary concern was the knee bone and joint issue since I have been having pain issues whenever walking. These handwritten referrals were dated 1/31/2014, 18 days after our brief meeting. The Gastro referral expired in one year but the referral to Valley Bone And Joint expired after 2/31/2014. I received these referrals on 2/4/2014, giving me only twenty-eight calendar days to get the operation performed. Within minutes of receiving the referral to Valley Bone And Joint, I called their office and made an appointment for the next day, 2/5/2014. Attending the appointment on 2/5/2014, I completed extensive paperwork and met with a male Doctors Assistant regarding my knee issues. He told me that I would need X-rays of both knees and the next day, I received a phone call where they recommended I visit Arizona Tech Radiology at 4915 E. Baseline, Suite 116, in Mesa, Arizona to get this work done. I visited their offices that day and after waiting an hour, they performed the X-rays. I waited another forty-five minutes and received copies of the X-rays on a CD so the surgeon at Valley Bone And Joint could review them. I immediately drove to Valley Bone And Joint and left the CD with a receptionist so it could be reviewed by my potential surgeon, Doctor Gary Purcell. During this appointment, I was also given a Medical Clearance Form that said: "Surgery will require the following: EKG, CXR and Labs to include a CBC, BMP, UA, PT, PTT and Vitamin D Level. If you could please arrange these tests for your patient as soon as possible as the patent will not be put on our surgery schedule until they are cleared." Since I had received extensive tests over the last year and a half and am not a doctor, I felt that, most likely, this form could be simply signed by my primary care physician, Doctor Hatfield and we could proceed with an operation to relieve my constant pain whenever walking. I immediately drove to Doctor Hatfield's office and attempted to simply drop off the form for Doctor Hatfield's signature. The receptionist was very icy in my request that she simply give the form to the Doctor and I questioned her about why I must now make ANOTHER APPOINTMENT with Doctor Hatfield to get him to sign the form. The Manager approached the window as I was discussing this with the receptionist and stated that I must make an appointment so the doctor could approve the Medical Clearance form so it could be transmitted by fax to Valley Bone And Joint. The Manager also stated that an EKG must be performed within thirty days of the actual surgery date or it could not be done. I made an appointment to see Doctor Hatfield on 02/13/2014. Attending my appointment with the doctor on 2/13/2014, I met with Doctor Hatfield and asked him about the thirty-day rule for exams that must be given within thirty days of the surgery. He assured me that this was simply a requirement of my insurance provider, which is an outright lie, and that there might be more requirements coming up due to the providers disregard for the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. However, he assured me that he could have an EKG performed that day at his office. Since I had been going to see Doctor Susan Soroff at Cardio Vascular Associates of Mesa (CVAM) for approximately one year and had extensive tests, I thought the EKG process would be no problem. Waiting in the room after the Doctor left after three or four minutes with me, she rapidly applied the stickers on my upper torso, hooked up the wires, rapidly did the EKG, pulled off the stickers with hair from my chest and walked out of the room. As she had instructed, I dressed and walked out to leave the office. When discussing this with the receptionist, she then told me that they would get back to me regarding the test results. Days later, I finally received a phone call from one of the females that the "EKG tests were abnormal" and that they would be sending me ANOTHER referral form by mail for another EKG and other exams. Since I had previously been referred to CVAM, I immediately called CVAM and attempted to make another appointment with Dr. Soroff. Since she was not available until sometime in March, I made an appointment to see Doctor Howard Cohen at CVAM for Tuesday, 2/25/2014. On my first meeting with Valley Bone And Joint, estimating the timeline for this process, which Doctor Hatfield's office staff had, I believed, estimated to move along rapidly, I had originally made a follow-up appointment for 2/14/2014 and then delayed it to 2/21/2014. Since I had the original film copies of additional X-rays as stated in a follow-up visit after my first X-rays, I brought them with me and was assured during my right knee required some surgery. Attending my appointment at CVAM on 2/14/2014, after taking another EKG and other testing, Dr. Cohen told me that my tests came out the same as the ones performed about a year ago and that my EKG was actually normal with no problems. After a very thorough process where he personally read all my medical records and past tests, he wrote a letter at that meeting on 2/25/2014 and printed it. The letter stated: "Patient, Patrick J. Connolly, has been under my care from a cardiac standpoint; Patrick has hx of High Cholesterol, Hypertension. The patient has undergone a pre-operative risk assessment. Pre-operative risk should be considered low. Should you have any questions about Patrick J Connolly, please do not hesitate to contact me." Immediately when receiving this document from the doctor, I drove to Doctor Hatfield's office and gave the original document to the receptionist, which she did accept without insisting that I make another appointment with Doctor Hatfield. I went home to resume the waiting process that, at this point, has been going on for many weeks. Several days later, I called Doctor Hatfield's office and asked for an update on the Medical Clearance form that I had not yet received confirmation that it had been faxed to the surgeon from their office, as promised. I asked why I have not yet received that notice and that I already saw Doctor Hatfield sign the clearance during my last appointment with him. After getting no answer at all from the person that answered the phone, they connected me to the Manager. When discussing this delay with her, she had no answer to any of my questions and kept telling me not to "talk over her". I just wanted some straight answers after many weeks of waiting. Finally, she said, after looking at my record, "You have not received the Medical Clearance because we are still waiting for the results of a chest X-Ray and blood test." I said, "What chest X-ray and blood test? This is the first I heard about it! But, I have had several chest X-rays and blood tests in the last year and a half". She said after looking at my medical records that these exams were not within the time limits required." I stated, after hearing about ANOTHER REQUIREMENT that Doctor Hatfield had ever mentioned, that, "Besides not ever hearing of this additional requirement from before moving forward, I had not received any referrals as required by my Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plan". She seemed surprised by this remark, hesitated and I could hear her typing on the computer. Concerned about all of these unspoken details that had been dragging on this process for many weeks, I asked her if there would be other requirements introduced to stretch out this long process after getting blood tests and chest X-rays AGAIN. She would not answer this question, but simply told me "The Referral Department was working on it". This would be my third time getting X-rays in preparation for the same procedure. I also asked her who was really in charge of this process, the staff of females or the Doctor? She also refused to answer this or any other questions and simply hung up on me. In fact, there is no way that I have of reaching the Doctor without going through the bunch of female incompetent assistants. I have no email address, cell phone number or home address information for him. After waiting several days and religiously checking my mail every day, I called back and asked to be connected to the "Referral Department". The receptionist refused to connect me, stating, "There is not a phone number that I can connect to for this department". I knew that this was just another lie and that there probably was no such thing as the referral department. Since I had recently received two handwritten referrals that could have been written by the Doctor himself, I knew then that this process of stringing the patient along with many delays for additional referrals and appointments repeatedly was just a way to create more income for the now insurance company owned "Concentra Family Medicine". Therefore, now I was on the phone again and being stalled and lied to, again. Since the person answering, said that I could "leave a message for the referral department" I told her to leave a message for them to "get off their rear end and get their job done without any more delays". Forgetting to identify myself, I called back and gave her my date of birth and ID number from Blue Cross. The next day, I received a special delivery certified letter in an envelope from Concentra Primary Care with a letter inside with a letterhead stating it was from Hatfield Family Medicine stating "effective immediately I will no longer be your primary care physician due to the inability to maintain an effective physician-patient relationship". The letter was sent supposedly from Kent Hatfield, DO but with a cc: to Kent Hatfield and Blue Cross Blue Shield. The signature is an unreadable mark that could have been made by any one of the dishonest female office workers that manage the Doctor. It is very obvious to me that what this Doctor and his staff wants is obedient, naive patients that will patiently wait for months while the Doctor retaliates against the Affordable Care Act and creates income by jacking them around with intentional delay, repeat office visits where the Doctor spends three or four minutes with each patient. Then the staff takes over, puts in more delays and lies as they see fit.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  medical issues  |  show details
Dec 18th, 2013

I would rather go somewhere else the staff takes forever to get back with you.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  show details
Jun 12th, 2009

good doctor who listens and acts upon the problem without wait and see.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Excellent Doctor and Staff!  |  show details
by Pengwenette on Nov 8th, 2007 on

I have been going to Dr. Hatfield for 2 years now and I would not change doctors in the future. They are always very precise about listening and working with me. I would highly recommend.

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