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Seriously?! show details Seriously?!
by Just looking for a good dr on Sep 25th, 2014

I moved to utah recently. I'm in search of an Endo since I have type 1 and thyroid issue. I call to make an appt an am told dr. Swenson doesn't see diabetics. Ok, what? So another dr there does. Ok so I try to make an appt with him. They will not make an appt without a dr referral and a1c level blood work! What?! I've had diabetes since 1995 - pretty sure since there's no cure I still have it. Wth?! Stupid. Finding someone else now.

Great! show details Great!
Sep 10th, 2014

She's easy to talk with. Listens to me and we make decisions together.

No Infertility Patients show details No Infertility Patients
by km on Jul 30th, 2013

Even though I have high Thyroid Antibodies, Dr. Swenson rejected our referral because we are also suffering from infertility. WHAT? That's so rude. Regardless of the infertility, I still have high TgAb. Very devastating to be turned down to even be seen! Totally lame. Obviously doesn't care about patients.

A good choice! show details A good choice!
Apr 29th, 2013

I have been seeing Dr. Swenson for a little over a year and have only had positive experiences with her. This is the third endocrinologist I have been to and I think she is a very good doctor. The first endocrinologist I saw was very thorough but was always ordering really expensive tests that were not necessary. The second endocrinologist I saw was apathetic and never even felt my thyroid. Dr. Swenson is thorough, asks a lot of questions, is very good at providing answers to your questions and before ordering tests explains what the test is for and why she thinks it is necessary. She is very personable and has a lot of energy. I think she is great!

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Jul 30th, 2012

I wish she was my primary care physician. She is interested in my overall health not just my thyroid. I have never felt rushed by Dr. Swenson and is sincerely concerned for my wellbeing.

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Jun 12th, 2012

Dr. Swenson is fantastic. I would reccommend her to anyone. I have an aggressive/recurrent form of thyroid cancer and have seen MANY endos. She's one of the best!

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The Truth! show details The Truth!
May 25th, 2012

I switched to Dr. Swenson because my oncologist for my thyroid cancer was over-aggressive in my treatment. Dr. Swenson DOES focus a lot on diet and exercise, but rightly so! I have lost 22lbs using her advice and have never felt better. Also, she takes the time to explain what all the blood work means. She makes me feel like she is treating my whole person not just one problem. She helped me to get all my medical records in one place, which is also very helpful! I always leave her office feeling empowered to take charge of my health! I highly recommend her!

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Good luck even getting in! show details Good luck even getting in!
Mar 21st, 2012

I was sent to a Thoracic surgeon for a biopsy of my enlarged thymus gland. As an honest surgeon he wanted me to get some tests run for M.G. because the biopsy or surgery is so high risk that he didn't want to open me up unless necessary and to know the cause of it. He highly recommended me to Dr. Swenson and after more than FOUR WEEKS of having my scans and notes faxed over(every other day and multiple fax numbeers)they finally received my info. Now it's been a week and a half later STILL no appointment. So I called to see how long it normally takes and was told that they still didn't have my information, even though they called me and told me they received it. I was then told that it means they haven't looked at it yet, so, I asked how long it normally took. I was told "oh, just a few days." It's been EIGHT business days now. I'm over trying and if they call to make an appointment I'm going to tell them where to shove it! For being so highly recommended I can't believe how horrible the staff is and how long it takes(6 weeks now!).

Mar 1st, 2012

Dr Swenson was all over the place. I had no idea what she was talking about and when I asked for clarification, I left even more confused. Was told I had thyroid problems and was put on medication, and it turns out I don't have any thyroid problems, according to lab work done. Would definitely not recommend.

Charges too much!!! Way over charges for no follow up. show details Charges too much!!! Way over charges for no follow up.
Sep 16th, 2011

I saw this doctor because I thought my thyroid medicine dosage was not sufficient. Dr Swenson charged a new patient evaluation of over $600. Then the labs were like $1,500. She called in a perscription to change my thyroid from like 50 mcg to 100 mcg (one unit higher). I had to pay for most of this visit, and labs becuase of my crappy insurance. The labs, she could have gotten from my primary care physician, my primary care physician referred me to her, and had just done the same labs. I got stuck with this huge bill, I'm a single mom, with grandchildren living with me too. At that time, I was supporting everyone. This doctor spent maybe 10 minutes with me. She was nice, but this is why healthcare is so high. The doctors know that another one has already gotten the labs, but they don't share the information, they get it themselves because they make more. Shame on this doctor. I never went back to her. I would not recommend anyone to go to her. Her new patient evaluation is over priced by at least $450.00. I know this, and I just made an appointment with a doctor who will be charging me $450 less for the same type of new patient evaluation. I hope I get better help. Doctors need to realize they do not need nor deserve to live like rock stars. They live in million dollar houses. When I was a kid, (a long time ago) the doctors lived in the same neighborhood as we did, they came to our house when we were too sick to go to a hospital and we couldnt afford it. They cared about our family with 7 kids in a 4 bedroom home. Their kids did dress better, but not that much different than everyone else. Look at the doctors now! Their kids are the ones that go to the best schools, they have several cars, and live in million dollar homes. Is this right? No it isnt! I dont care how much your education was, my education was almost as expensive and I worked and paid for every bit of it. You guys should start thinking of yourselves as regular people, not special. We are all special, even the sick and the poor. Shame on the doctors in this state. Shame on this doctor for charging so much and not using information that was already available. I wonder how many times has she done this to others? I would not recommend her.

Dr. Swenson is great and I highly recommend her. show details Dr. Swenson is great and I highly recommend her.
Aug 30th, 2011

I'm not a big fan of doctors and usually only see one if absolutely necessary. I was referred to Dr. Swenson when I was diagnosed with a thyroid nodule. She was very thorough and would go over and above to discover my problems and help me to resolve them. She would help me understand what was happening with me and provide options along with discovery to better understand how to treat me. She gave me a lot of suggestions and we discussed weight loss and diet - only because I was interested. I truly believe weight has a lot to do with many of the health problems people suffer with and it would be irresponsible for her not to address dietary habits and weight loss in her practice. I agree with her suggestions to limit carbs (which include fruits and most vegetables) in order to lose weight. Losing weight will mostly happen due to diet alone - even though exercise is very important as well. Listen to and body builder or fitness expert and they will tell you the same thing. I think Dr. Swenson is a great doctor who is honest and not concerned about hurting feelings - but instead delivering solutions even though they may be hard to hear.

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Horrible bedside manner! show details Horrible bedside manner!
Jun 29th, 2011

I went to this Dr for the last time January 2010, like others have said all she cares about is if you are FAT, and not skinny like she is. My husband and I were trying to start a family, and going through loops trying to figure out why nothing was happening. We thought my thyroid had something to do with it (that's what we were told by my OB that I was going to at the time), this, having my thyroid checked out, and the fact that I wasn't comfortable going to see a male Doctor were the only reasons for going to her. I will be honest, I'm not a string bean,but I'm not extremely overweight either, I have gone on diets/worked out and tried hard to lose weight. This woman told me the only way she would believe I was SERIOUS enough about having a family was if I lost weight,and to PROVE it to her by getting the weight off was also the ONLY way she'd help me. She made me feel like crap, like I didn't care enough about starting a family after trying for 4 years. I'm happy to say a year and a half later I am pregnant thanks to my current OB, AND the irony of it all is I've lost weight during my pregnancy.

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Wonderful Lady show details Wonderful Lady
by Ms. Keith on Jul 19th, 2010

I read a lot of reviews for her saying positive and negative comments, and decided to go to her. My visit was great! I felt she listened and took time to help me understand what was going on with my body. She gave me tip on exercise as well as vitamins. I would recommed her to anyone in need for a specialist.

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Attitude: Everyone should be skinny like me, no excuses! show details Attitude: Everyone should be skinny like me, no excuses!
Jun 28th, 2010

I saw Dr. Swenson a couple of years ago. I am just now finding this site and after reading her ratings decided to rate her myself. I went to her with possible adrenal gland issues..extreme fatigue, pain in my left flank upon exersion, low grade fever, sweating etc..she immediately started asking me what I eat and proceeded to make lists on her dry erase board, critisizing everything! The fact that I was eating whole grain cereal and fruit for breakfast was not good enough, she wanted me drinking a protien shake everyday, like her. She told me also, that I needed to cut down on fruit and veggies and stick to protien. Then she proceeded to ask me if was LDS. Caught off guard and thinking that she was just making small talk I answered "yes". She then proceeded to say, "I'll bet you go to all those gatherings and eat the french toast, cookies and brownies, huh?" The entire new patient visit was focused on what I ate, not one concern about the pain in my flank, my fever, or fatigue. She was so convinced that I was diabetic she ordered a bunch of labs and sent me home with a glucometer, even after I had told her that I had many times had my bloodsugar tested and I was always under 90. She also told me that there was no reason, no matter how crappy I felt, that I shouldn't be exercizing because "her nurse who is being treated for breast cancer is still running 5 miles a day, now if she can do can too." I was crying so hard on the way home I missed my exit on the freeway. Upon seeing another Dr. I ended up having an adrenal tumor that was removed. Thanks for nothing Dr. Swenson!

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Excellent Doctor show details Excellent Doctor
Mar 5th, 2010

I too thought she may be to obsessed with weight; I ingnored her advise and two years later I am going blind from diabetes. I will never again second guess her.

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Oct 1st, 2009

My last appointment had me confused and upset. She yelled at me for not giving up fruits and vegetables. (They make a person fat) She prescribed a medication that could cause seizures, and I have epilepsy. In the past I have been happy with her treatment of my thyroid. However, I have some other issues, and they are not being dealt with.

Sep 10th, 2009

Doesn't address issues you see her for, instead is obsessed with weight even if your diagnosis has nothing to do with weight. She's prescription happy and always wants you to try the newest drugs, makes you feel like she's getting some kick-backs from the pharmacists.

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Jun 8th, 2009

Very happy w/ the amount of time she spent with me at appts.

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May 6th, 2009

This doctor knows what she is doing. She is knowledgable, concerned, takes all the time necessary to diagnose and treat. He manner and prefessionalism is excellent.

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Apr 20th, 2009

She was rude, condisending, and arupt. I wonder what her patient healing percentage?

Dec 13th, 2008

I have been through 9 endos since my thyroid cancer diagnosis in 2003 and Dr. Swenson is by far the best I've worked with.

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