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 |  Texting and Treating?  |  show details
Jul 4th, 2014

I had high hopes after reading his philosophy regarding addiction treatment on his website. However, I was disappointed with my meeting with him. He was detached, didn't ask me my name or any questions, and was constantly texting during the ten minutes I had with him. I will keep searching for a doctor who is truly interested in his or her patients. Is this possible???

Doctor's Response

Yes I remember you. I like to remind you that you signed a waiver to disclose your medical records in this same site as result of your self disclosure in order to defend myself from your allegations. From the outset you arrived insulting my staff and even patients had to request to contain your manners. WE have a policy of not taking impolite patients however given the fact that you had a mental illness i overlooked your behavior in the waiting area. The process of all new patients is 90 minutes to two hours and that information is listed in the website. Most of that time you spend completing questionnaires and state of the art diagnostic testing to give you an answer to your condition. Prior to entering the office yi explained that i had answer a call from a hospital. All interviews and waiting areas in our office are recorded and if you wish i can also upload the file for everyone to see. WE video tape as part of security and all patients are informed when they arrived with big signs. Videos are HIPPA protected and secure. However my diagnosis of very unstable mod disorder offended you and this happens quite often. You also was told that you had to stop smoking marijuana because it interfered with your medications. I hope you had help by now I believe your family and job was at risk.

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 |  Great Dr.  |  show details
Nov 6th, 2013

After seeing many Phsychiatrists,, I was recently referred to Dr. Lado, and have seen him about a month now. He is very thorough and works to find the source of your problem rather than just doling out meds like they are candy. He works to find out what is really going on, get the right diagnosis, medications, and vitamin suppliments that work. While you do have to wait a long time at the office it is worth it. Thanks Dr. Lado

Doctor's Response

Thank you so much. I am glad you got your life back

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  Incompetent, lazy and beyond tardy DO NOT SEE THIS 'Doctor"!!  |  show details
by Matt on Oct 16th, 2013

Due to the limited # of "qualified" psychiatrists in the area accepting patients, we were foced to go to this clown (again). It is the last time, id rather be dead than wait 90 minutes to get to "talk" to this "doctor". Those words are in quotes as I believe a gumball machine dispensed his degree. If i were this bad at my job i would be fired. There are NO WORDS to describe the incompetence. However, im coming back to waiting 90 minutes in the office. I have a job, a big boy job. I have to report to people above me when Im 2.5 hours late for a doctors appt. I know he, nor does his pathetic staff (who are even more incompetent, didnt think that was possible, apathetic and just rude) care one bit. With any luck his vending machine degree will prove his demise and hopefully get deported to whatever back water hole he came from. useless.

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Doctor's Response

Hello Matt Again i have to disclose you gave me permission in writing to disclose your medical record in the office in the event i had to defend my self against false allegations. First all patients including you are told verbally and in writing that the evaluation will take at least 2 hours. This is done to give you time to complete all forms and evaluations in order to figure out your problem. From the outset your urine drug screen was positive for drugs. Most patients have a hard time giving up marijuana as they self medicate their symptoms. Too bad you did not return to see your genetics results and it showed you genetic problems responding to medications and it would help you in the future. Judging at the tone of your anger it appears it continues to interfere in getting help. Would of you have returned it would have help you for future psychiatric. But anger always gets into people way and self destruct. I wish you the best Matt. My staff was very patient with you understanding your illness. I hope you were able to hold on to your marriage. Good Luck and the best.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  Worse psychiatrist I've seen in years!  |  show details
by Denise on Sep 14th, 2013

I went to see Dr. Lado because he takes my insurance. I have a diagnosis of depression and have been treated for it for over 20 years. I needed a new doctor strictly because of insurance plan changes. Dr. Lado requires $50 upfront payment so you can make an appointment. They said it was a refundable fee in case I didn't show up for the appointment. I thought that was kind of strange but I paid anyways. When I first got to his office the first thing they did was get a urine sample to test me for drugs. I thought that was strange (another red flag) but did it anyways. He barely looked at my face when he first met me, He kept his face down looking at his computer and then said " so you just need medication refills?" I said I was doing fine and yes I wanted to continue the same meds. He then proceeded to tell me I needed an oral swab test for genetic testing to see if the meds I was on were appropriate for me. I was very confused! He said " I will see you in two weeks". When the medical assistant came to do the oral swab I told him I didn't think it was necessary. I made the follow up appointment but shortly after cancelled it. I called his office and said I wasn't going to return to his office any longer. I never got my $50 back. What a horrible doctor and horrible practice. Just in for the money obviously. DON'T GO TO THIS DOCTOR!

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Doctor's Response

Hello Denise I see you still having issues with your insurance. I hope you found a physician that takes your insurance. Again you signed a waiver to defend myself and disclose your records when you saw me. In regards to the $50, we dont keep money that belong to patients. The 50 dollars is part of an initial assessment that gets applied to your copay. If your copay is zero and the medically necessary testing is paid by insurance you get your money back. In regards to your medications we have philosophy of asking patients if they are happy with their medications. We do not want to reinvent the treatment if it took many years to fix you. The purpose of the genetics test is determine compatibility with your genes and medications. You mentioned that at times they appear not to work. So pharmacogenetics would of been valuable to optimize your condition. But reviewing your records you had multiple therapist and multiple psychiatrist not able to keep a stable one. So they probably never got here that fine detail. What my staff and it did learn that you arrived very demanding and not wanting to complete all phases of the evaluation. So perhaps the medications were not helping you after all. I hope your new psychiatrist is able to help you better Please call our accounting office. However I do believe the insurance did not pay your evaluation and you owed a balance. Is that why you did not return? By the way, We wrote your balance off.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Dr. Lado is excellent!  |  show details
Feb 21st, 2013

I saw Dr. Lado for the first time today. I felt very comfortable from the minute I walked in the door. His staff was very nice and extremely helpful. My appointment was at 10:45 and I didn't leave there until about 2:30 PM, it was definitely worth the wait because Dr. Lado takes as much time as he needs with each patient and each patient has a different circumstance. I'm currently taking Suboxone for opiate addiction and have been for 4 years. My previous Suboxone doctors were nothing but a joke because they only accepted cash for a 2 minute appointment just for a Suboxone prescription, and they don't accept any insurance. Nearly all of the certified Suboxone doctors just go and take a quick course or whatever they have to do, but they don't know how to really monitor patients on it and they make you think you have to be dependent on Suboxone forever. Dr. Lado on the other hand cares. The first thing that struck me is that he takes Medicaid, there are no other Doctors that take Medicaid for Suboxone treatment. Just that told me he must care because I'm sure the payback from Medicaid isn't much. He gets to the bottom line about what's going on with each person. It's relieving to finally feel that I have a doctor that cares, as long as you're serious about getting your life back. Thank you Dr. Lado!!

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Doctor's Response

Thank you. We dont practice concierge medicine. That is one patient gets better treatment because they have better insurance. We treat all patients with the same quality care. I am glad you got the help you deserve.

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 |  Excellent Doctor  |  show details
Nov 9th, 2012

A lot of bad things are said about this doctor and few people would recommend him. My experience is that he was amenable to prescribing medication that no other doctor would. The next appointment never comes soon enough. Thank you Dr Lado!

Doctor's Response

Thank you for the comment. Many cases that come through my door have failed treatment in other offices. Many are challenging and the expectation are high. I am glad i was able to help you.

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 |  show details
Sep 26th, 2012

Dr Lado is very good at what he does and he definately knows what he is doing. My overall rating for him and his office is outstanding! :)

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  No nonsense  |  show details
Jul 17th, 2012

I have been going to Dr.Lado for over 2 years now. I haven't struggled with opiate addiction since I went under his care, after 15 years of opiate addiction! I heard a lot of horror stories about him and saw patients that would get very angry with him. However, as addicts we tend to want what we want when we want it. He doesn't operate this way, he will see right through the games and tell you how it is. Dr.lado DOES NOT sugar coat things. I say all that, to say this: If you are serious about getting help and willing to do whatever it takes with a good attitude, then he is the doctor for you. If you're going to whine and cry and look for someone to pat you on the poo poo, go somewhere else.

Doctor's Response

Thank you for your generous comment. It appears that you will have much success in your recovery. Admitting to having an addiction is the first step of regaining control of your life. I wish you the best for you and your family.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  Glad to have this forum for this terrible  |  show details
Jul 16th, 2012

I am still traumatized by this person. Before treatment begins, large payments must be made. On my first appointment, I was kept waiting three hours, in complete and total withdrawal from pain management meds, which I had been taking under another doctor's care for PAIN. Three hours of shaking, crying, unable to drive, a total mess. I was told by the staff that it would be just a little while longer. I then learned Lado wasn't even there. He was obnoxious and defensive about being so late. His excuse? "We live in a very imperfect world." I could have had a dangerous seizure. He charges also for a DNA analysis of effective meds per individual -- a joke. He sends it out to a "lab." His medical questionnaire upon admission is computerized. He barely sees the patient; does not make eye contact or study the patient's condition, instead relying on his computerized questionnaire. The third time I went to see him -- the last -- I waited two hours. After the first visit there was confusion over billing, and if I should be charged more than the $900 I had already paid. A nightmare. Be forewarned and stay away.

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Doctor's Response

I am glad you posted your comments in this Vitals. I recall your case and we tried to squeeze you in as an emergency due to your severe addiction to pain killers. The epidemic and the lack of qualified certified dual diagnosis practitioners does place a toll in our practice. However we safely provide treatment in a timely manner. Part of the requirements is that you have to be in withdrawals in order to receive outpatient detoxification with suboxone. Prior to coming to the office we informed you that your insurance would not pay for outpatient suboxone induction (the procedure that requires you to be in observation for 2 to 3 hours with monitoring of blood pressure and administration of suboxone). Also you were informed, that you must be in a state of withdrawal in order to receive treatment as part of the protocol. You were also adviced not to drive and come with a family member for which you also decided to do so. After knowing all this information given, you wanted treatment and added you you as an emergency. The purpose of the genetic test is to match your genetic make up to medication response. Because patient with drug addictions usually have difficulty giving detailed information on their amount of drugs they are taking, the questionaire is your history that I need to know to minimize error in your treatment. It is a long questionaire for your benefit. As you recalled you signed a waiver of your HIPPA rights to post your record in public should you have a complaint in order explain your case in my defense. We have found your record and will post here if you want clarification of your case in detail to the public. I also recalled you succeeded in getting detox but never came back for the required treatment nor did you complaint openly to my email. The other option was for you to be admitted to a hospital but you also refused. Good luck with your treatment and recovery.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Thank you Dr. Lado  |  show details
Apr 4th, 2012

Rhank you for the diagnosis and new meds you gave me, i have never felt better. Sounds like you have a lot of people out there that are simply jealous of you. They obviously either never met you or don't like doctors in general. Thank you again for all your help. I don't know where i would be without your help.

Doctor's Response

This rating means that we are meeting our commitment to delivering exceptional care to our patients, and that is something we are extremely proud of. Thank you for recognizing our efforts.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  show details
Feb 22nd, 2012

I saw this doctor at The Willows Rehab Center in Naples, FL. He over prescribed pain meds and antidepressants to me. I was in a total fog and could barely walk most of the time that i was there. He did nothing for me, except keeping me on loads of meds! He discharged me early, claiming that my insurance wouldn't cover anymore time (lies) also said that I was fine and they needed the bed for someone else. He sent me home with 5 different prescriptions, and none of them were what I needed! I quickly became addicted to the painkillers. He was a complete nightmare! This guy needs to be investigated immediately! This was several years ago, but I have heard loads of horror stories since then and he needs to be stopped. Someone needs to go undercover to properly investigate this guy because he is very slippery! We complained to the willows about him and he suddenly left the area on his own, only to show up back in Naples at the willows many months later. This guy doesn't care about the patients! He only cares about making money the fastest and easiest way possible. He has little or no integrity!

Doctor's Response

I ENCOURAGE ALL PATIENTS TO FILE COMPLAINTS ON PHSYCIANS ON NOT DOING THEIR JOB. HERE IS THE WEBSITE FOR YOU TO DO THIS: However your complaint does not make sense. The Willough at Naples is substance abuse facility that does not prescribed any pain killers. It does not sound like you are my patient because most if not all patient I treat with my care. I am physician here to help people not to hurt them. So I have assumed that if you were a patient of the Willough hospital you must have a drug addiction. And if this is the case, why would accept any pain killers from me or any other physician from The Willough? Your comment is not just hurtful to me but to other patients whose seeking treatment. Please complaint because if you do then your record became public and we can discuss your case. I suspect however that you were never my patient and your intentions were simply out of anger for reasons unknown.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  I am forever grateful  |  show details
Nov 29th, 2011

Dr. Lado proved all the negative comments here wrong because he was able to diagnose me (after trying at least 6 other psychiatrists) and because of that I am well and got my life back again. As far as waiting? Good work takes time. If you want a good doctor, you are for sure have to wait for him. Good luck y'all.

Doctor's Response

We are delighted that Dr. Lado could helps you to understand your medical condition. We continue to proactively reach out to our patients and encourage them to ask questions and express their concerns while we partner to develop a personalized health care plan. We recognize that trust between a patient and a physician is the cornerstone of the patient-physician relationship and key to a successful treatment program. Thank you for trusting your health care needs to Dr. Lado. A patients recommendation is the highest compliment. Thank you for your recommendations and for trusting your health and the health of your family or friends to our practice.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  show details
Oct 22nd, 2011

he is the Best doctor ever!thank U!

Doctor's Response

We recognize that trust between a patient and a physician is the cornerstone of the patient-physician relationship and key to a successful treatment program. Thank you for trusting your health care needs to Dr. Lado. A patient's recommendation is the highest compliment. Thank you for your recommendations and for trusting your health and the health of your family or friends to our practice.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  show details
Oct 3rd, 2011

great doctor, felt very comfortable with him

Doctor's Response

We are delighted that Dr. Lado could helps you to understand your medical condition. We continue to proactively reach out to our patients and encourage them to ask questions and express their concerns while we partner to develop a personalized health care plan. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. Thank you for trusting us to care for you and your family.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  Two hour wait for "drive by" diagnosis  |  show details
Sep 26th, 2011

Having waited two hours with a child who's suffering only exacerbated our problems. His Internet diagnosis was a joke only compounded by his condescending attitude. My son gave this experience no

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Doctor's Response

We don't do Internet diagnosis. The state of Florida prohibits any form of telepsychiatry or diagnose over the internet. I do recall your son he came for help but answered no to all symptoms so it was confusing to know the reason you and your son came for help in the first place. Your comment is not very helpful for me to make any changes in the practice.

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 |  I would not recommend this psychiatrist to others.  |  show details
Sep 3rd, 2011

Wait time at its best is 30 minutes, and can be up to 3 hours during season. It's not uncommon to have 8 people in the waiting room sitting around discussing their various medical diagnoses and histories with others. The music (very loud) and artwork in the waiting room not at all calming. The office staff is professional, but obviously very frustrated with Dr. Lado's lack of respect for patient appointment times. Dr. Lado is arrogant, pushy, constantly rushing around, and goes over things so quickly that it's difficult to process the information that he has given to you, and to think about what questions to ask during your appointment.

Doctor's Response

Respectfully, your comments sound like a critic from a restaurant or movie show. If you were really a patient and you were waiting that long because of emergencies that we often have to accommodate, we could have rescheduled your appointment. It sounds like you were more critical of the pictures of the music for the people waiting than anything regarding your care. Too bad you did not leave your criticism in our complaint box. Instead you waited and posted this information on this website. How do you any physician to make changes if you tell them at that moment. I remember you and I do recall that you signed a statement permitting me to post your case in the event you filed a complaint to a physician blog. However, out of respect for you, I will refrain from doing this since it would a very malicious thing to do. However I must say your comments intention is short of being constructive criticism. Yes it was peak season trying to help as many as I could because other psychiatrist were not taking patients.

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 |  Do yourself a favor and find a different doctor  |  show details
Aug 12th, 2011

Dr. Lado was likely one of the least professional physicians I have every had the displeasure to encounter. He was almost an hour late to the appointment, and offered no apology for his tardiness. He was immediately defensive when asked about the delay, and lashed out at my 16 year old daughter, accusing her of "attacking him." There was only one polite person at the office, and that was the bookkeeper. I recommend finding a different doctor if you want caring and compassionate help. You won't get it from Dr. Lado, or his staff

Doctor's Response

I recall your case when you called our office for some reason no one wanted to see your daughter. We have a recorded message and records as to the reason why you called. I remember your daughter had aggression, suicidal behavior and poorly treated bipolar disorder. We also informed you that we traditionally don't treat adolescent and that an evaluation does not constitute acceptance to treatment. Despite all this information given to you, the evaluation was scheduled as an emergency. Also recall your daughter very aggressive when event trying to help her. After your response to vitals, I really did take into account your anger and frustration that your daughter has created. I am not the enemy of the target of your anger. I still hope for the best for your daughter.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  FLIPPANCY AND RUDENESS  |  show details
Jul 19th, 2011

I have no problem at all with Dr. Lado's diagnosis however, his manners are atrocious. I had no proper greeting when I entered his office and had to watch him eat his chips and shake. His responses, to a large degree were snarky and condesending. As I was leaving he commented to his staff "that was easy" while I was standing there. That makes one feel rather insignificant. While I was walking out he blurted out "have a happy life". A generally unpleasant experience, his diagnosis notwithstanding.

Doctor's Response

I do remember you. My staff had informed you that we have no openings but yet you pleaded for help right away. My staff also informed you that it was Dr Lado lunch break and you agreed. All patients that come through our office go to a screening process that includes writing down your symptoms and a well-recognized computerized test system. If you go to my website and read patient testimonials you will I am really a nice person. In regards patient's opinion on my performance. I have volunteered my time to help other patients with their questions in about 4500 times plus so far on website. I also remember you expecting a different diagnosis but you none. So my comment was for you to have a happy life as you had no psychiatric problems. However, judging the comments of your comments I have a personality problem that perhaps needs to be addressed by a counselor. Again, I do wish you a happy life.