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Do not trust this doctor! show details Do not trust this doctor!
Jul 7th, 2014

This doctor is rude and abusive; she is extremely unethical. She refuses to explain anything about medications she demands you take. If you ask a question, she tells you that she is the doctor, not you, that you don't need to know and wouldn't understand because you are stupid. At my new psychiatrist's recommendation, I did some checking on her; my current psychiatrist is too ethical to openly slam a colleague, but let me know that my feelings were justified, and a patient should never have a doctor rage at and insult them for asking questions. Saavedra has a reputation amongst her peers (a bad one), and if you check into her medical school, it is the former Soviet Union equivalent of University of Phoenix or ITT Tech. How she managed to get licensed in the US is beyond me. Saavedra is always late, and literally picks fights — multiple times in her office, I had to ask her to please stop yelling at me. I would warn you to just go see someone else. She refused to discuss a medicine change she wanted me to make, and demanded I take, without question, a dangerous drug. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. She is like a cult leader; anyone who doesn't do just as she wants and treat her like the second coming of Christ she ruthlessly abuses, hoping they will fall in line. No human being should be treated the way she treats people.

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Unethical show details Unethical
by former patient on Oct 16th, 2013

Warning !! Take heed in the reviews below. Do not trust this woman, She and her staff will lie right to you. The wait is always excessive If you was want flavor of the month medicine with an excess of trials and and errors to get anything right then go here. She will not provide your medical records to you and will lie to you about what they have. After numerous attempts to obtain my records so I could decide whether to sign a HIPPA form for a lawsuit, Her and her office told me they had only 1 page of billing for my records and i signed the form. They sent me one page with billing info. Exactly two minutes later they sent six pages of my personal records to the person I am suing (I now have a copy of they fax she sent). I found out 7 months later by accident minutes before a deposition with her was about to begin where she accepted $1600 from the party I am suing to become an expert witness. Two months after she provided the records to the other party, that information was used in a my deposition while I was misled about what was turned over by her for an additional 5 months. Withholding of my records from a patient by use of "therapeutic privilege" is not ethical behavior. According to Opinion 8.082 of the American Medical Association, withholding of medical information without a patients knowledge or consent is ethically unacceptable. She has created a conflict between her obligation to promote wellness and fails to have respect for patients autonomy by not communicating truthfully. There is nothing to prevent her from disclosing records with proper authorization or becoming an expert witness. The failure to disclose the type of information about myself that she was in custody of and withheld from me is unethical. She is Un-ethical and not trustworthy. Her lack of ethics has cost me a lot of time, money, and heartache. My advice is to stay far far away!

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Oct 9th, 2013

I have been seeing Dr Saavedra since 2006. I was deeply depressed, had anxiety and wouldn't leave my house. Dr Saavedra saved my life (literally). She is a great doctor and I just mentally repair myself for the wait time, she is worth the wait.

Intuitive show details Intuitive
by Michael B. Helin on May 8th, 2013

Very Professional, while there wasalways a wait to see her and her appointments tended to get backed up, that was because she gave her undivided attention to the patient she was seeing to apply her very knowledgable and impeccably credible skills to diagnose the patients issues and come up with a viable locution to improve there life through medication and therapy. She can be a bit of a know it all but that's because she IS a know it all when it comes to her field, her office Is packed with knowledge and books which she has undoubtedly read lol of related to psychiatry. I found her outstanding and would entrust her judgement anyday.

Dr Saavedra Is the Worst I've Ever Seen show details Dr Saavedra Is the Worst I've Ever Seen
by Anonymous on Mar 11th, 2013

I would NEVER recommend Dr. Saavedra to anyone. She is incredibly rude to her patients. She does not have any ounce of sensitivity nor compassion for the difficulties in peoples lives. When I was seeing her, I would dread going. She kept me on a medication that did not help whatsoever. When I would try to tell her about what I was struggling with she would simply tell me I was being immature, selfish, and essentially how stupid it was. As a 15 year old struggling with a severe eating disorder, I did not care about my GI tract, but she would not stop talking about how I was ruining it. She did nothing that was beneficial to me at all. The only thing she ever did that I liked was get me out of going to the psych ward, which really would have been helpful.

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Fantastic woman show details Fantastic woman
Oct 13th, 2012

After reading through all these rude comments, I felt it necessary to pitch in one of my own. I've been with Dr. Saavedra since I was 16, now I'm 18 and can't explain to you what a wonderful lady she is. If you can't deal with the truth, go to a high school counselor to hold your hand. To me this woman is the epitome of sophistication, and knows how to deal with your problems instantly. She's old, so what? Age brings wisdom. Have a problem with the waiting times? Bring a book, or schedule your appointments before 12 where the waiting time is less than 40 minutes. Honestly, I feel more secure knowing that the doctor I'm with is willing to take up to 2 hours with a patient rather than dismissing them as soon as 45 minutes. Go through the wait, it's worthwhile .

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Aug 27th, 2012

I agree, she seems to think she knows everything. I know a good bit about psychiatry, and she basically criticized the medications I was on explaining why it was pointless to take them and telling me how it works when that's not how it works on me. For example, she was talking about how there used to be an XR version of a drug that doesn't even exist yet, and then she's telling me the half life is four times as long as it actually is. I don't know whether she brushes up on the new research and medications, but it sure doesn't seem like it.

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Apr 30th, 2012

She is simply the best!!!!

Unprofessional show details Unprofessional
Mar 29th, 2012

Dr.Saavedra has poor bedside manner on a good day and terrible on a bad day. She is completely against certain medications, providing no explanation other than she 'doesn't like it'. On my last visit she ignored multiple previous diagnoses and blamed all of my problems on an attitude issue and then proceeded to literally kick me out of the office after she muttered complaints to the receptionist about my attitude and handed me a pamphlet for a residential psychiatrist facility. This visit was incidental for serious depression. She was extremely unprofessional and yelled at me as well as threw my file on the floor.

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Excellent Doctor if you really want to work on your problems! show details Excellent Doctor if you really want to work on your problems!
Jun 20th, 2011

Go to Dr. Saavedra if you really are honest in wanting to find out what you can do about your problems. She is direct and honest and knows what she is doing.If you want alot of coddling go elsewhere, but if you want the truth and how to get real help, go to Dr. Lillian.She is very intelligent, very direct, but will expect you to take responsibility and actually do what she says.Yes, the waiting times are very long, but she is worth the wait because her policy is not to cut the patient's time short when someone needs it. She has helped my whole family and I recommend her very highly.Pros --intelligence and experienceShe knows what she is talking about.

Feb 3rd, 2011

It is funny how people blame a doctor when they do not hear what they want to hear. Dr. Saavedra is a fantastic doctor...just ask any of her patients while you wait. She does run late, but that is because she spends as much time as needed with each patient rather than rushing them out the door. When you are in the room with her, you are the #1 priority and that is it. She gives the medical advice and guidance, what you do with it is up to you. She is not going to tie up all of your problems with a bow for as the patient have to accept responsibility and be involved in treatment as well.

Horrible MD show details Horrible MD
by Never going again! on Jan 31st, 2011

I waited an hour and a half after my appt time. She could have cared less about any problems I came to her for. The WORST psychatrist I've ever been to and I've been to a lot. Do not waste your $ or time. She needs to go back to the country she came from. AWFUL!

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Not a good doctor show details Not a good doctor
by Welltoday on Jul 11th, 2010

She is a grumpy old woman who thinks she knows everything and won't listen to what you have to say. She should do the mental health patients in Orlando a favor and retire.

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Jun 5th, 2007 on

Great doctor: I have a masters in psych and have always felt as though I was more intelligent than most counselors so I was relieved when I met someone who really knew their stuff. She is a fantastic doctor who really cares about her patients. She has a v

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Feb 7th, 2007 on

She doesn't like women!: I know two men who saw her and loved her. She really helped them. But then I met with her and she was condescending and downright rude to me. A friend's daughter saw her and she was insulting to her also. All I can say is, if you

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