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I think he is a good doctor. show details I think he is a good doctor.
Dec 16th, 2014

I have been seeing Dr. Braithwaite for several years now and I recommend him. I trust him.

This Guy Is A Hack show details This Guy Is A Hack
Feb 10th, 2014

I always see a dermatologist once a year to do a look over since I am fair skinned. The doctor came in and pointed out three spots on me, one on my stomach (he said oh that's nothing), and two on my back (another dermatologist looked at for 8 years and said they're ok) . Next he says we have to biopsy the back and then he proceeded to do the stomach as well, gouging 3 spots. I waited 6 weeks, called every day for the results, they're not here, the doctor has them, was a response every time, and then had to contact the lab pathologist who redid the samples to finally tell me there is nothing wrong with the 3 spots. I now have 3 scars and the trauma of worrying what's going on besides the 2 months to heal. He had his dirty office closed before for the same reason and records confiscated. Anyone who feels he's good because he cuts you up when another doctor didn't needs a psychiatrist appt. I lodged a complaint with the medical board of Delaware and they confirmed and will prosecute the doctor for violations and once again confiscate his records.

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Misdiagnosed! show details Misdiagnosed!
Oct 18th, 2013

I saw this doctor in 2006 for a small circular rash on my back that would not go away. He did a skin biopsy and when it came back he told me I had a very rare, autoimmune serious skin disorder that would progressively get worse and need high powered steroid creams to try to keep it at bay. He added that people with the skin disorder eventually get a systematic autoimmune disease and I should start getting tested regularly for it. The spot went away on its own without the cream a week later but he had already convinced me that I had the disease and I became distressed. After seeing multiple doctors, I learned a couple months later that the biopsy said there was a "possibility" that I had the condition and the biopsy was actually inconclusive. He put me through all of that for nothing. I will never forget him and caution people not to go to him all the time!

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very upset !!!! show details very upset !!!!
Nov 28th, 2012

first of all I was scheduled for a Tues and then was informed that they do not see patients on Tuesday in Ocean View. I was rescheduled for a Wed at 8:15 am. I walked in the office at 8:09 am and the office was already full. There was another man there that had been scheduled also for a Tuesday. I had changed my work schedule (which was to be at work by 6:30 am) so that I could make this appointment. I think they took almost every patient prior to me .... one woman came out of the doctor's office and asked her husband if he was finished. He said "no my time is not until 9am" .. she went up to the gal at the window, whispered something came back and sat down, and I could not believe they took him next. I got up and said "I am out of here" the gal at the window said "you are up next" she had told me that once before and they called three other people in front of me. Then she asked what I'm there for??? It did not matter what I was there for I had an appointment and expected to be seen and not shuffled aside as if I did not count!!!!!! Your office has lost my business for now and in the future. I better not get billed for this visit either!!!!

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Nov 27th, 2012


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Love this doctor!! show details Love this doctor!!
Sep 11th, 2012

My entire family gets treated by this doctor. Me, my wife and our two kids. We trust him very much and he always clears up our skin problems. I highly recommend him. He is the most qualified dermatologist in the state of Delaware. His credentials are enviable by his rivals. Go check him out for yourself at his professional offices. You can also get accurate and complete information from his website:- If you want the best treatment in dermatology go see Dr. Lindsay Brathwaite.

Jul 24th, 2012

Dr. Braithwaite is quiet but knowledgeable.

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Eased my mind and helped me show details Eased my mind and helped me
May 22nd, 2012

I saw Dr. Brathwaite recently and I was very pleased with the office visit from the time I entered until the time I left. I was nervous at first because I had a few moles and my skin was blotcy and red. But, he and the staff treated me well and he told me what was wrong with me. I used what he presribed and I am happy to say that the redness and blotchiness went away. I have been to other dermatologists and this was the first time that I was cured of that skin condition. He is the best I know! Come see for yourself.

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Apr 3rd, 2012

As a former employee of Dr Brathwaites I would not recommend anyone to go to him. He has no bedside manor, doesn't talk to patients and will not give the ok to release medical records. He doesnot wash his hands after seeing a patients . It takes him weeks to give the staff back results of patients biopsy. The reason the staff is the way it is , is because the office manager sucks and doesn't know what she is doing or how to talk to her employees.

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Would not recommend. show details Would not recommend.
Mar 30th, 2012

To be fair, it has been roughly 6 years since I have seen Dr. Brathwaite (in Newark, DE) where I was a student and he was the only provider in my plan. That said, he was such an awful doctor that I remember him and his terrible bedside manner very clearly. I am not at all suprised to see an abundance of negative reviews. The only positive is that he was out sick one day and I saw his wonderful (and far more knowledgeable) PA. It was odd that his PA seemed better educated than Dr. Brathwaite. Thus, I continued to see the PA. I would avoid Dr. Brathwaite if at all possible.

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Susan show details Susan
Mar 6th, 2012

Office staff stuck me as very disorganized. I had a biopsy take Jan 10; office staff called to tell me that doctor wanted to schedule surgery to remove a cancer they could not even pronounce on Jan 25.I went to another dermatologist for second opionion and needed copy of biopsy results faxed. Went to Brathwaits office and signed release on Jan 30th and asked for copy to me as well.At the second opinion dermatologist appointment I had to call Brathwaites office and they then told me then it may take up to 20 days to get those records released. He would await biopsy results.As of March 2 I still had no biopsy copies, nor did the second dermatologist!On March 5th, I had brought in the paper with the word that Brathwaites office staff could not pronounce. The second dermatologist agreed that surgery was needed, but it did not need to be cut out! Second dermatologist performed the surgery on March 5 and all is okay for now.It is my opinion that if considering Brathwaite for anything, look elsewhere!!

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Dr. Brathwaite has been harassed and treated unfairly show details Dr. Brathwaite has been harassed and treated unfairly
Mar 1st, 2012

l have been a patient of Dr. Brathwaite since 2007. I also know of other patients that have allowed him to treat them for many years. He discovered skin cancers on my skin that my previous doctor missed. I trust him a lot. He is quiet and a bit soft spoken, but who cares about that when he is excellent at what he does.His office has always been clean and professional looking. Frankly I am sad and confused by all the negative press he got. I like the website thecenterfordermatology.netI like him but go see him for yourself.

Dr. Brathwaite saves lives and is highly qualified show details Dr. Brathwaite saves lives and is highly qualified
Feb 28th, 2012

The office of Dr. Lindsay Brathwaite is open and seeing patients. To be well-informed and well-taken care off, call us 302-677-1273. Check him out at thecenterfordermatology.netIt is a fact that Dr. Lindsay Brathwaite has helped saved many lives by discovering and treating cancers. But, of course we do not hear all these positive facts.Don't listen to all these negative online comments. These comments may well be posted by competitors and/or disgruntled incompetent ex-employees. You are an intelligent patient, come see for yourself how higly qualified he is to solve your skin problems. See you soon.

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Nov 15th, 2011

Dr. Brathwaite has been the BEST dermatologist in Dover! I would highly recommend him and his practice!

Biopsy show details Biopsy
Sep 29th, 2011

A biopsy was performed and it took over 3 weeks for the office to get back in touch with me concering the results. The results were I needed surgery.................he did NOT do the procedure!!!

Horrible Scar! show details Horrible Scar!
Jul 11th, 2011

This man left me with a horrible scar on my leg after what should have been a simple procedure. I also know several other people who have had the same experience and had to have scars fixed by a plastic surgeon! Do not use him!

Jul 9th, 2011

The entire experience gave me a weird feeling as if I was seeing a man impersonating a physician. There were no dipolomas in the office that you usually see in medical offices. The MA came in and told me to undress to my underwear, no gown. The Dr. came in ALONE and proceeded to examine me. I commented to him that he needed an assistant in the room with him when examining a woman. He said he would get someone if it made me more comfortable. I told him he should do it for his own safety as well as the patient's. He told me I was fine and left. Very minimal conversation. I left with the feeling that this was not a real physician. Would never go back.

Don't go here show details Don't go here
Jul 3rd, 2011

It took months to reach the doctor. There was voice mail wherein I left messages to make an appointment, but I never got a call back. I was told "He doesn't call back" in the winter months to his other office in Delaware. I actually walked into the office to see if he was still in the area when summer arrived. After waiting months for an appointment, I finally got in for my annual screening. Only 4 words were exchanged with the doctor. I had several moles removed and called back in 3 weeks for my results. I was told by the staff they did not have all the results. They did call the wrong person 3 separate times after they were told to call me! I was scheduled for more surgery, one at a time, before I got my results. I was lucky in that the Health Department closed them down, only to allow them to open again. I am still waiting for my results, which were sent to my Internist doctor after I called the patholigist myself for ciopies of my results. Thank goodness, I did not go back for "surgery" as he was closed during that time by the Health Department. I would not recommend this doctor to anyone. It was a bad experience all around.

Office shut down June 2011 show details Office shut down June 2011
Jun 23rd, 2011

Inspection closes dermatology officeOCEAN VIEW -- State health investigators closed the Dover and Ocean View offices of a dermatology practice Monday, marking the first time the state has exercised its power under a new law to close a medical practice.The Center for Dermatology, which was operated by Dr. Lindsay Brathwaite, was forced to close after an unannounced inspection by the state's Division of Public Health and Division of Professional Regulation.Health officials said the dermatology practice in Dover posed a substantial risk to the health and safety of its patients. Safety violations included the use of unsterilized equipment, the staff not washing their hands and the failure to store controlled substances

Mar 17th, 2011

Dr. or nurse not very communicative. I did not have a good feeling about the visit or what the doctor did.

Feb 25th, 2011

Don't put yourself through the abuse! My experience as a patient at this office is comparable to a horror movie plot! The entire staff seems not to have a clue what they're doing! Their were several "mix-ups" regarding my biopsies. Talking to the manager about this was a lost cause, as she seems to have less of a clue than the rest of the staff. Office is absolutely disgusting!

To Set The Record Straight... show details To Set The Record Straight...
Nov 6th, 2010

I think the ratings for this facility are extremely unfair. I've been a patient for a few years now, after multiple appointments with other dermatologists that did not have a clue what was wrong with me. (This includes a melanoma!) Dr. Brathwaite spotted instantly what 3 so-called "likable" physicians missed. He may not be the most talkative gentleman, but he is too thorough for me to complain about that. They have a high turnover rate as far as staff, but mostly for good reason.. (Many of them have been rude, I admit) But the current staff is incredible! I only hope they stick around. People these days seem to be so quick to state the negative, which is why I made it a point to write this review. I know there are plenty of others who would agree with my statements, as I've sat in the waiting area and discussed this many times.

Not the best experience show details Not the best experience
Oct 18th, 2010

I have never been to a dermatologist before. When I originally made the appointment it was scheduled for about two weeks later which I have pretty much realized is standard for a specialist these days. I didn't consider the wait in the office to long once I arrived. Once in the room the doctor came in and as others have stated barely said a sentance to me. He looked at the bump on my face and pointed to a poster and said "I believe it is the first one on the poster". Of course the big "C" word was on the poster (cancer). He did a biopsy and left without another word. The nurse was very nice and tried to make me feel comfortable (I will admit I am a big sissy when it comes to pain). However, I drove 15 miles home balling my eyes out thinking I was going to die of skin cancer and sad that I might miss my kids growing up. Once I got home I did some research on the internet to find out what "BCC Cancer" is. After my research i felt better to learn that I wasn't going to die from this cancer and in fact it was pretty common (thank god for the internet). I did recieve my results more quickly than expected and it turned out it was BCC skin cancer. The office person who called with the results was very nice and advised me to follow up with a plastic surgeon. I called a few days ago to Dr.Brathwaitte's office to let them know that I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon and left a message with the surgeons fax number because they needed the path. report. I found out from the plastic surgeons office they hadn't recieved the fax for my appointment that is today. I called Dr. Brathwait's office and they said they will print it and have it faxed to the surgeon in time for my appointment today. God I hope so. One of my biggest pet peeves is lack of follow through. Overall this wasn't the best experience. It could have been worse I guess but when you are talking to people about the potential of cancer I think the doctor needs to slow down and explain a little more.

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Jul 28th, 2010

My main complaint is the long waiting period to be seen by the doctor only to be rushed out of the office after just 5 mintes. He is very impersonal and does not engage in conversations with the patient. It also takes about a month or two to schedule an appointment if you are a new client.

Jul 19th, 2010

I have had one bad experince after another at this office. It's my own fault for not leaving sooner. The doctor barely says a full sentence when he's in the room. He always asks what I want him to do for me. Hello, who has the degree? I have basically prescribed my own medication ever since I've been a patient at this office. The staff is terrible! I have been put on hold for so long that I would call them from my office or home phone while still on hold from my cell phone. I'd tell them who I was and that I'm on their other line and have been for over ten minutes. That is something that has happened many times. Once I do speak to someone, I am always assured someone will get back to me, but that NEVER happened. The only way I have ever gotten results is to threaten that I will show up at the office to get the help I need. Because the medication I need is a specialty medication, I am at the mercy of the office staff to take the proper steps to ensure I get the meds. Due to the negligence on their part I have gone weeks and at time more than a month without treatment. I have finally found another dermatologist in Dover. I have not been yet, but have heard great things. Save yourself from the abuse and neglect that I have subjected myself to for way to long.

MASH Surgery show details MASH Surgery
Oct 7th, 2009

I had minor surgery scheduled for 2 basil cell carcinomas. They never gave me any normal pre-surgery instructions - verbal or written - no "stop taking aspirin", no "have someone drive you home", no NOTHING! Acted rude like "what do you need that for?" Then when I went in - they did not give me any kind of gown, I just hiked up my shirt for surgery, still had my shoes on and all my jewelry and the rest of my clothes, They didn't wear any masks - Doctor OR Nurse - I did not have enough anesthetic, they had to keep giving me more when I felt pain, Then when it was over, again - no post op written instructions. I never had surgery so did not know what was normal. Normal is not a 10" black bruise for a carcinoma spot smaller then a dime. the stitches pulled out. THIS WAS A NIGHTMARE and i cannot believe someone like this is practicing medicine. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THIS GUY.

Go somewhere else show details Go somewhere else
by ecat on Nov 20th, 2008

I had him do a skin cancer screening a few months ago. I had a suspicious mole on my nose, belly and a spot of discoloration on my cheek. After finding out that one of my moles was cancerous (after trying to get my results for three months--the office staff kept telling me they'd call me back and never did), he removed it, but it was like pulling teeth to get him to tell me what he was doing. And then when I asked about my other issues, he didn't even examine them and told me the mole on my nose was something trivial and the discoloration was due to citrus juice landing on my skin. WHAT? It's still there six months later. Needless to say, I'm going to another doctor for a second opinion.

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