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Medical School
American University of the Caribbean (2000)

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American Board of Family Medicine

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Dr. Nguyen is affiliated with 2 hospitals.

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  • Del E Webb Memorial Hospital
    14502 W Meeker Blvd, Sun City West, AZ 85375
    Top 25%
  • United Regional Healthcare System
  • Publications & Research

    Dr. Nguyen has contributed to 7 publications.
    Title Cyclic Changes in Blood Echogenicity Under Pulsatile Flow Are Frequency Dependent.
    Date June 2008
    Journal Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology

    Previous in vivo and in vitro studies have demonstrated that blood echogenicity varies under pulsatile flow, but such changes could not always be measured at physiological stroke rates. The apparent contradiction between these studies could be a result of the use of different ultrasound frequencies. Backscattered signals from porcine blood were measured in a pulsatile Couette flow apparatus. Cyclic changes in shear rate for stroke rates of 20 to 70 beats per minute (BPM) were applied to the Couette system, and different blood samples were analyzed (normal blood and blood with hyperaggregating erythrocytes promoted with dextran). To confirm that cyclic echogenicity variations were observable, spectral analysis was performed to verify if changes in echo-amplitude corresponded to the stroke rate applied to the flow. Echogenicity was measured with two single-element transducers at 10 and 35 MHz. At 35 MHz, cyclic variations in backscatter were observed from 20 to 70 BPM. However at 10 MHz, they were detected only at 20 BPM. For all cases except for hyperaggregating red blood cells (RBCs) at 20 BPM, the magnitude of the cyclic variations were higher at 35 MHz. We conclude that cyclic variations in RBC aggregation exist at physiological stroke rates, unlike what has been demonstrated in previous in-vitro studies at frequencies of 10 MHz. The increased sensitivity at 35 MHz to small changes in aggregate size might be the explanation for the better characterization of RBC aggregation at high stroke rates. Our results corroborate in-vivo observations of cyclic blood echogenicity variations in patients using a 30-MHz intravascular ultrasound catheter.

    Title St-segment Changes.
    Date May 2008
    Journal Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
    Title 'screwed for Life': Examining Identification and Division in Addiction Narratives.
    Date September 2007
    Journal Communication & Medicine

    In this study, we investigate the use of narrative in online conversations among persons suffering from chronic opiate addiction and evaluate both its positive and negative uses. Illness narratives, as argued by sociologist Arthur Frank and psychiatrist/medical anthropologist Arthur Kleinman, enable patients to give order to life experiences and receive support from others. We wished to explore under what circumstances online support coalesces and breaks apart. The narratives we examined exemplify two topics frequently discussed on the message board: the recovery process and what it means to be 'clean'. To better understand these narratives from a theoretically based approach, we used the work of rhetorical theorist Kenneth Burke. Burke's description of two human motives, suffering and perfection, led us to an understanding of how unification and division happened within the online community. We found that the recovery narrative primarily embodied the author's suffering and, consequently, received support from other members of the message board. The second narrative centered on what it means to be 'clean' through a discussion of the author's desire to court temptation, revealing what Burke calls the rotten nature of perfection. As a result, the author of the narrative provoked disagreements and did not receive support.

    Title Regulatory Regions from the Brn4 Promoter Direct Lacz Expression to the Developing Forebrain and Neural Tube.
    Date July 2001
    Journal Brain Research. Developmental Brain Research

    To characterize cis-acting regulatory elements of the mouse POU-domain gene, Brain-4/Pou3F4, transgenic mouse pedigrees were generated that contained the LacZ reporter gene under the control of Brn4 5' flanking sequences. A six kilobase promoter region was identified that reproducibly directed expression of the reporter gene to the forebrain and neural tube of developing mouse embryos. Deletional analysis of this promoter region indicates that at least two positive cis-active elements can direct expression to the developing neural tube. These data characterize a transgenic promoter region that will be useful in directing expression to the developing neural tube during the ontogeny of the forebrain.

    Title Laser Light: Its Nature and Its Action on the Eye.
    Date January 1990
    Journal Cmaj : Canadian Medical Association Journal = Journal De L'association Medicale Canadienne

    Lasers produce a coherent, focused, monochromatic, high-energy form of light. Because laser surgery is more versatile and precise and is freer of complications than conventional surgery it has become widely accepted in ophthalmology over the past 10 years. Applications range from routine procedures in the fundus to recent, more delicate interventions in the cornea. The argon laser is the most widely used to treat extrafoveal chorioretinal diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy; it has also been used successfully to treat glaucoma by iridectomy or trabeculoplasty. The krypton red laser is the argon laser's counterpart in the treatment of subfoveal and pigment-epithelium-related diseases. Posterior capsulotomy is the most widespread and successful intervention with the neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet crystal laser; this laser is also used to cut vitreous traction bands and is increasingly used in iridectomy. Although the use of the excimer laser in corneal surgery is still largely investigational it has been shown to produce precise cuts in corneal layers for the correction of myopia or astigmatism. The variable-wavelength dye laser, capable of reaching a specific level in the retina or choroid, has offered exciting new developments, and it promises to soon be part of the ophthalmologist's armamentarium in the treatment of eye disease.

    Title Two Early Hoabinhian Crania from Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam.
    Date April 1987
    Journal Zeitschrift Für Morphologie Und Anthropologie
    Title Systolic Anterior Motion After Mitral Valve Repair and a Systolic Anterior Motion Tolerance Test.
    Journal Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia

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