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Mar 19th, 2015

The staff caring and compassionate, Dr Williams a very thorough physician giving complete care and leaving no stone unturned and a great and exceptional team

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plane crash show details plane crash
Mar 17th, 2015

I was in a 32 negative G force plane crash in 1971. My entire spinal colume and neck was subjected to intense trauma with 4 compression fractures Ll2 to L6 and most cervicals damaged due whip lash. Long story short, I started needing pain meds in 1991. Dr. Jain helped me greatly until his unfair treatment by disgusting people and the medical board. So I needed another pain doctor. Dr. Jain was my pain management doctor. He was a neurologist and was extremely knowledgeable about the spine, unlike Williams who only knows how to give epidural injections. Williams is obsessed with diet and needles. He dislikes prescribing pain meds even with good cause. His plan was spinal injections which will not cure you and are highly dangerous. After a few months of me refusing the injections he cut my pain meds and then told me he was going to cease them. All because I would not allow him to use the needle. Hes a terrible person and has no empathy for the injured and with a closed mind against pain meds. I had a lower back spinal fusion in El Paso in 2010. After 9 months the intense pain returned. Thats when I saw Williams via a referral from another pain management doctor I will not name. Williams in very lacking in pain management and only thinks his needle is a cure all. He needs sent back to Nigeria where hes from and does not deserve the title MD.

Feb 12th, 2015

Dr Williams is a fine doctor. He cares and shows interest. I can now walk without pain thanks to Dr Williams. I would recommmend him!

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Ms show details Ms
by Anonymous on May 4th, 2014

This man has no compassion, no empathy or sympathy, NO HEART. How does someone like this man become a doctor without the basics of compassion. I would not send my dog to him. He is more interested in hearing himself talk and putting you down and making you feel stupid than trying to help you with your pain. I won't even give him the respect of calling him doctor. He is a complete jerk and his staff is just as unfriendly. Never again.

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Find another doctor. show details Find another doctor.
by Don Stallman on Feb 19th, 2014

Dr. Llewelyn Williams is an associate at Las Cruces Orthopaedic Associates, but that is the best thing one can say about him. As a doctor, he does not communicate with patients; does not seem interested in learning; does not seem interested in patients' well-being. He should return to Pennsylvania ... oh, but ..they did not like him there. Find a different doctor.

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Look Elsewhere ! show details Look Elsewhere !
Feb 7th, 2014

I have been disabled with a chronic spinal cord condition which Dr. Williams said he had never heard of ... I was surprised. He did not seem interested in learning about my condition. He is a very poor doctor.

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Worst pain dr ever. Quacksalver. Condescending and incompetent show details Worst pain dr ever. Quacksalver. Condescending and incompetent
by M potter on Jan 31st, 2014

I have a longstanding chronic psi condition from a C0-2 dislocation and failed repair. I also have tourettes. I have been treated at major university pain clinics for 20 years and was stable until I saw dr Williams. He strutted into the exam room with a book under his arm and told me and my RN wife that the pain medications I was on "was a life sentence" and that I could be healed by drinking jack lalane juice and not eating pork. Since we never eat pork and know jack lalane is DEAD we were simply astounded by his ignorance and callous indifference. He did no epidurals or other palliative measures and offered nothing to ameliorate my pain. Stay away from this pompous jerk.

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Sep 25th, 2013

Awful. Don't go see this Dr. I have had back pain for 2 years and he told me to swim and eat less pork! Excuse me? I dont even eat pork. Total quack. Will absolutely not be going back to see him.

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Excellent doctor show details Excellent doctor
by Shana on Apr 28th, 2013

I visited Dr. Williams after suffering a herniated disc that left me in horrible pain and on crutches for three months. He administered the epidural steroid injections that helped me cope until I had surgery. He was very thorough, addressing lifestyle changes and my quality of life, not just the injury. I have a rare neurological disorder and have been dismissed by all neurologists in town who don't understand it, so I was fearful of the injections and their impact on my condition. I brought dr. Williams an article and he took the time to read it and discuss my condition with a me prior to the injections. I don't expect any doctor to know every condition out there, but it is surprising to know how many will simply dismiss one they don't understand. Dr. Williams does not suffer from this arrogance. He is kind, professional, and he listens well. I would return to him without reservations. The office at which I saw him, las cruces orthopedic, has some outstanding doctors but the office itself is one of my least favorite places (and I see a a lot of doctors). Their reminder policy is lax/nonexistent but they bill for missed appointments even after assuring they will call with a reminder, and the reception staff are generally rude and hard to get on the phone. Aside from this, my multiple visits with this doctor lead me to highly recommend him.

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Mulitple Sclerosis Patient show details Mulitple Sclerosis Patient
Mar 9th, 2013

This doctor was recomended by another doctor as my doctor is leaving and so me and my caregiver went to see him on 3-08-13 and I could not believe how uninformed and strange he was. I would tell everyone that would listen that this doctor is a quak! He thought that my Multiple Sclerosis could be cured by juice of all things!! Didnt know anything about my condition so I walked out very unhappy with his limited knowledge about my condition. He had no real good advice for me and it was a complete waste of my time!

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believe show details believe
by Tammy camfield on Feb 11th, 2013

Amazing. May God bless Dr. Williams /his family/ staff/everyone working there. Please trust him as God has trusted his hands to help you. If you have an open heart and mind it will work.

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Jan 23rd, 2013

Don't trust him in having a neuro stimulation inplanted, left me worse then how I was.

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