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by J. L. from CT on Apr 14th, 2013

I cannot thank Dr. Margaret Coffey enough for all she has done for me. I never thought I would be able to be "cured" of my anxiety and that is exactly what happened. She is a compassionate doctor, who was always one text, one call away when I most needed her. She was there for me day or night, weekday or weekend. Whenever I had a crisis, she helped me out every step of the way. I did not think there where real doctors left in the country, she is definitely amazing. I believe I have been her client since 2008, and I don't know where I would be with out her. I love the fact that she does not believe medication is the solution to all problems, and that made me very comfortable about having her as my psychiatrist. I grew up with a mother who believes eventually she will find a drug that will take away all her problems, well that's never gonna happen. In other to get better, yes medication can help, but the most important thing is to work with your demons. That is what Dr. Coffey did for me, she helped me concord my fear. Most importantly she made me realize and truly believe I will never end up like my mother. She is the best doctor, she saved my life. For those reasons I am in sock and extremely disturbed that someone could leave her a bad review, let alone work so hard to try to destroy her reputation. That is why I decided to leave her a review now, even though she has been my doctor for hear. I am not able to watch someone bash such a wonderful person and not do something about it. Please, do not believe everything you read on the internet. And trust me, she is a wonderful doctor. She can help you overcome your fear, concord them, make them insignificant, just like she did with me. For that, I am FOREVER grateful!

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Apr 6th, 2013

As an addendum to the previous review I've left, it has now been months since Dr. Coffey lied to the police for what I believe was a fear of me suing her or making her reputation receive any perceived damage, or her inability to handle making a mistake and being unable to help me. In these past months I've lost most of what help I was receiving. I have been seeking help for ten years. In the past ten years I've never had four or five doctors deny me treatment for various reasons between one to three appointments, this is not counting the amount of doctors who will not provide me an appointment with undisclosed reasons or generic claimed prevention, but this is what has happened to me in the past few months since she had called the police, telling them whatever story I don't know of, as I left when I realized what she was attempting, and apparently succeeding at, and waited for the police in the parking lot of the office complex she works in. Around five cars showed up with the police rushing out with their hands on their holsters, as if lethal force was necessary to subdue me from whatever action she claimed I was involved in against her. They all left except for two of them when I signaled them and let them know the situation was not what they believed it to be. The two police who remained refused to validate her claims citing HIPAA law nonsense which would be invalidated if she claimed violet action, which she did in the discharge from her treatment letter I received from her, stating I had become violent, threatening and out of control. I've reported her to the Department of Public Health due to her false claims to the police resulting in an involuntary admission to a hospital under false pretense, along with her obvious interference with my ability to gain help, from secretaries telling me she refused to acknowledge me as a patient, to secretaries and doctors saying she refuses to send over any medical information relating to me no matter how many times they've requested. My insurance history and medical history is tainted with her false claims, and the hospital I was admitted to apologizing for admitting me, for seeing no sign of the behavior she claimed changes nothing, as the admission is still part of my medical and insurance history of which I have no actual ability to dispute as a patient of psychiatry and the prejudice that accompanies it. The Department of Public Health will take a year and a half, on average, to start an investigation into her, and their investigation will cover whether she violated any ethical obligations or if the care she provided is not perceived as meeting the expected standard. It wont be for the criminal acts she committed when lying to the police to discredit me, or by refusing to cooperate with any future doctors I've seen, leading to an inability to achieve help and losing what little help I still receive. All the information the Department of Public Health has received so far will in no way make her capable of facing any punishment at all. I have a recording of the last appointment I had with her, of which I've listened to repeatedly and sent to friends and family, asking them how I was violent, how I was threatening, and I nor any of them can provide an answer. Recordings of secretaries clearly stating that Margaret Coffey, a psychiatrist, in Woodbridge, Connecticut, claimed I was never a patient. Recordings of secretaries stating that no matter how many times they've asked, Dr. Coffey refuses to send my medical records. She instead eventually calls to tell a nonsense version of a story about me preventing me from gaining treatment, but they are unable to use those recordings as I never made the people I was recording aware of it. I can't imagine myself surviving much longer in a way that provides anything but displeasure, and if I do it will not be without great pain and suffering, severely limiting my ability to function, considering current circumstances and her inability to stop interfering with my desire to seek remedy, and I'm running out of doctors in my area to provide me treatment who haven't already made an excuse to not be capable of it or refusing to accept me as a patient. I would hope Vitals wont remove this for whatever petty reason so no one else makes the mistake of thinking she's not capable of orchestrating your death if she perceives your actions to hinder her success, monetary gain, or reputation in any way. I know the standard belief that accompanies any claims made by a patient of psychiatry have ulterior motives or are delusional misconceptions akin to crying false accusations of sexual assault if your shoulder gets brushed, but it's not hard to see that this is what she has relied on to succeed with everything she's done until now and will continue to do. I had been abused in a hospital before, as I disclosed to her during treatment. She would have known that by calling the police and claiming I committed whatever violent act she claimed I did, that it would have invited a great deal of harm to befall me at whatever hospital I was admitted to, which it did. I was told that it took several days of calling her repeatedly at that hospital, a possibility of four minimum to get her to return their calls. I imagine vitals will immediately remove the review since Dr. Coffey sponsors her ad here if I theorize the reason it took so long to call the hospital you had a patient admitted to while knowing their history and the risk that accompanied admitting a patient under the claims she did, but I can't imagine any other reason aside from her knowing what would happen to me because of her claims, that it could have pushed me to suicide, and that was the reason the discharge from her treatment form I received from her in the hospital stated I was in a hospital when I received it, as the hospital would have received any reputation or liability risk if I was to die and not her, as she apparently perceived as inevitable. I made the mistake of thinking she wasn't capable of something this monstrous when receiving treatment from her, and I didn't think she was a bad doctor during that time. I discussed with her repeatedly how other doctors, when realizing their mistakes or their inability to treat me effectively resulted in whatever way they could discredit me, I repeatedly brought up that she would eventually do the same, of which she denied every time. I even thought for a period of time that she was the only psychiatrist I had seen that wasn't scum using appointments as a free paid break, that she wouldn't deny me treatment or complicate my situation further when realizing what mistakes she made, or could actually help me significantly, but she wont hesitate to ultimately put your life at risk if she believes any harm can befall her because of any mistakes she's made or an inability to acknowledge a lack a competency. I'm running out of options to gain treatment, and all future options will most likely result in the same way as the recent past, due to her actions immediately previous to denying me treatment, and actions proceeding that. I believed she was actually a decent person and doctor during treatment, that she wasn't actually capable of anything like this despite my insistence to her that I believed she was, but when the moment came that she acknowledged any perceived risk, she was capable of instigating events that would cause me harm, or potentially end my life, and continue to prevent me from getting help continuing for almost 6 months now, and she apparently did all of this without a hint of guilt.

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Jan 16th, 2013

Wrote a review detailing her actions against me that clearly show her to be a terrible doctor and one capable of criminal actions, but the review was apparently removed. There was no lies in that review, nor breach of the terms of use as far as I could tell for submitting a review, but apparently 2 initials after your name or perhaps a little money to get your ad sponsored gets you the ability to choose what reviews you keep and which ones you don't. It was marked as helpful by at least 3 people before being removed, but apparently vitals is concerned with something other than what helps people find a good doctor. Dr. Coffey inaccurately diagnosed me, admitted it, admitted me not fitting the diagnostic criteria for any psychiatric illness, then had me involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric ward, for reasons I most likely can't state here, that later apologized to me for admitting me, saying they had to because of what she claimed, even though the psychiatrist speaking to me and treating me told me that he nor any of the staff saw any sign of the behavior she claimed. I probably can't go into that much detail, but she did a lot more than that which makes her a very terrible choice as a doctor if your situation exceeds the basics of psychiatry. She wasn't a terrible doctor at all times, and did do plenty more than most to try to help me, but ultimately her actions have caused me considerable and irrecoverable harm. Consider looking elsewhere and hope you see this before it's removed.

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Jun 18th, 2011

She saved my life

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