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A Savior for my Sister show details A Savior for my Sister
by rosemary riso on Mar 31st, 2015

From the second we walked in her office Dr. Muste was professional, concerned and attentive to the needs of my sister. She saved her life. Within 1 min of speaking with us she knew that my sister needed to be admitted to the hospital asap. Dr. Muste knew what she had to do and do it quickly. Anytime i needed to speak with her, she was always there to answer my questions and concerns. Great bedside manner at all times. My sister had visits & testing done with another Neurologist located in the bronx that was recommended from her general doctor and was told she was just fine. So on that note, i HIGHLY RECOMMEMD Dr. Muste.

by John F Walsh on Mar 31st, 2015

Have been a patient for several years. Extremely satisfied with her professional knowledge and interaction during visits. I would give her an unqualified recommendation

Mar 28th, 2015

As Stephanie wrote before, I am really shocked to see some of the comments written here about Dr. Maria Muste. My father was a patient at White Plains Hospital where he was hospitalized for a state of agitated confusion. He had been in hospital for about three weeks. During this time he was seen by three neurologists and various other specialists and had had many testes done all in avail. We were told that most likley he was not going to get better and we started the process of transferring him to a nursing home. Then Dr. Muste came to see him. She examined my father, looked at the results of all tests done and told us that she thinks my father has Limbic Encephalitis and that is a condition that could be treated. She clearly and patiently explained the risks and possible benefites of the treatments that she suggested. Under her guidance my father started the treatments and we immediately saw an improvement in his condition. He slowly continue to improve, became less and less confused, more responsive, started to walk and speak again. We have our father back, and all thanks to Dr. Muste! If it weren't for her my father would not have been alive today. We are so grateful! Dr. Muste is a such a smart, knowledgable neurologist. She figured out in one day what my father had, and brought him back to us when we had all lost hope. It was no surprise for me to discover when I went to see her in the office that he was chosen as America's Best Physician every year from 2006 on.

Dr. Maria Muste is the best Neurologist I have found! show details Dr. Maria Muste is the best Neurologist I have found!
by Maria Cardona on Mar 28th, 2015

Dr. Muste, is the only doctor after 10 years of going undiagnosed to figure out what was wrong with me! She is smart, and caring! Small fiber neuropathy wasnt easy for any of the 10 or so doctors i had gone to over the yrs. but she did a skin biopsey (never suggested by any other Dr.) that was the key! Also my "trigeminal neuralgia" i almost had my teeth removed, she quickly stopped me! She is very quick to notice things without being told.

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Great Doctor!!! show details Great Doctor!!!
by J. Wagner on Mar 27th, 2015

After meeting Dr. Muste last year I can Truly say shes the most patient caring thorough doctor I have had in 15 years. I came to her unable to sit or stand for long and loosing my ability to walk and move my arm. Her Office & assistant Samantha are wonderful helpful & make you feel comfortable. Dr Muste Calls you back promptly if you call her with any fears or concerns.She calls you herself to give you blood results that concern her she also never rushes you on the phone like most Drs do. Dr Muste performed my EMG and it is very rare a doctor herself does this test, all the other Drs choose a tech to do this. I felt much safer having Dr, Muste do the EMG on me. As a result of her findings & treatment for the first time in 10 years I am walking and moving my arm again Thanks to Her! I am a complicated medical history I am so thankful and Grateful to have found Dr. Muste! I hope this helps someone else because she has helped me so much!

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Mar 26th, 2015

I took my great aunt to Dr. Maria Muste. My great aunt had a combination of moderate dementia and depression. In the elderly, the symptoms of these two diseases often run together, mask each other and complicate diagnosis. Dr. Muste informed me of all of this. I was in a very difficult position when I first arrived at the office. I work full time and am the sole care giver for my great aunt. She has no other family member who is able to take her to doctor's appointments, put her prescriptions in her pill box or make sure she is receiving adequate care from her home health aides. To be blunt, I was overwhelmed. Dr. Muste completely understood my position and never lost sight of it for all of the visits I had with her. Not only did she treat my aunt, but she treated the entire family unit. Most doctors are not able to accomplish this, unfortunately. As my great aunt's healthcare proxy, I've had a large volume of experiences with doctors from all fields (from oncology to family medicine to neurology and dermatology). None have come close to approaching the level of care that Dr. Muste shows. As if this weren't enough, Dr. Muste has caused (and yes, I attribute what I am about to say solely to her) a DRASTIC improvement in my aunt's cognitive and behavioral functioning. Her combination of medicine and behavioral therapy (crossword puzzles and daily walks) worked wonders. Full disclosure: I was by no means a passive participant in this process. I studied much of the literature on geriatric care, dementia and depression before and during my visits with Dr. Muste. This is one of the reasons why I am so appreciative of the outcome she has helped my great aunt achieve. While most patients with the symptoms with which my great aunt presented are seen as having "positive outcomes" from treatment if they do not GET WORSE, my great aunt actually IMPROVED based on objective criteria. Specifically, her scores on the "Mini Mental Exam" (a set of questions aimed at scoring a person's ability to recall facts and a gauge of their awareness level) increased from 20 to 22 within the year that we saw Dr. Muste. I really cannot say enough for Dr. Muste.

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Dr. Muste is the best! show details Dr. Muste is the best!
by Stephanie Hoina on Mar 26th, 2015

I am absolutely shocked to see some of the comments about Dr. Muste. My 86-year-old mother has been a patient of hers since she was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis about 7 years ago. Dr. Muste was the first doctor to accurately diagnose my mom's condition after months and months of seeing other doctors and trying to figure out what was wrong. She has been nothing but proactive and compassionate, carefully monitoring my mom's progress and making adjustments to her treatment as we go along. And while clinically I trust her implicitly, it has been her bedside manner has been a lifesaving grace for all of us. My mom has multiple medical issues and we deal with a number of doctors. I can not express how wonderful doctor Muste is with her. She never rushes her. Explains everything clearly so my mom understands. Always returns calls and treats my mom as if she were her own. Not many doctors show that kind of warmth and it means the world to my family and my mom. While I can appreciate that sometimes in cases of emergencies there is a wait time at the office, I cannot imagine ever going to another neurologist. As I mentioned earlier we deal with dozens of doctors for my mother's care and Dr. Muste is a favorite. I would highly recommend Dr. Muste to anyone. Go see her and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

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Worst. Doctor. Ever. show details Worst. Doctor. Ever.
Mar 19th, 2015

She seems bored at her job and she didn't even help me.

I need a doctor who actually cares about my needs show details I need a doctor who actually cares about my needs
Mar 12th, 2015

I am no longer a patient because I was tired of feeling like the only thing cared about in that office was my money. EVERY time I went there, I sat waiting for excessive amounts of time and once, when I was just about to go out to ask the receptionist if the doctor was ever coming in, I actually overheard her telling the doctor she had a patient (me) waiting and the doctor seemed pretty surprised about it, like she hadn't even been told I had arrived. Never any apologies for the wait time. More importantly than the time, however, is the fact that I do not feel like my problems have been fixed and I don't feel she's done a great job at helping me get to a point where I feel my health goals have been reached. Getting her on the phone to speak about a concern takes WAY too long (sometimes over 24 hours which is outrageous) and I've often had to call back to speak to her before my call has been returned. I don't know if this is her doing or the receptionist failing at her job, but I don't care; as a patient in pain and sick, I can't be ignored when I need medical advice from her or have a question. She just doesn't seem to care very much. Also, she seems frustrated and a bit condescending whenever I don't understand something, such as the dosage she's recommending and she has to explain it again. It's uncomfortable. Shouldn't a patient be comfortable knowing the medications they are about to take and the proper dosages and times of day without being made to feel like they are bothering the doctor by asking them to go over it again? I already know a much better neurologist that I had avoided going to because of the distance, but I know now that it's well worth an inconvenient drive to have a great doctor than go to a closer place and have mediocre care and service. It's a shame that doctors like this make so much money from patients like me when really they don't deserve it. I'll bring my money (and most importantly my HEALTH NEEDS) elsewhere. Hopefully I will finally feel better and get better service at the same time.

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Mar 5th, 2015

She is thorough and always prompt. I always feel at ease after speaking with Dr. Muste about my medical concerns.

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by Who cares, she doesn't on Jan 6th, 2015

She is really sweet but an idiot. Thanks for the misdiagnosis and telling me its ok to eat chocolate. She refused to do another EMG testing when my doctor sent me back to her to do another test!!! I got a better neurologist to do emg testing down in Florida. Also, the doctor who sent me to her said she misdiagnosed a few of his patients. How she has a license, how half these doctors have licenses, very scary, very scary.

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Not For Me! show details Not For Me!
Mar 27th, 2014

I made an appointment for this doctor for 115 pm. I arrived on time, filled out my paperwork and continued to sit for 45 minutes until I was placed in a room. A nurse took my vitals and advised the doctor would be right in. Another 30 minutes later I ended up walking out, asking the front desk for a return of my personal records and co-payment and then spoke with the office manager. The office manager was condescending at best, stating that a patient must have required more time before me (my appoint was right after the office reopened after lunch at which time I observed businessmen, most likely pharmaceutical reps, leaving and being thanked for the luncheon they had provided). Then the office manager stated that the patient requiring the extra time (all one hour and fifteen minutes of it) was being shown the same courtesy that I would be shown if I needed a more through consult. I explained that the earlier patient received courtesy and I was left forgotten about for over an hour and the manager stated that I wasn't listening to her. Good doctor or not, when you get to a point where your time is more valuable then that of your patients, you have gotten to big for your own shoes. Someone could have at least advised me that she was going to be that late since I left work to attend this appointment. I am seeking another "not so busy" doctor and suggest you do as well.

You can do better, keep looking! show details You can do better, keep looking!
by Amy on Jul 9th, 2013

The more I went the worse she became. I don't think she likes a challenge. Some doctors get frustrated when they can't fix you within a reasonable time or if you get worse under their care. She is one of those doctors . I went on to find a really good neuro now. Keep looking. You can do better than this neuro! Oh yeah the first visit they put me in an exam room and forgot about me for an hour. I was in so much pain already and the doctor took so long , I finally came out of the room and another dr apologized that they could have forgotten they put me in there and then Muste came and said she didn't know I was there. Great service! Not!

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