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Dr. Chang is a miracle worker show details Dr. Chang is a miracle worker
by Mrs. B., Beverly Hills, CA on Apr 11th, 2015

I have suffered from migraine headaches for more than ten years. I have seen various specialists -- from neurologists to ENT's to Allergists -- but my headaches contained. Finally -- luckily -- I was referred to Dr. Marisa Chang. After a careful examination and an even more careful interview, Dr Chang prescribed a medication she felt certain would bring me relief. Two days after I started taking this medication, my CONSTANT headache disappeared. Now it's two months later, and it has never returned. In addition to being the RARE doctor who doesn't keep patients waiting and who meets them personally in the waiting room, Dr. Chang gave me my life back. She is a truly fine doctor, and I recommend her unreservedly to everyone.

wonderful practioner show details wonderful practioner
Mar 4th, 2015

Dr. Chang, her assistant Kristina, and the entire office staff provided the most positive, responsive and caring medical care for my daughter that I have ever witnessed. My college-aged daughter had been hospitalized over the weekend and Dr. Chang was able to see her on the Wednesday following a Sunday night hospital discharge. She really listened to my daughter who explained her symptoms, asked relevant questions and gave her a thorough exam during the intake. She arranged to expedite a sleep study for the next night and following day (Thursday night/Friday) and the sleep lab expedited a report over the weekend. Dr. Chang saw my daughter again on Monday, diagnosed her, and prescribed medication. Kristina helped tremendously in getting a prior authorization for medication. I feel like my daughter is receiving the best possible care and has a really great chance to jump back into her life as seamlessly as possible.

Suffering chronic neck pain show details Suffering chronic neck pain
by Debbie P. on Sep 22nd, 2014

i am very thankful for and I would highly recommend Dr. Chang and her associates. The staff was kind and professional. She was my last hope after being turned down by other doctors. Dr Chang listened to my story with much care, sympathy and attentiveness. My first treatment for my cervical dystonia was complete elimination of pain. Looking forward to more treatments which should improve my twisted neck and continue the pain relief. The office is a very welcoming atmosphere.

Best Neurologist in the City, Hands Down, No Question show details Best Neurologist in the City, Hands Down, No Question
Sep 20th, 2014

I have struggled with chronic, debilitating migraines for decades that have been unremitting and unrelenting. My suffering was palpable and I felt it would never end. Prior to seeing Dr. Marisa Chang, I had made the usual rounds of "big time" neurologists noted on many of the reviews here, to no avail. Most recently, for several years I had been a patient of the leading headache specialist at UCLA, where I would wait for months just to get an appointment, my calls and emails would go unreturned for weeks, and actual appointments would often feel unfulfilling, providing me with very few solutions or new hope for an old, frustrating problem. I felt trapped. I learned about Dr. Chang by word of mouth, and she has sincerely changed my life. I was over the moon when I called her office for the first time and learned I would be able to see Marisa for an intake within the week (so rare in Los Angeles). Working with chronic pain patients, Marisa, her staff, and her practice understand the urgency of addressing her patient's concerns (even ones she has not yet met) in a timely manner, because when an individual is in pain, time moves like molasses. The more quickly pain is attended to, the faster the relief. Having felt previously "given up on" by other neurologists, Marisa looked at my situation as an interesting medical challenge to overcome, rather than a daunting life sentence of pain and misery for me. She has a way of reframing potentially negative life circumstances and turning them into positive ones, which I find helpful and comforting. Dr. Chang is not an impulsive physician who is looking to try quick fixes or shuffle her patients in and out of her office as if she is running a factory. She is a healer in the truest sense of the world, catering to all aspects of her patients: the physical, the emotional, the soul. When I see her and I am in the middle of a horrible migraine, she obviously addresses that immediately. But she does more than that; she listens to me, she remains present, she is bright and cheerful, she is conscientious of what is happening for me in all aspects of my life, she educates me on my condition and is constantly seeking out/offering the latest treatment(s) (while staying conservative and respectful of my wishes--there is always a thoughtfulness of keeping cost down and minimizing risk and extra medication), she stays present, she is warm and she is human. She by the far the kindest, most giving, diagnostically capable, hardest-working, ablest physician I know. When she went on a maternity leave, she was back to seeing patients in only three weeks. She is available to me by cell and email pretty much at all times (I have never in my life been given this privilege by a physician). She is generally concerned with my well-being and that of all of her patients. Her staff is friendly and capable, and I rarely wait. I consistently am given "reminder" confirmation calls two days before my appointment, which I find very helpful. Lastly, I will say that my migraines have improved remarkably since becoming Dr. Chang's patient, and I no longer believe there is no hope. We have come up with a protocol that seems to be profoundly helping me, and that in and of itself is a credible reason to continue seeing her (and to recommend her), even if she weren't all of the amazing things I have described here.

Excellent diagnosis and bulls-eye treatment show details Excellent diagnosis and bulls-eye treatment
by Scott Goldman on Apr 7th, 2014

After multiple rounds of dentists and endodontists that couldn't isolate an incredibly painful problem that I was experiencing in my upper jaw Dr. Chang diagnosed it immediately and prescribed a drug that had an immediate effect. Her staff is helpful and efficient and the office is cheerful and bright. I'd recommend her without hesitation to anyone experiencing pain that needs treatment. I'm generally very critical of physicians and will say without hesitation that she is terrific.

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Trigeminal Nuralgia & complex Regional Pain Syndrone show details Trigeminal Nuralgia & complex Regional Pain Syndrone
by Todd - Manhattan Beach, Ca. on Aug 30th, 2013

This is very simple. Unlike all the Hollywood doctors and the so called best "Whos Who" doctors, Ive to them all. From Palos Verdes to Beverly Hills to Chicago to Ny and Dr. Marisa Chang is and was the only doctor who was able to see and tell me what conditions I may have on the 1st visit while explaining the options. Shes empathetic, she does not rush into treatments and her staff are A . Unlike Cedars where its like the DMV or some of other Groups that just want to rush into over priced major treatments, she has and continues to take a steady well managed plan with my complicated nerve issue. Many of her treatments have worked and we will continue to work until we elimininate the pain inside my face between my eyes with the least amout of risk as possible. While you spinning your wheels with other doctors and countless amounts of visitations, see Marisa and get a clue now. She knows everyone else as well, because shes on or creating cutting edge methods of healing. Its about healing at soonest.

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Outstanding Clinician! show details Outstanding Clinician!
by Dr. JackWetter on May 3rd, 2013


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patient show details patient
Apr 23rd, 2013

smart, compassionate, great listener, nailed a diagnosis, best doctor I've been to.

Feb 24th, 2013

I suffered from chronic terrible headaches for years until my primary care doctor recommended Dr. Chang. I called her office and actually got a human on the phone, immediately. At first I was worried when I found out Dr. Chang doesn’t take insurance, but it was totally worth it! I got in within the week (when I called UCLA, the earliest appointment wasn’t for months), and Dr. Chang was amazing. She was the first doctor to really listen to me. She spent over an hour with me and even gave me her cell phone number. This is the first time in 3 years I haven’t had a headache! I have recommended her to family members, and I would recommend her to anybody else in a heartbeat.

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Terrible Experience show details Terrible Experience
Feb 18th, 2013

I am struck by the disparity in reviews for this doctor. Some people seem to think she walks on water... others, like myself have had awful experiences with her. The doctor that others have described here as wonderful and compassionate was nowhere to be found during my appts, with Dr. Chang. Since she's come so highly rated, I kept hoping that the fabulous doctor some others had described would show up for me as well... but, she never did...

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Excellent & genuinely caring show details Excellent & genuinely caring
Jan 21st, 2012

I've been seeing Dr. Chang for about a year due to a chronic pain "issue" that has been proving difficult to pinpoint the cause of. I'd seen several doctors before getting a referral to Dr. Chang, and although we are still working on it, I'm gradually getting better (something I was worried would never happen!). Her bedside manner is the best I've ever seen from a doctor -- in addition to being very technically competent, you can tell she really cares about her patients. Unfortunately, she is out of my health insurance network's plan, but honestly, she is so good (& is willing to work with you to keep the cost reasonable) that I've never even considered trying to find a specialist who is in network.

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Sister of Linda Jessup show details Sister of Linda Jessup
Nov 22nd, 2011

A couple of years ago my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer and had some sde effects that were horrible causing her to be in so much pain from something going on in her head. Dr. Chang was the only person out of 5-6 doctors who not only dignosed her correctly but was able to help with the appropriate meds. Then a coupe of months later she sees my sister has been admitted to the hospital. She takes the time out of her day to come over (she did not have to do this) and as it turns out was able to once again help on a diagnosis that even her cancer doctor had not figured out. Dr. Chang ROCKS!! Jean Petty

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Oct 24th, 2011

I had been suffering for 4 days and 4 sleepless nights with agonizing facial pain. My endodentist recommended that I see neurologist Dr. Marisa Chang, but when I found out she was, according to my PPO insurance plan, an "out of network/private specialist" , I was reluctant. But when I could not get an immediate appointment with an "in-network/preferred provider" neurologist, because I was in such pain, and because Dr. Chang came highly recommended, I took "the out-of-pocket plunge" and do not regret it. Dr. Chang quickly and accurately diagnosed my excruciating pain and prescribed a medication that began to work immediately. I was diagnosed with something quite frightening to me. Dr. Chang gave me her cell phone number(!) and her email address, and was there for me when I had many many questions throughout my treatment. I was astounded at how quickly she responded to my calls and emails. I always felt I was in safe and responsive hands, and that meant so much. All of the online information about my condition suggested a lifetime of agony. However, Dr. Chang told me that 70% of her patients overcome the problem and live normal lives. And, thankfully, so far, it looks like I am one of the 70%. If there was any doubt in my mind about going to Dr. Chang because she is a private specialist, that doubt has been completely erased.

Found a cure show details Found a cure
Sep 21st, 2011

I have been suffering from migraines for years and have been going to doctors for care with limited results. My internist suggested I see Dr. Chang for another opinion. She prescribed medications that others had not previously tried. The first two failed. The third medication tried has worked and after years of suffering from almost daily headaches, I am nearly headache free. I am most grateful to Dr. Chang and her diligent approach to finding a solution for me.

honesty, knowledge, compassion, show details honesty, knowledge, compassion,
Sep 12th, 2011

I have had crohn's disease for nearly 50 years and my father was a doctor so I know doctors. This is the first doctor in a long time that really understands what pain is and how it can ruin your life. She treats me as an individual not a boilerplate. I trust her and we work as a team. Her office staff is great and if you need her you actually can get a hold of her. I couldn't be more happy and drive all the way across town to get to her because she "gets it".

Excellent Neurologist, Fantastic Quality of Care show details Excellent Neurologist, Fantastic Quality of Care
Aug 15th, 2011

Anyone needing serious medical attention should do thorough homework - not only about their illness and treatment options, but about potential caregivers as well. I always do my research carefully and never give too much weight to any one source or opinion, especially ones I come across online. That being said, here are my (non-"planted") two cents on Dr. Chang; take them for what they are worth:I have, unfortunately, seen many specialists over many years for a chronic illness - and encountered physicians both very good and very bad. This time around, after getting referrals and conducting my own doctor research (including reading opinions on this board), I decided to visit her for a consultation. I immediately saw all the hallmarks of a proper caregiver that one should expect.Her initial consultation was thorough with my medical history and status being carefully reviewed. Our conversation was not rushed a bit; she asked all of the appropriate questions to assess my case and I felt that I was able to have all of my inquiries answered in an easy-to-undersand, completely non-condescending manner. We then developed a treatment plan in the best possible way - as a partnership between patient and physician where options are logically considered and decisions are made jointly as progress is made. In all follow-up visits with the Doctor, I have found her to be similarly responsive, thoughtful, caring, and willing to answer any question I might have.In my experience, Dr. Chang is knowledgable, thorough, and has an absolutely incredible bedside manner. This last part I find to be in some ways most important -- and most lacking with many physicians I have seen in the past. Her office staff is easily accessible and incredibly on the ball with regard to billing and making appointments. I really couldn't ask for better quality of care in any way.In short, my experiences with Dr. Chang have been highly positive. While everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion, I am very glad that I did not let one negative online review scare me away from this empathetic, smart physician that many have so rightfully praised.

Aug 10th, 2011

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Chang. She was attentive, compassionate, and professional. I felt at ease and well taken care of and would definitely be coming back to her for future ailments.

Aug 9th, 2011

Dr.chang was courteous and professional. She really took the time to listen to me and i felt like she really cared. She takes the time to really get to know you as a person and tailors her treatments to meet your needs. I am so grateful she is my doctor.

Rose show details Rose
Aug 9th, 2011

I have been a patient of Dr. Chang for the last 6 months. She is an exceptional doctor who is both extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. She always answers my questions with patience and uses words that I can understand. Her treatment of my disorder has significantly improved my quality of life. I am extremely grateful for her services.

Jul 27th, 2011

Interestingly enough, I left a negative comment about Dr. Chang a few months ago that has somehow been expurgated or deleted here. I find that curious and suspicious indeed! It's as if I never left it, so one wonders about the integrity of this site.I will try again and see if my comment stays this time... First of all, one feels like the meter is running for EVERYONE at this office. The entire operation is one big money-making machine. Dr. Chang personally is one of the most arrogant doctors I have had the displeasure of meeting in a very long time. She is condescending, did not review all the records that I painstakingly put together per her assistant's request, and rushed through my all-important intake appt. like she had a hot date to get to. She did not consider my situation, nor my input in making recommendations and treated me with contempt and disrespect. She may have excellent training, but this young and again, I say, arrogant doctor has a long, LONG way to go before she is a true healer. RUN, don't walk in the opposite direction of this doctor! I did so much better elsewhere and found a compassionate brilliant doctor. You can do the same! (And yes! I also believe, as someone else suggested that all the 'glowing' reviews here are plants!)

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Never Again show details Never Again
Jun 13th, 2011

I saw Dr. Chang a few months ago, but only had a chance to leave a review now. This woman leaves so much to be desired when it comes to answering questions, treating you with dignity & respect and actually feeling secure in herself enough to allow you to be interested in & make decisions for your own health and healing. I never looked back & found someone else. She failed to completely review my medical records and thus could not treat me as an individual. If she could have ignored that I was a patient in the room, I believe she would have. She did not listen, did not consider my situation or input or questions and all in all, she treated me like a paycheck, not a patient.Considering my experience and at least one other review, it makes me wonder very seriously if at least some of these other reviews aren't plants.

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Claudia show details Claudia
Mar 26th, 2011

I suffer from a dental related injury. 3 years of living with a constant migraine, I felt that there was no help. Multiple doctors (over) medicated me and prescribed treatments that had no to little affect. The luckiest day for me was the day I found Dr. Marisa Chang. She is an angel. Dr Chang to this day is the only doctor that has truly helped me. She is what Dr's should aspire to be. I will always be grateful to her.

A Superstar show details A Superstar
Feb 18th, 2011

My wife has been suffering from acute Fibromyalgia for more than 3 years. After being bed ridden for 2 years in New Jersey, our physician recommended relocating to the West Coast because of the mild climate and less frequent changes in barometric pressure which affects her condition.When my wife first met Dr. Chang she was seriously ill. While other physicians were treating the symptoms, Dr. Chang was looking to treat the cause. She's not only a smart, out of the box thinker and excellent diagnostician, she's creative, persistent and caring. She's got a great bedside manner and treats her patients as though they are family and refuses to give up. As a result of Dr. Chang's treatment regimen using a "cocktail" of medications, my wife has gone from being bedridden and sleeping 14 hours a day to an alert, happy, relatively pain-free person who walks 18-25 miles a week. She gave my wife her life back. What more needs to be said. Dr. Chang isn't a good doctor. She's a superstar. She's got our unqualified recommendation for all those suffering from Fibromyalgia or chronic pain conditions.

Feb 5th, 2011

Dr. Chang is one of the finest doctors I have ever experienced. Her professionalism, intelligence and care are top notch. Her enthusiasm for helping me and getting me well have been unmatched.

Jennifer show details Jennifer
Jun 23rd, 2010

Dr. Chang saved my life. She was the only doctor that went above and beyond her duties to ensure that I received the care I needed. I cannot thank her enough.