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Nightmare show details Nightmare
by Laura on Jul 29th, 2014

They were unprofessional and treated me like a drug addict when I wanted to get a refill of medicine I've been taking for years. Made me and my kids wait over an hour for someone to come talk to us. Worst doctors office experience I ever went to.

Done show details Done
Apr 29th, 2014

Great doctor, rude and incompetent staff. If there could be an overhaul in staff and staff management, I would highly recommend Dr. Chau. But I cannot when the majority of your time there will be dealing with the staff. And lord help you if you have an HMO instead of a PPO. You will get your appointments cancelled and your insurance company and med group will be lied to as to why. I'm switching doctors because no one needs to deal with that, which is unfortunate because I really liked Dr. Chau herself.

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Great Doctor show details Great Doctor
by Tony L on Jan 31st, 2014

I've been seeing Dr. Chau for several years and have heartily recommended her to my friends. She has a really friendly manner about her, takes the time to explain everything and draws out responses to find out what's happening. She's very caring and good humored. I've moved about 40 minutes away but still go back to see her as when you find a good one, you keep them.

bad staff! show details bad staff!
by frustrated on Jul 29th, 2013

My favorite doctor ever! BUT BUT BUT her office staff is horrible. why would she allow rude employees to ruin her business?

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Poor patient consideration show details Poor patient consideration
Jun 12th, 2013

I switched over to Dr Chau from Dr Danek because Dr Chau was recommended to me. MISTAKE! I like her . She seemed nice.. IF you can ever get in to see her. I have seen her once because she's 4-6 weeks out on appointments. Her front desk girl Kelley is rude.. I got tired of the poor office help and lack of urgency to help me with an appointment and I switched back to Dr Danek where I have been for 10 years and should have just stayed..

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Horrible show details Horrible
Apr 19th, 2013

This is a horrible doctor. She does not care about her patients, she's always in a rush and doesn't seem like she even wants to see her patients. I've seen her many of times and every time she doesn't a thing about me. She just types away on her laptop and just says "okay, Alright, see you next time." She refused to refill my prescription for my epilepys saying my neurologist has to refill it when I didn't even have a neurologist. This doctor is terrible, all she wants is your money. I hope all her patients realize this and find a new doctor.

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the worst show details the worst
Apr 2nd, 2013

The whole practice is run by her husband, Tony (who they say is only the office manager). She makes me wait always at least an hour for a scheduled apt. Never will call in a refill for me, or if she does it takes a couple of weeks for her to "get around to it". The office is always dirty. Tony the office manager/husband/whatever likes to make the front office girls laugh by making fun of the patients, no matter who hears this. Just an overall terrible experience.

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rda show details rda
Feb 13th, 2013

Nice Dr. never have appt available when ypu need it. Only for yearly checkup do to appt made with at least one month anticipation! When you are sick good luck! Always urgent care..

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Excellent Doctor show details Excellent Doctor
Nov 2nd, 2012

First visit with Dr. Chau went well. First doctor to ever prescribe medication for nasal allergies & discovered a hearing impairment. Took care of necessary immunization titer bloodwork & paperwork that I needed for school. Referred gastroenterologist and ENT doctor for a colonoscopy & hearing test. Medical Assistant had to call me back with the referral (they forgot). Dr. Chau took time to ask Qs and has good bedside manners. Highly recommended!

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GrEeat DEoctor ! show details GrEeat DEoctor !
Oct 25th, 2012

I'm a Health care professional, Dr. Chau is such an excellent doctor. Glsd is in the area !

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Extremely Disappointed show details Extremely Disappointed
Oct 23rd, 2012

I found Dr. Chou to be in a hurry and too personal, not enough medical information provided similar to being in an assembly line. Not enough concern about the excessive number of Rxs she ordered or the Rxs changed by other doctors knowing the Rxs could cause stroke or heart attack if not taken properly.. She refused to provide information to the immediate family of the elderly patients who aren't capable of caring for themselves and she refused to personally return the calls to the immediate family members who called seeking information so they could care for them properly. She told the immediate family to speak to her elderly patients about their health issues if they wanted information even though one has alzheimers/dimentia and other health problems and the other has serious health problems and need the help of the immediate family to care for them. She chose to provide health care information to a non-member of the immediate family, though, without their knowledge, and even thought the person was the daughter. This was quite disturbing that she didn't know how that person was related or not related by blood to her patients. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED -

office staff sucks show details office staff sucks
Oct 5th, 2012

was not happy with Dr Chaus staff. never would call me back regarding results or referrals. dr chaus great allways spent 20 min an more with me at a time.

unprofessional! show details unprofessional!
Jul 22nd, 2012

I found Dr. Chau in Sun City thinking she would be outstanding considering that she is a DO, I like another way of thinking of medicine other than here is a prescription times 5 before you exit the place.From the very first visit I found her very cold, here I was expecting an assistant to say here is you paper gown and she'll be in to examine you for your first visit. It never happen, to this day I have no idea why. I was happy to see her after waiting 15 minutes in a cold room left alone to my worn out and over used magazine others read while waiting too. She jumps on her computer and types away with memorized precision. step 1 step 2 step 3 are we over yet (15 min per patient and away she goes!) IF you want to talk further make another appointment, her mannerism was 'wind me up' 15 minutes is all I have, I left dissappointed, all she really does is write prescriptions for someplace else! that appears to be it! From the first visit I told her I was a victim of electronic harassment, yes she heard of it, and yes she had another client, and that was that. However, recently I had a new pacemaker implanted, and I could tell the pacemaker was accessed, because it hurt really bad, I made an appointment with St. Judes technician in Temecula and he hooked me up to his machines, and said, Yes! I was accessed four times, gave me the dates and times and duration. Not a good thing! He quickly left and got the doctors assistant (Sandy) Now Sandy and I have spoken on several occassions that I am a victim of electronic Harassment, Yes she knew all about it while a reserve in the military, all three of us talked and she gave me directions in what to do. A week later I went back to Dr.Chau to get a prescription written by her to see about my sore lung, a mole,and she asked about my pacemaker. I told her about St. Jude and Sandy (Doctors asst) visit, and for whatever reason, she became very very upset! I mean upset! She shouted I need to call you family right away, I need you to see a shrink, I need you to take this medication, and on and on she went! I had already told her in previous visits my family knew,my doctors assistant knew, I had already had a neuro done on my head, I had seen a social worker, and all was good! In a calm manner I told her all these things were done and I'm not taking medication, its too dangerous to be out of it on pills while someone is targeting you. very dangeous. I finally just left. I told the receptionist I would not be returning ever to her and she's no longer my doctor. I told Dr. Chau she needs to acquaint herself with high technology, you can't treat people if you don't know what the enemy is using,she chose to ignore me, I wrote down a website for her to get up to speed, she ignored it. I called her receptionist the next day and told her to tell Dr. Chau to read up on this, there would be others, which she had already admitted. She then labeled me as bi polar, depressed and having anxiety..I have none of these, altho I believe Dr Chau has some of these. I will be sending a formal complaint off to the Medical folks, how is it one doctor and technician know but this one doesn't. I looked up where she attended medical school and the rating is 'one stat out of 4!!!! OMG I made a hugh mistake! No wonder she just writes presciptions...My advice is DO NOT GO TO THIS DOCTOR! How she got compassionate award is beyond me! She's very unprofessional, doesn't listen, appears very suspicious of anything you say, or try to explain,and you had better talk fast bez she's only giving you 15 minutes on her laptop in hand.

Apr 10th, 2012

Dr Chau is great. Office staff seems incompetent. Billing problems are not resolved in a timely manner (I'm at 9 mos and counting). Not sure if billing services are contracted but the staff will only "forward" questions to billing and they have never returned my calls or resolved my issue which is a simple mis-coded procedure that lead to denial of payment by my insurance company.

Mar 1st, 2012

I have been very satisfied with Dr. Chau. She is very caring and willing to take the time and listen to my problem. Every time I have gone in to see Dr. Chau, she has had no problem issuing a referral form if needed to see a specialist. She even diagnosed a difficult eye problem that I had with a prior doctor. She even advised me to go straight to the eye specialist if I started showing the same problems and she would issue a referral form later. So not to delay treatment and risk my eyesight. I left my original doctor in Sun City due to being constantly overbooked, rude front staff, lost a few appointments and difficulty getting an appointment. So far, I have no complaints with Dr. Chau and highly recommend her to my family and friends.

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Disappointed show details Disappointed
Mar 25th, 2011

I am Very Disappointed 6 Weeks ago I visited urgent care due to a sever leg pain, I asked to be written out of work till my leg recovered and felt better, not thinking it would be such a huge ordeal. The Urgent care Dr. who was very nice and understanding advised that I had to see my Family Doctor in order to receive a note for work. Although he assured me he would send over the report of his diagnoses of my leg to my Doctor. When I was able to get in to see my family Doctor, Dr. Mary Chau I felt she did not want to write a note for me to be off work to rest my leg and stay off it all together so it could heal. Honestly she made me feel as though she did not believe me or the Urgent care Doctor who advised me I had a torn muscle or ligament. Reluctantly Dr. Chau provided me a note allowing me off work. A week went by with No Positive results from resting my leg, I went back to see my Family Doctor and was advised to rest and stay completely off my leg, she wrote me another note for a few more weeks off work and ordered physical therapy. It has now been 6 weeks, I am to return to work Tuesday the 29th of March. I am currently in more pain now than I had been 6 weeks ago, I have No Current Diagnoses of the problem, there has been No MRI ordered, Dr. Chau has just now 6 weeks later ordered that I see a specialist. Now when making the appointment with the specialist they ask I bring in all the x-rays or MRI findings. I let them know I have been off work 6 weeks and none of this has been ordered by Doctor Chau, the only standing order was Physical therapy. I also advised them No Disability paperwork has been filled out in this 6 week time so I am truthfully runny out of money and the cost of all the Physical therapy, Gas to drive to Sun City, is taking its toll on my budget. The Specialist receptionist seemed baffled that I have been out of work 6 weeks and no MRI has been ordered nor has my Disability paperwork be filled out allow me to collect something for the time off seeing I paid into this disability fund that has been put in place just for this reason. My concerns are as follows, I am in sever pain and cannot perform my job requirements but received a letter from Dr Chau stating I can go back to work but cannot walk or stand on my leg? My job required me to be on my feet at all times and my work is unable to accommodate my Doctors request, as I advised her of this information on several occasions and again felt as if the Doctor did not seem to care as she did not change this letter. Unfortunately my work will not let me return in such pain, The Doctor has Just Now Ordered that I visit a specialist and I made the appointment to see the specialist but cannot get in till April 6th, the soonest I can get in to see Dr Chau is April 4th, I have to be back to work on a leg I cannot walk or stand on Tuesday March 29th. I am Very Disappointed at the fact I have been off work 6 weeks with no disability pay due to the fact the Doctors says she cannot fill this out without a diagnose or date I will return back to work.In the 6 weeks thT I have been dealing with this and communicating with Dr. Chau she has ordered only Physical Therapy without knowing if in fact that was coursing the additional pain without diagnosing the problem. Truthfully I am very Disappointed in the lack of care I have been given and attention I have been given and now have to scramble to get whatever the Dr. needs to fill out my Disability before Tuesday Match 29th and present a letter to work so I do not lose my job of 8 years. Just very disapointed in how the entire situation has been handled

by Cathy Freeburg on Mar 8th, 2010

I am so happy my husband switched to Dr. Chau after many years with his previous Dr. Chau is very easy to get in to, takes time with my husband to listen to his concerns.Very nice staff.

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