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The hard truth show details The hard truth
by Brandon on Jan 21st, 2015

Dr. Nguyen was very rude and curt. He made us all as patients feel impersonable and like we all were lab rats. He might have been smart but he was just quick to assume most of his patients were bi-polar and didn't take time a passion to consider our stories or that some like myself were coming off of a post-trauma accident associated with a prescription narcotic addiction. All I needed was detox, prayer and guidance... Not a quick prescription of risperadol supplemented with beta blocking meds that turned me into a thoughtless zombie.

Do not go to this horrid unprofessional show details Do not go to this horrid unprofessional
Jan 17th, 2015

Absolutely horrible. Abuse of power and crude behavior. Revoke license

bootyhole show details bootyhole
Dec 5th, 2014


Nov 19th, 2014

I HATE DR. NGUYEN! He is certifiable. He told me that I deserve to die, and that I am a pathetic imbecile. He told me I was stupid, and that I don't deserve to have anyone love me. His little shoes are so annoying and his voice ugh. I am so glad that I am FINALLY OUT OF VISTA!! Take your kids to another hospital. He is crazy!!

Oct 21st, 2014

He's pretty terrible. I was admitted to the eating disorder unit at Vista and he tormented me the entire time I was there. He told me I deserved to die, that I would never see my parents again, and that I was a pathetic little brat who was just making up my anorexia for attention. I was dying, but he cared more about whether or not I addressed him as "sir" and how loudly I spoke. He criticized me for everything from my clothes to my personality, and made me very suicidial. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and still struggle with processing my experience with Dr. Nguyen. In addition, he was very aggressive with the other patients. I will never forget him yelling at a girl for saying she was r a p e d. He told her that because it was not intercourse, so she was not r a p e d, and she was ridiculous for making up a lie. How dare he tell a r a p e victim that her experience was illegitimate! I was so angry. We weren't allowed to cry, or else we would be separated from the rest of the kids and had to sit in the corner all day. He made us write essays each day, on really horrible topics. I had to write one about "why my parents should hate me," "why I chose to get anorexia," and "reasons I am pathetic." I spent the worst month of my life on his unit, and left even sicker and with even more "eating disorder tricks" than I came in with. There are better units in the region/ country. Please save your children from this monstrosity of a doctor.

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I hate you Nguyen show details I hate you Nguyen
Jul 15th, 2014

Mathew Nguyen made me stay there for more than a month everyday I was last on the list to see him not only is he abusive said things like you'll never see your family again but then he makes you write papers on how he's right about everything terrible he says about you one of the days I was there I had to write six pages on one subject about how I'm terrible and worthless do not send your child to shands vista this doctor is a disgusting worthless piece of trash that goes as low as to tell at ten year old suicidel girls

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The Guy is Hard to Forget show details The Guy is Hard to Forget
by Former Inpatient on Mar 24th, 2014

I was admitted to Vista under the Baker Act after a failed suicide attempt. My experience with Nguyen still remains a sensitive subject to me, and I still have issues about it. He would get in our faces with one of the cruelest looks I've been given, he would degrade me and make me feel like I was a worthless, unintelligent individual. I also hated that he made me write about how I had hurt my mom, then he would make me read it in front of everyone else that sat in for his berating. I was crying so terribly while reading about what I had done to my mom I doubt they could even understand what I was saying. All in all, this man should not be dealing with seriously suicidal and mentally ill adolescents. He made me feel like such a terrible person, I left there in worse condition. He seems to think that we were all just manipulative children that were trying to get attention or something else out of the situation. I don't know how this man keeps his place there in Vista. I literally have not heard anything good about him from anyone. Even my psychiatrist suggested to send in a complaint letter, which of course came with no results. I feel bad for those who are underage and are suffering to the point that they end up in Vista, and for their sake I hope Nguyen will get one too many complaints, so he can't hurt adolescents and children anymore.

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Do not send your child here show details Do not send your child here
by Catharine on Mar 3rd, 2014

My son was admitted to shands vista for depression and left worse. Dr Nguyen screamed at him to the point where my son was vomiting for two days after he arrived home. He was treated horrible by staff and the conditions were just filthy. Children lying on floor mats to sleep and being threatened for any and everything. The staff was all on fear of dr Nguyen and just went along with his abusive tactics. My son is in a much better Facilty right now and is thriving but still has flashbacks of this horrible dr screaming and threatening him. Reading the other reviews I can see I'm not alone. I hope no child has to suffer worse by being in his care so parents please I urge to go elsewhere. Catharine, Jacksonville Fl

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He is a legal CHILD ABUSER show details He is a legal CHILD ABUSER
by Mom on Feb 22nd, 2014

This dr should lose his license. He is an abusive pig who demeaned my child.i sent her for ED treatment but after just one day I had to remove her due to serious verbal abuse from him and the staff at shands eating disorder clinic. He screamed at my daughter and told her that she was a disappointment and her parents would not attend her funeral if she passed because she's is worthless. She slept in a mattress on the floor, was repeatedly threatened by staff that she cried she'd be sorry and never see me again. I don't have enough time to describe what I saw on my visit or what my daughter described. She was so traumatized by dr Nguyen after just one day that she'll need additional counseling for PTSD from that garbage dump of a human that is Matthew Nguyen. If you're considering ED treatment for your child DO NOT GO TO SHANDS IT IS JUST A PYSCH WARD WHERE DRS/STAFF CAN LEGALLY ABUSE YOUR CHILD AND SEEM TO ENJOY IT. THE BROCHURE LOOKS GREAT AND ADMISSION STAFF LURE YOU IN. BEWARE

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Awful and traumatizing show details Awful and traumatizing
by Another former patient on Jun 27th, 2013

I have never been treated so badly in my entire life by an adult. He is emotional abusive and hurtful. This man does this every day for a living. I did not get any better in my condition until I switched facilities. My current therapist and I still work on coping and managing stress and wounds from this experience, on top of my other issues. This man needs to be fired, I cannot believe other staff and Shands Vista as a hospital allow him treat children like this. Several of his patients end up right back there anywhere from two weeks to a year. Please do not see this doctor. You'll thank me later.

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Apr 14th, 2013

Dr. Nyugen was instrumental in saving my sons life. My son spent 26 days at Vista under his excellent care and expertise. I will be forever grateful to Vista and his leadership.

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Save Your Anxiety And Don't See This Guy show details Save Your Anxiety And Don't See This Guy
Mar 31st, 2013

I went there for multiple problems and every meeting with him I cried because of how mean he was to me. Yelled at me, said mean things, made my depression and anxiety worse. Very traumatic for me.

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Feb 15th, 2012

After being seen by him at shands vista inpatient program my bipolar disorder (which he diagnosed as MDD and gave me thr wrong medicine for)went down hill. I left that place with post traumatic stress disorder mainly because of his cruelty. I was terrified of him and was not able to be open because of how threatning he was. A complaint has been filed about him by my physciatrist because of how much more depressed I became and also because she said that every other person who had come back from there said how terrible he was as well. I strongly reccomend you have nothing to do with this doctor.

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Awful experience show details Awful experience
Nov 23rd, 2011

Rude doctor. He is not a board certified psychiatrist. Make awful comments that are inappropriate to the patient. Terrible that is all I can say.

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