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Whoa!! show details Whoa!!
Jan 25th, 2015

This guys an idiot. I think he was either under the influence of something, but I'm not sure. He was slurring his works and bumped into the chair next to my sons table. I reported him to my insurance company, but if he's still in the biz I strongly rec you take your kid elsewhere.

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Rude and inconsiderate staff and doctor show details Rude and inconsiderate staff and doctor
by Becca N. on Jan 17th, 2014

When I first started having my two children (ages 5 and 16mo) seen by this office, I had a bad feeling that I couldn't really put my finger on. The first appointment for my oldest was for kindergarten shots, and my child has a problem with needles. As soon as she knew about the shots, she became a bit emotional, and as her mother, I KNOW how to respond to my child's behavior and personality. so when the nurse came in and attempted to verbally discipline my child, I became very offended. I politely informed her that I have the situation under control, and she responded, "Well then, she wouldn't be acting like this." Since that appointment, it has been constant negative comments and attitude from this main nurse. The receptionist is very forgetful and frequently scheduled next-day appointments for us at wrong times when the doctor wasn't there or when they were already double booked, so we always had a long wait time. The doctor spent less than a minute with my child before giving a diagnosis of "It's an irritation, put some cortizone cream on it." Afterwards, the problems were actually reactions to food or a severe allergic reaction to diapers. With my oldest, the problem was more than just a reaction and thankfully we went to get a second opinion. I informed the staff TWICE that my children would not be seen at this office anymore (Coyle Avenue office) and that I would be finding another pediatrician, and it wasn't until I called to ask one last question about the cortizone diagnosis that I received enough of the bad attitude. I let the receptionist know that their staff are the rudest and and most disrespectful staff I've worked with. Their response? "Well, I really don't think it's US." I informed her that the insurance we had expected more respect and attention that we were given. A few days later, I received letters for both children stating that they would not allowed to be seen in their office anymore due to excessive rude and abusive behavior towards the staff. You can't fire me if I already quit.

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AWFUL. show details AWFUL.
Oct 2nd, 2013

Horrible Office, Horrible Doctor. Took my 4 month old son and 5 year old daughter in for their immunizations. When I asked the front desk woman about the schedule, and if we could go on a little alternative schedule (like take him in monthly for 1 or 2 shots instead of 5 at once) she said no, and then told me that we could not even SEE him now, and had to find a new pediatrician JUST FOR ASKING! She went and asked the doctor, and he said he would not even talk to us, and we needed to go find someone else! What a coward with a GOD complex.

Unfriendly office show details Unfriendly office
Sep 17th, 2013

Not a friendly office from front desk to doctor. Will not be returning. There are better offices and doctors out there. Defiantly not kids friendly place.

Sep 7th, 2012

Horrible experience!!!!!!!!! He is in and out. Staff is incompetent! Ladies at front desk are rude and argumentative. The only positive eperience was the lady who took my daughters weight and measurments! Very sweet girl! The ladies in the front could take a lesson or two!!!

horrible doctor and staff show details horrible doctor and staff
Jul 28th, 2012

We went in for our 2 month olds check up and first round of shots.... first off we got there 5 minutes early to our 9 am appointment and the door was locked and when 9:00 rolled around no one came to the door to greet us or let us in they very quietly unlocked the door from the inside and left us standing out in the hallway. So at about 10 after we decided to check the door and sure enough it was unlocked... that should have been our first sign to how crappy this office is. Once we got in the lady at the front desk didnt even acknowledge me when I signed in and once we sat down she very rudely asked for my insurance info I handed it over and waited for a minute and then she rudely told me to have a seat and we would be called in a moment. We waited about 10 min and were then called to the back room where they asked us to strip our 2 month old down to his diaper. After he got all his measurements done we then waited for 15 to 20 min in the 60 or so degree room waiting for the doc while our son was naked and freezing cold. When the doc finally came in he asked if we had any questions and when we asked them he acted like we were stupid and argued with us about how we handled a situation one of my sisters kids had gone through and the methods her doc told her to use and made us feel stupid for trying something that actually worked! He then very quickly looked over our son and when I asked about his shots he very rudely told me someone else would be in to give them to him. I was very shocked he did not do them himself. When the woman came in to give him his shots she very forcefully straightened his legs at which point he started screaming before the needle even touched him. after she gave him the shots they sent us on our way without any kind of instruction. About 2 hours later our son was woke up form his nap in extreme pain his legs were very stiff and he was running a temp of about 101.0 and was inconsolable at which point his father and I started freaking out and decided to call the doctors office. I had to call about 3 times before I actually got through to them and when I finally did and told them what was up the woman said "didnt you give him any tylenol" when I told her no nobody mentioned that to me she very rudely told me that I was supposed to. This is my first child and I had no idea you were supposed to give them medicine for pain, had they told me when I was there my son would not have suffered with pain for 2 to 3 hours. I should have known when we were referred to him by another doctor so we could be released from the hospital early that he would not be a good doctor. needless to say lesson learned I will never take my son there again and if you are a parent that cares for your children you wont either!!!!

Do not go to Dr. Cohan..... show details Do not go to Dr. Cohan.....
Mar 5th, 2012

Dr. Cohan is the worst doctor in the world. I took my daughter there several times for a skin condition and frequent headaches. He did nothing but say girls get headaches. So after several appointments, with no answers I decided to bring in my husband. My husband didnt say anything. He just sat back and watched. Sure enough Dr. Cohan wrote a referral that day to a neurologist. So I guess if you really need something done bring a male into the room with you. After that I was very mad. I changed doctors, Anna Roysmann. In the first appointment she had us scheduled for a neurologist, dermatologist, and an allergy screening. What a relief it was after dealing with Dr. Cohan! Now my sisters son is assigned to Dr. Cohan. She took him in and called in several times in the last few weeks because he is having a problem urinating. He did nothing just brushed it off like it was nothing and said let me know if it becomes red and inflamed. Two weeks later my nephew ends up having a fever seizure and being rushed to the hospital by ambulance. He ended up having a bladder infection (simple urine screen), that had now turned into a kidney infection (because Dr. Cohan did nothing about it). They had to do a spinal tap, and that is not fun for a six year old. Poor little guys is getting better, but all of this could have been prevented had Dr. Cohan done his job. This man does not deserve the name Dr. Please if you have a problem with this doctor file a complaint, before someone loses a child due to a lazy doctor.

Worst doctor in the world! show details Worst doctor in the world!
May 6th, 2011

My son saw this doctor 2ce and we will never return. The doctor didn't care about my son. He just wanted to check his weight and height and get us out. He didn't answer my questions or concerns. It seemed like he just works for the money. Please don't waste your time and energy.

Dec 9th, 2010

I will not see Dr. Cohan again! Every staff member I saw had a scowl on there face. The assistant who gave my son his shots was very unfriendly and rude. She tried rushing me out of the room while I was trying to console him. Cant say much about the doctor I only saw him for about 2 minutes.

Oct 22nd, 2010

Would not recomend doctor is always in a rush and does not return phone messages. Office staff is even worse took 6 weeks to get a refferal faxed for my son. I had to call several times to remind them and was told " We are short staffed today"

Aug 15th, 2010

Very diappointed I had to wait a long time to see the dr and his bedside manner sucked barely listened and spent time with us

Love this doc! show details Love this doc!
Nov 13th, 2009

Dr. Cohan has been my son's pediatrician since the day he was born, he is now 12. My other 2 kids, aged 2 1/2 and 6 months also see him. I trust him implicitly and his office staff is awesome!

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by Amanda on Apr 28th, 2009 on

Dr. Cohan is the best!!! He's been my doctor since i was born and I'm now 21. We've moved to every office he's been at, from downtown, to citrus heights and to carmichael. I would highly recommend him.

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by Jess on Feb 26th, 2009 on

I agree that Dr. Cohan is in and out quickly, which may come across as impersonal, but I personally prefer it that way. Who wants to hang around with a baby or antsy child? And if he spent more time with each patient just to be 'social', everyone else would have to wait longer in the waiting room and he'd have to book less patients everyday, which would ultimately result in his office having to book appointments farther out. I already have to make an appointment a month in advance sometimes. I'd rather go in, get it done and be gone. As long as the doctor is good at what he does, which Dr. Cohan is, than that's all you can really ask for. He didn't go to school so he could be friendly with you.

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by Leigh on Nov 17th, 2008 on

We've been with him for 5 1/2 years and he's adequate. He's very quick, sometimes too quick. Both of our boys have been very healthy, so we have never needed anything other than very basic care.

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by webfan50 on Oct 22nd, 2008 on

Sorry you feel that way booboocat. We have been with him now for 10 years. We have followed him every place he moved to. I would recommend him to anyone.

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Aug 7th, 2008 on

The doctor was not friendly, too fast, didn't take hte time to get to know my child. In and out of he room within minutes. Would not test my child for asthma, had to go to clinic and they tested her asap and she has mild asthma and on 2 inhailors. (WISH I

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Nasty & Arrogant show details Nasty & Arrogant
by muvarov on Mar 17th, 2008 on

I am a mother of a toddler who had a less then acceptable interaction w. Dr. Cohan. I would not recommend him to anyone who expects their pediatrician to actually like people, and be respectful of them. My husband & I found him to be cold, abrupt, and rude. We had only one visit with him and will never be back!

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Great show details Great
by Citysearch User on Feb 10th, 2008 on

This is a wonderful place to take your children for a Pediatrician. Always first class care. The staff loves all of the patients as if they ...

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Nov 29th, 2007 on

Best doctor i know! Would recomend his office to all my friends and family.

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Nov 13th, 2007 on

Hands down the best office ever. My daughter has been a patient for 6 years now. The office staff are very friendly could not get any better. Dr. Cohan is just awsome, he does not mess around you are in and out of the office in no time with the correct di

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