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OMG, can't believe he is back in practice! show details OMG, can't believe he is back in practice!
by Mary on Apr 21st, 2015

My experience was over 12 yrs ago before his license as an OB/ GYN was suspended and he was not allowed to have direct patient contact. The other reviews are correct, do your research. There are good reasons he is practicing in small towns instead of Dallas. He started out as a "charming" nice guy. He was anything but. Did not sue him because I learned 2 other patients already were and was told they won. I am writing this because women need to be warned. Sounds like he has not changed @ all, maybe worse. Not one of the one star reviews surprises me. I learned my hysterectomy was unnecessary also. What happened to me was unreal. Beware of the 5 star reviews.

Run show details Run
Apr 24th, 2012

HE had me in tears, this Doctor told me about all the bad things that could happen to me because I am a mother of advanced age. He was wrong on all accounts. I hate that the office he works in makes you rotate between him and a great Doctor. I stress every time I have to see him.

Beware & Get a Second Opinion show details Beware & Get a Second Opinion
Apr 13th, 2011

He tried to talk me into an unnecessary hysterectomy when I was just shy of 29. I refused the surgery because he was rude and would explain the need. Terrible personality and felt like he just wanted my money rather than treat my issues. Had a second opinion and did not need such a drastic surgery and preserved my fertility. BTW, get a copy of your medical records, you never know when the staff can not locate them.

Very informative and knows his stuff show details Very informative and knows his stuff
Mar 22nd, 2011

Dr. Basco treated my pregnancy a couple of years ago (I had some complications) with honesty and professionalism. He did not sugar coat anything, but he and his staff took very good care of me. When he delivered my 2nd baby (c-section), I was in the hospital for 3 nights on a weekend, and he made a point to come and check up on me every day (with my 1st child, I was in the hospital for 5 days, and my doctor, although "nice", didn't check up on me until the 5th day when I was being discharged, and I even had complications!! I definitely appreciated Dr. Basco taking the time to visit and communicate with me directly each and every day after delivery). In all the various doctors I've seen over the years, he was the most accurate and experienced ob/gyn I have ever had. Shortly after my last c-section, I needed a hysterectomy, and he took care of me through that, as well. Although he seemed rushed at times (what doctor isn't?), he ALWAYS answered any questions I had as thoroughly and succinctly as I could have hoped for. If I had a concern, even when he was clearly in a hurry, he would stop whatever it was that he was trying to do, and would give me honest, clear info (even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear) until I was satisfied. I knew of another patient who said they didn't like his bedside manner, but to be honest, I would rather have a doctor that gives me detailed information that I need, who has extensive experience in his field and clearly knows his stuff, who is honest, etc. than a doctor who may seem "nice", but only says what you want to hear and won't really tell you what is going on (or who simply isn't experienced enough to figure out what exactly might be happening when things go awry). All in all, I was very satisfied with this doctor, and would definitely highly recommend him.

GOD SEND show details GOD SEND
Feb 20th, 2011

I have been struggling with problems for quite some time, i went to drs and ers and noone would listen to me, i have extremely bad pain and distended abdomen and other things. i called his office on a monday, he talked to me in his office before poking and prodding, i was in surgery the next day, he is wonderful, he doesnt "sugar coat" things, but he wasnt rude to me at all. the only thing i noticed was frustration, not because of me but in a compassionate way because he couldnt believe that i hadnt been helped before, i had a lot of problems and he and his staff are there to help whenever. they arent all about sunshine and rainbows or babying you. theyre about treating you and theyre very respectful. I def recommend him. and if you were me you would totally understand. :)

dorisracecar show details dorisracecar
Sep 22nd, 2010

Dr. basco and staff,are wonderful...

Mentally Defective show details Mentally Defective
Aug 18th, 2010

Dr. Basco is a self-righteous, pious, uneducated, rude doctor who seems to have trouble follow him around. He seems to have been involved in several lawsuits. Two involved babies that died, one at Parkland and one at Baylor. It on the internet if you search for it. He is a horrible doctor and a horrible person who thinks he is better than all of us normal people. He is just here to sit in judgement of everyone and tell them how awful they are. This man needs psychiatric help. Please do not go to him. You will endanger yourself and your baby if you do. He makes his patients cry on a regular basis, what kind of person would do that? He is truly a monster and should be stopped.

by concerned grandma on Jul 9th, 2010

Oh, my, where do I begin? The 1 star is actually giving this doctor too much credit. He is horrible! He is so rude and condescending. I'm surprised he is still able to practice medicine. Because he was so rude to my daughter-in-law on her first prenatal visit, she asked me to go with her to the follow-up appointment a few days later, due to complications she was having. I went with her, not only to calm her anxiousness about him, but to try to ask the questions that she felt she was unable to ask because of his rudeness and arrogance. During the second office visit, we listened to his explanation of the tests he had run on the first appointment, I asked him to clarify some of the information he had just given us because he was stating that she may have to make a decision to abort the baby in the next few weeks. His prompt response was that he did not have 5 hours to make a gynecologist out of us and that he had explained all he was going to. He also left the room 3 times during her appointment time to answer his cell phone, all while trying to deliver this disturbing diagnosis to us. Needless to say, after the "5 hour comment" and his condescending manner and rudeness, I told my daughter-in-law she was CRAZY if she didn't find another doctor. She did, a few days later and upon the first visit to the new doctor, we explained to her what Dr Basco had told her about having to decide whether or not to abort the baby, etc. To our surprise, we found out from the new ob/gyn that you NEVER abort a baby because of the medical problems she was having!! What a blessing that we were able to find a competent, caring doctor before it was too late. Check him out online--the info is out there--loss of hospital privaleges, lawsuits, etc. Please tell everyone you know to avoid this doctor--it could mean your life or the life of your unborn baby!!

horrible show details horrible
by jewel on May 3rd, 2010

he is the worst gyno i ever met. he took the place of my old one at the time had no choice but to see him..his bed side manners are awful he even cussed durring visit..he is very rude..and has no compasion for patients..please do dont go to him..or refer him to anyone..the only thing good about is his nurse..she is very kind..he is a monster..i will be reporting him..come to find out he has bad side manners with alot of his patients...

He saved my life show details He saved my life
Apr 21st, 2010

My Doctor delivered my baby and I started bleeding. My doctor called Dr. Basco and he saved my life. Thank God for Dr. Basco

The worst doctor out there!!! show details The worst doctor out there!!!
Apr 16th, 2010

He is a horrible doctor and person. All he cares about is money, he could careless about his patients. He's so loud and you can hear him while your in the exam room outside cussing up a storm and talking crap about patients. I would never reccomend him to anyone. My advise is to stay away!!!!

Bedside manner show details Bedside manner
Feb 15th, 2010

This man has absolutely no bedside manner with his patients. He is rude, disrespectful, and condescending. I wouldn't recommend him to anyone.

I love Dr. Basco and his staff show details I love Dr. Basco and his staff
Jan 7th, 2010

Dr. Basco's staff was great, I had excellent care from Dr. Basco.

He has the worst bedside manner!! show details He has the worst bedside manner!!
by Machele Jones on Feb 23rd, 2009

I went to dr. basco because i found out that i was pregnant with my second child. my doctor had been dr.campbell and his life sent him to different city so i went to dr. basco because he took his place. well first his staff was very unprofessional. second they didnt wait the approiate amount of time before they told me that i wasnt pregnant. dr. basco came into the office to tell me. fist he never looked me in the eyes, second i had started to cry and he didnt even want to listen to me. he didnt want to know my family history or anything he just said that there was nothing wrong with me. then i was leaving and his nurse came up to tell me that the test ended up saying yes i was pregnant. to top of my experiance with him. he wouldnt see me that same day i had to make another appointment for another day. i misscarried that baby.