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Very Rude and unprofessional Staff show details Very Rude and unprofessional Staff
Oct 3rd, 2014

His receptionist is the rudest person I have ever spoken with. She even made fun of the way I pronounced the name of my insurance. When I talk about her rude behavior with her supervisor, they called me and they said the had cancelled my appointment with the doctor. It really hurts me, because I really need to see the doctor, and they easily canceled my appointment. This is how they treat their patient.

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Mar 2nd, 2014

Dr Klebuc helped save my daughters foot after others gave up and wanted to amputate. He is a very caring doctor and makes her feel as if she is his only patient. We drive six hours to see him and its worth every mile!

Broken Arrow Okla Resident show details Broken Arrow Okla Resident
Mar 20th, 2012

Excellent Doctor. He changed my life. Superior in every way. Excellent!!!! I thank this doctor for my life.He has made such a difference in my life. Wonderful doctor.If there were more doctors like him, the world would be a better place, Thank you Dr.Klebuc

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outstanding care provider show details outstanding care provider
Jan 18th, 2012

Dr. Klebuc is highly skilled and very caring. He provided a high degree of personal interest and I always felt that he was detailed and focused. I recommend him to everyone.

Aug 25th, 2011

To post, I had to give the doctor a score, but unfortunately, I cannot bring myself to actually go in for an appointment with Dr. Klebuc. His receptionist is hands down there rudest medical staff personal I have ever spoken with. I have called three times over the past five months asking a few questions before I make the trip to Houston. With each call I have been cut-off, spoken to sarcastically, and asked invasive questionswithout getting answers to my questions. Many people calling their office have facial paralysis and speaking is difficult to begin with, I cannot see why the receptionist refuses to speak kindly and compassionately and without attitude.

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Awesome Doctor show details Awesome Doctor
Jul 10th, 2011

I am a 15 year old girl and I was born with complete left facial paralysis. I had never thought anything could be done about it, until I met dr. Klebuc. He made it very easy to keep in touch, since we lived three states away. He was very kind and explained everything to me. He gave me options and did not push me to make certain choices. After my surgery he always came to see how I was doing. He is a amazing doctor and I would highly recommend him!!!

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Tops in his field show details Tops in his field
Feb 22nd, 2011

Saw Dr. Klebuc for facial paralysis caused by botched rhytidectomy by Knoxville,TN plastic surgeon. Dr. Klebuc went well above and beyond expectations to help me, more so than any other doctor that I have contacted. He is truly caring and exceedingly competent: he is tops in his field. I would not hesitate to return to him and I highly recommend him.

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7 surgeries and counting show details 7 surgeries and counting
by M. Kallus on Mar 22nd, 2010

Due to a car accident and inadequate treatment afterward, I have had 7 ortho and reconstructive operations on my right foot. I know more than I care to about hospitals and doctors. Dr Klebuc is one of the most caring, thorough, straightforward surgeons that I have ever met. The wait time may be long at times, but that is partly due to his being in demand. I have heard him in phone consultations with operating room doctors just before he opens the door for my appointment. I have never felt that he rushed through my appointment or any follow ups. And when I have been in recovery in the hospital, Dr. Klebuc saw me daily (in addition to his residents). For "true reconstruction" operations, there are not many options. In my case, Dr. Klebuc worked wonders with what he was given. I still have one or two more surgeries to go, but I would not consider anyone else to do the job.

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by Susan Linton on Sep 16th, 2009

On 9/13/99 my forged signature on a disclosure and consent medical and procedures consent form was used to perform a "TEACHING CASE" INVASIVE SURGERY. Dr. Klebuc was the resident surgeon that cut open my head from ear to ear, peeled down my face and placed steel plates and screws into my forehead. I was drugged to the point of being comatose and unconscious but yet my signature was forged on a surgery consent form by Klebuc's intern. When my husband saw the signature on their consent form he informed this intern that the signature on their form was NOT mine and there would be no surgery with my forged signature because there was NO WAY that I could have signed that form since they had me all strung out on drugs, had no mental capacity to understand, was unable to sign consent for anything and had not been awake in the past 38 hours. This confrontation caused the Plastic Surgery department of Ben Taub General Hospital to move the surgery up to the following morning before my family had time to stop their "TEACHING CASE" surgery. During this unconsented surgery my blood pressure dropped drastically low on two occasions. The surgery had to be stopped before the left maxillary fracture could be plated, the only procedure that my husband was told that I needed. Unconsented blood transfusions were ordered and more narcotic drugs were administered to keep me in my comatose state. I remained unconscious for the next 45 hours. During my unconscious state my husband, who had been told by Klebuc's intern that my head had to be cut from ear to ear and my face peeled down in order to plate the maxillary bone, asked Klebuc why he had cut open my head, why was there blood and dirt still all over my face and what was Klebuc drugging me with since I had, 24 hours after the surgery, still not awoken. ALL questions were ignored and my husband was told that I would be "just fine" when the stitches were removed that were holding my eyelids closed. When I awoke 2 days AFTER the surgery that I knew nothing about I discovered that I was being given Morphine, a drug that I could NOT tolerate. When I met Klebuc he was cutting out the stitches from my eyelids. I complained about my left eye hurting and I could NOT see out of it. I was told that I was in the hospital because I had fractured my pelvis. There was NO mention EVER of Klebuc performing any surgery on my head. Klebuc continued to keep me drugged on narcotics, confined to bed where I was made to do my excretions on a sheet or in a diaper and then rolled over to have my messes cleaned up, not allowing me to see an ophthalmologist or an orthopedic, not ordering soft food since I had a fractured jaw and NOT allowing my discharge to my home. It took 3 days for my family to get me taken off the narcotics that they had NEVER been told I was being given from day one and finally allowing me out of bed so that I could learn how to ambulate with a walker. I checked myself out AMA when Klebuc would only discharge me to another rehabilitation facility instead of allowing me to go home. Ten years later the resulting injuries still remain. I have lost 80% of my left vision because Klebuc did NOT plate my maxillary fracture. This non-plated fracture had given me fuzzy, blurry and double vision because my now deviated maxillary bone is causing my left eyeball to continue to sink downwards and backwards. I was unable to have another surgeon fix Klebuc's failure to plate this fracture because the blood and dirt was never cleaned from my head or face and I became a staph carrier from the open head incision that Klebuc created. The eye is a direct path to the brain and I could not have any surgery without risking my life. When I discovered,3 months after my discharge upon reading my hospital records, what Klebuc had done I suffered a nervous breakdown and had to be on extensive anti-depressant drugs for years. I filed a complaint against Klebuc with the Texas Medical Board and TWICE I was told that Klebuc did nothing to violate the Texas Medical Practice Act. The Medical Board upheld every act that Klebuc did or did NOT do. They claimed that Klebuc met the standard of care and that proper informed consent was obtained and that Klebuc was not responsible for cleaning off the blood and dirt that caused me to develop a staph infection. The Texas Medical Practice Act apparently allows doctor forgery, assault, battery, narcotic and benzodiazepene drug overdoses which places patient into coma/unconsciousness, unconsented procedures, physical and mental abuse, humiliation and degradation and avoidance of medical issues using fraud and deception.Any and all acts which Klebuc and his plastic surgery associates performed on me are considered harmless and legal by our Texas Medical Board.

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