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Will never suggest ENT of Georgia to anyone I know. show details Will never suggest ENT of Georgia to anyone I know.
by Ty A on Mar 1st, 2015

Went to this doctors office because I was referred to by my then girlfriend because she had gone there. This turned out to be a VERY COSTLY visit for a procedure that should not have been needed. I had a tonsil tag. (Later when I talked to my general doctor, who I've had for 15 years, could not get to in time, explained that if I had waited a week more it would have fallen off itself). Dr Koriwchak performed a "Laryngoscopy, flexible fiberoptic; diagnostic" which was $250 . Then performed "excision of tonsil tags", $550 . THEN he had the tissue sent off to see if it was cancerous. Total out of pocket was $1834 after insurance. The new patient fee is $155, so be ready to pay that too. While in the office, none of these procedure were explained, what they would cost, if the cost would be covered under my current insurance. The office manager was not helpful at all, I had to call 5 times to even get to speak to her once. I will NEVER suggest this doctor or any of their other offices to a sole I know. Because if I can explain what I had to my general doctor, he tell me it would go away in a week without even taking a look at it. Then the doctor that specializes in this type of medicine should definitely be able to do the same in person.

by Grace J. Williams (Jan) on Feb 18th, 2015

Dr.K is really the best for ENT as far as I am concerned....Yes, I have been to others but I was fortunate to have a doctor who recommended I see Dr. K when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer....I got right in, had surgery within days...have never felt alone and have always had prompt care...Can not imagine ever using anyone else.

Feb 8th, 2015

I have been to ten ENT doctors in Atlanta. Dr Koriwchak has a great staff and a top notch surgical facility. He is a caring physician and has worked with me for many years. I trust him completely.

by Harold B. on Jun 18th, 2013

You will wait for over an hour, with NO apology from this guy. He has no bedside manner. After waiting for over an hour he rushed in and rushed out. You have to beg the staff at the front for information. And sometime gets attitude. Telephone system is horrible, operators need more training in customer service.

Dr. Koriwchak is a brilliant surgeon show details Dr. Koriwchak is a brilliant surgeon
by Laura B. on May 24th, 2013

Dr. Koriwchak surgical skills are enormously impressive. I had advanced thyroid cancer. He removed my entire thyroid and around 40 lymph nodes which were affected by the tumor. He "got it all." He did this while leaving the papillary thyroid completely untouched, practically an impossible feat. Also, even though the pet scan reveled the right side of my neck was clear, once Dr. K got in there, he saw that it wasn't. But he was still able to remove malignancies without even leaving an incision over that area. Even though I had an incision from my left ear, down the side of my neck and halfway around the front, after only a month it barely looked like that area had been touched at all. Thank you Dr. K! Eternally grateful

MMM show details MMM
Oct 2nd, 2012

I had my initial consultation with Dr. Koriwchak yesterday and want to share with other potential new patients how very pleased I was with my visit. Dr. Koriwchak was extremely professional but very warm and compassionate in his manner. I'm always very uncomfortable with visits to the dentists' and doctors' office and he put me at ease from minute I met him. His assistant, Jenna, is a lovely young woman...very gentle-natured and very professional, too. I am also extremely pleased with his approach to treating my condition as he is trying to avoid performing unnecessary surgery. I hope my rating helps put him closer to the FOUR STARS he deserves!

No bedside manner and waited two weeks to tell me I had cancer. show details No bedside manner and waited two weeks to tell me I had cancer.
Sep 18th, 2012

He didn't get all my thyroid cancer out. Three months later, I had to have another surgery to remove additional lymph nodes filled with cancer. His bedside manner is definitely lacking and he waited weeks until my follow-up appointment to tell me that path came back with cancer...then proceeded to say it was no big deal. Then, my cancer had to be dealt with by specialists at Johns Hopkins to remove the rest of it and saving my ability to talk. Warning: he is over loaded with cases, has a very large ego and a cold bedside manner.

Warning!!!!!!! show details Warning!!!!!!!
Dec 5th, 2011

Warning!!!! This doctor will make you wait in his waiting room for hours!!

Saved My Life show details Saved My Life
by corky on Dec 11th, 2009

In a nut shell: I had persistant laryngitis for 6 months. I had been to 4 different doctors including an ENT. None could determine why I had the laryngitis. Dr K diagnosed the cancer. I went through radiation therapy and now 4 years later no cancer!The long version:After waiting an extremly long time to see Dr K, he took one look down my throat and said I had a nodule on my vocal cord that he could easily remove. He said I would be unable to speak for 2 weeks after he removed it but things would be fine after that. When I awoke from the surgery, I was met with some good news and some bad news. The good news was I would be able to speak immediately and not have to wait 2 weeks. The bad news was the nodule was cancer; but more good news, this type of cancer was easily treated. I went through radiation which got rid of the cancer but left me with a raspy voice. Occasionally, I will get laryngitis now but the cancer has not reappeared. Everytime I go into for my routine followups, he may be a little behind but never rushes with me and takes the time to answer all my questions.Although at first, I thought he was rushed and abrupt, I have found him to be one of the best doctors I have ever had the good fortune of knowing.He subsequently helped my father with wax blockage of the ear that he had for years and 3 other doctors had tried and failed. Dr. K gave my dad some drops to soften the wax. Two weeks later, Dr. K removed the hugh wax blockage in about 30 seconds. Gosh, could Dad hear better!

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Highly recommend this talented surgeon show details Highly recommend this talented surgeon
Oct 23rd, 2009

I work in the medical field. I researched for 5 months before I chose this surgeon to do my surgery. He is professional, intelligent, caring and honest. I would recommend this surgeon to anybody who needs a surgeon, and I know that he will perform your surgery as he did mine as if he were operating on his own family. I cannot say enough good things about this surgeon. Very, very talented.

Very Bad Experience show details Very Bad Experience
Sep 25th, 2009

I have had inner/middle ear problems since I was a young child. I began having symptoms such as increased hearing loss, dizziness, and lots of pain. After waiting for about 45 minutes past my appointment time, Dr. K diagnosed me with an ear wax impaction, prescribed some drops, and told me to follow up in two weeks. When I came back with persistent symptoms, I waited for one hour and thirty minutes past my appointment time. He rushed in the room, spent less then 10 minutes with me and told me he didn't know what was wrong and he would have to refer me to another doctor. He was unable to answer any of my questions. I decided to go elsewhere for further diagnosis/treatment. Turns out, a prosthesis I had placed as a child has been regected by my body and had perforated my ear drum. The bone can literally be seen peircing through the ear drum. Needless to say, I was very upset by the fact that I felt brushed off by this doctor and unimportant. Especially finding out that I had a very serious problem the whole time.

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Total thryoid removal show details Total thryoid removal
by Brad Saviello on Apr 28th, 2009

I found Dr. K. and his staff to be outstanding, and was thoroughly impressed. Had a total thyroidectomy with very minimal post op discomfort. Was back at work in a week, and back int the gym in 2 weeks. It's now 3 months post op and the incision is barely visible, and I feel great. I'd highly recommend Dr. K. to anyone requiring thryoid/parathroid surgery.

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NO TIME show details NO TIME
Apr 26th, 2009

He rushes in, exam is so limited and is basically disinterested in what you have to say or how you feel.

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Worst doctor ever! show details Worst doctor ever!
by brookwood_gav on Jun 2nd, 2008 on

My endocrinologist referred me to this doctor because of a swollen gland on my neck and because tests he had given me showed inflammation. I was at this doctor's office an hour and ten minutes, of which only about 5 minutes was spent with the doctor. From the second he strode in the door he gave the impression of rushing. He didn't ask me how I was doing or how my symptoms were...He gave me the most unthorough examination I've ever had in my life. Afterwards, he didn't ask me if I had any questions or attempt to address any of the symptoms I had listed on my history form. He didn't offer any kind of explanation as to why my neck gland is swollen, but said that if it "keeps me up at night worrying about it, then he'd be happy to remove it". I told him about the massive ear pain I sometimes have when I fly, and asked him what I could do about it because I really want to go skydiving, and his answer was basically, "too bad, do so at your own risk". I left his office in tears because I felt like I had been robbed of $60 and got absolutely nothing for it. I was no better off than before I went to his office.

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