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why are you here again? show details why are you here again?
Apr 17th, 2015

Scheduled me for the wrong office, won't call me back after requesting my records, doctor didn't know why I was back for an appointment when it was a one month follow up.

by David G. on Mar 17th, 2015

The doctor is pleasant; however, after waiting for an hour and a half to be seen, he spent about 3 minutes with my son and acted as if he had more pressing matters to attend to. He did not seem to care much about our concerns, he just brushed them off as nothing. Also, they burn candles in the office. I have never experienced this and would think that a doctor's office would be a sterile environment and not burning candles with no regard to patient allergies. We will not return to this physician.

by TKM on Feb 17th, 2015

Do not see this group unless you are very aware of your condition and can be doubly sure of any prescriptions you are written for your condition. Research the medication before having it filled at the pharmacy because if it’s wrong you’re out of luck and the office won’t accept the blame! Seen at their Virginia Beach office, I have been a client of MAD for a number of years for mainly simple things, nothing life threatening (ie cancerous). Feb 3, 2015 I had an appointment and was seen on time. The “nurse” took down the reasons why I was there and wrote it in my chart. Before she left the room, she repeated everything I was there for and I thought it was it. Mind you, they have more P.A’s (Physician’s Assistants) than doctors. I have been passed from P.A. to P.A. because Dr Gross is never available when I’d like to get an appointment (and I am very flexible) The P.A. I was scheduled to see came in, starting chattering away, saying “we can take care of this with this” and we’ll see you in 6 months. Honestly everything was a blur during the 5 minutes she was in there. This is the main reason I didn’t come back to this group for an extended period of time—you are rushed and no one really listens to why you are there. They don’t even ask if there is anything else you might need. In any event, one of my questions didn’t get an answer as the P.A. was out the door so fast. Heck, I didn’t even remember that we had skipped over one of the reasons I had the office visit! My husband had a follow up visit for himself with the same P.A. a week later. I gave him my list that I had carried with me at my appointment and asked him to see if the P.A. would write me a script for a certain lotion that could help me. He talked to her at his visit and she wrote out a script and he brought it home. Now for me, I’m not a medical person so I figure this is the lotion/cream that can help me. I get it filled at the local pharmacy to the tune of $60. Come home and read all the literature about it and IT IS FOR EVERYTHING I DON’T HAVE! Cream was for 3 specific skin issues, none of which I have ever had. What was she thinking??! No one even bothered to pull my chart! So now I am out the $60 and can’t use the product. I called the doctor’s office within an hour of getting the rx filled only to get the standard “I’ll pull your chart and get someone to call you back” answer. This was on Tues 2/3/15. No one called that day. The next day (Wed)I got a call early in the a.m. that I wasn’t able to answer. I called them back as soon as I heard the message. Same answer “I’ll have someone call you back”. No one did. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited one extra day before calling again first thing on Friday 2/6/15. This time someone actually pulled my chart while I was on the phone with them and recited to me what rx’s I have been dispensed over time. THERE WAS NO RECORD OF THIS NEW CREAM I WAS PRESCRIBED!! I told them my husband had gotten the script for me at his visit---maybe it was listed in his chart. “Oh no, it’s not” was the answer I got. I told them I was out $60 for a medication I can’t use because of their mistake and they needed to make it right. The girl asked for the pharmacy I used, which I assume is to get a copy of the script that was written so they’d have a copy. She also said she’d call me back later. Nothing. I called on Monday 2/16 and got someone who I guess was the office manager. She had no record of this script and said she’d have to talk to Dr Gross and that putting a $60 credit on my husband’s account would not be possible. (I don’t want it on mine because I’m never going back to them!) So today is the 16th of Feb and still no word from any of them. $60 may not seem like a lot of money but it is to some. But the main thing is that apparently it’s o.k. to write rx’s that are not what a client needs, keep no record of it and never put the information into the patient chart. Oh, and one of the last things that was said to me on that phone call was “oh, we do injections for that---there’s no prescription that can be written for it, just use the over the counter stuff”. Well, then WHY did I get a script for something that isn’t available????

Feb 7th, 2015

LOVE him, but sometimes refills take a long time

Long time patient show details Long time patient
Jan 14th, 2015

I just do not understand why I end up having to wait more than 30 minutes when I arrive for one of the very first appointment of the day

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Go Elsewhere show details Go Elsewhere
Dec 27th, 2014

Arrogant, flippant, in one ear and out the other. Never use this doctor.

Dr Gross is a money doctor show details Dr Gross is a money doctor
by sandy on Feb 12th, 2014

I have visited him 5 times which was the time given to me to see full effect of his treatment for acne. Result was zilch, all the time he will tell what he wants to do but never listen to me. He would purposefully start with a treatment that wouldn't work. In the end when you get frustrated he would please you with a medication which is costly and is effective though but you can't carry over.And when you go back he would be back to square one again. Final word is please do even ever think seeing this doctor.

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Would rather Sell than Heal show details Would rather Sell than Heal
Sep 30th, 2013

Saw this Dr four times. He was more interested in selling me laser treatments than he was in actually treating me for the rash I had, which was totally unrelated to his proposed $4500 laser treatments). He acts friendly, but in a condescending way. I finally went to another dermatologist who correctly identified the cause of my painful rash and treated it to a quick and successful conclusion. Dr. Gross is grossly inadequate and rude.

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Aug 26th, 2013

Regarding the Chesapeake office: clerical/receptionist area = poor. After waiting for 50 minutes they told us that the PA we were supposed to see is not in the office...she had a scheduled day off. If it were scheduled then they should have not made apps for her on that day! Also why did they let us wait 50 min. before telling us? When presented these questions the staff seemed overwhelmed and not sure. Never once apologizing. Communication is poor. Last visit, we waited 1 hour before being seen by the PA. The doctor is not available, only PA's. Meredith and Janel are very nice, seem very knowledgeable, efficient. It is a shame that you have to go through the frustration of the wait time (average 1 hour) before being seen. I will go back one more time...if the wait and communication is still poor then I will be forced to look elsewhere.

Bring your Patience show details Bring your Patience
Jul 9th, 2013

I have been to this Chesapeake office several times and not once have they seen me at my appointment time. They are consistantly at least 1 hour late and offer little to no excuse. I find them very unprofessional and unconcerned about the patient's time. They offer no resolution to any skin problem. Looking for another more compentent Dermatologist.

Worst dermatologist show details Worst dermatologist
Jun 15th, 2013

Terible doctor, I would avoid him as much as possible. I went to him being almost 99% sure of my diagnosis (based on my pcp and internet). He walked into the room didn't even look at the rash and completely rejected what my PCP told me my rash was. he then told me to buy a cream for my dry face and gave me a coupon and prescription to cream that I didn't even need or want. The product was going to cost me300$, so I just never filled it. Followinf month his office sent me a bill for 150$ because they lost my referral papers and told me it my responsibility to track it down. I saw my PCP again and he sent me to another dermatologist, he immidieatly told me what I have (same diagnosis as my PCP) gave me a cheap generic cream which resolved the rash. I never write reviews for doctors because my father is one but this guy is a glorified sales man and has no medical knowledge.

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Didn't see a doctor show details Didn't see a doctor
by Mother of 2 on May 17th, 2013

I made an appointment looking for a dermatologist, not an appointment with the assistant! I was expecting the regular checkup where an assistant might do the initial checkup but that the doctor would follow behind. I made 2 visits and not once did I see a doctor. They said he was busy or unavailable. I told them my skin reacted badly to Vitamin E but they prescribed a topical cream that had it anyway . Dumb me, I tried it and I had to take an allergy shot for the reaction to go away. Not recommended.

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Dr. Fantastic show details Dr. Fantastic
by Tom c on Jan 18th, 2013

Had psoriasis for 15 years. Have seen 6 other doctors none really helped. Dr. Gross has almost cured me. My psoriasis is in recession and I can now exercise again. Highly recommend dr. Gross and his staff

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Failed to provide service show details Failed to provide service
Nov 2nd, 2012

I was disappointed. and told it was my fault that I don,t have ESP?

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Jun 7th, 2012

I found the staff and Dr.Gross to be very caring. I have been very satisfied with the procedures that were done to me. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone, I have been seen at the Va.Beach office and also the Chesapeake office and received the same friendly service at each office. Happy patient Mrs. Graham

Go Elsewhere show details Go Elsewhere
Apr 7th, 2012

After my experience in this office, I can see why there are so many negative reviews. I brought my 8 year old girl in for a rash. A physician assistant saw her, said she had a fungal infection and prescribed a medication. It did no good. I returned and saw the same physician assistant who said it must have been an infection, put her on a pill that I later found out should not be given to children. She did no better. On the thrid visit, Dr. Gross took all of 10 seconds looking at her and said she had a rash. Prescribed a cream that made it worse!! I took her to another drmatolgoist and she is getting better. Her rash is not gone yet, but about 90% better. I noted that on both of our first two visits there was only a physician Assistant in the office. Is this legal? Aren't they supposed to assist the doctor and not replace them? Shouldn't she have known that the drug my daughter was given is not for children! Like others on this site, it is my opinion that this is an office to be avoided.

Dr.Creepy... show details Dr.Creepy...
Jan 25th, 2012

Said things that made me uncomfortable and i'm not talking about my diagnosis. belittled PA that was with him as well . Easy to egt an appt i'm assuming because after one visit smart patients head forn the hills.

Dec 31st, 2011

I made an appointment with this doctor and without my knowledge and without seeing my son, this doctor handed him to an assistant who proceeded to prescribe potent drugs that had potential to cause serious harm without doing the tests necessary to ensure safety - nor arrange for the close follow up that was also necessary!It appears after investigation he is the only MD in the group which as a number of offices staffed by physician assistants.What a disgrace!!!

was only interested in selling product, laser, botox, and restylene show details was only interested in selling product, laser, botox, and restylene
Dec 13th, 2011

I went in for one issue, and ended up with assurance that if I have laser treatments the problem would be resolved. Needless to say it is not. And Dr. Gross barely oversaw the treatments unless I pushed to take note of progress or lack of. I did receive a more experienced Nurse, of which I'm grateful, and of which I PAID for. This of course is an out of pocket expense considered elective and the 10 year problem is still the 10 year problem. His lack of interest in what's best for his patient's is obvious.

Misdiagnosis resulting in two surgeries show details Misdiagnosis resulting in two surgeries
Oct 29th, 2011

Originally made appt with Dr. Gross for a small open cut on my nose that had been there for 3 months. Dr. Gross spent possibly a total of 8 minutes with me but the majority of the time he was talking about a mutual friend. He stood about 30" from me and said he could tell from looking that it wasn't skin cancer and he "froze" it. Then gave me a prescription for puffy eyes (nothing related to what I went there for) which I found out was $94 and never filled.Returned 3 months later because "freezing" the spot on my nose didn't heal it. Saw Dr. Gross again for approximately 8 minutes during which he realized we lived in the same neighborhood and talked about that. Again said he could tell it wasn't skin cancer and gave me a cream to apply to the area. After 3 months of no results I was returning to him for a third appointment when a friend referred another doctor to me. I canceled with Dr. Gross and the other doctor immediately did a biopsy and I did have skin cancer. About 9 months had now passed thanks to Dr. Gross assuring me he could tell from looking at me that it wasn't skin cancer. Luckily, it was basal cell, however, due to the length of time it was there I had to have surgery to remove a majority of the right side of my nose and have a graft from my cheek to cover the area. I had to have a second surgery 9 months later removing cartelidge from behind my ear and skin/fat from my stomach in order to improve the appearance/breathing on that side of my nose. Needless to say, there is a large scar on my nose not to mention the cost out of my pocket for what originally could have been a very minor procedure had Dr. Gross paid more attention to the patient and what they have to say maybe others wouldn't have to go through what I have for what totals about 1 1/2 years now. In the meantime, I have met three other people that had gone to Dr. Gross but had poor experiences. Needless to say, I would never recommend Dr. Gross.

Arrogant show details Arrogant
May 30th, 2011

Without a doubt this man thinks way too much of himself. He performed a minor surgery on me. When he was done which took less than 3 min. he said, "Since I took that off for you, you should have the botox done". I could not believe my ears. Like he had done me some GREAT favor! My insurance paid almost 900 dollars for his 3 minutes of work and that was not enough now he needed money out of my pocket for BOTOX!!!

Will not return show details Will not return
May 27th, 2011

When I went to my appointment they put me in the examining room and he nor anyone else such as a PA came in and I finally got dressed and left after 40 minutes. When I left and told the office staff I was leaving they just looked at me.

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May 23rd, 2011


More concerned with promoting his new sign out front and his new website and newsletter show details More concerned with promoting his new sign out front and his new website and newsletter
May 16th, 2011

He smiles but is condescending and does not give you complete info about meds prescribed and their effects. You get the feeling the nurses and PA's know what a jerk he is but they suck it up. I will not return to this doctor. If he would stop pushing BOTOX treatment he might be better at the actual treatment he is performing. i have huge scar from him. Someone else will be fixing it. i pitty the women who work with him and deal with his pompous attitude.

Jan 11th, 2011

I think Dr. Gross is awesome. He gave me plenty of options for ways of removing my scar. Everytime, I come for a follow-up I can see dramatic results. Him and the PA's have all been very friendly towards me. He has really helped me through a tough time of feeling ugly because of the scar I had on my face. I would definitely recommend him to other people.

Not A Good Experience show details Not A Good Experience
Jan 9th, 2011

Unlike some of the others I read about here, I did not see a Physician Assistant but the almighty Dr. Gross himself. Maybe it was because I was referred to him by my GP. I found him brusque, arrogant and condescending. That might be OK, but he missed the diagnosis. I ended up looking in the phonebook and found the dermatologist who treated me when I was in high school. When I saw him, he spent time with me, showed concern and made his diagnosis. The treatment worked and I am rash free. I will not go back to Dr. Gross.

Dec 13th, 2010

When calling the office, I always get the answering service. I am told that there is staff in the office, but VERY difficult to get a hold of anyone.

Oct 29th, 2010

Visited Dr. Gross multiple times over the course of 4 months and still misdiagnosed. Had a lot discomfort during my time with him. Dr. Gross just did not spend the time in order to understand what was going on.Had to go to a new doctor to get proper treatment after months of discomfort. new doctor diagnosed properly with a simple test.

Never Saw the Doctor!! show details Never Saw the Doctor!!
by CharlesW on Jul 10th, 2010

I made an appointment for a itchy rash. I was seen by a Physician Assistant who was pretty and pleasant. However, my rash got no better. I kept my return appointment and saw another Physician Assistant. I was given a different diagnosis and a different cream My rash got worse. I called up a third time and was offered an appointment. I demanded to see Dr. Gross. They did offer me an appointment with him but I decided to see a dermatologist who does not use physician assistants. He made the right diagnosis and my rash went away. Call me old-fashioned but I will stick to dermatologists and not PA's. I never did get to see Dr. Gross!!

Jul 8th, 2010

Would not reccomend to anyone. Double books patients.

Apr 3rd, 2010

fast talker, money hungry

Will not return show details Will not return
Mar 24th, 2010

After being referred to Dr. Gross for a check up on a previous skin cancer I had removed, I had to wait a little over a month to get an appointment. I arrived 15 minutes early and still had to wait an hour and 35 minutes past my appointment time before ever seeing the doctor. He came into the room and proceeded to take an 8 minute long personal cell phone call during my appointment! He then asked me to disrobe while he stayed in the room. While reviewing my skin, he was very nonchalant and didn't appear to take my concerns seriously.

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Feb 12th, 2010

I was diagnosed with melanoma cancer when my family doctor perform a biopsy on a suspect area of my skin. I went to Dr. Gross who removed some skin from the cancer site. Over the next few days he assured me twice that he had removed all the cancer.My family doctor obtained a copy of the pathology report from the surgery and became concerned about what he saw in the report. He sent me to a different Dermatologist. This new Dr. romoved more skin around the first surgery site and found more cancer. I feel Dr. Gross had a rather cavalier attitude about assuring me that I was free of melanoma cancer...the most deadly form of skin cancer...and ensuring that I was in fact cancer free. I would not recommend him to anyone.

by Christina on Aug 3rd, 2009

I am now asked if I would like to see him or a PA. It is always your choice. Dr Gross and his staff is very caring and if we do se a PA they are always willing to step and and get him if we have additional questions. We are very pleased with this office! Thank you.

Dr. Gross? show details Dr. Gross?
Jun 23rd, 2009

It would be nice to meet Dr. Gross. So far, in over two years of history with the clinic, I have yet to be seen by a doctor.

thorough exams show details thorough exams
by Lmasters21 on Jun 1st, 2008 on

Dr. Gross provides a thorough exam and knows exactly what to prescribe. He is accessible and returns phone calls when necessary

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