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Great Experience show details Great Experience
by Lisa on Mar 20th, 2015

I went for my first visit yesterday and was greeted by the office staff in a very friendly manner. The office was clean and very inviting. I met with Julie the P.A. first and she was delightful and professional. I could see in her mannerisms that she could understand what I am going through and sincerely wanted to help. She took all of the information in and explained anything I did not understand. She took that information to the doctor and he came in shortly after. He explained about the meds I will be on and was willing to answer any questions. I never felt rushed the entire time I was there. After all of that I went back to the front desk where another gal was just as sweet as the first I saw early. She was polite and cheerful and seemed very happy to be there. She even drew a smiley face on the appointment card for next time. That was cheery! Made me smile and I appreciated that! Overall I had a great experience.

good show details good
by christina on Jul 10th, 2014

he was okay , but what he said to me , i have heard many times before. i was not smiling but he asked whats up with the smile. what date do you want to know when i smiled? when they grabbed my face and prssed hard into my skull? the day a car came at us head on . what date and what time?

What happened to customer service? show details What happened to customer service?
by Disappointed Customer on Aug 12th, 2013

Almost a year ago I scheduled an appointment with Dr Musgrove. I was unable to keep the appointment and less than an hour from scheduling I attempted to cancel but only got an answering machine, which I did leave a message on. That night I ended up in the ER with what was thought to be a heart attack... luckily I only needed to have my Gallbladder removed. However, today I attempted to schedule an appointment again due to personal issues. I was told I am not eligible to be seen because I missed my appointment previously. No one from the office called me on the day of my appointment so they knew I had cancelled... But, I missed an appointment. As a mental health clinic the staff should not be so rude as they are dealing with possibly unstable individuals. The uncaring, rude lady that I spoke with should be fired. I guess I should be glad I can not get in with this BS doctor. As it appears they are not caring of individuals only their pocketbook.

Will never forget the jackal dr. show details Will never forget the jackal dr.
Apr 11th, 2013

I never went back to this office after one visit. I simply tried to tell him of my situation, so that he would know what med to prescribe me. Needless to say he laughed at me & my situation. I'm not kidding, he actually laughed at me. Felt worse leaving his office than I did going in. On top of that, he said he's not the one to talk to. How can you prescribe someone meds if you don't know what's wrong with them?

by Karon T. on Feb 22nd, 2013

Dr. Musgrove is great. I just wished he worked on Fridays. Oh yeah, did I mention he is very good looking.

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Jun 20th, 2012

Great doctor!I have been going to him for over a year and he always answers every question I have for him-even when it takes a while. I have never felt rushed or unimportant. His staff remembers my name and checks me in quickly. I have been to several other doctors before finding one I actually do not dread seeing. I am extremely grateful I found Dr Musgrove!

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Dr. Musgrove show details Dr. Musgrove
May 23rd, 2012

I took my elderly mom to see Dr. Musgrove for her depression. He was very patient, kind, understanding, and a good listener. He encouraged her to try a conservative approach with medication which I appreciated. I felt like he sat down and talked with us like he didn't have anything else to do, and didn't rush her when she was talking. I would definitely recommend him to others.

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Finally, a psychiatrist with a nice personality and professionalism show details Finally, a psychiatrist with a nice personality and professionalism
Apr 27th, 2012

My first visit with Dr. Michael was a good experience.I came to seek a second opinion.Because my previous psychiatrist diagnosed me no good and gave me a medicine that was not right for my condition, with the logical result that after months of treatment, there was never a remarkable recovery to my symptoms. and never wanted to change the medication or try something else. even challenged me to find another psychiatrist!Finally tired and desperate decided to change and found Dr. Michael.It was a radical change, Dr. Michael honestly seemed to care what happened to me. He listened with great attention and compassion, something new for me, because my previous doctor was cold, arrogant and distant. After When I called Dr. Michael, called worried about my medication or with any questions,He personally answered all my calls the same day and talk with me for a few minutes.His manners are gentle and kind. genuinely concernedIt was a big change especially because it is open to any possibility that he said would try everything possible until I could find my recovery.Now I'm on a medication he gave me and I'll see him on Monday.I have faith in Dr. Michael, treats you like a human being is a compassionate man.And besides all he can speak fluent Spanish, which is very valuable for myI know I am new with him, but my first impression was fantastic.I feel that Dr. Michael worked with me until I find a recovery.But what I liked most was his friendly personality, patience, compassion, humility and professionalism.

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Apr 4th, 2012

Dr. Musgtrove is very sweet in nature and seems to care and be sincere. The best thing I like about him is that he listens to your questions and concerns. He was concerned one time when I called the office to speak to hin and he didn't get the message. After I told him about it I never had a problem again. Office staff could be a little more professional but are helpful and friendly. I do not like it when I call the office and only get a answering machine most of the time because I feel like patients that are going to him need attention immediately in case of an emergency. This could put a patient over the edge with serious consequences to follow. That is my worry because I have been in that situation before. I have read in other postings that the problem with answering your phone call is that they are too busy, however, this is unacceptable with a psychiatrist. I do like Dr. Musgrove but wish the policy was different in answering the telephone. The only other concern is that he has only been in business for four years. I hope this will help someone in making a decision about a psychiatrist.

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Jul 20th, 2011

Dr. Musgrove was the worst doctor in the state. My daughter was referred to him after the doctor she was seeing stopped practicing. Musgrove kept some woman in his office during the entire session. I was not told there would be an audience. He bad moouthed the doctor that referred her and refused to give her the PTSD and anxiety meds she needs. He told her (she is 22) that she had dementia. My daughter left in tears

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Pretty good show details Pretty good
Jun 2nd, 2011

I feel like Katherine and Dr. Michael Musgrove try hard not to over-medicate, something I appreciated, not wanting to have too many medications. Scheduling an appointment is fairly easy, but sometimes no one answers the phone because employees are under-staffed. Julie Williams is very supportive. Katherine is supportive and very knowledgeable, and is someone I trust.

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Apr 13th, 2011

I called almost every Psychiatrist on my insurance to try to get in. None were taking new patients or had some weird lottery system to get a slot. That or they never called back. Dr. Musgrove's staff called back within a couple of hours and I had an appointment that week. I had a lengthy conversation and was able to explain my history and all of the failed meds I had been on. They really understood my issues and started me on some meds that have changed my life! If you are expecting huggy touchy feelie then they might not be for you, but I dont need that, I need someone to listen and discuss my options with me and to treat me. A psychiatrist is not a therapist people. You need a psychologist for that.

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Uncaring, jaded, extremely cold. show details Uncaring, jaded, extremely cold.
Mar 21st, 2011

He and his PA even exchanged looks in front of me, while I was talking as if I couldnt see them. RUDE!!

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Great show details Great
Feb 9th, 2011

I couldn't get in anywhere for months and Shea & Dee got me in within days. They were very knowledgable about my insurance and sympathetic about my situation. I saw that the office is busy so I now realize why I had to leave a message, but I got a call the next day, with an appt the very next day. I do not know if it was just a cancellation but I felt special. Katherine listened to everything I had to say and I enjoyed not having to explain it all again to the doctor; she filled him in. My meds did not agree with me at first and the office girls made sure my message got through. My medication is working great now and the office suggested a therapist for me to talk to. I would highly recommend them.

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Personal opinion show details Personal opinion
Jan 5th, 2011

Talks about meds only. Extremely passiveAt times seems to care and seems concerned.Not sure I would recommend to anyone unless they just wanted to experiment with different cocktails.I have been to about 3 Psychiatrist, all different degrees of concern; follow up, just going by the book, prescribing meds etc.Dr Musgrove is average but ok.

Great Experience! show details Great Experience!
Nov 30th, 2010

I needed immediate care and Dr. Musgrove and his staff delivered! I relapsed into a major depression after 10 years of stability. My Family Doctor changed my medicine (initiated by me) to cover a new diagnosis. The change in medicines caused me to seek Dr. Musgroves help. I called his office on a Friday and was able to see him on Monday. I was given a full assessment(1.5 hours) and a treatment plan was started. Their recommendations for new medicines was right on target. I recovered quickly and was ready to return to work. My employer required extensive documentation and he quickly responded to all requests (hours, not days). I read some of the poor reviews about Dr. Musgrove before I called; but, decided to take a chance as I was in a desperate need of help. I found he and his staff caring, understanding and thorough. My experience has been nothing but positive. I highly recommend!

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He's a Psychiatrist, Not a Therapist show details He's a Psychiatrist, Not a Therapist
Nov 10th, 2010

I think some of the other reviewers are mixing up their docs. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who diagnose physical problems and suggest solutions (often in the form of medication). I feel like Dr. Musgrove and his PA do this and more. I have seen him and his PA, Katherine. Katherine spent over an hour on my intake interview. She was not effusive, but she was not exactly cold, either. She went to consult with Dr. Musgrove for about ten or fifteen minutes, and then they both came back in. Dr. Musgrove talked to me for at least 15 minutes about my diagnosis and how he wanted to treat me. I had concerns about the treatment he suggested. He listened to my concerns and then tweaked some of his treatment plan so that I was more comfortable. Follow up visits have been easy. I think he's a very good psychiatrist. I have an established therapist, so I don't feel like I *need* talk therapy from Dr. Musgrove. It's not what he does. He will refer you to a good therapist if you ask.

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Sep 4th, 2010

Dr. Musgrove had horrible bedside manner. He didn't even seem interested in listening and trying to help. He wrote a few prescriptions and reffered us to a psychotherapist saying he didnt talk to people he just wrote scripts for meds. Really? This is how you help people? What a joke!

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Office Staff Poor show details Office Staff Poor
Jul 2nd, 2010

Office staff refused to honor my appt unless I paid a previous bill in full that they had submitted incorrectly to my ins company. Even though I was very upset in the office, no one, including Dr. Musgrove, offered me any help. He is bad doctor and has poor and rude office staff!

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Dr. Self-Prescribed show details Dr. Self-Prescribed
by Concerned Ex-Patient on May 19th, 2010

About Dr. Self-Prescribed:During a typical 10 minute office visit (makes you wait 30 minutes for a 10-minute meaningless prescription session), he sits and scribbles something on his pad and takes an uneducated stab at the next ration of drugs to prescribe. His week spiritless body just sitting there like a lump as the paycheck, I mean patient, is sitting across from him pouring out their issues to what seems like deaf ears. I think hes partaking in a buffet of the medicine he prescribesit is obvious. The staff is terrible, combative, and will certainly not pick up the phone. Who stays in business with this kind of customer service? DRUG DEALERS, thats who! I will not be back to his office and would caution others to stay away as well. Concerned Recently Ex-Patient.

Apr 23rd, 2010

The staff he has there never answers the phone and when they do they treat you like a 2 year old and then you have to wait again for him to call you. He would mostly sit there and write, not really listen to you or talk. And when you asked for a letter for lets say your work for some issues you were having at work he would just scrabble something down on a write pad.. I won't be going back there.

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Mar 3rd, 2010

When I tried to get an appointment with Dr. Musgrove I was told it would be a 6 week wait. If I wanted treatment sooner I would have to see a PA, not the actual Dr.So I went to the office, was charged the wrong co-pay because the office staff didn't bother to read my benefits information, and then waited for the PA to see me.I spoke to the PA, who really didn't seem like she cared about my issues, and then spoke to Dr. Musgrove for the last 5 minutes of my appointment. I asked if I was going to be able to actually 'talk' to someone about my issues. I was told that all his office does is prescribe meds & I was referred to another Dr.As soon as I find another Dr. I will not be going back to Dr. Musgrove.

Jan 12th, 2010

Dr. Musgrove's "bedside manner" is not comforting at all. Given the probability of his patients' "fragile state," one would think he would at least feign care for them. When he spoke to me, he did so for about 2 minutes, glancing at his PA most of the time. He did not seem to hear what my concerns were and seemed to just take a "generic" approach to treating my symptoms. I will not return to his office.

Doesn't Listen and Combative show details Doesn't Listen and Combative
Apr 3rd, 2009

He ignored the fact that I've been on certain meds for 6 years with a highly respected doctor in Austin and wouldn't continue my drug therapy. I had to change MD's because of insurance. Because of Dr. Musgrove, I'm totally lost and an emotional wreck now. I'll have to wait months to go see another MD now. He was combative and I felt that I spent the whole session defending myself. I would never recommend him to anyone.