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by Melony Bull on Feb 24th, 2015

The whole staff was amazing. Doctor Salas is the first doctor to take the time to do all of the testing on me to hopefully hopefully figure everything out!

less than 1 star show details less than 1 star
by brian on Nov 17th, 2013

To even call this guy a doctor is an insult to the medical community. His office receptionist is THE meanest old lady I've ever had the displeasure of talking to. So much so that I think she must be related to Dr. Salas and he is doing her the favor of employing her. I saw DR. Salas after having chronic back pain from a vehicle accident 2 years prior. He did over 100K worth of various injections via trial and error before referring me to a neurosurgeon. It took the surgeon 1 minute looking at my MRI to diagnosis That I had 2 compression fractures and needed immediate surgery. Dr Salas having done 2 previous MRI obviously doesn't know how to read them. I happened to run in to him after I had the surgery and he asked how I was doing. I stated that I had broken vertebrate that he was treating with injections and he said we had to rule out everything??? I have no doubt that DR salas took my insurance co. for every dollar he could before referring me. I would not in good conscience refer my worst enemy to him. I cannot emphasize how brutal the old lady is who is the receptionist in his office. She must be his mom because anybody else would fire her immediately. She's that bad. He also will only write pain meds for 1 week at a time saying he could get in trouble. Insurance cos. won't pay for office visits and weekly pain meds it's done monthly. Fortunately for me my GP doctor took care of my meds. Dr Salas repeatedly asked to take over writing my pain meds. Why????? so he could cut the dose and force me to see him weekly?? I recently discovered from my GP that salas has moved his operation to Reno NV leaving the remaining PM doctors in truckee/Tahoe very busy. There can only be one explanation for this and it's the fact that this is a small town and word travels fast. A good DR. would have a ton of business in this rual area where there is only 2 PM doctors. You've been warned if you wan't to deal with the rudest lady you'll ever meet, be treated like a drug seeker/addict, and have you and your insurance co. burned for tens of thousands of dollas by all means go see Dr. Michael Salas.

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Good, but lengthy, experience show details Good, but lengthy, experience
by Jim on Jun 1st, 2013

I was surprised at some of the low reviews. My husband went to Dr. Salas when all else failed...chiropractor, physical therapy and medication to name a few. I attended all of his appointments with him. My husband couldn't make it through the night without having to get up and sleep in his recliner. We bought new mattresses two times when I thought ours was perfectly fine! Dr. Salas explained to him that the treatment would be a process of elimination as the MRIs etc weren't "remarkable". He was very clear setting out a program of what he would do and what would come next. He also encouraged my husband to be as active as possible....walking especially. To make a long story short he help my husband immensely. I am thankful we found someone who could help.

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Feb 28th, 2013

I must agree with several other reviews. First, Dr. Salas really helped my problem and spent a good deal of time explaining the issue. I almost didn't make it in to see him because of the uber rude receptionist/supervisor, Mary Ann. This woman should be in a cubicle somewhere, doing data entry. She should not be allowed to interact with humans. I almost left before ever seeing Dr. Salas because she was so incredibly rude. I could not imagine how hideous the doctor must be that allows this woman to represent him. The only explanation I can come up with for her presence in that office is that she must be related to someone. The other thing I agree with is the paranoid discussion of nacortics by the doctor. He rather made me feel like a secret drug addict, or doctor shopper, which I am not. I suspect he has had a lawsuit or something to make him so paranoid. After living through the uber rude receptionist and the drug lecture, Dr. Salas did relieve my pain.

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Thorough Treatment Plan show details Thorough Treatment Plan
Oct 26th, 2012

My treatment plan for my chronic pain needed an overhaul. Dr. Salas updated my meds and healthcare plan. I was pleasantly surprised to have a complete assessment and appreciated his concern for other areas of my health that other doctors had dismissed. Compared to other doctors I've seen for the same condition, Dr. Salas is thorough and very knowledgeable about pain management.

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Not the same experience so far... show details Not the same experience so far...
Aug 22nd, 2012

The descriptions I've read are not similar to the experience I've had so far with 3 visits and a plan for my problem. His staff is ok, but not a problem so far. I'm not one to worry about staff behavior if it is not causing me an issue. Dr. Salas spent appropriate time to explain my symptoms and typical causes and a plan to eliminate less invasive causes first, and go from there depending on the results or lack thereof. After the first course of action was complete, Dr. Salas explained the next course with an MRI and consultation from 2 Neurosurgeons of my choice. Now we are at working the plan and next level of diagnostics based on the neurosurgeons feedback with the goal of avoiding surgery if less invasive therapies can prove to be effective. The experience and approach with Dr. Salas has been all as expected and not problematic thus far. If I run into an issue, Ill update this site. It is helpful to see feedback and I know from personal and professional experience that good feedback is usually not offered as much as bad feedback. That is not to say the bad feedback is not true, it is just the more feedback the better, since it can reflect a typical experience and not just bad experiences.

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Jul 24th, 2012

Dr michael salas is the most verbally abusive, medically incorrect, uncompassionate Doctors I have ever met. when faced with a question he doesn't understand, which seems to be every question asked to him, he responds with saying, "I don't want to get into a political debate with you" or just starts yelling at and interogating you that you are a drug seeking crazy person for caring about the narcotics you are prescribed and the condition you as a patient are dealing with. Dr Michael Salas has absolutely NO 'bedside manner' or care and regards to anyone's health, let alone well being. Please read all reviews before putting yourself in the horrible position of having to be treated by such a narcissistic medically illiterate doctor.

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If I only knew then......... show details If I only knew then.........
Nov 17th, 2011

I really am at a lose for words. Dr. Salas should be a used car salesman (sorry sales people). This guy doesn't know a thing about pain management. Nor does he care.I can't get a report from him without going through my Lawyer.If you are ever refereed to him go to your veterinarian first, he or she will do a better job with you.

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EXTREMELY terrible customer service show details EXTREMELY terrible customer service
Nov 16th, 2011

On November 16th, 2011 I wanted to go to Dr. Salas to find out what was causing the pain in my neck and back. When I called the office to schedule an appointment, a woman named Mary Ann picked up. I asked where the address was and she rudely said that it was across the street from the hospital. I didnt know where the hospital was, and wanted to get the address from her so I could GPS it. She wouldnt give it to me for some reason. It didnt bother me at first, but when I told her I would be there in 20 minutes to fill out paper work, she said whatever and hung up the phone on me. I thought it was extremely rude and that maybe I should just find a different doctor. I called back to try and talk to Dr. Salas about the issue, but Marry Ann would not get him for me or give me his email address. I told her I would not schedule an appointment with them if she was going to continue being rude and having poor customer service. Before I could even ask for Dr. Salas email address she hung up on me. I really wanted to talk to Dr. Salas and inform him of Mary Anns rude behavior, so I went into his office to speak with him. I asked to speak with a supervisor and it ended up being Mary Ann. I told her I was offended by how rude she was and that I would like to speak with Dr. Salas or to give me his email address. She said if I didnt leave she would call the cops on me. I couldnt believe it, all I wanted was an email address, but she thought she could call the cops on me so Dr. Salas wouldnt find out, or receive a complaint about her. I never was rude or used foul language to instigate such a response from her. I guess she has never heard of the internet. I never had the chance to actually meet Dr. Michael Salas, so I cant review on how he is as a doctor, but after I witnessed who he hired as a supervisor. I am inclined to think that he must not be that good if he cant hire someone with good customer service. It all starts at the top with a business and If the owner/Dr. has bad customer service, then everyone else that works there probably will have bad customer service as well. I wouldnt recommend this doctor to anyone because of how unfriendly his office staff is. That was the rudest lady I have ever met. I went to a different office to see if they had Dr. Salas email address and told them about the situation. They told me she is the worst person to be around and does this stuff all the time. How could someone employee a person like that, let alone make them a supervisor. Sorry for the long review, but just dont go to the Tahoe Spine and Pain Care. The rude people there will probably just make your injury worse. Hopefully they hire people who can treat people like they are human beings

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JDM show details JDM
Jul 20th, 2011

Excellent, straight forward to the point, honest, courteous, and caring thank you

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Go elsewhere for treatment show details Go elsewhere for treatment
Dec 4th, 2009

Despite Dr. Salas' claim to me that he is "overqualified for this market", which is either a manifestation of his own self importance or perhaps reflects his lowly opinion of the Lake Tahoe residents, it is my opinion that he is not at all qualified to be in this or any other market. After having suffered with lower back pain for more than two weeks, I asked my Primary to recommend a back specialist. This is the second time in my whole life that I visited a doctor for back pain, and I believe the third time in the past 10 years that I have been prescribed any kind of pain medication whatsoever. I saw Dr. Michel M. Salas and after having gone through all my symptoms and performed a few bends for him to assess my condition, I explained to him that I was still feeling a good deal of pain in my lower back and in my groin and that the medication prescribed by my Primary was thus far ineffective (Lortab) and being constipated for 5 days was not worth the little bit of relief they provided, so I had stopped taking them. I also explained that when my back went out 1 to 2 years ago, my Primary prescribed Vicodin which was also ineffective for controlling my pain. After giving me a lecture about addiction and all hassles involved in his prescribing a class whatever narcotic, he said we would try Percocet. I responded, fine, great and went on to question the doctor about what type of injury was consistent with my symptoms. Repeatedly, Dr. Salas told me that he didnt have enough data points to form an opinion as to what was happening in my back and prescribed an X-ray, blood work, and urinalysis. I also questioned him about why I was experiencing pain in my groin because from what Id read it was an L1 injury that was associated with groin pain, and my back pain was definitely right above my tail bone at L5. Dr. Salas made some statement about the mysteries of the human body and sent me on my way for the testing he prescribed. He prescribed a steroid pack and Norco, which I assumed was a generic for Percocet, which I had filled at my local pharmacy. That evening I took one Norco as directed and started the steroid pack. I was still feeling quite a bit of pain and after I was done searching the internet for some explanation for my symptoms, which I did in fact find, I found out that Norco was not in fact generic Percocet, but another form of Vicodin. I called Dr. Salas office the next morning and asked the Receptionist/Nurse to ask the doctor if Sacroiliac Joint Pain was consistent with my symptoms and if he had made a mistake in his prescription. And would anyone believe that it took the Pain Care Specialist more than 5 hours to get back to me? His Receptionist/Nurse then told me that she could squeeze me in on Monday (4 days away) and the Doctor would re-evaluate me for the medication he said he was going to prescribe in the first place. I also asked her if they would refund me for the Norco, since I still had a pile of Lortab that I wasnt going to take and whether they were going to charge me and my insurance company for another visit, since I was just there yesterday for an evaluation, to which she responded that she could not refund my money for the Norco and that I would be billed for a new visit. Listen, I do understand todays sensitivity to prescribing a serious addictive narcotic drug and perhaps because I was an informed patient, he had cause to look twice at me, but couldnt his suspicions have be resolved by a 30 second call to my Primary or perhaps to my insurance carrier who has a record of every prescription that Ive ever had for more than the past 10 years?? In addition to this Doctor not even considering, or perhaps missing what to me seems like a very reasonable diagnosis consistent with nearly all my symptoms, he is completely disconnected from his patients pain and suffering and I deeply resent being treated like a prescription shopping drug addict because after being in pain for more than two weeks, I needed a little relief. Pain Care Specialist, what a joke! If this guy is sooo disconnected from the care and treatment of people, then why on earth did he become a doctor? Must be the money stupid!

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