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Poor Bedside Manner show details Poor Bedside Manner
Feb 17th, 2011

Dr. Bisutti did not introduce herself upon entering my room, told me in a nutshell I have no business telling her what is wrong with me and told me there is no magic pill to make me better. She then walked out. Wow.

find solutions for your debt issue rather than getting puzzled show details find solutions for your debt issue rather than getting puzzled
by shaikhsiraj on Jun 4th, 2010

students who take financial help from banks or any other sources should try to repay off as soon as they get into job, so that the banks have positive attitude to support the students who are in real need. don't ignore the payments what you have taken.checkout how much the soceity is helpful around you (if you could get financial assistance from government or the bank to give you subsidary in payments). of all the best solution to get into a legal job in middle east or other countries for a short time to support yourself to repay of debt rather than prolonging the matter. your story of facts upon being charged with huge amount should be a moral and example to those who go for debts and ignore payments and particularly not read the terms and conditions writen in very small prints "need to be careful and have to see those prints".donot mingle profession with something that has been overlooked (may be by mistake). often doctors get too busy in their profession serving the need, (they are not business persons minting money). i feel pity for you using and referring the word "stupid" for a doctor. they are also human beings like us, errors happen with humans.every one feels sorry for the situation the dr.michelle is in, but let us not blame the system, cause we are the one who created the system for our and everyones convienience. every thing and every act of ours to grow our ability in our day to day life has to be liability and it;s good samatarian not to over look such mattersjust move to middle east for few years,,

Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you show details Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you
Mar 6th, 2010

Thanks for sharing your story. This is going on all across the country. Something must be done to stop these crooks!

fan show details fan
Feb 24th, 2010

thanks for sharing! lots of us in the same position

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boo-hoo show details boo-hoo
by TeeJay on Feb 17th, 2010

Maybe this doctor just didn't know how to spend her money wisely. Sometimes you need to make changes in the way you spend money so you can pay your bills. Trust me, I know because my wife is also a Doctor with a large amount of school loans to pay off. Fortunately for us, we cut back our spending and we have never paid any bills late. That includes a house payment among other things..

A Wonderful Person and a Great Doc! show details A Wonderful Person and a Great Doc!
by Eric on Feb 16th, 2010

So nice that you shared your story. Very educational for all readers.

Feb 16th, 2010

Dr. you can work in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, egypt and make tons of tax free money starting at 50,000 a year..I would leave if I were you

Feb 16th, 2010

I thank you and commend you for publicizing the outrageous fees and unreasonable treatment of medical and other professionals debt! I was shocked to learn of the way lenders can compound debt while doctors are in training, making only 40-50,000/year. And training plus fellowship/specialty training can extend 5-10 years after medical school.I pray someone deals with Sallie Mae and others FAST!! Before there are no family practitioners/general med docs left.THANK YOU AGAIN, Michelle (GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY!!!)

How could you ? show details How could you ?
Feb 16th, 2010

How could you have been so stupid as to give out your financial details to the Wall Street Journal ?Your problems are YOUR problems.Be a WOMAN and deal with it.Don't whinge and don't cry.Are you looking for a bail out ? - Is that it ? Free money ? - Is that what you want ?You are everything that is the worst of America.You have no one to blame except yourself.

by on Feb 16th, 2010

Dear Michelle:I read about your huge school debt woes, and I wanted to convey this message to you: Do not despair. There is still hope!I have a similarly exorbitant amount of post-college school debt. Although my grand total is not as much as your original priniciple, it soon will be, when you factor in interest while heading into the future.The real distinction between by situation and yours is that my degrees are, essentially, not remotely marketable in a recession economy. Bachelor of Arts in blah-blah, Master of Arts in blah-blah. Both useless. Forget about the fine print of should read the employment rates for pointlessly unmarketbale majors. I took them simply because I was interested. Yeah, dumb move, I think. Youth really does equal stupidity sometimes.But there is a way out. Your debt is impressive, true. But at least you will always be employed. You are, after all, a qualified physician! I am a qualified dishwasher. Thank the Lord you are not in *my* shoes, Michelle. Thank him every single day.:)Have a good week. And feel better, doc!Adam.

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Feb 16th, 2010

Thanks for Sharing your story. I have tons of student loans as well. It is good to know how fast the interest and penalties can add up. Good luck to you, I wish you the best.

Thank You For Sharing! show details Thank You For Sharing!
by Apryl S. in Oregon on Feb 16th, 2010

There is nothing unprofessional about having your story shared with the general public. I am grateful for the insight that it will give my daughter whom is considering a medical degree. Your story has nothing to do with patient care, nor does it or should it reflect on your capabilities or bedside manner in your practice. I find it enlightening that people will realize the financial commitment it takes to become a physician in all specialties. Perhaps people will consider the statement, 'Oh, they're a doctor, they can afford it.' or 'With the money they make they should pay higher taxes.' Hello, years of education and mounting debt to TAKE CARE OF US!!! Get a grip on reality people. It takes risk, brains and discipline to achieve financial goals. I am not a physician, however I work for them and if they want to be late to clinic for triple A to change the flat tire - by all means be late. Your hands are part of your skill in a lot of cases and I certainly do not want that car falling on your hands! If they want to buy a luxury car, go on a tropical vaca - go for it! You've worked for it, and you employee many people that feed and clothe and provide roofs for families! I wish you made more...

The debt issue show details The debt issue
Feb 16th, 2010

HOW did you let this story out to thenews about your financial disaster? VERY UNPROFESSIONAL ---- It is a big number and YOU let it get out of hand, now YOU have to deal with it. All those fees and penalties and that sort of thing CAN be negotiated down and eliminated but you HAVE TO make the payments and be responsible.