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Awesome experience show details Awesome experience
by Mrs. C Gtrz on Mar 25th, 2015

Dr . Hooper is awesome she took very good care of me delivered my daughter 11 years ago. I almost lost her and thanks to Dr . Hooper I have my princess. I have referred several people and will continue to do so! Super excited that she will be caring for my daughter in law and will be delivering my new grand baby ! !

Staff are rude, unorganized, and do not care! show details Staff are rude, unorganized, and do not care!
May 6th, 2013

I used Dr. Hooper with my first pregnancy in 2009. I had a few cases of where the staff were rude and unorganized. But, for the most part, I just gave them the benefit of the dougbt and moved on because Dr. Hooper, herself had always been so nice and relatable. After delieving my daughter, things went from okay to bad. I ended up with an emergancy and contacted her office on several occasions explaining my symtoms and my concerns. Everytime, I had a nurse or M.A act like it was nothing, not listen, and would never talk to Dr. Hooper. I ended up in the hospital with severe bleeding. Afterwards, with the hospital behind me, they wouldn't even see me or take me seriously. At that point, I was so frustrated and disappointment in how I had been treated - I had almost died - that I said I would never go back. However, I gave it time and decided to give Dr. Hooper a 2nd chance, since she was nice and I thought maybe her staff would change. They didn't. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I should have never went back to her. I was treated with no respect, it took 10 nurses to take my blood, they didn't weigh me on a medical scale and told me at 5 weeks pregnant I could take Tylenol cold and flu!? Which was NOT right. They scheduled my appointment wrong, lied about calling me back and waited a lifetime to be seen. They called me to come in early at 2:00 because they didn't have any patients and it would "help them out" and I agreed. Disaster! I waited in the waiting room from 2-2:45 and then after asking I was put in room to wait another HOUR and see Dr. Hooper at 3:45. I talked to Dr. Hooper about my concerns, in which she laughed and said she should just "fire her staff". From there she went on to tell my daughter had LICE!!? I couldn't believe it. She did NOT have lice and they were wrong, once again. I requested my medical records to be sent to a new doctor and was RUDELY confronted by the medical office staff, who argued they could not release my information because I had not had blood work - wrong again. Do not use Dr. Hooper, he staff are horrible and they cannot be trusted!! I feel horrible because Dr. Hooper is a good doctor - but her office is awful! I just want to warm others about her office and staff. It was just too much adding up over the past 3 years.

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Love Dr.Hooper show details Love Dr.Hooper
by Amy Benson on May 5th, 2013

Dr.Hooper is a great doctor. She always listened to my concerns about my pregnancy without making me feel rushed. She always made me feel comfortable. I always knew that she really cared about the safety of my baby and me and did everything accordingly. I am thankful that I was able to find such a great doctor. My son will be nine year old in July, and is healthy and happy. I know that Dr. Hooper has a lot to do with that.

Doctor and Staff is INCOMPETENT show details Doctor and Staff is INCOMPETENT
Mar 19th, 2012

I am seeing Dr. Hooper and also a high risk doctor because of my condition. The waiting time is terrible usually over an hour wait in the waiting room then more waiting when get to the patient room. Dr. Hooper when she comes into the paient room she must never check your chart to see for sure who you are and what is going on with you and your pregnancy. She ask you questions why did you have certain test done and even why I am seeing a high risk doctor that she the one that made the appointment. They MUST NEVER put any information in your charts or file cause they never can find any reason for the test they arrange for you to have done or how many weeks you are.It is so bad there someone needs to turn the doctor and staff into the board. You don't have the secure feeling from the doctor like everythng is going to be alright. Your afraid Dr. Hooper will not look at your chart before hand when its time for delivery. So I am going to ask my high risk doctor and see if she can't become my GYN and only see her and forget about Dr. Hooper. I just so afraid when it comes to delivery Dr. Hooper will not take my delivery serious because of her lack of care she shows in the office the doctor comes in and out so fast I felt like she has never been in the room. The only words I can think of when I think of Dr. Hoopyer is Incompetent

Rude and Unorganized show details Rude and Unorganized
Aug 4th, 2011

I would never ever refer her to anyone! During my pregnancy it took over two months for them to review my abnormal pap with me and then they forgot they scheduled my biopsy. When asked questions she would give a response as I don't know. She has no bedside manners and does not listen to my concerns. I am changing doctors. And would never refer her.

Aug 1st, 2011

Dr. Hooper was nice enough; however, the wait time that I experienced in her office was awful. I changed doctors when I become pregnant with our 3rd daughter (my previous was too far away). During my pregnancy I had long waits at both offices. The Keller office is much quicker. I had 2 appointments at the downtown offices where I waited over an hour past my appointment time. The staff was indifferent and often gave me differnet information about my bills. I ended up overpaying and recieving a refund. Since I liked Dr. Hooper and I don't intend on having more children I decided to continue seeing her for my annual exams. I just called and she is booked out for 3 months and they can't guarentee I won't have to wait for a couple of hours when I get there. No thanks I will be changing doctors.

Terrible Staff show details Terrible Staff
Jun 20th, 2011

Although Dr. Hooper may be a competent doctor, her staff is horrible. You have to wait for over 10 minutes just to book an appointment over the phone, then you have to wait months to get in. Once you're there, the wait can be well over an hour and her front desk staff is rude and snotty. She's often backed up so while she does spend time with you, you can easily tell she's in a hurry to be somewhere else.

Nursing and Office staff are horrible! show details Nursing and Office staff are horrible!
Jun 6th, 2011

I loved Dr. Hooper and her nurse she had with her most of the time. Dr. Hooper delivered my first baby, in February of 2011. I would say my overall experience with Dr. Hooper and my care was great. However, I had some run ins with the nurses. They didn't act like they cared one bit and once I had the baby it got worse. I had some post-pregnancy issues that got shrugged off. I ended up in the ER with massive bleeding and I just spent the morning hashing it out with the nicest nurse they have there, crying because I'm so mad. I was hoping to use Dr. Hooper again for our next child, but after the way I have been treated by the nurses and office staff - I am done! Baylor is an amazing hospital to deliver at, I will be looking for a new OBGYN who delivers there and has a nursing staff with experience, empathy, and some professionalism. I'll miss you Dr. Hooper and I hope you are able to figure out the nursing/office staff issues.

May 2nd, 2011

I chose Dr Hooper as a referral and since then I have referred quite a few people to her. She was very outstanding in dealing with my preganancy. Her staff stayed on top of things with returning phone calls. If I have another child (which I am not planning on anytime soon) I would be under the care of Dr Hooper and her staff.

Pick this Doc bc she is affiliated with a great hospital! show details Pick this Doc bc she is affiliated with a great hospital!
Feb 8th, 2011

Dr. Hooper is kind and considerate. Her nurses are great. The office is average. BUT the hospital they are affiliated with, Baylor All Saints, is phenomenal. If you have relatively easy pregnancies and deliveries.. the doctor really only catches the baby (if that). The hospital and its staff are what matter to me.... and the Paul and Judy Andrews Women's Hospital at Baylor All Saints is excellent. Everything is private!

Jan 31st, 2011


Disappointed show details Disappointed
Nov 23rd, 2010

Doctor appears to be too busy with being on call for delivering babies. She does not seem concerned to explain results to you. When a patient is diagnosed with something, it is better accepted and more reassuring when you can hear it from the doctor and not the staff. Is it all about how many patients you see and money you make versus how you genuinely care about your patients?

Great Doctor Lousy Staff... show details Great Doctor Lousy Staff...
by Cristina Martinez on Jul 16th, 2010

I recently delivered my beautiful baby girl March 2010. My overall experience went pretty good. I loved Dr. Hooper. She is a kind good hearted person and a very professional doctor. I ended up having to have a c-section due to complications and it turned out not too shabby. The surgery experience could not have gone better. I bounced back quickly and had no major pain. You can hardly see the incision any more. It is fairly small and fades into my skin. Thank you doctor Hooper. Now the staff... they are pretty lousy. When I called to say I had a little spotting in my second trimester the nurse was pretty rude and said if it happens again go to the ER. Then after my postpartum I tried to get an appointment after my first menstrual cyclelike I was indicated my the OB and I had to go up to the office to get one.

Excellent show details Excellent
by Guest G. at Judy`sBook on Jul 14th, 2010 on

Very professional and comfortable. After 5 years of the same problems, she knew exactly what was wrong when I described my symptoms. I wish I had used her years ago.

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Loved Dr. Hooper show details Loved Dr. Hooper
by Sheryl on Jun 10th, 2010

I was very happy with the care I got with Dr. Hooper. I ended up with a very bad case of gestational diabetes. I spent time in the ICU and had my son 3 weeks early. She was the best Doctor I have ever had and took great care of us both! I would highly recommend her.

Do not recommend due to nurse and office staff show details Do not recommend due to nurse and office staff
Apr 14th, 2010

Dr. Hooper is fine but her office staff is rude and impatient. Also, her nurse does not have any knowledge about pregnancy! A few examples are that she told me that the 3rd trimester begins at 36 weeks (!) and when I told her that wasn't right, she was thoroughly confused! I also asked her what normal blood pressure was and she didn't know! When I went in for my glucose test, the nurse told me that the dr. was doing it really early but when I looked it up online for when it is done, it was right in the window that it is usually done! I also called one weekday morning when I was concerned with my baby's fetal movement and rather than have me come in to check the heartbeat, the nurse very coldly told me to try to feel for some movement for an hour and if no results to go to the ER! I am currently looking for a new doctor because of these issues.

Nov 4th, 2009

After the agonizing decision to change doctors I went with Dr. Hooper after many girlfriends suggested her. I was not pleased. I barely got out of my clothes before they walked back in, and I changed quickly too. She barely spent time looking at my chart, medical history, anything. She asked empty questions (job, kids, stuff I could care less if she knew) and acted very bizarre to me. She had no explanation for a problem I had and literally shrugged and said, "I have no idea". Her nurse stayed in the room after she left FOREVER updating the computer and left the door wide open when she left, I had to shut the door with the embarassing paper blanket covering me and the too small gown for my boobs. Getting a 'new patient' appointment was quick and easy (4 stars for that), now I know why. You would think they would take better care and give attention to a new patient you didn't bother to look at the history on. I will not be visiting her next year.

The only OB/GYN I'll Ever Have show details The only OB/GYN I'll Ever Have
by Karri Miles-McCoy on Sep 28th, 2009

Dr. Mickey Hooper has been my gyno since I was 14. Even though I moved out of state, when I got pregnant, I moved back and made sure she would be my OB. I never had any worries about her competency during my pregnancy, or any other time. She takes the time to know me, to make sure she understands me, and she cares what's going on in my life. She's friendly and very caring.

She's awesome. show details She's awesome.
by Her patient for 5 years on Sep 1st, 2009

Dr. Hooper is great and caring. And gentle. Things like waiting time rarely have anything to do with the doctor!

Sloppy show details Sloppy
by Laura Blalock on Apr 28th, 2009

The word that came to mind when I visited Dr. Hooper was sloppy. I felt I was asked things so many times over and over and yet no one knew anything still. I very much got the impression the right hand didnt know what the left was doing. Very unorganized feel. Even after swearing I wouldnt go back I got a Urinary Track infection and called and asked could my doctor see me that day, it came on fast and really felt I needed to get in. I have yet to hear a call back though I am sure its on a sticky note some place. Who knows. I was not surprised however when I didnt get a call back. I ended up going to an Urgent care type facility. I will not be going to this doctor again. I just hope the lightening fast exam she did, she didnt miss something I will pay for at my next doctor/yearly exam.

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Wonderful OBGYN show details Wonderful OBGYN
by LORI H. at Judy`sBook on Oct 23rd, 2005 on

I have been going to her for 5 years now. She will deliver my 2nd child and I have total confidence in her. She is very professional and very caring. And I love her nurses, too.

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Wonderful OBGYN show details Wonderful OBGYN
by LORI H. at Judy`s Book on Oct 22nd, 2005 on

I have been going to her for 5 years now. She will deliver my 2nd child and I have total confidence in her. She is very professional and very caring. And I love her nurses, too.

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