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 |  Incompetent Untruthful Physician  |  show details
by Mike B on May 3rd, 2014

I was the unfortunate patient if Dr. Ahsan's abusive care. While in the hospital for the amputation of a finger along with a raging infection I was treated for pain relief by his incompetent team. I had been receiving a very powerful IV (Dilaudid) medication after my surgery and was converted to a less powerful pain medication shortly before my discharge by his PA at the time. The drug was Percocet. On the day of discharge his PA informed me I would be going home with that medication. This was only 18 hours since the surgery. When the nurse came with the discharge papers there was no script for any pain meds. I told her what his PA said and she checked and contacted Dr. Ashan for approval to write a script. He indicated he never prescribed this drug for me and would not give me anything. Now I have been in the hospital for one week and have seen his team (never him) every day. I refused to leave without some pain medication. This procedure was extremely painful and was the reason the surgeon requested his consult (pain management) in the first place. He told the nurse he nor anyone on his team ever gave me Percocet while I was inpatient. I had the nurse check my chart and she started to play dumb at the request of the doctor. She stated she could not read the name of the doctor that ordered it for me and there was nothing she could do. I asked to see the Hospitalist who discharged me and he also refused to prescribe anything because he was not instructed to by Dr. Ashan. I continued to leave my bed. The nurse kindly asked me to come with her as my room was shared with another patient and she did not want them to hear anymore of what they were doing to me. The wife of that patient went to the nurse supervisor and told them they were being rude and cruel to me. Anybody with half a brain could see the extent of my wounds from surgery and the pain I was dealing with. The nurse told me I was going to have too leave and could try to call some doctors when I got home. I told her I was not buying that idea. She once again called Dr. Ashan to beg him to give me something and he told her not to interrupt his 4th of July again with this matter. The nurse finally got the Hospitalist to prescribe Tylenol with codeine. Before I accepted the discharge I asked to see the hospital pharmacist. He kindly confirmed that Dr. Ashan and his PA both signed an order for the Percocet. I guess the great one forgot that the hospital keeps records who orders what for who. I was required to make a follow up with Dr. Ashan for the next business day. I did show up because I was only given 5 pills for pain and was told by the surgeon that I was going to need at least a weeks worth. I still do not understand why he could not have written the script himself but he stated he was not the original prescriber and it was under Dr. Ashan's consult that this medicine was given. I showed up for my appointment. It had to be the rudest most uncaring office I have ever been to. The patients who were waiting all told me what a jerk and other expletives that Dr.Ashan was. I really had not met him personally but for 5 minutes days ago. When I hot in the room his attitude was so abrupt and curt I was in shock. He accused me of being a drug addict looking for a high. I asked why he prescribed the Percocet to me in the first place and he once again denied he did and blamed the surgeon for the issue. I showed him the hospital pharmacist's record of his signature and his PA's and he took it and tore it up and threw it out and walked out. If this is the kind of doctor you all find so wonderful I prey you never find a bad one. STAY AWAY! As I was leaving the room he yelled to me I don't prescribe narcotics to patients for pain management...I left and never looks back.

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by Mariola Luberda on Apr 1st, 2014

I have been safering chronich pain for 15 years, but thank to Dr. Ahsan my pain is well managed. Becasue of him I am able to work fulltime and even go to school. Thank you Doctor Ahsan !!! :)

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
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by Susan S on Apr 1st, 2014

I have been seeing Dr Ahsan for a little over a year. He has been very helpful with my managing my many painful back issues. Thanks to him I am able to get around

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 |  Very effective physician  |  show details
Jan 4th, 2014

I have a difficult & complex case and have been to many facilities and tried many treatment options. I have had, by far, the most success with Dr. Ahsan. I have been his patient for over 4 years now and he continues to provide excellent care. He listens well and is very intelligent and is a great diagnostician. He matches treatments & medications with the needs of the patient and provides solutions and relief from chronic pain. His staff is organized and efficient, fair and kind. Dr. Ahsan provides the highest level of care and truly cares about his patients and helping improve their quality of life.

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  • Currently 3 of 4 stars
 |  LonLog Term Patient's View of Doctor Ashant relationship  |  show details
Nov 12th, 2012

I feel as though I need to speak out as a rather long-term patient of Dr. Ashan's. Initially, before any invasive treatment, Dr. Ashan spent a good deal of time with me...examining me, taking notes, reading films and files of other physicians. As time went on, and he began to know my needs as a patient, I spent the majority of my time with someone on his staff & only saw him briefly in an examining room, as he asked his own questions and was following the notes his PA or nurse had made. Following that, I might follow with an epidural injection, though not always. I can imagine that if one hasn't been a patient for awhile, it may seem that you're part of a chain effect. As his practice has grown, I don't know where the time would allow for him to personally return calls...maybe I'm cutting him too much slack. The wait is always long as I assume a procedure may take longer than anticipated. Being in chronic pain does test one's tolerance, and responding to a patient's unrelenting pain within a reasonable amount of time should be expected by a patient. If a patient has called with questions about negative results from a prescribed treatment, they every right to have someone call in response to their anxiety and unlenting pain. When I needed my records from my internist, I found Doctor Ashan's notes from past visits..they were surpringly extensive, detailed.with my entire history, not just since I'd also become his patient. This is part of the whole of doctoring. The longer I've known him, his bedside manner has become more like a surgeon (not known for their bedside manner, but technical skills). I've never felt, "God, I hope he doesn't screw this up." His office in Arlington Heights could benefit from a doubling of physical space. I don't know how his staff manages to operate in such close quarters. Christine, who takes care of much of scheduling and incoming calls is a gem. I always feel her humanity and patience. But don't call and assume to be serviced immediately...the lines are always ringing and patients coming to her desk to book future appointments.

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 |  Helped both my husband and I  |  show details
Sep 8th, 2012

Dr Ashan listened to the location and length of pain, quickly assessed and gave my husband 4 shots in the back. Within 24 hours his pain of 4 months was gone. He is an artist. Margaret Chiraghdin

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 |  Nursing Informatiocs Specialist  |  show details
May 22nd, 2012

From the beginning, he treated me as a person with emotions; his approach was calm and gentle, as he urged me to tell him how I felt and what interventions had been tried so far. He listened to me, again as a person, not as just one more patient who was complaining.Dr. Ahsan understands people in pain, and has both the technical skills and the people skills to truly heal. His holistic focus enables him to heal the spirit as well as the physical problems.

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 |  Reduced my pain significantly  |  show details
May 1st, 2012

Staff asks screening questions, doctor determines the problem and addresses during the visit. Sometimes the wait is a little long. Bring Xray or MRI with you.

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 |  Shingles cured in 24 hours with spinal injection  |  show details
Apr 3rd, 2012

Having battled a severe case of shingles for 3 1/2 months in the breast area I finally saw Dr. Ashan who RX'd a patch which did nothing. He then convinced me that an injection into the thorax spine would help. It took a lot for me to agree but indeed the rash and pain disapeared within 24 - 36 hours. The injection itself was done quickly, efficiently and with no discomfort.

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Jul 18th, 2011

I saw Dr Ahsan several times. His front office manager is a bold faced liar with a horrible attitude. She lied about costs of being treated in the office. I had to pay out of pocket till my insurance kicked in and needed pricing information. I was told one amount by her over the phone and then was given a bill for much higher after being seen with no recourse. The rest of the front office is terrible with bad attitudes. I saw Dr Ahsan for a chronic pain issue from a car accident i was in, he first takes me off my current meds which had been working quite well for me then switches me to something different which did nothing for me and left me in horrible pain and tells me to follow up with him in a few weeks. I called his office as I was getting no relief from the new meds. No call back from Dr Ahsan. So I see him again at my follow up and told him the medication he gave me is not working, so what does he do...he just tells me to take more of the same useless crap!! Again I leave his office and am in pain, so I call his office again a couple days later to tell him his medication is not working and his front office takes a message. No call back from Dr Ahsan again!! 3 days later I get a call from his nurse and she seems shocked that the meds are not helping and am told to keep taking it and to simply put ice on the area!!! I wait 3 days to be told to put ice on it???? UNACCEPTABLE!! I demand to speak to Ahsan and am told he is not there and to keep my next appointment. At this point I am left hurting real bad and ended up going to the emergency room several times since his garbage medication was useless. Dr Ahsan is rude in person, has no compassion and acts like a dictator when you are with him. I know my body and I know what works for me and what does not, you try to explain this to him and he simply does not listen and now Im stuck with his bill and no relief. TOTAL MALPRACTICE! I will be filing a formal complaint with the hospital board and if he pursues his bill I will sue him for malpractice as I will by no means pay him since he did nothing but leave me in terrible pain after I told him his meds were not effective. He does not listen, he just cares about his wallet and has totally forgotten his Hippocratic Oath. On my last appointment his front office manager again lies about the charges and changes the amount, she calls me 2 hours before my appointment and tells me that I need to bring in a certain amount of money to be seen and claims I was told this during the prior appointment which I was not, 2 hours notice???? UNACCEPTABLE. She keeps changing dollar amounts!! I arrive and said something about it only to be given more lies. Dr Ahsan then wants to keep using the same drug on me which has not helped me at all. At this point I just got up and walked out of his office, told his staff where to stick the bill...and advised them that they will be hearing from my attorney. STAY AWAY FROM DR AHSAN!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! STAY AWAY!!

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 |  He wants to play KING  |  show details
by tdhclueless50 on Mar 23rd, 2011

I've been on pain meds for 11 years. At 55 yrs. old I've been through the gamment of shots, 80% of my L section has been fused, had stimolator inserted & removed... He wanted to do the same and He cut my pain Drugs in half, NOW HE WON'T WRITE A REFERRAL TO SEE A CARRING PAN DR.

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 |  Dr Ahsan is good  |  show details
Mar 7th, 2011

I like Dr Ahsan, he listens, has a great sense of humor and has friendly staff.

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Mar 7th, 2011

I had a Kyphoplasty procedure by Dr. Ahsan. He was patient, had excellent bedside manner, and I was completely pain free after the procedure. I highly recommend his practice!

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Nov 11th, 2010

Dr. Ahsan has been wonderful. I received an epidural in my neck in his office. It was painless and has made all the difference in my life. I had done a lot of different things, but this was the one that worked for me

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by Eriks Graudins on Apr 22nd, 2010

Dr.Ahsan is the WORST Doctor i have Ever seen in my life! . After prescribing Lyrica to me and taking me off the Medications i was on Before i saw him I called his office over and over for three days trying to talk with the doctor i was ONLY able to talk to his Nurse who i told that i didn't think i could continue taking the Lyrica because of Vivid Nightmares waking up in a cold sweat and also was getting very bad shooting chest pain that would stop me in my tracks! i kept asking for the doctor to call me! i did not hear back! so i called again the next day asking for the Doctor once again i got his nurse i told her i was going to stop the medication myself! she said no that the doctor had told her for me to keep taking it! i said no tell the doctor i need to speak to him!i stopped taking the medication...i called Ahsan's office Asked the receptionist if i could have her write a note and leave it on the doctors desk.. in the note i said ..You Sir are the worst doctor i have ever been to! i have called and called you never called me back to talk to me!All you were interested in was doing the Epideral procedure for my 5th Lumbar sciatic nerve but have ignored my repeated calls to you concerning the medication side affects for the postherpetic neuralgia! You Doctor have forgotten the hippocratic oath he took as a doctor! that you will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug..And that you are the worst doctor i have ever seen in my 55 years of age! Dr. Ahsan got my message! it was later that evening that he called me! FUMING! he said how Dare i say such things! that he was deeply hurt and insulted! that he has 400 patients! and that he was very very busy and does not have time to call every patient back! I stated not even when the patient is having Severe reactions to the medication he prescribed? he actually told me to keep taking the Lyrica and to make another appointment to see him ! I told him he was out of his right mind and i would never see him again! all Dr.Ahsan wants to do is his Epideral procedures and make as much money as he can ! his doctors office is like a supermarket with patients lined up for their " Procedures" Little do they know that if they have a problem they are on their own! don't expect him to call YOU! Because he has 400 other patients that May need a Procedure! if you might be dying due to a drug interaction your on your Own! I have since3 found another Pain Doctor who CARES about the PATIENT!!!Not Just a Procedure! Who cares about the drug interactions and how a Patient is Doing! SO Dr. Ahsan i KNOW that i am NOT alone in my thoughts of YOU...There are Lots of Us out there ! one day i hope the AMA will hear ALL About you and how you could CARE Less . I have told Everyone i can about your non caring attitude! YOU Doctor DISGUST ME!!!

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