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Internist, Addiction Medicine Specialist
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AMAZING show details AMAZING
by Anonymous on Jan 27th, 2014

Dr. Morjaria is an incredible doctor in his field of addiction. It's tough working with that population (flaky, untruthful and incredibly smart) but he does really well with them. He listens to concerns, weighs the pros & cons and makes the best decision for each person. Some people don't follow their prescribed plan and relapse... hence any bad reviews of this doctor. He discharges with MAYBE a 30 day supply of Suboxone (never Subutex) and you have to follow up with an MD that can prescribe that in 30 days or you don't get anymore medication! Makes sense to me... he's making sure you show up for further assessments! GREAT GUY, AWESOME DOCTOR

RN show details RN
by Annnoymous on Jun 22nd, 2013

I have known Dr.Morjaria for over 30 years.... He was a staff physician and medical director at one of the nursing homes where I used to work. He had many many patients and he was on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week. He visited the nursing home every day. He valued the input by the staff and had a good rapport with the nurses. Sometimes he was moody but overall he took decent care of his patients. I heard he is now only doing pain management and I don't have any experience with Dr. Morjaria in this field. I feel is was a competent Dr. in the field of geriatrics.

Not saving lives; making money off of misery show details Not saving lives; making money off of misery
by Concerned Friend on Apr 18th, 2013

I have witnessed this doctor over the past 3 years prescribe what used to be a good friend of mine a large dosage of subutex (8 mgs a day) without any tapering or consideration for his health. My friends drug addiction to opiates ended 3 years ago but him and his girlfriend have still been getting subutex from Dr. Marjaria since then. They snort the subutex, mix it with street xanex, alcohol, or other prescriptions like adderall on a daily basis. While buprenorphine (the main ingredient in subutex, suboxyn) is touted as a life saving treatment or "opiate blocker", it has all the same mixing effects as real opiates, and sometimes worse. These kids supply it to others, and promote Dr. Marjaria as the "only doctor who doesn't taper and is willing to prescribe subutex, but you have to pay cash". The doctor's treatment towards girls is especially concerning. The girlfriend is allowed to call in early to refill her prescription when she "trades" it for other peoples xanex or adderall. Her excuse usually is that she has "lost it". I can understand how a doctor could be tricked by a clever patient, but the fact that this doctor is not helping these kids, but rather fattening his pockets, by being ignorant to the obvious signs, should be criminal. His pricing is as follows: 220 for the first visit and then you must return every week at 80 dollars a visit until some trust is built for monthly prescriptions, which are 220. If you miss an appointment, then you have to start over. The doctor's office consists of his wife as the secretary and himself. They are limited to 100 patients at a time, but seem to be trying to get as many "stable" patients as possible. They don't want to help these kids, as evidenced by the fact that they allow the patient to decide whether they want to taper or not. The most concerning part is that they only take cash. They will not allow anyone to pay with credit cards, debit cards, or checks. They are no different than drug dealers and are ruining the lives of children and adults alike, for the same motives as drug dealers: to make money and beat the law. Report these drug dealers posing as doctors and help clean up North Virginia. I wish I had my friend back...