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 |  Needs license pulled on principal  |  show details
by I was fired as a patient? on Jul 2nd, 2014

Took over 2 months for initial appointment. First visit was spent in the waiting room for over an hour and half. Staff talks down to everyone as if they were better than the patients. No real exam is provided just went straight to talking about injections Dr. Hater did. He also cut the initial appointment very short but disrupting me in conversation to run into another room and began a new exam. I asked the girl following him with her cart and latop what was I suppose to do at that point, she instructed me to call. Overall initial exam time was about 7 minutes. Any follow treatment was handled solely by the patient. After the first appointment I called nearly 2 weeks later to see if the insurance had approved the injections I was told to wait the approval can take a couple days. Maybe that is why the staff talks down the patients, we can't read a calendar right? A follow up call was made to the office in two more days to find out that the day before the treatment was approved but the paperwork was upstairs in their administrative offices sitting in a bin to be looked at I guess? So much for urgency. Only if I could reverse the roles and and play the doctor. Needless to say, I'd rather look elsewhere for help than deal with this.

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 |  Horrible experience  |  show details
Jan 10th, 2014

I am a veteran with an injury while serving and have chronic back pain. Each time I went in to see Dr Haider, I would wait a minimum of 45 min beyond my appt to be seen, sometimes much longer. Then more waiting time in the exam room, one time I was there over three hours. The waiting area was always packed. He ordered injections, caudal epidurals, and radio frequency over the next 2 years and after a very painful radio frequency my pain and condition is much worse. He immediately ordered an MRI and I now have Chronic Adhesive Arachnoiditis, totally new, and incureable nerve condition. I am not saying at all that he caused this, but its a totally new condition from prior MRI's. He refferred me to a surgeon for stimulator placement that was a flop. Then to another, but on the day of consultation I found out that his office never sent the paperwork to insurance, waste of time. I consider myself a polite, and respectiful person, but on two occaisions, two different nurse practioners who did not know me totally judged me and so much as called me a drug addict because I needed a refill and I was in horrible pain. So much to tell but I get angry just typing this. His staff takes care of basic office duties but are not trained to take care of insurance matters. He does not spend any time with you or allow you to explain or ask questions, he always seems rushed and worried to get to the next patient. I am now with a new Dr, have the nerve stimulator, and go to an office where everyone is caring, on the ball, and competent. Save yourself a big headache and go elsewhere.

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 |  What????  |  show details
Jun 13th, 2013

I saw Dr. Haider once. He order multiple tests and procedures. When I called to follow-up, he hadn't yet even signed the orders for test. Later I followed up again, and they still hadn't been sent out. When I told the office I would not return, they then continued to call me now ready to schedule the tests. Over a year later, they called me again to try to schedule tests. Not a good experience.

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 |  worst ever  |  show details
Apr 8th, 2013

I was there for 3hrs today for an injection and was seen by dr haider who I felt was very judgemental toward me and sent me home with fentanyl patches and said "if they work then good they work but if they don't they don't " with no other solution for my back pain

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 |  ex patient  |  show details
Feb 19th, 2013

Please, for your own good, believe all the negatives you read here from patients and former patients. Dr. Haider has a wonderful education but has no idea how to treat people in pain. He's in it for the money. That's it, bottom line. His office "fired" me because I can't take steroid injections. I am now being seen by my family doctor who graciously agreed to sign scripts after how they treated me. Thank God she did because I actually cried in Dr. Battista's office, who works for Haider. Haider did one injection on me. He had Dr. Tsoi treating me. I went there to be seen by Haider as everyone else does, but ended up being treated by a rather nice doc, Tsoi, who was only there for six months and left. Please do not go to this office! You will be sorry.

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 |  bad office staff  |  show details
Sep 12th, 2012

Dr. Haider is okay but his office staff is another story. The staff are either not very bright or simply do not want to be bothered with having to deal with patients.

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 |  warning..he'll drop you if you have an accident ,bad news  |  show details
Jun 28th, 2012

was a patient in Utica, NY office for 2 years for pain in neck,upper back from disc herniations.Got epidurals w/o anesthesia.. very painful each time.Some relief. Office unpleasant, small rooms,cramped like patient mill---staff not well trained,young and they work cheap.You wait long each time.After an Auto accident,my 6mos followup apt. was canceled by his billing office,the day before appt., telling me he or his Dr trainees would not see me as they will not wait for insurance payments when Personal Injury Protection gets involved.I also use Medicare for primary coverage. I never owed him one cent,Medicare also paid him in timely manner. Seems he is very greedy to get a fast buck from helpless, in pain patients,he "abandons" them as he sees fit. Advice.. go elsewhere. You will not be treated as an "old" annoyance when the cash is stalled for 2 months!!You are just a way for him to travel and spend tons of money trying to make himself famous.

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 |  Backed up in Arlington Office  |  show details
Apr 17th, 2012

Dr. Haider's office is always full, and most times you will have to wait, but I've had severe back pain for years and finally to can get through a day without pain. I believe thats worth the wait. I have been to numerous other pain specialist and never had any relief. In fact, I was always put to sleep before any injections when I went to Georgetown University Hospital, and experienced pain from the injection for 2 days. I was never put to sleep by Dr Haider for an injection or procedure on my back. Not once did I experience any pain or discomfort from any injection. Dr. Haider has a new office in McLean, and I would highly recommend going for treatment in McLean instead of the old cramped office in Arlington.

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 |  typical  |  show details
Jan 16th, 2012

While Dr. Hiader may be okay, his staff are hideous! What a joke. The staff are clueless and could not care less about how much pain you are in. I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely disgusted I am with the staff. Dr. Haider also seems to be too busy to deal with each patient. He orders tests, x-rays, or MRIs bu doesn't take the time to review the test results and figure out what is going on with a patient. The staff are beyond clueless and I just want to scream when I have to deal with them. Part of the problem is Dr. Haider splits his time between NY and the DC metro area. I am sooooooooo disgruntled that i think I will find another pain management doc to take care of me. Wow, the staff are clueless! Dr. Haider seems competent but is overwhelmed by his too busy schedule. The staff should all be fired too!.

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 |  Been there, done that  |  show details
Jan 5th, 2012

I was treated by almost all the doctors in this group. I will never go back. I ended up being dumped by them because I can't have steroid injections and all they want are money patients. Dr. Herard told me this. They stream people in and out like cattle. I went there for almost three years, so I know. The radio frequency treatment, which was terribly time consuming and painful, did nothing for me. I am glad I'm not going there anymore and am so happy not to have to put up with them anymore. Please go somewhere else for your own good.

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 |  Not bad, but not good either  |  show details
Oct 21st, 2011

Doctor Haider is a nice guy and his office staff is friendly. His office is clean and modern and he will take time to talk with you about your condition once you finally get to see sim. However, the wait times to actually seem him are frustrating at best and horrendous at worst. I'm talking almost 3 hrs worst. Seriously. One time I was in the waiting room and he was still on his way to the office from NY. I never got a call from his staff he might be late. I also found that he was always terribly overbooked and it caused him to appear confused and rushed sometimes. Typical visit entails arriving, waiting about 20 min in the office, being taken to another waiting room for upwards of an hr or so, seeing the dr and having a chat, then waiting another 1 hr or so at least to get any treatment done. For the procedures I had done, I felt like he only successfully accomplished the goal two out of four times. Even for the ones that were successful, I didn't get any relief of my symptoms; this isn't his fault, but he also didn't seem eager to admit the treatment wasn't helping. Again the experience wasn't bad but not good either.

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 |  Caring  |  show details
May 10th, 2011

Having severe back pain for over 5 years, Dr Haider is the only doctor I have seen who will explore alternatives to surgery. As someone who also has suffered with restless leg for over 40 years, a treatment Dr. Haider tried for my back actual stopped the pain of restless leg and sleepless nights. It was the first time I was able to sleep through the night, and did not have to take any drugs. We are still working on my back problem, all other doctors gave up after the 2nd visit. Yes, sometimes you may have to wait a little longer, but Dr Haider has always answered my questions and concerns, and has called me at home to see how I was doing.

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 |  bad experience  |  show details
Mar 31st, 2011

My wife went to him for a spinal cord stimulator the end results was him removing it and leaving parts of it behind She almost died from the infection it caused.

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Jan 24th, 2011


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 |  Worst doctor Experience EVER!  |  show details
by Never going back Nikki on Jan 23rd, 2010

Terrified of the progressive back pain I was experiencing, with numbness running down my right leg, I was seen last minute on my 28th birthday. Arriving for my 3:00 appointment, I waited with 3 others who were supposed to be seen at 1:30 and 2. At 4:30 I was seen. They told me nothing, charged me $100, wrote 3 scripts, and sent me to a hospital to get x-rays. One script needed prior auth (dr. to call my provider). It took 8 days for him to call. I phoned for almost 2 weeks trying to get x-ray results. Finally, office calls, 2 weeks after visit, to say my "MRI" results were in (I had an X-RAY). By then, I had already found another dr., gotten my x-ray sent to him, and begun therapy sans Dr. Haider. My advice, I wouldn't wish this experience on anyone. Least professional doctor encounter of my entire life.

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