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Mar 15th, 2015

He is a JOKE! His staff is the rudest I have every seen! I hired an Attorney to sue him . All he cares about is money NOT people! DO NOT see him-

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Feb 2nd, 2015

Staff is the RUDEST I have seen! They are a JOKE! They do not care about people here

After diagnosis, whats the follow up for? show details After diagnosis, whats the follow up for?
by Patient A on Jan 26th, 2015

Had follow up visit, not sure why...

Do not waste your time with this 'doctor' show details Do not waste your time with this 'doctor'
by Marie C. on Jan 9th, 2015

I was referred here through Irwin Army because of a Pituitary Tumor and a cyst on my Cerebellum. I have been having minor to major tremors, headaches, vertigo and severe insomnia. I was seen in the ER and told to see about getting in sooner with the new Neuro (Dr. Kumar). I called the Neurologist office and told them why I needed seen sooner, after about an hours wait I was able to get in the next day. I brought my mom because I was told I'm not allowed to drive. Once I was in a room and the Dr came in it was very hard to understand him, I ha to ask him numerous times to repeat himself... I explained my symptoms and told him I had an MRI showing the tumor and cyst. The tumor is being managed by a different doctor, an Endocrine Dr elsewhere. He moved me to another room and looked at the CD of the MRI. He said all the symptoms I was experiencing was due to psychiatric problems an that I needed to 'calm down'. He then have me the disk back and I asked him about the cyst, he never mentioned or looked at the cyst, which was why I was there! He put the CD back in and showed me the 'pretty good size cyst'. He still said it was psychiatric and that I still needed to 'calm down' I disagreed with him and told him there was something wrong. I couldn't function properly at work, while driving and daily living. It was interfering with my day to day living! He kept insisting it's psychiatric. I asked his what I was suppose to do about it, he wanted me to see a Neurosurgeon 'if I wanted to' to see if it was possible to drain or remove the cyst. He originally said it was okay for me to drive and when I asked him questions about the safety since I was experiencing intermittent severe vertigo/dizziness for extended periods of time he then scolded me and asked me what I wanted to do! At this point my mom is very angry so we decide to seek second opinion. He leaves the room and leaves the door open. He mocks me to one of his employees ad out how he is the educated one and how uneducated on this... Very unprofessional! I do not recommend this 'doctor' to anyone who wants their healthcare taken seriously! This is very unacceptable and I will no accept that I am having these problems due to psychiatric depression/anxiety! Don't wast your time and risk your health!

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Dec 13th, 2014

Very nice manner and good clinician

Soldier show details Soldier
by Joel on Sep 18th, 2014

Dr. Kumar has been very helpful in all aspects of my care. I was seen seizures and Dr Kumar worked with my regular medical provider until my seizures were under control and continues to follow up to ensure I am ok.

disappointed show details disappointed
Aug 25th, 2014

Found him difficult to understand, as a result got very limited information concerning my wife's condition. Didn't get a genuine feeling of concern about the options of treatment. Quite possibly because of the inability to understand him

Nuro show details Nuro
by Alex R on Apr 30th, 2014

Thanks for all your help with my Migraines!!!!

Great doctor! show details Great doctor!
by K. A. on Apr 7th, 2014

Dr. Kumar is a great doctor! He has helped me get my migraines under control. He is always prompt in following up with me after tests have been ordered. I also love his office staff, they are very friendly. I think Dr. Kumar is the best neurologist around!

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Will not be going back show details Will not be going back
by amiller on Jan 20th, 2014

I took my daughter to this doctor due to her many migraines. She's 12 years old. He put her on so many medicines that she is still suffering from the migraines and also suffering depression, constantly tired and dopey and loss of appetite due to the 5 medications that he put her on including a shot medication. I am so disgusted. Just as another reviewer pointed out he allowed another person in the room without acknowledging who he was while he was meeting with us. I witnessed him arguing and dismissing one of his nurses while in the room with us. I found him rude and arrogant. I am taking my daughter off of the medication and taking her to another doctor.

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He's helped me tremendously! show details He's helped me tremendously!
by Lynn Miller on Sep 26th, 2013

I was referred to Dr. Kumar having 1-4 migraines a week. My regular physician was unable to help me, but immediately Dr. Kumar knew what medicine to put me on & what to do. I haven't had a full migraine in 4 months! He also diagnosed my sleep apnea, which I stubbornly did not think I had - & I did, bad! I now feel SO much better, & I owe it all to his correct diagnosis'! I actually like that he is forward & direct - I don't need a BFF, I need a doctor who knows what he's talking about & is going to fix the problem. He's also more than happy to help me out with making sure my meds are refilled & in good supply. And the staff is beyond courteous & always friendly. I couldn't be more pleased! I think Dr. Kumar is outstanding! I trust him completely as my Neurologist, & enjoy my visits to his office.

Wonderful experience show details Wonderful experience
Jun 2nd, 2013

This doctor is to the point. He's straight to the point but at the same time spends adequate time with his patients.

MS patient show details MS patient
by M M on May 27th, 2013

Has treated me for 20 years and I am still functioning and working full time. When a new drug has become available for MS Dr KUmar has presented me with the option to try it. The few times I have flared up he has been quick to respond and order the outpatient IVs. Also Dr Kumar works closely with my family doc to monitor my disease so that things are not duplicated. I feel I owe my current good condition to Dr Kumar's excellent care of me all these years.

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Not what I expected in a Dr. show details Not what I expected in a Dr.
by P.Thompson on Feb 18th, 2013

Appointment was a referral from tri-care first time seeing this what he calls himself a doctor. Had the test done for nerves and muscle for carpal tunnel which I knew I had but just needed it on paper for the treatment. This guy tells me after the test he says that I needed to go to my employer and tell them they needed to give me a job that requires me to not use my hands or find a job that i don't need to use my hands at all and he listed singer, dancer,or pastor. He prescribed a gel to put on my wrist I think cause he never really said where then when it was time to go I had to wait another 15 min for him to write the dang thing out........ WTF I am a CNA so yes I need to use my hands. I have never ever been to a doctors office that the doctor acted like this. My husband said he looked like a cheaply dressed game hostess or a used car sales man that didn't care what he sold you as long as he got his money. My husband was very upset that Tri- Care is using this quack , I have a follow up appointment which I will not go to . I will have tri care find someone else for me to see or just deal with the pain !!!!!!

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Jan 17th, 2013

He seemed eager to help me at first. He was reviewing my medical history telling me he wants to help me get to the bottom of what was going on with me. As soon as he got to the paige that contained my med list, he lost interest real fast. I was on percocet for my back. He then passed everything off on, it was phycological and drugs. He judged me based on a script I was on, then no longer wanted to help me. Needless to say, I am no longer on the pain med and am still having severe problems.

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Nov 3rd, 2012

Completely unprofessional. Prescribed me medications that I told him a was highly allergic to, to which he replied "Suck it up, the reaction usually only lasts five minutes." Chastises patients for going to emergency rooms when the pain is excruciating, tells them that they cant do that. I waited for over an hour in the waiting room while he chit-chatted with his receptionist. He allows other people into room without treatment, without telling you who they are, and will not make them leave when you ask for it. This is one of the worst doctors I have ever seen. I will longer go to him. I will also be filing a grievance against him with the Kansas Medical Board for malpractice, HIPPA violations, and complete unproffesionalism.

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Nov 1st, 2012

Dr. Kumar ran a series of tests and said he was able to rule out carpal tunnel. He ordered an MRI which he said would be covered by my insurance (it was not). When I returned to get the MRI results he first didn't know why I was there. Since he was unprepared, he had to review my case while I waited (he also had to take a very important call from a car salesman). He told me the results were unremarkable and he didn't need to see me again. When I asked what would be causing my symptoms he said they must be due to carpal tunnel, which he had already ruled out. Basically, I had to pay $2,500 and received no diagnosis or treatment.

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Oct 22nd, 2012

He was a rude, horrible man..accused me of pain pill seeking when I was in his office in pain crying after a type of drug he gave me, caused me to have a severe allergic reaction I almost died if I hadn't stop taking the medication myself & gone to the emergency room. His nurses and staff are sweet and they listen. He is rude, short and doesn't really care because he's getting paid either way.

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Unprofessional show details Unprofessional
Aug 19th, 2012

I would not recommend this doctor. He was the only doctor I have ever had that made me angry after my first visit. I went in with problems of Tremors and confusion issues. He asked me about my migrains which I proceeded to tell him in detail about. He tells me I have Migrains (Duh!) and I tell him I know that was not what I ws seeing him for. He asks me why I was there I told him because I get tremors. He tells me it was just essential tremors no big deal. I asked him how he knew that, he then scowled at me and said he was sending me to get a Spinal Tap. I felt this was an invasive procedure he was giving me based on his irritation with me for doubting him. He prescribed me a bunch of meds and then mailed me more without telling me why or for what. I am now seeing a different doctor.

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great doc!! show details great doc!!
Jul 29th, 2012

Very professional, very kind, compassionate, no beating around the bush, direct answers, very patient,good listener.

Longtime helpless patient show details Longtime helpless patient
Jul 20th, 2012

He is a jerk. He has no concern for the patient's well-being. He makes his diagnosis based on a five minute glance. He is clueless about the eeg charts that are given to him. He has no bedside manner and is a money grabbing quack.He should not be allowed to practice medicine anywhere.He is rude and insulting if you question his methods and is extremely insecure about new ways of treating patients.

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Jul 9th, 2012

This doctor is the worse Dr. Iv'e ever seen. I was refered to him from another county I cant even tell you what his professional diagnosis was because after he told me I am your God! I could no longer focus on anything he said.

Terrible Experience show details Terrible Experience
May 15th, 2012

Gave me a depression test for memory loss which I rated 8/63 (normal according to Board of Psychology). Kumar diagnosed me as "depressed" and prescribed an anti-depressant. Within 4 weeks I was suicidal and told him the medicine was making me sad. He didn't take me off of it.Also diagnosed me with "Restless Leg Syndrome" and when I said I did not have restless leg syndrome he said "How do you know? You are sleeping.". Idiot.Threatened to send me to get "dumped off at K-State med". Insisted I go for neuro-psychological testing to prove I was depressed.This guy made me feel like the orderlies were coming any second with a white coat for me. He did not address my health issues (possible Lupus, athritis, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - which all can cause memory loss).I filed a complaint with TriCare and never heard a word from them in response.

unprofessional show details unprofessional
Jan 16th, 2012

this guy is a quack, go someplace else

Would NOT recommend him show details Would NOT recommend him
May 30th, 2011

We have now changed Neurologists once again due to fact that Dr. Kumar is very incompetent in what he does. My son has been trying to get his drivers license and Dr. Kumar filled out paperwork for us, and the info that he put on there was wrong! Dates and information, right down to amount of medication he takes was WRONG! He then got info back from my son's EEG and didn't give us the results because our referral ran out! I had to go to our primary care Dr to get a read out of his EEG which was abnormal by the way. Terrible, terrible Dr!

Content. show details Content.
May 9th, 2011

I've never had a problem with Dr. Kumar. Whenever I have had a problem and needed to set up an appointment he has been able to see me within two weeks. He will answer all of my questions and provide me with the information and care I need.The problems I do have with are as following: During visits I feel rushed and I feel like he thinks that he needs to give you medicine for every problem you have.

Apr 17th, 2011

worst human being alive..whats the point of living when you are not nice as a person to anyone in this world..

Liked Him! show details Liked Him!
Apr 11th, 2011

He answered all my questions and even talked me into a CPAP, which I really didn't want and cried over. Perhaps some people don't understand the cultural difference, but I had no problems at all and have no intentions of changing doctors.

Dec 11th, 2010

Lacks a soul and proper etiquette

Dec 5th, 2010

This is the worst person to go to. You should find someone else for the sake of your health. Take my advice and spend your precious time elsewhere

Completely Ridiculous! show details Completely Ridiculous!
Nov 27th, 2010

I have been seeing a neurologist for the past seven years, after about three years they finally found a "Cocktail" of medications that worked amazing and I was excited because I was feeling a bit down for a while. Then our family relocated to the Manhattan area and I was assigned Dr. Kumar. After my first visit he took me off all the medications that had worked well for me for the past five years because he supposedly knew of a better way to treat my condition. Needless to say my symptoms are worse now than they have ever been! This is the WORST neurologist I have ever seen! Save your money and go see a better neurologist!

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Imbecile show details Imbecile
Nov 9th, 2010

~Imbecile Is the word~

Oct 27th, 2010

I implore you not to see this doctor. I ha never met such an insensitive doctor. He didnot answer half my fathers questions. We expect respect, sympathy, and attention from a doctor all of which are lacking in this one. The staff was exact opposite with extremely friendly nature. The doctor was in a rush to leave the room and barely letting my father finish his sentences. My father is better of with another doctor who can give his unwavering attention, time, and sympathy.

Oct 18th, 2010

i never received a follow up call- heartless

Oct 15th, 2010


Most unprofessional dr. office I have ever visited. show details Most unprofessional dr. office I have ever visited.
Oct 11th, 2010

Dr. spent very little time with my father. He had a college student give some tests to check my parent's memory. The student actually laughed outloud at some of the answers my parent gave! Follow up is horrible too!

Idot show details Idot
Jun 7th, 2010

You want to waste your time and money go see this clown - he is absolutely worthless. Don't know how he has any patients

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Never been treated so badly show details Never been treated so badly
Sep 3rd, 2009

I have never been treated so badly at a doctors appointment in my entire life. I had to wait an entire hour before I even saw Dr Kumar and in the meantime watched as a nurse and receptionist left the office to pick up Dr Kumars Van from the Body Shop, followed by Dr Kumar giving the nurse cash for doing so. I was asked to sign consent forms that had nothing to do with the proceedure I was having done, therefore was upset and worried when I started reading things Dr Kumar wanted me to sign that I had no information on whatsoever. A consent form was given to me to sign that stated that Dr Kumar had answered all the questions I had and when I tried to ask Dr Kumar questions he shoved a booklet and a DVD in my facce and told me to come back in a week. Dr Kumar is very rude and does not let you get a word in edgewise. I would NEVER recomend anyone to this doctor. Dr Kumar has no personal skills and is very short with patients and rude and his office is very unorganized. I will be filing a complaint with the Kansas Medical Association.

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