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Patient of Dr Spiritos show details Patient of Dr Spiritos
by Marcia (Jill)Hull on Oct 2nd, 2014

I credit Dr. Nick Spiritos with saving my life. He accepted me as a patient within 24 hours after I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, and removed the tumor the next day. He was upbeat, caring,compassionate, knowledgeable. Without him I would not be around today. He always answered my questions and conferenced at length with my extended family. I know he treated others equally as the welfare of his patients was of primary importance to him. I feel I was blessed to have him as my oncologist in this very trying time.

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Ms. show details Ms.
by Ella on Jul 9th, 2014

I did not even want to give a one star. He is arrogant and will not answer questions. He would not tell me what was wrong after my surgery, Three days later more surgery but no one would say why. I went to surgery more than two or three times. He left things in my body for months and then I was told by a staff member that if I went to his office he would remove them from inside me and I would not even have to pay for office visit. While in the room he stayed on the phone. Two long stints (whatever they were for I do not know) were removed by him after being discharged from the hospital and after several months. I am a young person and I was totally butchered by him. Gaping holes were left in my abdomen, leaving me open to infection. He rarely saw me although I was in the hospital for many weeks. He never would explain what was happening. I had people there asking all the time and no answers. I think he feels no one could possibly understand or he does not want you to know what the real answer is saying things like "well thats just a little fire" and one we don't have to worry about. After weeks of being almost dead I finally got out and found another doctor who examined me the day I got out and was shocked to see I had fecal material from inside me coming out of a hole they had left in my abdomen. Yes, there can be complications but what they were no one would say. He hardly came in my room to see me. I asked if he did the surgery and he said well I have a team. I wondered if he was even in the room. I almost did not live to tell what happened to me. Although my original tests were no cancer and then yes, stage one cancer, I most likely did not need a whole total hysterectomy. I am in my 30s and I am butchered and he did not care. He commented to me that I should have plenty of money stashed away and if I did not then I should have. He feels he is better than every one of his patients and he does not have to answer. People said get a second opinion and tests and find out exactly what they are going to do, and then see what other procedures are also available. I should have but my mom died from cancer the year before and I was afraid. I had no insurance and I had been referred there. Never again.

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Doctor's Response

We have searched all of the records at the Women's Cancer Center of Nevada and we have no patient named Ella nor have we had one by that name. On behalf of myself and all providers at the Center we understand the importance of patient feedback and all can learn from it. However, that is impossible when the site continues to allow people to post without identifying themselves. I personally have performed over 20,000 surgical procedures and every surgeon and procedure has associated complications. That does not allow for one to be defamed by being called a "butcher". It is interesting to note that this patient claims she had no insurance yet if this is true it speaks to the real moral fibre of those providers at the Women's Cancer Center of Nevada as we see all patients regardless of their ability to pay (see 60 Minutes segment at I am asking that this posting be removed unless the patient will identify herself and or remove the defamatory statements. Sincerely Nick M. Spirtos,M.D.

He thinks he is god, give me a break!!!!!!! show details He thinks he is god, give me a break!!!!!!!
May 14th, 2014

Never go to see this man. He came into my hospital room at 10:30 at night and pushed on my abd and stated "Oh you have cancer and you have two choices. You can have one big surgery and probably end up in icu as a vegetable or die on the table. Or we can take out some and you might have 3 years." Are you kidding me? I hadn't even had one test done at this point. He then proceeded to tell me how much money he was missing out on by seeing me and the staff doctors were making his $2000.00 for the night. Thank god after some tests, it was a tumor that was filled with fluid and non cancerous. I cannot rate this idiot there are no negative ratings. Dang I had to give an overall rating to post this.

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Dont go! show details Dont go!
by toni bridge on Nov 14th, 2013

Thank God he was NOT my doctor but he was for my best friend. He was HORRIBLE! Left her waiting for hours after he went home! on more than one occassion! He would not answer questions and seemed offended in fact that I asked questions even though my friend begged me not to, so as to upset him. She was the type who felt you didn't question period. I did and he was awful. He butchered her in an unnecessary surgery and refused to fix it because it left her too sick to operate again???? Left a gaping wound in her side that delayed further treatment until it healed but did nothing to heal it himself. Thank Goodness she finally went with my doctor who took very good care of her IMMEDIATELY! He gave up on her because of her age (75) like she was disposable! She survived and thrived with my doctor! DO NOT GO TO HIM! He almost ki**ed my friend..LITERALLY!!! 3 to 5 hour waits are the usual and when he is questioned he gets aggressive! and refuses to answer the question. I am a cancer survivor and so is my friend now..I beg you, do NOT trust your life to this man! He is a hack! Cancer is scary enough ... this man will ki* you!

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the best in nevada no matter what show details the best in nevada no matter what
by current patient on May 17th, 2013

i had suffered abdominal pain for weeks, i went to my family doctor and he could not see what was wrong with me. one day i woke up with very bad back and abdominal pain, it looked like i was 9 months pregnant my parents took me to the er @ umc hospital they ran all kind of test on me and doctors saw a tumor that was 20 cm they called Dr Spirtos and he did my surgery to remove the tumor i did not have insurance at the time i called his office to schedule for a check up after surgery. i love Dr Spirtos he takes patients without insurance, i would not be alive right now if it wasn't for him. So sorry for the people that had to wait to see him because i was one of the patients that he had to leave his office for and do emergency surgery on.

Great Doctor show details Great Doctor
Nov 13th, 2012

Dr. Spirtos saw me before his regular hours his next business day when I was diagnosed with an ovarian mass. He scheduled an immediate operation. I have been cancer free for 6 years now. He is a great doctor and a wonderful human being.

Butcher show details Butcher
Sep 4th, 2012

The surgery performed was a crime. At the end of the day, spirtos was the cause of my wives miserable last 6 months and I believe he gave up on her.I certainly would not recommend his practice.

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Jul 6th, 2012

Treat the patient like no privacy anymore. Not gentle.

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Very Displeased show details Very Displeased
Dec 12th, 2011

I was so unhappy with all aspects of medical 'care' including a bad surgery that required a second to 'fix' the problem created in the first that I had little else to do with him. Long wait times (3 hrs my first visit after just finding out I had cancer) then rudeness from his staff. After the surgery I immediately sought care elsewhere.

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Mar 14th, 2011

I feel he is a good Dr, but his office is not managed very well. Had to wait 4 hours to the him, this is NOT acceptable.

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Gruff but Great show details Gruff but Great
Dec 16th, 2010

Dr. Spirtos can come off as a bit of a meanie, but he is the best doctor I've ever met. He explains everything and is the best surgeon in the world! I feel like his enthusiasm is contagious and I have now been disease free for 12 years! Don't listen to other doctors who are just envious of his skills! I love you Dr. Spirtos!

Rough, Rude and Unprofessional show details Rough, Rude and Unprofessional
Oct 1st, 2010

Dr. Spirtos started bad-mouthing one of my former surgeons - calling him a hack and a crook. This "hack" surgeon is one of the most respected in the country! He was rough during the exam and didn't seem to care that I was in pain. He left the room to call my referring dr. I could hear him yelling to get the said dr. on the phone. When he did come back in, I asked him a couple of questions. He didn not answer my questions, but was told to make an appt. with my referring dr. and walked out!Will not be going back to see him and would not recommend him to anyone!!

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Leading surgeon show details Leading surgeon
Aug 21st, 2010

Pioneered various procedures to achieve complete debulking in ovarian cancer. Trained several surgeons now practicing at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NY.

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Mr. show details Mr.
by george d at Insider Pages on May 25th, 2010 on

Dr. Spiritos has an ego bigger than all outdoors. He has no feeling for the support people of his patients.

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Mar 13th, 2010

Dr. Nick accepted me into his practice when I was literally dying from advanced cancer which other doctors had failed to properly address or treat. Against all odds I am alive and well 4 plus years after my recurrence and five plus years after my initial diagnosis. He is an aggressive, funny, truthful, knowledgeable, loving and brilliant doctor. Nothing anyone could say about him even if it were the truth could convince me that he is not truly a saviour for women on this earth. I literally traveled across the US to have him save my life. Anne Maree Seel

Saved my life show details Saved my life
by Mz. E on Sep 15th, 2009

Dr. Spirtos saved my life! After being referred to him and after his exam, he brought my husband in the room with me. He explained to both of us about the surgery needed, step by step the procedure that we should be prepared for, and the chemo follow up if needed. (Thank God it wasn't!) Then after the surgery he sat down with my worried husband and told him everything that was done to me. He insisted that UMC give me a room after the surgery on the oncology ward. I had to wait in the recovery room for 7 hours to wait for a room that he wanted! (I didn't care, I was sleeping!) He fights for the health of his patients and both my husband and I had and have total respect and admiration for the man!

Phenomenal show details Phenomenal
by Cynthia Romero, Lake Havasu City AZ / Henderson NV on Apr 21st, 2009

Dr Spirtos is one in a million! He saved my Moms life, and truly has a passion for his clients. We could not have been luckier in getting a referral to him...he is phenomenal!

Best in his Field show details Best in his Field
by Jody P on Dec 26th, 2008

The good Dr diagnosed me with early onset menopause at 25 years old... with traces of uterine cancer. Instead of throwing me a pity party and crying next to me and my mother, he pumped me up and gave me the will to fight for my health. Rather than hold my hand, and cry about the weight gain, the hormonal mood swings, the hot flashes and the other horrible side effects. He joked with me, leveled with me and opened my eyes to the fact that beating this prognosis was NOT an option. He's a credit to his field. Without him I don't know where I'd be... probably doped up on anti-depressants without my uterus and the ability to bear children at way too young an age.

best doctor show details best doctor
Oct 15th, 2008

This man saved my life. He is kind, compassionate, and I owe my still being on this planet to him.

15 year cancer survivor - former patient of Dr. Spirtos show details 15 year cancer survivor - former patient of Dr. Spirtos
Sep 11th, 2008

Dr. Spirtos the reason I am still here today! He was both compassionate and professional when I was going through my ordeal with utarine,cervical, and ovarian cancer. I would highly recommend him. Thank you, Dr. Spirtos!Donna Hay

I'm alive today because of Dr. Spirtos show details I'm alive today because of Dr. Spirtos
by Diane on Aug 28th, 2008

I've read the review from the lady in Vegas. As a patient of Dr. Spirtos for several years, I never found him rude to me. I did hear him on the phone with other doctors, but I'd consider his attitude demanding, not rude. He's a professional and a perfectionist and expects nothing less than that from other health care professionals. I'm alive today because of his expertise and his determination that I survive Stage 3 Ovarian cancer. I will sing his praises until I die from old age, NOT cancer.

Excellent Surgeon - VERY Busy Guy show details Excellent Surgeon - VERY Busy Guy
by Bay Area patient on Jul 3rd, 2008

When I was dx with ovarian cancer, I asked friends of mine who were in nursing and therapy in the Bay Area and the name that kept coming up as the best surgeon was Dr. Spirtos. He has a dozen irons in the fire, and he will take the cases every one else has abandoned. Therefore he has little time, is admittedly impatient and always in a hurry, but he knows his stuff. It's sad to hear he made any patient nervous because I have seen it, and told him so and he was genuinely upset to hear it. I guess I was a very aggressive patient and I did not hesitate to demand answers. I think he doesn't notice if you're nervous because he is on your team and assumes you know that. But he does have a quick temper...I've seen it directed at incompetent people, never at me.

by lady in las vegas on May 20th, 2008

Dr. Spirtos was quite rude & abrupt. He did not answer any of my questions, nor did he tell me of my options. After a second opinion from another doctor, I realized he misdiagnosed me - despite the fact that he arrogantly and confidently said he was sure about the diagnosis. I would not recommend him to anyone and not only is his bedside manner HORRIFIC, his arrogance clouds his judgement which could be fatal to anyone seeking help for cervical cancer or questionable cervical cancer.

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