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Do not go to Dr. Noyes show details Do not go to Dr. Noyes
Apr 2nd, 2015

She is atrocious. She may be brilliant, but caring for patients is important.

Jan 27th, 2015

I love Dr. Noyes. I know that people think she is "rude" or "harsh". But I actually find her quite personable and direct. If you want a doctor who is going to sit and coddle you, she's not the one. But if you want a doctor who is top notch in her field, gives you a clear protocol and has success, the go to her. Moreover, the entire NYU staff is competent, efficient and friendly. You get to see almost all of the doctors as you go through your cycles. The nurses are fabulous too. Thanks NYU!

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Horrible show details Horrible
Oct 14th, 2013

She is a rude cold and abusive doctor who doesn't care about the patient. She gave the wrong protocol and misdiagnosed. She shouldn't practice medicine.

Horrible Phisician and person show details Horrible Phisician and person
Apr 8th, 2013

She shouldn't be practicing medicine. She not only doesn't follow the treatment of her patients but she completely ignores them. In the entire treatment she never spoke or followed up. When questioned or complained she went as far to bully me and pick a fight right before my transfer to the point that I was terrified to be in the room I was beyond stressed and scared. She is cold abrasive rude and in her own words to me she doesn't care. What a horrible person.I strongly recommend not seeing this Phisician. Go to Cornell

Horrible person, Terrible Doctor show details Horrible person, Terrible Doctor
Apr 8th, 2013

Dr. Noyes is not only abrasive, but rude, condescending and in her own words "she doesn't care". She doesn't even make an effort to speak about treatment, its impossible to call her, she blames her mistake on the patient and she personally bullied me seconds before my transfer picking a fight to the point I was scared to be in the same room or ask questions. She not only is distant unprofessional but she doesn't even follow her patients situations or treatments less informs them about what is happening. She shouldn't be a physician or work with patients.

one of the rudest doctors i have encountered. show details one of the rudest doctors i have encountered.
by adam on Jan 30th, 2013

my partner and i went to visit dr. noyes to discuss having a child through iui or ivf. never have either of experienced a ruder doctor. had it not been for reputation as "one of the best," i wouldve walked out after she simply stared at my hand which i had put out to shake upon meeting her. she was both condescending and impertinent. regardless of her reputation, we switched doctors to someone both talented and kind. in any situation, but particularly in the sensitive time of seeking help to get pregnant, her attitude is shameful.

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Exceptional & extremely knowledgeable RE and Surgeon show details Exceptional & extremely knowledgeable RE and Surgeon
Sep 5th, 2012

I have gone through 4 ivf cycles and 1 laparoscopy with Dr. Noyes and have found her to be very knowledgeable, kind and empathetic. She has understood my issues from day 1 and was very thorough at reviewing my medical history as well as records from Cornell. I have heard one or 2 people say that she doesn't have a great bedside manor; however, in my experience I have not found that to be the case at all. How important is it anyway for a doctor to have a good bedside manor, unless you're dealing with seriously ill patients? In my experience at both Cornell and NYU the doctors spend very little time at your bedside. I would highly recommend Dr. Noyes to anyone. - Irene

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Totally rocks. show details Totally rocks.
Aug 5th, 2012

Dr. Noyes has been my RE for 2 1/2 years. My partner had a few issues with counts, but we didn't know about my egg quality or cervical incompetence issues at the onset. After it seemed like we'd never get pregnant on our own, Dr. N has achieved 4 pregnancies for us. She and her staff are the best, hands down, and she tells it to you straight, which I totally can appreciate.

Loved her! show details Loved her!
Jun 9th, 2012

Dr. Noyes is funny, compassionate, informative, very real, and most importantly, I felt like she spent a lots of time with me, answering all my questions and educating me on the process. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help in the fertility department.

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Nov 1st, 2011

Dr. Noyes was my third opinion for a reproductive surgical procedure that I will need to become pregnant so I have some experience to draw upon. Upon arriving, the office atmosphere and staff are cold and disconnected from the patients. The wait time was short, but so was my time with the doctor. After a short medical interview that felt nothing like my previous two doctor experiences I had a physical exam where Dr. Noyes told me I likely had a worst case scenario and may be inoperable. After this exam I was told to wait in the billing area of the office next to the billing clerk separated only by a cubicle wall. Dr. Noyes did not invite me back into her office to discuss her findings in private. Instead she very briefly relayed the information while standing over us in the billing clerks seating/waiting area with her assistant present. I felt like my privacy was violated. At her request I went for further testing to confirm my situation. When results were in I did not get a call from the doctor. After calling her assistant three times and finally speaking to the head of patient services I got a call. Dr. Noyes then informed me that I was supposed to come in to hear my results. That was never explained to me and completely unnecessary. Her phone call was even more disturbing. She told me that if she had done the test herself she would have been more thorough. I had no idea she performed this test. Her office sent me to their preferred imaging center. Every conversation with this doctor leaves you with more questions, misinformation and scared. I am a candidate for surgery, but I will not be using Dr. Noyes.

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Emotionally Scarred show details Emotionally Scarred
May 20th, 2011

Noyes treated my wife. She was rushed, sarcastic, and condescending. Her exams were never gentle and my wife always came home in tears. I am very, very disappointed.

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Wonderful Experience show details Wonderful Experience
Apr 6th, 2011

We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Noyes. As a healthy couple in our mid-thirties, we didn't think we'd have any trouble conceiving, but after a year of trying we found ourselves in her office. She was thorough in her evaluation of both of us, methodical in her approach to finding any issue that may be causing the infertilty, and understanding of our emotions at every step of the process. We ended up doing seven cycles with Dr. Noyes, from non-medicated artificial insemination through a full-blown IVF cycle, and each progression of treatment was a joint decision made among the three of us. The IVF worked and we may be going back soon for her help with our second child.

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Our Experience @ NYU Fertility Center show details Our Experience @ NYU Fertility Center
May 27th, 2010

We had gone to NYU Fertility Center after receiving high recommendations. Sadly, these expectations were hardly met. When you arive, the office environment is very cold and felt like a factory. Despite this, we went ahead and began to see Dr. Noyes. While she seemed professional and competent, she had rushed to start a treatment for our infertility that would fail with a 70% likelihood. This was despite her acknowledging the items that multiple other doctors said would cause a serious problem. We know this because we saw a second fertility doctor and other specialists that recommended correcting these items surgically. If we went ahead with her recommendation, we would have spent $25,000 on IVF that likely would have resulted in a miscarraige. We felt like NYU Fertility Center wouldn't have cared since either way they were paid. The staff surrounding Dr. Noyes was less than helpful as well. When a different doctor we see requested to speak with her, we were told that "doctors do not speak to each other" and "you should only be going to one doctor". We were also told that if we had a question for Dr. Noyes that exceeded 10 minutes we would need to pay her $200.Thankfully, we are now going to a better doctor so we don't need to pay them a dime.

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Mar 1st, 2010

I am so sorry to hear of the last poster's experience with Dr Noyes, and about the bad news from her last cycle. It really is a fragile time,and I wish her all the best going forward. I have to say, though, our experience with Dr Noyes has been completely different.I saw her for surgery to correct a problem that was initially thought to be causing my infertility, and she came and sat with me in the recovery room when I had a rotten reaction to anesthesia. We saw her again for an IVF cycle, and she personally called to congratulate us when it worked. Weeks later, when we lost the baby due to a chromosomal abormality, she called on the same day we left word with her office to mourn with us.We just went back to see her today to talk about the possibility of trying again. She sat with us for over an hour, exploring our options, sharing our sadness, and really just being human and genuine and real with us. I should point out here that she knows that we don't have a lot of money, and that part of her advice during our conversation was about how to keep costs down for a very expensive process. We are not VIPs by a long shot, but we have always felt that we are in smart, capable, and caring hands with Dr Noyes.

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Cold hearted and unprofessiona show details Cold hearted and unprofessiona
by Raluca Focsaneanu on Feb 23rd, 2010

I feel that I need to speak up about this woman, so-called doctor Noyes. To characterize this "doctor" as lacking bedside manners is a gross understatement! She is cold, heartless, and seems to care only about the bottom line. From certain conversations I had with other patients at NYU Fertility Clinic it seems that she is only nice to "high profile" patients (i.e. lots of money!) In September 2009 I underwent an unsuccessful IVF treatment with Dr. Noyes. While I have nothing but compliments for the nursing staff at the clinic, I was appaled with her behavior and lack of involvement. I was her patient, but only saw her once throughout my entire treatment. You had to make an appointment to even speak to her on the phone! The worst was when my treatment failed and she did not even bother to call me once. If not for anything, but to see if I wanted to do another treatment. I was the one who had to make an appointment to speak to her. It seems highly unprofessional to me. Even when I did get her on the phone she did not even ask how I was. These are highly emotional times, especially when your treatment fails, you want at least some degree of compassion. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I would not recommend this woman to my enemies....this is not a process where you need just medical assistance, you also need a little bit of hand holding.

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