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Aug 19th, 2014

Odette Campbell is the worst "doctor" I've ever encountered. She is a disgrace to the medical profession and cares nothing about her patients. I have personally heard her tell her staff to IGNORE the patients who call continually, day after day, asking for a signature on disability papers, medical equipment, etc. She is undoubtedly the most rude individual I have ever met. Treating her teenage staff as though they hung the moon, but anyone with experience who tries to work for her will be told "you're an idiot or you're stupid..." The medical review board needs to take a long look at her mannerisms with patients, who she has working in her office and how she conducts her daily business. Personally, I believe she's bi-polar and suffers from many other personality disorders. Her memory is deplorable, at best. Someone needs to get her out of the medical practice field before she ignores the wrong patient and someone finds them dead.

Jan 14th, 2011

Check how much legal action, disciplinary action, license and medical board action this physician has before you consider risking your life with her.

Improve my health. Got me living again. show details Improve my health. Got me living again.
Jun 28th, 2010

When I 1st went to Dr. Campbell, I weighed 185 lbs. I had been a shut-in. My heart beat was hurting in my chest. I told her I was leery of doctors giving me a quick fix & I don't like taking drugs.She ran blood, blood pressure & heart tests.She recommended some drugs but I asked her to be patient with me as I learned to take them (as I had always used OTC herbs before).I had every 4 mo. follow-up appts. She heavily tried to encourage other blood pressure & heart drugs and warned me that I could face a stroke or heart attack if I didn't try more. She also found out through heart imaging, that my heart was not positioned properly in my chest cavity.I ignored her advice. I had a stroke. She did a scan to find where the brain damage ocurred. Again she entreated me to begin the drug therapy she recommended.Once I got on board, my chest quit hurting, my blood pressure came down from over 240/120 to normal range. I could think better. Which meant planning healthier diet. With increased vigor, I began exercising. With diet & exercise, I lost 40 lbs. in 4 mo.I could now play with my grandchildren when they came to visit.I began living life & visiting friends again.After her Denton "witch hunt," I was no longer able to get my Rx's filled. I'm not talking narcotics. I mean Albertson's pharmacy refused to refill my Metoprolol heart medication, & Diltiazem & Lisinopril blood pressure medications.They had no right to do this b/c I checked with the state medical board and she still had/has a valid medical license.Dr. Campbell worked patiently with me. She helped me understand my health condition. She talked with me & my husband about ways to benefit my life. People focus on drug Rx, but that was only a small part of the course of therapy she had me on. There was great emphasis on educating me, diet, herbal supplements, exercise, and stress relaxation.Dr. Campbell is an all around doctor. She looks at the patient in total. Their health, personality, and family dynamic to help them achieve their goal of least restrictive living.I miss her very much. I have never been cared for so well by a physician.~Yvonne A.

patient show details patient
by Earl Lewis on Apr 28th, 2010

Good bedside manner. Compassionate and knowledgeable.

Patient of Several Years rates Dr./Staff/news items show details Patient of Several Years rates Dr./Staff/news items
by Barbara on Mar 24th, 2010

Dr. Campbell treated my breast cancer from '01 to '06 with compassion, humor,and the latest treatments along with my entire care team of other excellent specialists in Denton. She specializes in Oncology/Radiation but is a licensed trained and experienced medical doctor so of course she can treat feet and any part of the body as regular MD's do. (see an uninformed previous rating comment)This was my second round of serious cancer and I am clear now. again. Dr. Campbell's staff changed often and many mistakes were made in calling in our insurance info and prescriptions, so we understand why some didn't stay long. They were incompetent and unprofessional. Some were even hateful and slovenly on the job. Dr. did not prescribe any meds for me unnecessarily during that time or since but treated only when necessary and seemed to have a vast up-to-date knowledge of current procedures and treatments. She DID diagnose my chronic fatigue after I'd gone to many others and wasted several years. She treated whatever I needed thru ten very long years and became my go-to person. She made sure all of my follow-up tests were up-to-date (I am at risk for further cancers) and has been very professional in all ways. I highly recommend her to others.I now have a husband who switched his cancer care to Dr. Campbell because of her vast knowledge of current treatment and her lack of B.S. in dealing with her patients with questions. We, too, dislike long waits but realize it's inevitable when the Dr. takes time with each patient as she does so we wait our turn. I think her only crime is that she cares more than most and has had terrible staffing problems. Apparently some spiteful ex-staff have an ongoing vendetta. As for the pain meds, we must take into consideration that there are currently no definitive tests for assessing pain in others and apparently she believed some who were scamming her for their fix. The Dr. and perhaps her office mgr certainly should have kept tabs on licensing better, I agree. I/we wish her well and hope things line out so she can get back to doing what she does best . . . treating her patients, without the witch hunt that seems to be ongoing.

Very Intelligent show details Very Intelligent
by Nik Hobson on Jul 28th, 2009

I have been seeing Dr. Campbell for sometime now, she is a very driven woman with a big heart, she is often overbooked because she is willing to fit people in when she can, this person can be you one day...She's a brilliant mind who actually listens intently & builds her program around patients needs & medical neccessity.

this lady sucks show details this lady sucks
Apr 14th, 2009

Irresponsible Dr. and has no respect for her staff. She yells and swears at her staff in front of us patients. I feel she tells too much of her personal life and she overdoses patients and all her patients is on the same 3 meds whether they need it or not.

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Apr 10th, 2009

I love Dr. Campbell...all of you people complaing are just plain CRAZY!!!! She has always been an excellent Dr. to me, she cares about her patiens. Her only problem is that she cant get good staff. She has tried over and over to get good staff and still ends up with the worst. As for her she is GREAT and CARES about all of her patients

Mar 30th, 2009

waiting room full of obvious drug users who say they drive 110's of miles to get her to write their scripts. never mind what is really wrong with you, she acts like a 2mg xanax or a 10/500 lortab together with a soma and oh don't forget the phenegren to make it ALL stronger. i sat in the waiting room and heard all of this from most of the 20 pts who were waiting. my appt was around 12p.m. i left at 5:30p.m. i came to see her about pain in my stomach and esophogus and left with oxycodine 30mg, xanax, 2mg and was told that i was probably suffering from stress. i asked should i be refered out for a scope and was told not now, if you have had one in the last 3 years, which i had, and was not directed to have lab work. is this doctor crazy or something? she acted like she was on some of her own meds. oh, and did i mention that while i was there she could be heard screeming and belittling her staff. she spent more time doing that than seeing her patients.

Can't blame the staff show details Can't blame the staff
by Calls it like it is on Oct 17th, 2008

This dr is a joke. she screams at her staff and doesnt have any good people cept for a nurse that was there for a while. made many mistakes on my prescriptions.others had to wait while she had several phonecalls.Cant blame her staff.She is in another dimension.

My experience was horrible ... show details My experience was horrible ...
by Disgruntled, Unhappy Former Patient on Oct 9th, 2008

I had a 3:00 appointment - got there at 2:45. Didn't get in to see Campbell until 5:30. Waited another 15 minutes in the examining room. Finally saw her at 5:45 and walked out at 5:55. For that 10 minutes I was charged $225!!! All she did was write a refill for scripts I was already taking as she wouldn't just approve a refill for the pharmacy. In addition, when I got my EOB from the insurance company, she had charged me an additional $225 for a visit in August on a day I was in California!!! Called her office, was promised a callback from the billing person 4 times. Finally called for the 5th time and insisted on holding until someone answered me. Some girl got on the phone and told me she couldn't explain why I was charged so much and that it was Dr. Campbell's billing. She also informed me (wait until you hear this) that if the pay schedule that an insurance company shows $150 for a procedure and Campbell bills $200, that the insurance company would overpay them and will pay the $200. Stupidest thing I've ever heard. Needless to say, I've found another doctor and would not recommend Campbell or her staff to anyone. Poor, poor experience (and not the first one!!)

Aug 14th, 2008

Great Doc, Lousy Staff

Worst doctor in Denton County Texas show details Worst doctor in Denton County Texas
by Pat, Lewisville, TX on Mar 25th, 2008

This doctor should not be in practice what so ever! I can not believe that she is real! I had the worst expiernce with her office, the worst receptionist ever,I asked her name (Melissa) well dressed but BAD I mean BAD front desk manners, ignores patients at window, stays on her personal phone, rude as rude can be and has no clue of what she is talking about, and even gives out medical advice to patients! She asked for my insurance, which she said doctor was out of network, but would honor my innetwork benefits, after my 500 dollar deductible was met, zero was met i ended up paying 175 for the office visit! Now that is the front desk, now the medical assistant who I found out is an ultrasound technician,(Gina) seemed very fustrated, did not pay attention to my chief complaint, did not ask me indepth questions, did not ask for prescription medicine, any previous hospital,doctor or x-rays, my chief complaint, foot injury from fall, in pain at the time but was never asked. Now the DOCTOR, Odette a Radiation Oncologist treating me for a foot injury! for a foot injury!! the doctor talked about her personal life,kids, her bipolar exhusband the Opthamologist with one eye, who i would never refer anyone to! He was doing an eye procedure with now gloves, blood everywhere and the door wide open! What a mess!! anyway back to doctor Campbell, i did not feel she paid attention to me,my complaint though she did give me some pretty heavy prescriptions with out a problem, that concerned me. I walked out with 180 pain pills, anxiety meds, though i realy do not have anxiety or thought I did. I just mentioned i was a little stress mostly family matters, some lack of sleep. I will not be going back to this doctor and do not recommend any one who values thier health to go to this doctor.