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find another doctor. do not go here show details find another doctor. do not go here
by james on Jan 27th, 2015

honesty this lady couldn't care less about how you feel. instead of trying to help you, she'll tell you something along the lines of "suck it up because that's life." my first visit she prescribed me medicine that lasted me quite a while. when i came back to her for more she acted like i was lying about how i feel and it was beyond rude. she made it seem like i shouldn't be feeling the way i do and that it's not okay. she doesn't believe anything you tell her and she is not comforting at all. i left there feeling very uncomfortable. she is supposed to HELP people who feel a certain way but instead acts like its the worlds biggest chore to see you. not only is she not good at what she does but her staff is rude and takes their sweet time doing things that should be done right away. that building is full of people who could care less about you. please find someone different than Ok Ro Hong because she will not help you let alone even act like she wants to. total waste of money.

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We love Dr. Hong show details We love Dr. Hong
Nov 24th, 2014

Dr. Hong has been working with my children for quite a few years now. Over the years, I have heard complaints about Dr. Hong; but I never have experienced what others are saying. She is sweet, caring, generous with her time, has a great sense of humor and does a great job of handling tough situations. Her pharmacology knowledge seems to be current and she always weighs the various factors when prescribing meds. We have had some EXTREMELY challenging situations which Dr. Hong has walked through with us. Personally, I think good psychiatrists are hard to come by. We've stuck with her for probably 8 years and will continue to work with her.

Terrible Terrible Dr!!! show details Terrible Terrible Dr!!!
Sep 11th, 2014

I see that it's been a few years since anyone has made any comments about Dr. Hong. And it's sad that 2 out of the 3 comments on here are negative. However, it doesn't surprise me at all. My mom suffers from manic depression and has been seeing Dr. Hong for over 20 years. And I never felt that Dr. Hong is a good fit for my mother. But mom seems to feel comfortable with her and doesn't like change and never really wanted to find a new dr. Until today. Recently she stopped prescribing one of her medications that she had been on for years. Everyone and their goldfish knows that you can't abruptly stop someone from taking a highly additive medication. They need to be weaned off. But Dr. Hong doesn't seem to understand that. I called her to address the concern that I had regarding the action that she took and basically wanted to know why she made that decision. I also wanted to let her know that I was concerned for my mom because since she stopped taking the meds she has not been in the right framed of mind. But the conversation didn't go anywhere. When I addressed my concerns of my mother to her and asked Hong what her reason for not prescribing it to her anymore, she lashed back with: your mother is on other medications that I did not approve of. Ok this is a concern on my part and because my mom is under my care I need to know what exactly did Hong mean by this and needed to know how did my mom get these so called meds that she isn't prescribing. So I asked her what you mean she’s on meds that you haven’t prescribed. She got super attitudy with me and yelled at the top of her lungs and said are you trying to start an argument with me? I was completely taken back and said uh nooo you just told me something that I am now concerned about and I need to know more information on what you just told me. And this crazy dr. who needs who own head dr. started yelling again at the top of her lungs and kept telling me that if I were really concerned with my mom's well-being I should just bring her in to see her. And kept yelling and talking over me. Finally when the crazy lady decided to stop yelling, I told her I don't know why you're yelling at the top of your lungs. But I called the "emergency number" that you have listed for a reason. And that reason is because I'm concerned and needed to address it to you. Seeing that you're getting super defensive I will end the conversation by saying that you're a terrible Dr and I'm firing you from being my mom’s dr. I'm sorry but if I can't have a normal conversation with this woman who's been my mom's Dr for over 20 YEARS!!!! Then there's a problem. I do not recommend her at all. As others have said she doesn't follow up with her patients and every time my mom calls she tells my mom you need to come in you need to come in. Why so that my mom can be charged 300 and the bill not be submitted to her insurance. I smell fraud! And her staff that's a whole other issue in itself!

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Kindness, Dignity & Respect show details Kindness, Dignity & Respect
by Paul Andrew Agronomoff on Mar 11th, 2013

Dr. Hong, 1..Is a skilled, caring physician. 2. She is a credit to the medical profession & a personification, of the Hippocratic oath. 3. She carries herself, with dignity, always showing sincere care & respect for hurting patients. She is a steller example of the dignity of the Korean people. She is blessed and is a blessing to all her patients. Sincerely and with deep gratitude, Paul A. Agronomoff

Dangerously inaccurate diagnosis show details Dangerously inaccurate diagnosis
Sep 16th, 2012

Failed to be interested enough or follow up on patient to deal with patient's violent outbursts. HER NEGLIGENCE CAUSED REAL HARM TO OTHERS. WOULD AVOID THIS DOCTOR AT ALL COSTS. OVER 100 COMPLAINTS HAVE BEEN FILED AGAINST HER.

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Sad excuse for a psych show details Sad excuse for a psych
Feb 6th, 2012

I wish I had never met this cruel & unprofessional excuse for a medical professional. She & her staff are some of the coldest & rudest people Ive ever encountered & are in the wrong line of work. A good psychiatrist makes an effort to listen & shows at least some semblance of compassion. Three months ago when I saw this particular doctor for my clinical depression, which had first been diagnosed many years ago, I found her to be on the callous side to say the least. She kept asking me the same questionsrepeating herself absent-mindedlywas arrogant with a very condescending tone. Ok Hong lacks professional ethics & showed no concern for me, a new patient, though I was clearly not feeling my best & in need of treatment for this legitimate medical condition. It is not easy for many to seek out help for their depression in the first place, not to mention the social stigma still existing with regard to mental illness of any kind. I certainly didnt get a sense of hope after that visit, which I did have with the doctors Ive seen in the past. In addition, they are trying to charge me the full amount for the visit, bypassing our excellent insurance coverage. I received a ludicrous bill for $300 for just a half an hour of this spiteful doctors timeoutrageous!! The person answering the phone claimed to accept my insurance, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, when I called to make the appointment, however, neither she nor her unprofessional staff followed through with our insurance carrier as they promised to. They claim there is a problem with the deductible, when we know for a fact the deductible was taken care of prior to that first (& last) visit.When I walked into her office for that first & last visit, her rude teenage receptionist added insult to injury by asking me if I had been drinking just because I was crying. Hello? I was there for the treatment of depression! No decent human being who works in a doctors office should expect a person walking in seeking help for depression to be happy as lark..., much less someone who should be trained in that capacitybut clearly wasnt. As I was observing others check in while waiting to see Ok Ro, I observed this young receptionist went out of her way to make me & other patients feel even worse than they did prior to walking in the door. Her staff should have plenty of experience with people who have been cryingthat is one of the more obvious telltale signs of depression--one does not need the credentials of M.D. to know that. This girl looked & acted like she just got out of Detention.Thank goodness I received a referral from my Internist to a wonderful psychiatrist since then. My Dr. was able to help me find a kind, considerate & extremely knowledgeable psych close to my home. Even though its a man & I prefer, as a woman, to have female doctors, after Ok Hong, who is a female, I no longer go by that policy. My new psych Dr. is kind & caring & has helped me a great deal. My family & I are happy, healthy, back on track & doing great. We are also expecting a new addition to our family in September. I wish the best of luck to all of you! Steer clear of money-grubbing phoneys like Ok Ro Hong. She should have her medical license taken away for treating people who are clearly in need of care & compassion so appallingly.

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