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  • Duke University Hospital
    2301 Erwin Rd, Durham, NC 27710
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    Dr. Levin has contributed to 29 publications.
    Title Expanding on Earlier Findings A Vulvar Varicosity Grew Larger with Each Pregnancy.
    Date January 2011
    Journal American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Title Can the Health-care System Meet the Challenge of Pandemic Flu? Planning, Ethical, and Workforce Considerations.
    Date October 2007
    Journal Public Health Reports (washington, D.c. : 1974)

    The federal pandemic influenza plan predicts that 30% of the population could be infected. The impact of this pandemic would quickly overwhelm the public health and health-care delivery systems in the U.S. and throughout the world. Surge capacity for staffing, availability of drugs and supplies, and alternate means to provide care must be included in detailed plans that are tested and drilled ahead of time. Accurate information on the disease must be made available to health-care staff and the public to reduce fear. Spokespersons must provide clear, consistent messages about the disease, including actions to be taken to contain its spread and treat the afflicted. Home care will be especially important, as hospitals will be quickly overwhelmed. Staff must be prepared ahead of time to assure their ability and willingness to report to work, and public health must plan ahead to adequately confront ethical issues that will arise concerning the availability of treatment resources. The entire community must work together to meet the challenges posed by an epidemic. Identification and resolution of these challenges and issues are essential to achieve adequate public health preparedness.

    Title Physician, Divest Thyself.
    Date May 2006
    Journal The American Journal of Bioethics : Ajob
    Title Medicare and a National Pension Proposal.
    Date September 1998
    Journal Balance (alexandria, Va.)
    Title Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery: Cost-containment Winner?
    Date July 1993
    Journal Healthcare Financial Management : Journal of the Healthcare Financial Management Association

    In many states, freestanding, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are being permitted to provide overnight, postoperative recovery and observation services. As a result, ASCs are now able to perform surgical procedures that were once the exclusive province of hospital-based outpatient surgery departments. As an analysis of data gathered in Florida and North Carolina illustrates, freestanding ASCs usually have lower charges than their hospital-based counterparts. This finding suggests that hospitals will have to take steps to control their ambulatory surgery costs if they want to compete successfully in the race for ambulatory surgery dollars.

    Title Adjudicated Pricing--when Rates Are Challenged in Court.
    Date October 1992
    Journal Healthcare Financial Management : Journal of the Healthcare Financial Management Association

    When the courts become involved in taking hospitals to task for their prices, hospital financial officers should prepare themselves for the unpleasant, potentially costly, and time-consuming legal dance that awaits them. The authors examine the pitfalls of judicial regulation of hospital charges and offer suggestions on how hospitals can avoid legal challenges or best prepare to meet them.

    Title A County's Response to the Uninsured.
    Date September 1992
    Journal The Journal of American Health Policy

    The need for primary care for the uninsured in Florida's Hillsborough County spurred the County Commission to tackle the issue locally. It appointed a Health Care Advisory Board to create a new means of providing primary care services that would be easily accessible to people who are uninsured and have incomes below the federal poverty line. The Board established a system to provide primary health care and enacted a local sales tax to pay for it.

    Title Health Care in the Balance: Japanese Eurythmy.
    Date September 1989
    Journal Hospital & Health Services Administration

    Japan's health care delivery system fits neatly into the island nation's well-ordered, carefully balanced infrastructure. The organization and operation of Japan's health system reflects the quest for harmony and balance, or eurythmy, of Japanese culture. While Japan's economic success has attracted considerable attention among management scientists, the health care system that fuels and nurtures the health status of its hyperproductive workforce has not been a topic of much interest. The organization and management of Japan's health services delivery system are analyzed in this article.

    Title Beyond the Cost of Health Care: the New Era of Quality and Liability in Managed Care.
    Date June 1988
    Journal The Journal of the Florida Medical Association
    Title Linking Health Care for the Poor to Health Care for Profit.
    Date July 1987
    Journal Health Affairs (project Hope)
    Title The Role of Management in Japanese Hospitals.
    Date June 1987
    Journal Hospital & Health Services Administration

    Americans are both envious and dismayed at Japanese managerial success. Surprisingly, health care management in Japan, particularly in hospitals, is very different from that in world-famous Japanese corporations. The majority of hospitals are owned by a physician, called the "incho," who is usually both chief executive officer and medical director and who also actively practices medicine. Medical and administrative management are completely intertwined. Hospitals are paid set fees by mandated insurance schemes, and the public is free to choose from whom they receive care. Hospitals try to relate well to their communities and serve their needs, but this is done with little of the organizational flair that has made Japanese industry so successful abroad.

    Title Health Insurance, Japanese Style.
    Date June 1986
    Journal Business and Health
    Title Who's Got the Money? Who's Got the Patients?--the Administrator's Response to Ppos and Self-funding.
    Date May 1986
    Journal The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management
    Title Community-based Ambulatory Health Services: the Logic of the 1960s.
    Date August 1984
    Journal The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management
    Title Diagnosis Related Groups: a New Way of Managing Hospital Revenues, Costs, Reimbursement.
    Date December 1983
    Journal The Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association
    Title Health Care and American Business, Again.
    Date April 1983
    Journal The New England Journal of Medicine
    Title A Model for Optimizing the Number of Operating Rooms in a Hospital Surgical Suite.
    Date October 1982
    Journal Health Care Management Review
    Title A Financial Planning Model for Estimating Hospital Debt Capacity.
    Date October 1982
    Journal Public Health Reports (washington, D.c. : 1974)

    A computer-based financial planning model was formulated to measure the impact of a major capital improvement project on the fiscal health of Stanford University Hospital. The model had to be responsive to many variables and easy to use, so as to allow for the testing of numerous alternatives. Special efforts were made to identify the key variables that needed to be presented in the model and to include all known links between capital investment, debt, and hospital operating expenses. Growth in the number of patient days of care was singled out as a major source of uncertainty that would have profound effects on the hospital's finances. Therefore this variable was subjected to special scrutiny in terms of efforts to gauge expected demographic trends and market forces. In addition, alternative base runs of the model were made under three distinct patient-demand assumptions. Use of the model enabled planners at the Stanford University Hospital (a) to determine that a proposed modernization plan was financially feasible under a reasonable (that is, not unduly optimistic) set of assumptions and (b) to examine the major sources of risk. Other than patient demand, these sources were found to be gross revenues per patient, operating costs, and future limitations on government reimbursement programs. When the likely financial consequences of these risks were estimated, both separately and in combination, it was determined that even if two or more assumptions took a somewhat more negative turn than was expected, the hospital would be able to offset adverse consequences by a relatively minor reduction in operating costs.

    Title Health Care and American Business.
    Date August 1982
    Journal The New England Journal of Medicine
    Title Pulmonary Effects of Contact Exposure to Paraquat: a Clinical and Experimental Study.
    Date November 1979
    Journal Thorax
    Title Ambulatory Podiatric Practice in Connecticut.
    Date October 1977
    Journal Journal of the American Podiatry Association
    Title Public Hospitals: Beset by Problems and Challenged Once Again.
    Date September 1977
    Journal The Hospital Medical Staff
    Title Public Hospitals: How They Got That Way--and What Can Be Done About It.
    Date July 1977
    Journal Trustee : the Journal for Hospital Governing Boards
    Title Public Hospitals Must Adapt to Changes in Delivery System.
    Date June 1977
    Journal Hospitals
    Title Treatment of Paraquat Poisoning with the Membrane Oxygenator: a Case Report.
    Date May 1977
    Journal South African Medical Journal = Suid-afrikaanse Tydskrif Vir Geneeskunde

    A fatal case of progressive pulmonary fibrosis in a 13-year-old boy, due to poisoning by the weed-killer paraquat, is described. Attempted treatments included extracorporeal circulation. The management is discussed in the light of the histological observations, and the pathophysiology of the condition.

    Title The Public Hospital: Public Enemy or Public Trust?
    Date September 1976
    Journal Hospitals
    Title Encouraging Group Practice: with Gun and Net Through the Health Establishment.
    Date May 1972
    Journal American Journal of Public Health
    Title Urban Health Crisis: Management of the Public's Health Investment.
    Date January 1970
    Journal American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health
    Title The Potential World Market for Cardiovascular and Medical Devices.
    Journal The Journal of Invasive Cardiology

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