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Feb 12th, 2015

I saw him for an IME for L&I he totally misdiagnosed my condition. He said there was nothing wrong with me. I have since been rated with a level 2 impairment of my neck and a total of 30% impairment of both my hands. With multiple limitations. He was very rude during the appointment.

Beware of this doctor show details Beware of this doctor
Apr 4th, 2014

If you go to him for a Workmans comp issue, he is not a neutral opinion... Sad world we live in.

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Professional disgrace show details Professional disgrace
Mar 17th, 2014

Dr. Bays is an immoral, corrupt physician. He receives money to downplay the injuries of suffering people in order to further the profits of governmental and corporate entities. He knowingly falsifies information in his reports to claim-holders and only documents exam results that can be used against his patients in their struggle for fair coverage.

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by Speedracer on Aug 6th, 2013

Saw him over the past year for a left ankle fracture and I have to say that I am more than impressed. I'm back to climbing and skiing again which is great.

by Readyset on Aug 6th, 2013

Treatment was great. A bit old-school which is fine by me. Cheers

Great surgeon show details Great surgeon
by Don. L on Aug 2nd, 2013

I was seeing Dr. Bays for a few months at US Healthworks for a work injury. Very knowledgable and professional. No complaints here.

Navy Vet show details Navy Vet
by C. Lyon on Jul 30th, 2013

Went to him at the referral of my primary care doctor and he was great. Very knowledgeable and is a Navy vet like me. Smart guy. Would definitely see again.

Great show details Great
by Brandy L. on Jul 30th, 2013

Went to Dr. Bays and it was great. He knows what he is doing and is awesome. Cheers

May 13th, 2013

Dr Bays does not do an occupational history with his Independant Medical Exams and sends workers back to work around toxic chemicals they shouldnt be working around and also job duties the workers are not capable of doing anymore.

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UPS Safety and Health show details UPS Safety and Health
by Milt Crafton on Apr 13th, 2013

What a schmuck. Gallagher & Bassett bought off Quack. Beware!

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Jan 26th, 2013

My elderly mother had an appointment with Dr Bays. He had fixed her broken leg years earlier. Now the rod is exposed. She was turned away because she had no x-rays. None was requested when the appointment was made.

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This man is a corporate hack show details This man is a corporate hack
Oct 12th, 2012

Dr. Bays performs IMEs for corporations, spends very little time with patient and 9 times out of 10 will find a way to assist the employer against the worker. Beware.

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awesome show details awesome
Aug 8th, 2012

He repaired a torn meniscus in my knee and i have to say i have no complaints. He was very clear explaining and showing me the problem, his staff was extremely helpful and caring before and after the operation. I would recomend him in a heart beat.

Hmmm... show details Hmmm...
Jul 23rd, 2012

I have been seeing Dr. Bays for probably a month an a half. I have had no problems with him. He has always been very open with explaining things and answering any questions I have. It was crazy reading these comments because I totally disagree on what they said. I have nothing but good to say about him. So YES I would recommend him.

Decent doctor show details Decent doctor
May 23rd, 2012

I went to Dr. Bays after having been hit by a car as a passenger. He is not a Patch Adams type doctor (he is a surgeon not a family practice doctor) but he is very clear and to the point. My arm is completely better because of him and am very thankful. Like I said he may not be the happy go lucky guy that I think the previous reviewers were expecting but he definitely knows his stuff and gets things done. Thanks Dr. Bays

Idiot show details Idiot
May 21st, 2012

If you have a choice to go to a different doctor I would reccomend. He is very rude and does not listen to what your actual complaints are. If you are told to go to him refuse and request a different doctor. You are never forced to go to any provider. He will not help you. I imagine that he is probably only good at being a surgeon because he had not bedside manner at all. If you are looking for a surgeon he might be the guy but not if you are going for anything else. So stay clear

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Rude show details Rude
Apr 17th, 2012

I felt very uncomfortable with this doctor. Not only did he not do a good evaluation he didn't even give me a chance to ask questions he just said I'm done and walked out. He is rude and I would stay clear of this idiot.

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Mar 18th, 2012

Very unprofessional did not follow proper procedures for Measuring range of motion. Recently had an a Physical Capacity test wich was totally opposite of his diagnioses. He had nade up his mind before he even saw me. Hard time underststandin how a doctor who's specialty is ankles , knees & hops is doing an IME for hands wrists elbows and neck.He is a Hatchett man for L&I and Insurance companies. What happened to his oath as a doctor. Due no harm

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Horrible horrible man! show details Horrible horrible man!
Jul 14th, 2011

"Dr." Bays is a horrible excuse for a doctor with NO ethical values! I was involved in a severe automobile accident and have been fighting with the opposing insurance company ever since. The defending insurance company sent me to Bays to be examined. Mind you this was the second Doctor they sent me to because the first one said I will be needing work on my back for the rest of my life, and Im only 20 years old. Once I walked into Bays office I could tell he was an arrogant and greedy man. He asked me to explain my accident and I could tell he was barely listening. Before the examination began I knew he was going to be a scam. During the examination he would touch my arm/leg etc. and asked if I felt pain. He BARELY even brushed me or put any effort into touching me so I wouldnt feel pain. He had me do other tests that my chiropractor would do but DID NOT use any tools to actually measure the degrees my body could bend, HE COMPLETELY GUESSED THE NUMBERS! He continued to tap other places on my body to see if I felt pain and then I said Dr. you are barely even touching me. He seemed very surprised that I said something and turned to my attorney who was in the room and just continued with his examination and said This is all part of the examination. At that point I knew why METLIFE insurance chose him, because he had no ethical values and did not care about how his UNTRUTHFUL diagnosis would affect others for of their rest lives. I have had relentless back pain since my accident in 2006. Other doctors said I would NEVER be 100% again. But when I received Dr. Bays report I was not surprised. He said that I was perfectly fine and would no longer need any treatment for my back. I broke into tears because of what this man said. I am 20 years old and have to buy a special chair support for my back. I cannot sleep in any bed but mine without waking up with excruciating pain. I cant do normal 20 old activities because of the accident I was involved in. In my x-rays my neck is bent back the opposite way and my spine is now curved and Dr. Bays had the guts to say I was fine. After my appointment I saw my regular chiropractor and he told me that Dr. Bays is a known scam doctor around the area. Dr. Bays examination report has the potential to ruin my life and chance of receiving treatment. This man should be absolutely ashamed of himself.

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poor excuse for a doctor show details poor excuse for a doctor
Dec 3rd, 2008

I witnessed the female patient who saw dr. bays prior to me, she was in obvious duress-sobbing while clutching onto her x-ray films. she was left to suffer by the staff, who seemed unconcerned at her obvious emotional trauma from having just seen dr. bays. my experience was one of disbelief at the crass and obvious halfhazzard mechanical way this so-called dr. carried out his supposed impartial examination of my aches and pains. most concerning was his RUDE and ABRASIVE behavior-which boardered on being ABUSIVE toward me the patient: Upon his entering the room, without any introductions by him whatsoever, he began firing off demands to "do this, bend here, squat ,etc." at which point, in my concern to let this whirlwind physician know of my confusion regarding his RUSHED demands, I dared to ask a question. " Don't you want to know how I got hurt? " to which, dr. wantobedr. BAYS looked at me with ANGER in his face, turned on his heel and exited the room..then shortly returned and shoved a piece of paper in my face and then YELLED AT ME :" I ALREADY READ HOW YOU GOT HURT; SEE THIS?!! YOU WROTE IT DIDN'T YOU??!!!! "The rest of the appointment was strained with silence and was the worst appointment I have ever had with a doctor. I then had a very real understanding as to why the female patient who saw this(ABUSIVE) doctor prior to me..was sooo emotionally upset and traumatized.This man should NOT be allowed to be around patients, for he has NO PATIENCE, NOR EMPATHY, NOR PROFESSIONALISM, NOR BASIC BED-SIDE MANNER and he should at very least be sent back to school! PLUS he should be reported to THE MEDICAL BOARD for he has CAUSED HARM!

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Hip Replacement show details Hip Replacement
by M. Sato on Oct 18th, 2008

Dr. Bays gave very little information about what the procedure was to achieve. Gave no after care information. Did not communicate with the PT. I had to ask for the prescription for PT. I had to beg for pain meds. When I confronted him about the leg 1\2 inch short he told me to see a second opinion and said no more to me.

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