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Dec 19th, 2014

Excellent care....even called on the weekend the day after my visit with some additional information. Shows caring and thoroughness.

Excellent Doctor show details Excellent Doctor
by Mary S. on Apr 20th, 2013

I saw him in the ER. The best experience I've had at any ER ( I have been several times!) He was accurate in diagnosing my situation with the best bedside manner I could expect. It was not a real busy time in the ER so, he probably had the chance to spend more time with me. He was as courteous as anyone could ask for. Did not try to over medicate which I really appreciate! I would certainly recommend him. He was definitely not stuffy as others seem to have found, it was just the opposite in my case.

Dr Pompous Stuffed Shirt show details Dr Pompous Stuffed Shirt
Jun 8th, 2012

We took my son to the emergency room on the advice of his girlfriends mother. My son had very swolen and sore glands in his neck and was running a fever. Dr Pompous Stuffed Shirt looked down his throat after hearing the symptoms and left the patient room for at least an hour. After our extended wait the nurse came in and gave my son a prescription for Tylenol #3 and said that Dr Pompous Stuffed Shirt diagnosed our son with a "sore throat and a fever". We took our son to his regular doctor the next day and after a short wait, as thorough examination, a blood test, and a look at his throat we were told he had mono. Our family doctor then prescribed the correct antibiotic and we were on our way a short time later. In short I would not let Dr Pompous Stuffed Shirt treat my worst enemy much less my dog. Of course he still submitted a bill to my insurance for $635 for his less than 5 minutesw of time!!!!!!!!

Best Doctor I've seen! show details Best Doctor I've seen!
by Kathy Johnson on Mar 22nd, 2011

I was scared when my daughter was sick, but Dr. Pompa took great care of her! He was very reassuring, compassionate and by far the best doctor we have seen for any health problem.

helpful show details helpful
by lisa wertz on Feb 14th, 2011

Thank you Dr. Pompa for going beyond the call of duty and treating me as a person and not just a chart. I have had plenty of experience in hospitals but last wednesday you really took care of me.

by karen anderson on Jul 3rd, 2010

very kind and caring. excellent care and spent a lot of time explaining information to me and my family.

Jan 22nd, 2010

I didn't want to come to ER, It was ion the middle of the night, but my concerned and kind nieghbor called ambulence anyway. I went to my usual ER where I have always had much admiration for both staff and physicians there. But the visit I had with Dr. Paul Henry Pompas "pompous" LOL was shocking!I was vomiting and nauseous and weak, so I wasn't in any position to tell anyone off I was at his "mercy". first thing he did was shake my hand, then proceed to stand in the corner with harms folded legs crossed, chin high up in the air like a "nazi" In a condescending angry tone, asked me what's the problem? I smiled & told him I'm nauseous vomiting I have a sensitive stomach been that way all my life. He "angrily said" "not asked" Who's your doctor? How come your so sick all the time!" When I said well when I was a kid" that's as far as I got!!!!!!!! he shut me up!Saying "LOOK! I DON';T HAVE TIME TO HEAR YOUR LIFE STORY!" "aND i DON'T THINK THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH YOU!" I was trying to explain to him that my stomach had literally been burned from the inside from chemicals when I was little. he refused to allow me to talk! I told him who may Doctor was (Happens to be A very very well educated experienced doctor! with a background far beyond doctor Pompous!) He said arrogantly, "I know who he is! dosen't he know what he's doing!" I felt like I was on an eppisode of "PEERY MASON" lol. I was shocked!!!!!!!!!!!but too sick to get up and walk out, or say I I won't deal with this person. I begged him to see If I had a Urinary track infection, because I get very nauseous when i get those. Finally he agreed to check and of course the sweet nurse came back and said I did in fact have a very bad urinar track infection. She handed me "his" perscription for an antibiotic. but no perscription for any nausea medicine to keep that antibiotic down. I had to get that the next day from my doctor so I could take the antibiotic. I have a best friend who's son is a "Micro surgeon" in another state. This was not professional behavoir!first of all my he should never ever have implied that my doctor didn't know what he was doing! especially without even looking at my records! my doctor is an internist on all kinds of boards and with a very impressive exoerienced background for years! this doctor Pompa graduated med school only in 1999! Secondly when a patient comesinto the ER,It's about taking care of the patient's needs, NOT FEEDING THE DOCTOR'S EGO!AND NOT PUTTING THE PATIENTON TRIAL TO DEFEND THEMSELVES WITH THE 3RD DEGREE ON A WITNESS STAND! AND NOT PUTTING THE PATIENT IN A POSSITION HAVING TO DEFEND THEMSELVES AGAIBNST A "BULLY!" WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS BY DEFINITION! He needs to either get very sick and have someone treat him exactly the way he treats patients, have a spy from the AMA come in the ER pretending to be a patient to see how he behaves when he thinks he's not being whatched, have someone sit him down and explain to him how to be professional yet "detached" he doesn't have to be the patient's friend or even kind just respectful and professional!and not childish! I realize ER rooms are stressful and all but if ER situations make him this angry, even when the patient is trying to be kind to him "as I was!" Then maybe he needs to find a new career! Sick people and hospitals don't have room for this kind of childish attitude! I don't know who in the world that person is that gave him and excellent review! But It must be a relative or personal friend of his in some way. I hope he gains some maturity and professionalism in the future but it has been my experience that "bullies" never change.

Great Doctor! show details Great Doctor!
by Laura Rash on Jan 2nd, 2010

I thought Dr. Pompa was a great Doctor. I had to see him in the ER and he made me feel very comfortable and was very nice. I had to go back to the ER a few days later and I was bummed out that I was having to see someone else. Great Doctor with a great personality!

maybe drunk show details maybe drunk
by May Lorens on Jun 5th, 2009

the worst doctor I have ever visited NOT recomended

unprofesional show details unprofesional
by Ann Shearer on May 27th, 2009

During my life I have never visited by worse doctor