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Anesthesiologist (pain control), Pain Management Specialist
24 years of experience
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 |  Love Him, Need Him  |  show details
by Therese Cruz on Jan 1st, 2014

I think Dr. Sutera is Awesome. I have had many lower back injmections done in the last 12 years and they haven't always worked. But Dr. Sutera hits his mark right on cause I get great re-leaf when He is done. He don't mess around and I am in and out of there in no time. My one and only complaint is the office waiting time before going back to get the procedure done. I have waited up to 4 hours. And waited as long jmust for my perscriptions to be givin to me. But I stay with him instead of going somewhere else because he is very kind and knows what he is doing.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  A doctor on a mission to heal  |  show details
by Gabrielle on Jun 14th, 2013

Dr Paul Sutera is very busy. His office is extremely efficiently run. There is a contagious caring attitude among his staff. I had a serious spiral fracture of Tibia & Fibula. My titanium hardware is bent/broken but must remain in place 6 more months. Although my life will never be the same, this man's caring brilliance shines bright in my eyes. He is currently treating me. I see his office open 5 days a week, he obviously has serious work ethic to treat those who, like me, hurt with each step I take. Dr Sutera spent over an hour with me. I value his approach & his kind, knowledgable manner. His approach to heal me has been like no other doctor. Thinking out of the box, not tossing me an RX for a narcotic pain reliever has been well received. Dr Sutera has a heart the size of his zip code. I highly recommend his office, treatment, advice. It's well worth any wait .

  • Currently 2 of 4 stars
 |  Bruce86427  |  show details
Mar 1st, 2013

Have no choices, unless I drive to Las Vegas, NV 1.5 hours or PHX, AZ 5 hours away. Had a great Dr. in Lake Havasu, AZ 1.25 hours travel time. He does have a Nurse Prac. there and a PA, but he is the only MD. The clinic needs, 2 more Doctors, Dr. Suteera is over whelmed with Hospice, etc.. He is either greedy or no one wants to work with him. After the Nurse Practioner argued with me, because I did not agree with the conversion numbers she gave Dr. Sutera the wrong dosages of MS to change over to Opana er. Finally got help from Dr. Sutera after I called the Hospice and told them it was either him or the ME ( Medical Examiner) the doctor who cut you up after death. Dr S took noticed and now no one is able to talk with me except him. After the nurse Practioner threw my chart down and threatened me with I will shoot you with a silver bullet, and much worse. I was the first patient of the day, and she blamed me for putting the day 40 minutes behind schedule. Have no apethy for her because I have waited in the waiting room for many hours to be seen. Finally Dr Sutera and I and my wife are to be personally attended by the Doctor, instead of a very bad drug addict profiling by his staff. There are 2 staff members there that really do care and are still there because they need to feed kids and the rest of family they have. Dr. is very calm, compasionate and caring when you really do need to talk and bond as a team, managing the chronic pain I live with for over 35 years. I am blessed at last. Could keep going but I need to let it go and look forward and keep being the real advocate for my care and my wife is a licensed health giver and she had to quit her job to take care of me, Thank you my GOD for the best wife a man could dream for. Overall I am happy with him from 2 weeks ago to now and the future. Amen!

  • Currently 2 of 4 stars
 |  Wish I had a choice  |  show details
Feb 25th, 2012

DOCTOR'S STAFF IS OVER WHELMED. Rx is a big problem, over booking worse than the airlines. Longest time waiting. 6 hours. Now I sign in and leave to do errands and have them call me when I become second inline.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Dr. Sutera Restores Hope to Those in Severe Pain  |  show details
Oct 6th, 2011

I suffer from lifelong Juvenile Rheumatiod Arthritis, a disease which has become aggressive and extremely painful. After another pain specialist told me I was "out of options" I saw Dr. Sutera, feeling hopeless and crippled by pain. His bedside manner was incredibly caring and tender, putting me immediately at ease. He explained not only what was happening in regards to pain, but several treatment options in detail. He was so very kind and knowledgable. I left our meeting with hope and help in dealing with this crippling pain. The wait time is sometimes too long, but worth it. Bring a book and try to relax. Help is surely on the way.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  I loved Dr Sutera and his staff.  |  show details
Sep 29th, 2011

Always good to me. I had to move away and cant pay to fly to see him anymore. If I could I would be on next plane. They all were so good to me. I do not think I will ever find Dr or staff that kind again.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  show details
Sep 8th, 2011

Dr. Sutera and his staff are awesome.

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  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  worst (non) pain management in arizona and unsecure staff  |  show details
Aug 25th, 2011

They will discuss your case with anyone calling in that says your name, will not verify your personal information therefore breaching the dr patient confidentially law. DONNA the office manager is the one who spoke to "someone" in great length about my personal case and allowed this "someone" to make changes and alterations to my treatment.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
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Jun 29th, 2011

dr Sutera is great, but his office is very disorganized and conflicted. It's very difficult to get anything accomplished with them.

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 |  Last minute cancellation creates expensive emergency..  |  show details
Apr 8th, 2011

A referral to Dr. Sutera was supplied by a PA at a "Care clinic" we no longer go to, in large part because they demonstrated a lack of caring for anything other than the contents of a patient's wallet.Admittedly, it is difficult to rate a Physician we've never spoken to or met in person. Who and what I'm rating here is a staff member, name beginning with 'V'. I advocate for a chronic pain sufferer whom, after receiving a referral and appointment nearly two months in advance with Dr. Sutera, receives a call from Miss V mere *hours* prior to this appointment and is told "the Doctor is sick." While I understand Doctors are human beings who are subject to getting ill and appreciate the consideration shown by same Doctor not to share what may be a communicable inconvenience with patients, it is somewhat suspicious that there wasn't any qualified "back up" in the office who could see my friend.What is slightly more suspicious is that Miss V schedules a new appointment more than a month in advance, which leaves my friend between a rock & hard place. Living hours from Bullhead City and having been informed that the Pain Management Specialist seen locally is no longer accepting my friend's health insurance (for valid reasons), my friend is in no position to wait more than a month to receive help.Yes, narcotics have been prescribed for this person for some time. No, my friend takes these medications as prescribed for pain resulting from serious damage to the spine -- most notably in a region where it has been professionally recommended that surgery not be performed.My friend does not receive a check, due to the usual bureaucratic run-around -- and so, on an intermittent basis, does odd jobs which pay little and often involve hard labor, which multiple Doctors have said "are out of the question and creates a serious potential for quadriplegia." I assist in every way possible, including working alongside my friend, doing the tasks I know constitute the greatest risk and accepting no payment for my time and efforts.After Miss V's 11th hour phone call, in which she told my friend in no uncertain terms that "Your former Doctor is required *by Law* to give you your prescriptions and not charge you for an office visit", we telephone and my friend is mercifully seen on an emergency basis the next day by the former Doctor, who is a good and conscientious man, but who cannot continue working "for free" when an insurance provider repeatedly fails to pay him for services rendered. We are informed that the Doctor must SEE the patient before giving prescriptions (which seems like a reasonable code of ethics to me). Unfortunately, this will require a cash payment amounting to about 20 hours of money earned via hard labor. This same money was set aside to pay an outstanding utility bill. Tough luck, eh?I would like to extend thanks to Miss V and Doctor Sutera for causing unnecessary stress and financial hardship for my friend. A PA could have seen this person and written these prescriptions, but this option was never offered.I'd especially like to reflect upon Miss V's knowledge of Medical Law and her interpretation of what passes for honesty. Let us hope she is being paid a large salary for her remarkable ability to ignore ethical practices and blithely dismiss concern for the safety of other human beings. You, whose name rhymes with 'harmonica', did a superb job of passing the buck. You're a smooth operator. In fact, you have represented Dr. Sutera so well that he will not see a penny of my friend's blood money, whether via insurance reimbursement or money paid out of pocket. With staff like this, who needs enemies?

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Dr. Sutera and staff are great!  |  show details
Feb 2nd, 2011

I have been seeing Dr. Sutera for chronic stomach pain for 10 years. He is very causious with pain medications, contrary to what I've heard. He tries every aspect to find the pain first and use other options. He is wonderful, caring and very good at what he does. His staff is also great.

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  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  A wast of time  |  show details
Jan 6th, 2011

It is difficult to get an appointment. The first visit is with a PA, who tells you what you want to hear and that is they care and will take care of your pain. Next visit is no less then one month away. My husband went in and was put on the assembly line for shots in his back. There is a series of three shots anywhere from two weeks to a month a part and a follow up. At the follow up they get told that the shots didn't help and they assure you that they will find something to help you and give you an appointment three months away for another series of shots that don't help. Plus you have to sign a contract that says you won't ask for pain management from any other doctor. That makes it difficult when you break a rib, because you have a contract with the Pain Clinic you can't get anyone to give you pain med and the Pain Clinic never responds to phone calls. The doctor and PA's don't listen to what you are saying. Most of the office staff is rude and refuse to answer a question. When you go there you get the feeling that the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing. We have never waited less then an hour, our average wait is 90 minutes. The entire place is a joke. My husband will not return to the that Pain Clinic and refuses to have anything to do with Dr. Sutera again. As for getting pain pills, my husband doesn't take any and was never offered that option, but I am sure that the people who are on pain meds could be serviced just as well by their family doctor. This is not the first pain clinic that my husband has been to but it is the first one in Arizona and believe me there are better pain management clinics out there.

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 |  Doctor Sutera is a legalized drug peddler and that is all he is.  |  show details
by Dr. wannabe on Jul 27th, 2010

The women in the offices are ALWAYS BITCHES, you never get an exam and ALWAYS are on narcotics. He's a slob that has no right calling himself a doctor.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Exceptional Service!  |  show details
by mfoard on Oct 22nd, 2009

This doctor and his team are far superior to anything else available medically in this area. They spend time with you and help you, but most importantly, they actually understand what it's like to have a chronic ailment and they make many resources available to their patients. They are leaders in their field, and the first doctor and staff to understand my problems and have a true solution! Thank you team!

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  WOW!  |  show details
by Ray on Jul 22nd, 2009

helped me tremendously!

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  guard your wives!  |  show details
by bad man on Dec 21st, 2008

This guy uses his position as a trusted doctor to get in bed with married women!

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Wonderful Doctors and staff  |  show details
by caseysbaby on Dec 9th, 2008 on

I have just started seeing Dr Sutera however I have a high school friend that has been his patient for 8 years. I know I am going to like it at this office because they really listen to you. I can tell by the questions that they ask when I am done talking. I've needed a good doctor here because I moved here over 2 years ago and this is the first time I have felt like the doctor really cared about what was wrong with me. I have high hopes that this doctor will be able to help me likee he has helped my friend.

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