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Mar 20th, 2015

My father was just operated on at LRMC by Dr. Perry Argiers. The surgery was successful, however my mother was notified via phone call that the surgery went well. And that was the last interaction with Dr. P.Algiers. 48 hrs later after some minor complications, still no next of kin interaction. Have asked the nursing staff in the ICU if we could speak with him, after they rolled their eyes as to say "yeah right" still no return phone call, no bed side visit with the family, nothing. After speaking with fellow physicians and nursing staff in various departments Dr. P. Algiers interacts with, he has a high reputation of being very pompas and arrogant. Although the surgery went well, I guess, wished my mother and I would have chosen a different Neurologist.

Feb 25th, 2015

Great surgeon!!

Maybe good as a surgeon, but follow up care is awful show details Maybe good as a surgeon, but follow up care is awful
Jun 24th, 2012

My husband was told he would be 2-3 days in the hospital recovering from his back surgery. Dr. Argires told us that once in his office and also he told be right after the surgery. He was in a hurry while meeting me right after the surgery and said that he would answer any other questions when he saw my husband the next day. He never saw my husband the next day - an assistant from his practice saw my husband and they released him that morning from the hospital. I had to take him home with an 8 inch incision in his back and lots of pain meds. He spent the next two days in agony. I called his office this afternoon and the person who called me back was from the orthopedic portion of his office and she told me that she didn't have access to my husband's records. I might as well have been talking to the cleaning lady. She told me that when I got home (I was calling from my car) that I should call her back with the medicine info. (My family dr. never calls back unless they are directly reading a computer screen with the entire patient info). I said I never had a surgery before in which there was not some sort of follow up call from the doctor's office within 48 hours of the patient being released. I also said I would never recommend their practice to anyone else. That must have set off some alarm bells because within 1/2 hour of my being home, Dr. Argires himself called our home and told us that "the hospital should not have released him that early" and he "would talk to the manager at the hospital". Hello - who is ultimately responsible for releasing someone from a hospital?! Anyway, this afternoon has been one fiasco after the other - my husband's bowel was backed up and the medicine that Argiries recommended made my husband throw up (and that's with an 8 inch incision in his back). 2 Fleet enemas later, the bowel seems to be working but now my husband can't keep down food. I called my family doctor and they immediately had my husband's records in front of them and they were appalled that there was not an internist also consulted at the hospital. So, end of the day, maybe Argires is a good surgeon, but never go to that office if you think there is a possibility of anything going wrong.

Most demeaning experience ever! show details Most demeaning experience ever!
May 17th, 2012

Truly the nastiest office people in the world! It's shocking to hear these people jest of others in the presence of those awaiting treatment. I would never bring my dog there! One girl was downright nasty to the folks there and you could hear her talking to her friends (thinking you can't hear) about you like you're some deaf idiot trying to steal their children! This is illegal and someone needs to report them! The doctor? Never met him. They had some old retired doctor signing his son's work but you'll never meet the surgeon. I went elsewhere and got superb care in comparison. If I didn't feel strongly, I wouldn't have taken the time to warn you to STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!

I made a big mistake! show details I made a big mistake!
May 16th, 2012

Just one appointment and I will never return to that environment again! There's this 100 year old doctor doing all the work for the one who just got out of training and the old guy calls all the shots (you can't even talk with the surgeon doing the surgery)! It was like a used car shop where they do the "let me talk to my manager" trick! I have never had a doctor I couldn't speak to if I had questions (who was going to cut me open)! The staff said "Patients can't just talk to the doctor-maybe in the operating room the day of surgery. You call us and we talk to the doctor and call you back. No one is allowed to talk directly with him. (???) WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

Immature Staff! show details Immature Staff!
May 16th, 2012

Daft people in that office! I found a superb alternative where the staff are kind and considerate. These staff discussed my legally personal information with someone unrelated to me without my consent (I got a phone call from that person recommending I take them to court because he said they were saying bad things about me and they don't even know me)!

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Unprofessional staff, immature and NO PRIVACY! show details Unprofessional staff, immature and NO PRIVACY!
May 16th, 2012

The staff is absolutely HORRIBLE! This poor lady limping and they MADE FUN OF HER AND MADE FUN OF HER FACE! The doctor did nothing and found it amusing, patients can hear these high school junkies making fun of and gossiping about people who come there for help! One staff member called a patient (we all could hear her) YELLING AT A PATIENT saying "Dr. Argires has so much business, we don't need your kind around here." I'm baffled by this behavior and wonder what they said about me. This girl was 1/3 my age and wholly disrespectful!

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May 13th, 2012

No one yells at me like that, not even my wife! I got a call out of the blue by some punk staff of Argires calling me a few NAMES! They did the questionaire and I mentioned later about a local surgery last year they never asked me about. My other doctor said "they were way out of line and the other issue has nothing at all medically to do with the one you saw them for...Go somewhere else." I couldn't believe my ears! Their staff regularly (I learned) calls all the pharmacies near your home to find out all the meds your on then tries to find some dispute with what you told them (strange punitive, detective work set up for some reason to create conflict). They didn't have permission to contact my old doctor but this girl did exactly that (and my old doctor said "those people are after their patients for some reason, doesn't seem like they're interested in helping you." I got my discectomy from another Dr. who was great and said he's been hearing these complaints steady for a couple years now and has been getting all of Argires patients.

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dr.perry argires is an over educated salesman show details dr.perry argires is an over educated salesman
Jun 3rd, 2011

when you go see him he will sell you the latest and greatest i.e replacement disk.than after he puts it in he treats you like crap because he cant sell you anything else he put in a replace disk in and it failed he said there was nothing he could do .i went to a pain management Dr and got a spinal cord stimulator and that helps a little . in short stay away from this hack of a Dr

Perry needs more money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! show details Perry needs more money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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long time friend show details long time friend
by Elizabeth Resha on Aug 21st, 2010

Perry, Lizzy here. I see you are doing well and following in your dads footsteps. Hope all is good with family. I have one 18 year old son, Dustin who is the love of my life. He is so handsome, smart and loves God. Check him out in my profile on facebook. I am under Elizabeth Resha West

PERRY NEEEDS MONEY!!!!!!!! show details PERRY NEEEDS MONEY!!!!!!!!
Jul 16th, 2010


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Thank you show details Thank you
Nov 10th, 2009

I wanted to Thank Dr Argires and for being the best neurosurgeon ever. He changed my life did neck surgrey on me.I have head aches everyday day and now I have none. I appreicate all he have done for me.

Oct 19th, 2009

Dr. Argires is the top neurosurgeon in Lancaster - he listens, is genuine, and makes you feel welcome. He's also one of the most technically proficient surgeons I have seen. Glad to have him in Lancaster.

Sep 22nd, 2009

he is a verry goood doctor. i would have to say he the best back doctor in lancaster.

Best surgeon in the world show details Best surgeon in the world
Aug 9th, 2009

He changed my life, no more pain.

Disk Herniation show details Disk Herniation
by Cassandra Margerum on Sep 6th, 2008

Dr. Argires did a phenomenal job with my surgery! He and his staff have gone above and beyond in making me feel like my case is important to them. Dr. Argires was the third specialist that I saw and the last one that I will ever see. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to end their chronic pain.

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