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 |  In severe pain  |  show details
by In severe pain on Oct 15th, 2013

I would stay away from this fake md. You might as well see dr Mengele. He does not work with you. He does not know how to write perscriptions. He is unethical. He says he is covered by your insurance and then bills you in addition, I had to pay 1700 out of pocket for perscriptions that were covered but he didn't fill out paper work. He refused and this is cmsp Marin county. I had to file med board complaint against him for refusing all pain meds for four months. I had to take others meds. He is a sadist. If in any pain, run from his office. I think I've said enough. Run

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 |  Refused medical care  |  show details
by Refused medical care on Sep 29th, 2013

Im in a situation where I'm being systematically being refused medical tx by all mds I attempt and do see. Dr stein also is not dong his job. I've filed a med board complaint against him to no avail. I'm trying to find another md to see. For the third time I've been refused tx at Marin community clinics. I'm having to take other peoples medications and steroids for what I think may be Addison's disease. An addisonian crisis can be fatal. After what I've experienced, I would say beware of mds. If a mistake is made you may be ganged up on and not be able to get tx as it would illuminate the md responsible for malpractice. Something like this is by definition life threatining. I've reported the situation everywhere and can't get tx. My advise unfortunately is to stock pile and save prescription meds ( yours and other peoples who have unwanted medication) as you may end up in a circumstance as I have described. I've had to take someone else's steroid because I couldn't get out of bed. Dr stein has done nothing. He also is sending me bills ( when I have insurance he takes) and did not fill out the write paper work so I had to pay 1700 dollars out of pocket for 46 perscriptions in the last year with Marin county cmsp insurance. Dr stein is incompetent.

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 |  Not being cared for  |  show details
by Abnormal rheumatology blood work on Jul 31st, 2013

Im having problems getting muscle relaxers from dr. Stein for severe neck and shoulder stiffness that is backed up by objective blood work. I have an elevated BUN which leads to increased urea levels causing stiffness. I also have high eosinophil levels which would also explain stiffness. I have an auto immune problem, sjogrens syndrome, which would also account for stiffness. I should not be having problems getting muscle relaxers like soma and Valium for this problem as they would help prevent stiffness and subsequent joint damage. There is no excuse for this medical conduct. I would get a copy of your blood work from dr stein and get a second opinion. He is also trying to charge me for office visits when I'm suppose to have insurance coverage for seeing him. I wasn't told prior to any visit that my insurance was not in effect. This is shady.

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 |  show details
Jul 13th, 2013

I left kaiser because of a med mistake and haven't been able to treatment since then. I've been forced to get tx by dr stein because I've been blacklisted. I filed a complaint against him but nothing has worked. Kaiser says I'm allergic to methadone but refuses to correct the problem. I filed a complaint with the state med board against dr Brian hertz sanrafael abuser but nothing was done. Dr stein is prescribing me methadone against my will. I recently had gallbladder sx that is not healing I beleive because of a methadone allergy. I would not see dr stein he is dangerous and unethical.

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 |  Refused post-op pain control  |  show details
by Refused post-op pain control on Jun 14th, 2013

Ive had problems in the bay area for over a year getting pain control medications for more than one problem, starting at kaiser and continuing in the private med. community. I've had continuous difficulty with dr. Stein with getting back pain and sciatica meds ( I've had back sx). He refused all pain meds for 4 months until I filed a complaint with the state. I was diagnosed in the ER with gallstones (acute amount) while being treated by dr. Stein and had gallstone surgery. The surgeon refused to give me post-op pain meds, saying I had to get them from dr. Stein who has refused. Buyer beware in this area. If you have problems with one md it may continue with many who will refuse to countermand or correct another meds mistake. Do you think it is ok to do gallbladder sx on someone without disclosing that you would not be getting post sx pain control medications. I don't, but this is the kind of treatment I've experienced since having to leave kaiser for being refused pain control for back injury.

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 |  Back sx pt  |  show details
by Back sx pt on Apr 27th, 2013

Dr. Stein is very disappointing and infuriating to work with. That's the problem, he does not work with you, he acts like a dictator. I was forced to see him for lack of options after leaving kaiser and filing a complaint with the medical board for many reasons including refusal to control pain after back sx. I also had to file a complaint against dr. Stein because he also refused to give me pain medicine. Right after I filed the complaint he did give me something he refuses to refill. I'm done with dr. Stein, the med board did not fully sanction him so he behaves like a md should. Now I'm back to being an ER pt for primary care. That is better than being forced to seeing dr. Stein. He does not do his job as an md and evidently covers for previous mds mistakes in pt care. I went to the ER while seeing dr. Stein and was told I was"full of stones" (gall bladder). I had this undiagnosed problem while at kaiser. I guess dr. Stein would rather have someone die than correct kaiser for not treating and telling me about the problem. I believe kaiser did not want to pay for gall bladder sx. No attorney will help with this problem either, including walk-up and melodies ( Kevin domicus) in San Francisco. I think it is terrible to have to get primary care in an ER. Dr. Stein does not act like a md. I don't know what I can say about kaiser except not to join. They are medical fast food, not good for you. I guess it's back to the ER for primary care. I wonder what they will find next. Dr. Stein is awful, I would avoid him. You will feel sick after you see him.

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 |  Uncontrolled pain pt  |  show details
by Uncontrollrd pain pt on Apr 14th, 2013

I don't get dr. Stein philosophy of not controlling back pain and sciatica so a person can function, be as active as possible, make informed decisions about future back sx and sleep. For some pt who have debilitating pain there maybe only that chose or most probably sustain liver damage from having to self medicate. Is there an upside to liver damage I don't know about. Because this is how the situation looks for me. If there isn't an upside to having been afflicted with liver damage because of a refusal to give pain meds, md's who do this should be severely punished?

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 |  Md will not control pain  |  show details
by Current pt on Mar 11th, 2013

Ive been seeing dr. Stein for months now, but he will not give me pain medication for a failed back sx by dr. Kenneth light in San Francisco. I had a titanium cage fusion procedure. I have horrible pain. There is no excuse for this. Any md who will not handle pain is right up there with dr. Mengele. Dr. Light and dr. Stein should in my opinion be sanctioned for this conduct. I've filed complaints with the state against other mds who wont control pain(dr. Brian hertz md at kaiser). Shamefull, hopefully more people will complain to the state

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 |  Hiding the blood work  |  show details
Nov 18th, 2012

Watch out, dr. Stein is deceptive about blood work. Make sure to ask for a physical copy(he won't tell you about abnormal results). This isnt the kind of dr. Who should be practicing. If the blood work is abnormal he has a duty to explain and treat results, even it means opening up a colleague to malpractice litigation (for causing the abnormal blood work). See where I'm going here. These mds stick together, never mind the state of the pt. Also his answering service doesn't want to take messages, asking why aren't you calling during office hours. Odd

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 |  Where have all the doctors gone?????  |  show details
Oct 30th, 2012

I have an autoimmune problem, sjogrens syndrome, with horrible muscle stiffness and fatigue. Dr. Stein would not give me pain meds or a muscle relaxer. He said Valium causes dementia and interferes with rem sleep. Isn't he suppose to relieve pain and increase a persons quality of life?? After my blood work came back, on my second visit he had a different demeanor. He did not give me a copy or discuss what the results were. I called and had a copy mailed to me. It was very abnormal and alarming, a low RBC count among other abnormal results. I was injured by being cut off 35mg of Valium per day on may of 2012 without a taper (I was on since 2004). I guess that's why he didn't want to go over my blood work. It's very disappointing when you can't find a doctor to stand up for another md's innapropriate treatment. What happened to the hypocratic outh?? Buyer beware!

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 |  Bad experience  |  show details
Aug 14th, 2012

i was referred to Dr Stein by my endocrinologist because I have severe joint pain and stiffness. Dr Stein made his "diagnosis" after 15 minutes of talking to me. The physical exam consisted of listening to my heart and testing my strength. No blood work was done, he never checked my joints. The "diagnosis" was Fibromyalgia. When I dared to question him, he became defensive.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  show details
Mar 28th, 2012

First rate professional! I highly recommend him.

  • Currently 1 of 4 stars
 |  Quack  |  show details
Jul 27th, 2011

Dr. Stein spent very little time examining patient with severe joint pain and diagnosed fibromyalgia after about 10 minutes without so much as testing for the heightened pain in response to tactile pressure (allodynia) that is indicative of this condition. He dismissed existing deformation of joints as not troublesome.

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