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Aug 2nd, 2014

I went to this office after being diagnosed with hashimoto's hyperthyroidism. I had severe fatigue, I was very puffy looking, chronic digestive issues, recurrent strep throat. Yes, did lots of blood work which after my deductible insurance covers. The lab doesn't balance bill either. Dr. Kellman gave me lots of supplements to take. Within a month I felt like a new person. Each time I have been there I have waited a half hour to hour. No different then any regular physician. It is expensive each visit but my old dr would just say your numbers are normal. In the end my fatigue is resolved, my digestive issues are resolved, I'm sleeping at night.

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by on Jun 5th, 2014

Dr. Kellman charges a ton of money for services that other reputable doctors do at a fraction of the cost. His office is nearly impossible to work with in terms of bill processing and communication (invoices are submitted as much as 10 months past date of service; phone calls are rarely returned.) Dr. Kellman is very nice and I think he means well, but it's a hard pill to swallow when you dish out thousands of dollars only to be treated with disrespect by his office. Wait times are also easily over an hour for each appointment.

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 |  Not worth the costs  |  show details
by Carol Maczar on Jun 2nd, 2014

I was disappointed with my experience. I only had about 20 minutes discussing my issue with the doctor and had to pay over $800 (blood tests were covered by insurance..but the session along with 2 supplements cost over $800). My second appointment was a repeat of the first session with no real diagnosis, and another $600. And to get a copy of my blood results was a major disaster that I had to call the lab to ask if they could give me the results since Kellman's office never responded to my requests. If I am going to spend over a $1,000, I would expect better results. Find a naturopath closer to home.

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 |  Dr Kellman sees the whole patient - and the results are spectacular!  |  show details
by Aaron on Mar 5th, 2014

Before I found Dr Kellman, I had been sick for many years. I had so many very highly regarded doctors tell me they have no idea what’s going on – and not really bother to try to find out. With the other doctors, when I would ask questions about how other factors might be interrelated, the best they could do is order some tests or refer me to some other specialist in some other area. No one was willing to look at the complete picture. “Not my area,” seemed to be the prevailing attitude. But our bodies aren’t separate systems. I had so many seemingly unrelated health issues, but they were actually directly connected! This attitude of only looking at a single system – and knowing nothing about anything else does a huge disservice to patients, and it was why I had been so sick for so very long. But that was before. Since coming to Dr Kellman, I am transformed. He sees the entire patient, not just the test results or the particular area of specialty. He ordered tests that revealed serious, but treatable medical problems that affected literally every single area of my health. I am shocked at how long other doctors had missed what was really wrong with me. And I am amazed at how easily Dr Kellman got to the root of the problem. I am already healthier now than I have been in decades. Other doctors shrugged their shoulders and tried to simply treat my symptoms. Dr Kellman found the root cause of my many illnesses and has helped solve the underlying issues. If you want to truly be well, instead of just cover up the symptoms of illness, you owe it to yourself to see Dr Kellman. He is brilliant, he is kind, and he treats the whole patient. And above all, he is a healer, not a treater. Because of him I have a new, better life.

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 |  Excellent holistic doctor. Life Saver!!!!  |  show details
Sep 16th, 2013

I found this doctor by searching on google Dr. Kellman rescued me from declining health -- he quickly assessed my condition and prescribed vitamins, minerals and other supplements - this holistic approach and his recommendation to go on the Atkins diet has changed my life. I travel from Philadelphia to NY for his excellent services. Fees are high and not all labs are covered by insurance but i was warned. It's been worth every out of pocket dollar spent for the services of an incredibly knowledgeable doctor who has been very thorough, compassionate and whose analysis of my health issues was right on the money. In just one month, I have experienced major, major improvements. I am thrilled to be under Dr. Kellman's care and to get off the cycle of pharmaceuticals that do more harm than good.

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 |  Medicine of Tomorrow = Corrupt Operation  |  show details
Jun 19th, 2013

Dr. Kellman might be one of the most unethical physicians I have ever met. Of course going to him I understood that he did not accept insurance but the ways that they find to charge you more in addition to the $325.00 office is visit is absolutely a crime. I called once to have a RX called in for a refill and the staff acted as if this was a major inconvenience. In another example I had to cancel an appointment early in the morning because I was unable to come due to an infant at home and they proceeded to tell me because it wasn't 24 hours in advance that I was to pay a $100 fee. I have seen the doctor in person for a total of maybe 20 minutes over the course of 3 visits and yet have spent at least $1000.00 not to mention the time you wait to see him (during a work day) which is at least an hour after your appointment is actually scheduled for. I originally came to him with a positive test for Lymes that he claims to specialize in, yet when he reviewed the test report it was clear he had never seen it before. I had said I would plan to see someone else and suddenly his staff was overly nice and considerate stating that "the doctor sees the problem and wants to help you. He will accept your insurance so long as you pay a total of $400 throughout the year." After which he then treated me for something very simple that any primary care physician (who accepts my insurance) could find which was an under active thyroid. He ran a slew of tests on me for which I was told I would never receive a bill because it was "covered by my insurance"...I have since received a bill from Stonybrook where the labs were sent for $375.00. This man has cost me close to $2000 over the course of 2 months with office visits and tests with basically no improvement as to why I originally saw him. He tested me for Lymes again through Stonybrook which came back positive yet didn't treat me for that...only treated me for a thyroid problem. I left with a simple RX for Synthroid, 5 vitamin B-12 shots which they mix, and Vitamin D drops they insisted I needed. I was then charged $25 per shot and $45 for the vitamin D drops. Not to mention the many other supplements they sell and insisted I needed but declined due to the cost because you can get them at any vitamin shop! I cannot express how corrupt this whole operation they call Medicine of Tomorrow is. Simply put there are too many good doctors in NYC to waste your time and money at this shady place.

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 |  Best doctor I ever had  |  show details
by Dilan on May 14th, 2013

Dr. Kellman is a very caring doctor. Yes, you will have to wait a while to see him, however that is because he takes his time with all of his patients and doesn't rush through the visit. He makes you feel comfortable and confident in him. I love him!

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 |  Pretends to give a good price, but overcharges poor, desperate people  |  show details
May 9th, 2013

I was charged a 'nominal' fee of $1,090 for a 'reduced' set of blood tests, only to find out that someone else was charged $875 a few weeks ago for the battery of tests. Please stay away from a Dr. who is dishonest & has no pity. There's a reason he needs a constant stream of new patients to dupe. The overall low ratings are there for a reason. Please save yourself from false hope & heartache. Stay away from Dr. Raphael Kellman.

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Nov 8th, 2012

Had to wait a long time to see this doctor and supplements in his office are overpriced.

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 |  Great holistic MD  |  show details
Jul 16th, 2012

One of the better Holistic MDs in Manhattan. Good at diagnosing things other MDs couldn't find. Offers many different treatment options

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 |  Dr. Kellman helped my child and I'm grateful  |  show details
Sep 8th, 2011

Dr. Kellman gave us hope on my child's recovery. My son has autism and was non-verbal since birth, he is 5 years old. After different bio-medical treatments we have seen so much improvement, and now he is verbal, this besides improvement in other areas. We can't thank Dr. Kellman enough. Yes, he doesn't take insurance but my son's care is priceless.

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 |  Rip Off  |  show details
Jul 5th, 2011

Completely overpriced, and complete obliviousness to the person's individual needs. He overmedicated me till i became extremely hyperthyroid, treated me for things that did nothing, and adamantly told me not to take psychoactive meds when i really need them. I'm a firm believer in holistic when possible, and western medicine when holistic is not working.

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 |  Kellman does not know much  |  show details
May 25th, 2011

Kellman is not well mentally and he charges a huge amount of money for exchange of NO knowledge - My first visit ran $900 yes $900, is that crazy? He ran many blood tests and when I asked him why I had a high CRP value he said "Good question, don't know". Meanwhile I had positive values for lupus tests which he never mentioned in the meeting. This doctor is missing something but certainly not his ability to charge your wallet through the roof. Don't go to him unless you want to throw your money down the drain. He gets 0 stars from 1 to 10. Nothing, he is a waste of time and money

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 |  Total scam  |  show details
Mar 4th, 2011

This guy robbed me of thousands of dollars. Ordered tons of tests that my insurance didn't cover, and then didn't even call to follow up with the results. For $375 for a visit, I would expect a lot more. I am a big believer in holistic medicine, but please don't waste your money on this guy. He is stealing from his patients.

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Oct 11th, 2010

Dr. Kellman is an excellent diagnostician. He is caring and is able to find solutions for some of the most complicated problems. When he is not able to do this, he will also let you know and then try again. If he took insurance I would gladly refer him to others. The Office Staff and new environment are excellent.

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 |  I had given up hope  |  show details
by Lynette Hance on Jul 28th, 2009

I had been getting worse over several years until finally I was unable to raise myself out of bed anymore. My doctor(s) just stopped looking for an answer since my blood tests were normal. I lost my job, and had to take my 2 kids and move in with my parents. Dr. Kellman tested my thyroid with an older test that was used before the simpler blood test that is used today. I had an underactive thyroid for which Dr. Kellman prescribed both T3 and T4. He also administered intraveneous nutrients. After a couple weeks I was feeling much better and after a month I was able to get my life back on track. I don't know what kind of life I would have now if I hadn't found Dr. Kellman.

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Apr 27th, 2009

Once an appointment is made you must add at least 1/2 hour to your waiting time.

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