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Physiatrist (physical, rehabilitation), Pain Management Specialist
10 years of experience
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 |  dont go unless last result  |  show details
by wallace on Jul 16th, 2014

You will see her on your intial visit but afterwards your follow ups you will never see her. Just urine and back to the waiting area and wait for script. They also di alot of wrongful accusations when it comes to lab as if it cant be wrong.. depending on their mood you just may get fired and release you with a letter and 30 of what you normally are prescribed but letter states she will continue care for 30days for emergency but thats bs as well.. will make it like you just looking for meds in the end and it will be hard to find another dr. She has even acussed my elderly grandmother for not having meds in her system after her surgery and even the hospital will give you meds so get copies of everything including info you give them. I advise noone to go if possible unless you have no choice.

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 |  Pleasantly surprised  |  show details
Apr 28th, 2014

Very thorough. Also very pleasant and upfront. She focused a lot on educating me--nothing like I expected from the reviews.

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Aug 29th, 2013


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 |  The doctor you never see!  |  show details
Jun 4th, 2013

I've been a patient of Dr. Foley's for about 3 yrs. At the beginning she was wonderful. I couldn't say enough good things about her. However, the last several months things have changed drastically in that office. The biggest thing is that I haven't really seen the doctor on my last few visits. She is there sitting in her office, but she sends her nurse into see you. Even if u ask to see the dr, she still doesn't come in to see you. A few months ago, the nurse, who has the worst bedside manner, told me I tested positive for codeine. I told her I had had a root canal and my dentist was suppose to call her. He forgot apparently. I even called my dentist and had him send her my records to prove it. A couple months later she accused me again of the same thing. This time I knew I hadn't . Dr foley did come to the room for this just to scream at me and wouldn't give me a chance to tell her I knew I hadn't. She told me either I tell her I did take it or she would dismiss me as a patient. So I lied. I made up an excuse, because I didn't want to start over with another doctor. It is hard enough to find a pain dr. This month I was accused again for a third time. I was extremely careful this month , so I knew without a shadow of a doubt I didn't take anythg other than what she prescribed. All this time I had been a model patient, and now this. Somethg funny is going on in this office,and I'm not sure what it is. I just hope no one has to go thru what I did.

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 |  Great Doctor  |  show details
by SB on May 24th, 2013

I have been a patient of Dr Foley going on 4 yrs now. Yes, in the past there were some long waits, and rude office staff. I can assure you that things have changed drastically. Over the last 8 months or so, I have had waiting periods of no more than 15 minutes. The staff she has had for the last year or so, are wonderful!! They are licensed, professional individuals that are helpful and friendly. Honestly, I'm sure the ones in the past were licensed,as well. As far as the Dr herself.... She is GREAT! I have never had a problem with her!! Once you are an established patient, and have been given proper diagnosis, there is no need for her to sit in an exam room with you for 30 minutes every visit!!!! She does follow-ups to be sure your meds are working and you aren't experiencing any new issues! It only takes a few minutes to do this. It's not that she doesn't care about you, or doesn't want to take the time, it's simply not necessary. Basically, she is a great Doc, with great staff. I would definately suggest going to her! You have to keep in mind that she is a PAIN doc, and unfortunately she is going to have patients that become addicted to their meds and keep asking for more and more, or they take unprescribed meds and can't pass their drug screen, so she eventually has to discontinue treatment. She has guidelines that each and every patient are informed of on the first appt. they sign a pain contract agreeing to follow these rules, and if they mess up she reserves the right to discharge every pain mgmt clinic does! So just do what you are supposed to do, and she is very fair!

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Sep 11th, 2012

I have been seeing Dr. Foley for about 9 months. I have no complaints on my treatment. My BIG complaint is 6 out of 9 months my appointment has been rescheduled. It is hard enough to get time off work and then they change your appointment at the last minute. Also, the wait time is so frustrating. Why do doctors think that our time is not important to us. I am concerned about some of the reviews I have read but what are we patients that really need help to do? We need our pain meds and due to low-lifes trying to get pills when they don't need them, we can't get our meds from our primary care physician anymore. SUCKS!

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 |  Previous Employee  |  show details
Aug 15th, 2012

Omg...I worked for Dr. Foley for a little over 2 months and she has got some serious issues. I witnessed patient's driving for hours, having to wait for hours and even being told she couldn't see them after they drove well over 100 miles. Dr. Foley is unprofessional and her clinic staff isn't even certified! There are no RNs or LPNs on her staff! Craziness! She yells at her patients, overmdedicates them and doesn't wean them off meds properly. Her office turnover is unbelievable and her rules and policies are just crazy. She's ALWAYS late. She books appts at 8 a.m. but doesn't make it in until close to 10...ridiculousness...I will never send anyone or recommend anyone to this doctor. She does not care about her patients, staff or their well being. She does have a case with the Medical Board, as she SHOULD. Her license needs to be pulled, revoked and burned. In that order.....

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May 22nd, 2012

Nice Dr in general, but the wait was WAY too long and the office staff were rude.

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Feb 7th, 2012

She has changed from a trusting caring doc to the exact opposite. Not sure what else to say:(

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 |  Missing??  |  show details
Jan 26th, 2012

Is she still missing and being investigated then? When did this happen? She should lose her license....

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 |  better think twice  |  show details
Jan 15th, 2012

I have been a patient of Dr. Foleys for a few months or so when she went missing and was being investigated.As far as having pill counts,I imagine that there are a lot of patients who are there just to get the pills,but that does not mean that everyone should be treated as such.I followed all the rules to the letter and was accused of not taking medications as instructed.What was not considered was that Myself and quite a few of her other patients were left without medication for five or more days without any notice.I since have found another doctor that seems to be a little more responsible and more concientious where his patients are concerned.Good luck to you and god be with be with you if you try using her .

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 |  JUST RECEIVED REPRIMAND  |  show details
Jan 6th, 2012 out the Ark Medical Board's website which shows she just received a reprimand in August of 2011, that is a public censure. You might want to think twice about going to see this woman.

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 |  Very caring doctor.  |  show details
Sep 26th, 2011

Dr Foley has saved my life. I met her about 5 years ago. I have terrible pain in my lower back and have been suffering with this for 15 years. At the point when I met her I was in a very bad place due to taking pain medicines for over 10 years. Her insight and caring helped me to get to a much better place physically,mentally. I truely believe had I not met her there's a good chance I wouldn't be alive today. Her practice has been though a tough time of late but I have no doubt she will get it straight and be very succesfull. If you need help don't delay MAKE AN APPT TODAY!!

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Sep 14th, 2011

Dr.Foley and her staff are very professional.Its unfortunate that people dont get their way,an have to go to this level.Ive been a pt.of hers for a while now.An I know for a fact she spends time,she ask you always how are you doing.An then its up to you to go into detail.If you dont then no,your appt. will be short.Sometimes is there a wait,sure there is,Ive had to wait at plenty other dr. offices for my appt. as well.Sometimes there is emergency,the pt b4 you could take longer with that will make you have to wait a little longer.Ive never heard her yell at no pt.Be rude to nobody in any way.An if you feel that way then yes you should go to a new Dr.An Im sure she would tell you the same.There is guidelines she has to if you overstep them,an she has to take action.That isnt her or her staffs fault.Ive never had a bad experience at her will continue to be her pt.

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Jul 28th, 2011

I worked for her for a BRIEF 3 months when she first opened her practice on Markham. She was always late. She would ask ME, the nurse, to see patients while she was off on shopping sprees with her then office manager. She would ask both me AND the office manager to sign her names to prescriptions if she wasn't there. I never saw her steal any pills but I DID see her steal money. I worked with her for 1 month at Little Rock Pain and Rehab while she was in the process of setting up her own practice. She took the cash payment from the safe that I was supposed to deposit that afternoon and later tried to say that "some random patient" stole it. That wasn't true. She took it herself because she felt it was "owed" to her, since the patients were coming to see HER. She has a very nice bedside manner and I also saw her give money to a patient before who was struggling, but really, she shouldn't live her license anymore.

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May 20th, 2011

Her staff nurse is the rudest, incompetent,uncaring,unprofessional nurse i've ever met in my life! She steals the patients cash payments that Dr Foley trust her to take! Dr.Foley seemed to care during my wifes first vist but that was just a mask. She's always late, dosen't listen to your problems & believes her incompetent stealing nurse over her patients. I've also witnessed & heard her yell @ several patients that @ times have waited mored than 2hr to see her! The walls are very thin & you can hear her from another room when she yells. She makes her patients bring their medications in for her to do a pill count then she steals their pills! Over 10patients have said this. Now their not all lieing on her! Her licence was taken away from her about 4-5yrs ago for drug abuse & the stealing of her husbands prescription pads. She had to go to a drug rehab facility in Atlanta, GA. I don't know how she got her licence back or how she is able to con't to practice. Maybe it's because she see's her patients but another DR comes in (that does not see them- DR. JAMES BECK) he signs all of their prescriptions. There's a difference in alot of the signatures so it's obvious she signs his name to alot of the prescriptions. The Pharmacist noticed it & that's when pictures were taken of all the prescriptions given to several of the patients. I wonder if DR.JAMES BECK knows that DR FOLEY & her nurse forges him name?? He's the Dr that comes in only to sign the patients prescriptions,but my wife nor none of the other patients see's this Dr @ all! Well, we all see him when he quickly walks in,stays for about 1hr then quickly leaves. The things that are done in that office are illegal! That's why my wife quickly left her practice. We have moved & my wife has a wonderful Dr now! GOD is going to punish DR FOLEY & HER NURSE for what their doing to innocent patients that are in severe pain & trust her with their lives. Several patients,& myself, reported all of the information to the AR Medical Board, Police Department & also reported her nurse Sherry Johnson to the AR State Board of Nursing. They are currently being investigated! One of the vital patients we tryed to get to help us (because her father is a Police Officer) didn't want to because she said she wanted us to give Dr Foley a second chance. She said that GOD would forgive her & maybe she was getting help if she had a drug problem. There is no IF! Dr Foley still has a drug problem! That same patient was later physically assulted due to her prescription being alted by a so-called friend of the family. The Detectives contacted several of us that are seeking to press charges against Dr Foleys when they received the police report given by the patient that detailed the events & the Dr's name that was given by the victim was DR FOLEY! We're all very concerned about this patients life! The Detectives recorded her phone call when she contacted Dr Foleys office to inform her about what had happened to her & the prescription that was given to her. Needless to say Dr Foley wouldn't listen to the patient. When instructed by the Detectives to call back, either Dr Foley or her nurse Sherry wouldn't take the patients calls because they said she altered the prescription. The Detectives tryed to convince the patient to work with them & us on their investigation, but her father (the Police Officer) Was very upset & said they couldn't force her to do that. Due to the traumatic & stressful events that occured to her she got very ill & was experiencing uncontrollable seizures. We're truly sad because we also tryed to get her to help us but we had no idea she had seizures and apprently other major illnesses. We knew she was a diabetic because she's gotten sick more than once while waiting to be seen. The Detectives informed all of us not to try to contact her @ all! We're pretty sure she hasn't received any help from Dr Foley. She's in all of our Prayers!! If Dr Foley treated that patient like that after all she's been through imagine how she's going to treat YOU!!! By all means stay away from this(so called Dr!) If you have friends or family members that are seeing her they need to find another REAL DR Immediately!!! Their life depends on it!!

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 |  uncaring and rude  |  show details
Nov 22nd, 2010

staff are uncaring and act like you are a bother.Dr. Foley herself is almost always late and/or missing.Has left many patients without pain management for up to 7 days at times.ashe is not a good listener and absolutely believes she knows how and what you are feeling.She is at best a fair doctor and at worst an unfeeling ,irresponsible physician to her patients.Only go there if you absolutely have any other options.

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 |  Patient's parent  |  show details
Sep 17th, 2009

She would not let me come in with my underaged child. She was rude and I actually witnessed her yell at other patients in the lobby! We will never go there again. She over medicated him would not explain why.