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by Katz on Feb 19th, 2015

I have been seeing him for over three years and i love Dr Brilliar. He gives me my meds, listens and evaluate the situation. If i have problems they always call back right away.,

by Anonymous on Feb 17th, 2015

My daughter needed to see a psychiatrist to start the process in the right direction towards healing and recovering from depressive state. He is listed as a provider with our insurance and we were able to make an appt right a way. Lucille is very nice, very helpful and courteous... unfortunately that is where it ends. We were early as we were told to be prompt because our appointment time was set and not to be late. It is inside of a bookkeeping office, a little awkward to say the least. We finished paperwork and proceeded to wait for almost 30 minutes although she was the first patient of the day. My daughter was very unsure of the visit and had asked me to attend with her, and that i go in the office with her. I waited in their waiting room but she insisted that I came back there. First let me say, he immediately said I have a standing office because I cannot sit for long. Fair enough, I get it. But his standing office was cardboard boxes stacked on a cheap fold out table, in a very disorganized office, all the while he is wearing socks with man-sandals, hole in the crotch of his pants and looking like he just rolled out of bed. He asked a few questions and she started to relax a little, telling him what has been ailing her. He seemed as if he was uninterested in gaining more knowledge, had nothing to offer as far as suggestions on how to manage stress or deal with her depression. She has been on some medications but really does not want to be in a vegetative functioning state. He really seems like he does not care to be doing his job. If I did not go in there with her, I wouldnt have completely believed it myself. She left feeling like she is further behind the 8 ball and a waste of her dad and I money to pay for the ridiculous 150 visit. He should take notes from Lucille on how to be sympathetic to patients feelings and needs. I will not be taking her back and only wished that I had read the reviews beforehand, rather than after the fact, but one good thing is I can write a review in hopes that someone will read before making the mistake to go to this guy. TERRIBLE DOCTOR!

by CAROL on Jan 19th, 2015


Jun 2nd, 2014

I had the exact same experience as others have detailed. He was rude, uncommunicative, disinterested. He didn't explain anything to me, just wrote me a prescription and told me to come back in 3 months. I didn't go back. This man should not be in the psychiatry business.

Worst Psychiatrist EVER! show details Worst Psychiatrist EVER!
Mar 10th, 2014

Never seen any doctor this bad in my life. Saw this guy once & I will never go back to him & would recommend others don't bother with him. Terribly unfriendly, to the point of being rude. On the rare occasion that he spoke, he was snippy in attitude and curt in his tone. The little back room he uses as an office was tiny & filthy. Ok doc, I get it, you don't like your job. Don't worry, I won't be back to bother you again. Since it is apparent you don't want to treat people, I would like to suggest you just quit or retire-and fast. I was also kept waiting nearly 40 minutes beyond my appointment time, and I'm not even sure why since I was the only one there to see him. Sincerely, Very disappointed!

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Feb 10th, 2014

This doctor is completely unprofessional. He is visibly disinterested in what you have to say. The entire visit as I was discussing my issues he just continued to go through his emails. Reading and replying to them as though he wasn't even aware I was talking. He did not engage in any conversation or even acknowledge that I was in the room much less talking to him. When I attempted to discuss medication he got very rude and unprofessional, treating my like some kind of drug addict even though the medication discussed was a long term maintenance med of mine for anxiety. I was shocked at the nasty tone he used with me, completely inappropriate & un-called for. I was neither rude nor disrespectful to him so there was no reason for him to speak to me that way. While I was talking he was completely preoccupied on the computer which showed me he did not give a crap about me or what I was saying. He really seems annoyed to even be bothered by dealing with patients. He was extremely rude, dry and nasty to deal with. I went to him for help & Left in tears, feeling far worse than before I saw him. Also, he doesn't even have a real office. He uses an empty room in the back of a tax business. The room he uses is an unorganized mess and there is no lobby to wait in so u have to stand in the tax business & wait for him to come up & get you. Even his personal appearance is alarming. He looked completely disheveled and unkempt. Shirt wrinkled and half untucked, his hair was noticeably oily & dirty & the back wasn't even combed. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE DOCTOR. DO NOT SEE THIS QUACK. HE SHOULDN'T EVEN BE CALLED A DOCTOR. I was worse after seeing him than before. DO NOT SEE THIS GUY!

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Worst experience of my life show details Worst experience of my life
by A mom who needed help on Jul 30th, 2013

I have had issues with stress since I was a child. I was put in the hospital at age 12 for stomach pains and was told it was due to stress. I have worked my whole life so far (I'm 32) trying to alleviate my stress level. Exercising helped but did not solve my anxiety and stress. A few months before my 30 birthday my husband left me after being together for 14 years and having two beautiful children. Again I have always had problems with stress but I snapped and got extremely depressed, I could barley get out of bed or take care of my children. So I went to a doctor for some help. I met dr mark heine in North Carolina and started working with him, I saw him every week for an hour at a time for almost 2 years. During this time we tried anti anxiety meds and anti depression meds. I had never taken anything like that and it was a roller coaster trying to find the right meds to help my situation. When I left North Carolina my doctor told me to get a new doc and continue on my meds and my good work. I went to dr brallier because my dad sees him and said that he is an ok doc, boy was my dad wrong!!!!! I was hospitalized on april 3 again for stress, my stomach lining is deteriorating from stress. When I went in to see dr brallier after getting out of the hospital I explained my situation like I did here but in much more detail. I told him that I was extremely anxiety ridden and had been off my pills for way longer than my previous doc told me too. My previous doc said that if I stopped taking my meds I would have a downward spiral and he was right. After telling dr brallier most everything in my life and being completely honest about smoking marijuana to help calm my nerves. We get done with the appointment and he says he will give me my anti depressant but not my anti anxiety meds. When I asked why he said in a rude condescending tone "I am not going to discuss this with you." I said I don't understand he very rudely replied "I know you don't understand!" I started to get upset with the way he was speaking to me and the fact that I just paid 150 for a doc to make me feel like I'm begging for drugs when I just wanted the medication that is an anti anxiety pill not a pain pill, I wasn't trying to get high just calm down when I get an anxiety attack and feel like I can't breathe. When I asked him if he could give me anything for anxiety he turned and looked at me and said "why don't you just go smoke some more marijuana?" Thanks for throughing that in my face doc when i was trying to be honest, and when I started to have an anxiety attack in his office he got up opened his door and told me "get out of my office!!" I left crying and on the edge of a complete mental collapse. Please if you really want help do your self a favor and DO NOT go see doc brallier he is rude, talks down to you and doesn't give a crap about any of his patients it's all about money for him. Do yourself a favor and go to a doc that actually gives a crap.

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Feb 19th, 2013

In a time of severe crisis and mental collapse, the last thing one needs is ineptitude and a completely apathetic attitude. I came to this doctor for care and advice. He does not listen and when I asked questions, he appeared aggravated and was unwilling to answer clearly and directly. At one point, he seemed to be staring at a piece of paper. The piece of paper had nothing written on it but dates. Still, he continued to stare at it for at least couple of minutes. He appeared as though he had zoned out and was lost in thought while I tried to explain why I was there. Others have written that he appears "spaced out" and rarely made eye contact as he typed on his computer. This is accurate. If I were a weaker person, the office visit with Dr. Richard Bralliar would have surely pushed me to the edge. What he and others like him don't realize is how very fragile one is when seeking mental help. My hope is that others do not experience what I have as this doctor will surely test you and may discourage you from seeking the help you need for what ails you. This is my opinion and I hope that if you do decide to make an appointment with this doctor, that your experience will be much better than mine. Thank you.

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Incompetent Psychiatrist! show details Incompetent Psychiatrist!
Nov 12th, 2012

I scheduled an appt with this Dr. because my insurance plan has a limited Psychiartrist list I can see. I was able to get a fast appt with Dr Bralliar. I can see why this Dr. didn't have a booked schedule like some of the others. First of all the location of his office is very bizzare. He is located inside of a tax office with a little cubby in the back. There is not waiting room, so basically you have to sit in the tax office and wait for him to come out and get you, so there is no privacy here, everyone in the tax office will know your seeing a Psychiatrist. His receptionist was pleasant compared to alot of other office staff I have dealt with. In this cubby. There is a small desk with a comp he works on and a chair for the patient. The entire time he was typing on the comp instead of giving me eye contact and addressing my concerns. I came to him in a crisis. I felt worse when I left his office. he made me feel like a drug addictive asking for anxiety meds to help ease my anxiety. Instead he told me I need to work with my therapist more, and not take anxiety meds. This is after I paid my co pay, so basically I left his office with hurt feelings and no prescription for my disorder. What kind of Psychiatrist doesn't prescribe his patients meds! He is the most insensitive, heartless spaced out Dr. I have ever met before. I know the mental health field is crap, but this guy takes the cake. He doesn't seem to be in touch with reality or his patients. Do yourself a favor and avoid this Psychiatrist! Don't support his salary, he doesn't deserve to have an open practice the way he trwtas his patients.

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Great Psychiatrist! show details Great Psychiatrist!
by TL C on Apr 25th, 2011

easy, quick

by Tobian on Dec 7th, 2009

I came to Dr. Bralliar for the first time several years ago on an emergency visit due to an onset of a severe psychiatric crisis that needed immediate attention. He has been treating me ever since. As a result of his superior care for my condition, I have made a remarkable recovery and have had no psychotic episodes for quite a while. My prognosis is that I can reasonably expect a 100% recovery and continue to follow my dreams and live a completely fulfilled life. I owe it to Dr. Bralliar for his compassion and persistence as well as his support, encouragement and at times rather blunt honesty. He has always treated me like a person even when I was at my worst. He has NEVER made me feel uncomfortable, dismissed or looked at me as some lunatic. When hospitalization was a definite possibility, he openly discussed the issue with my wife and they both agreed I was better off at home. I did not have a simple case although maybe typical for his practice. It would have been easier on him to throw me in a hospital, but he cared enough to put my interests first along with strong boundaries. He is an exceptionally wonderful, warm hearted person and a superior physician with the same qualities. I highly recommend him to anyone, in fact the persons I have referred to Dr. Bralliar love him as well. In an effort to educate certain people who are otherwise ignorant to the qualifications in regards to Dr. Bralliar having a D.O. vs M.D. A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) is in fact a Medical Doctor with equal qualifications. The difference is primarily ademically and has no bearing on medical practice or patient care.

Sep 14th, 2009

Talk about "spaced out" he is. I felt as though I were speaking to a wall. Never any feed back, he never spoke, nothing. He just sat there. It's fine to let the patient lead, I guess. But no input from the doctor? You have to wonder if he's in it just for the money. btw he is NOT an MD. I stopped going, you shouldn't even start.

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