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Feb 12th, 2015

Basically because I was over weight he refused to treat me.

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Feb 2nd, 2015

Waited a month for appointment....waited in waiting area 3 hours....listened to a woman across the hall complain for 20 minutes...Dr Singer isn't the issue, great reputation and a very intuitive guy. Over booking appointments and poor med staff communication.

Never a 2nd thought show details Never a 2nd thought
by Steven S. on Jan 22nd, 2014

This is a no brainer, you want the best for your kid or for yourself you have to see this doctor . Oh yea , you have to wait to see the best ,for me my kid is worth it. Thank you Dr.Singer

Beware of this office show details Beware of this office
by Mike J on Oct 19th, 2013

Beware of this office.

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The Best, period. show details The Best, period.
Jul 27th, 2013

Dr.Singer is the best hand surgeon. He lives and breathes what he does because he loves what he does. It is his passion. He was in the top 100 hand surgeons in the whole United States, last time I checked. He can be a little eccentric and his office is very busy, but he is worth the wait. He see's patients in Dearborn, Warren and Southfield.

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Great results! show details Great results!
by Jeri K on Jun 9th, 2013

Dr. Singer is so busy, while he's talking to you, he's also talking to his assistant about a phone call. It's wild, but he really does spend time explaining what's wrong with the hand and how to fix it and surgery isn't always the first answer. I wouldn't trust anyone else.

Don't waste your time show details Don't waste your time
May 16th, 2013

I have seen Dr. Singer about 10 years ago when he was very interested in what was going on with you. Last time I saw him, he seemed not at all interested in my condition, didn't spend more than 3-4 minutes with me, didn't even go over my x-rays which his staff took and I had to pay for. He looked at tests I had brought from another doctor and literally said just wait another 4 months and see what happens and then come back and see me. I will seek treatment elsewhere if needed. Would not go back to him. He has changed for the worse.

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Feb 15th, 2013

Not honest and rude or very nice. Insurance company pawn. I wonder he he had have a different finding than 6 doctors and several years of facts with in about a 12 minute look.

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Too Busy show details Too Busy
Oct 22nd, 2012

Dr. Singer seems too busy to spend enough time with patients and thus makes judgments and offensive comments without knowing the background situation of the patient. He also carries an arrogant air about him. Some ideas to get you started:-Write about overall experiences-Write about what you like or dislike about your physician-Write about whether you would recommend-Write as if you are talking to a peer who is asking your opinion

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A Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing!! show details A Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing!!
Apr 26th, 2012

Dr. Singer misdiagnosed my condition and returned me back to work without restrictions on a "tactical basis" (WHAT AM I ??? A guinea pig???) Furthermore, Dr. Singer lied in my exam report by stating, "patient has excellent range of motion"....WHEN DOES A SPRAINED WRIST HAVE "EXCELLENT RANGE OF MOTION"??? Eventually, working with a sprained wrist led to trigger finger in 2 digits...but, are you ready for this one?...are you sure? Workers Comp scheduled an IME (Independent Medical Examination) 2 yrs. later with none other than Dr. Singer. So...I go to the exam (litigation requirement) and Singer conducts the exam and was stunned (or so he appeared) by the fact that he misdiagnosed my initial condition which led to the latter condition. Ok, now remember the , "are you ready for this one" remark? Here's the attorney called me two days after the IME to inform me that Dr. Singer told the Workers Comp Insurance Agency (drum roll)....I NEVER ATTENDED THE IME. So glad and fortunate that my wife tape recorded the entire IME. Choose your doctor with "extreme"'ve been warned!

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I'm living proofI show details I'm living proofI
Dec 22nd, 2011

Dr. Singer operated on my shattered radius in 1991. Despite the potential for multiple complications, I can honestly say that 21 years later, I still have none. He knows what he's doing.

Excellent, skilled, informative and personal service show details Excellent, skilled, informative and personal service
Dec 12th, 2011

I would highly recommend Dr. Singer to a family relative or friend. He is very knowledgeable about hand/ wrist/ finger conditions and injuries and very successfully performed separate surgeries on each hand involving multiple issues with compassionate service and minimal pain and recovery time.

Aug 18th, 2011

Don't know how he is a doctor

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from the inside out show details from the inside out
May 20th, 2010

Dr. Singer is "hands down" the best hand surgeon in SE Michigan. You actually over hear conversations at the deli about how amazing Dr. Singer is -- he's a popular guy and there's a reason why. He has a great sense of humor, he's caring, he's extremely technically talented, and he wants what is best for YOU. Dr. Singer understands that not all circumstances in life are ideal -- and he's willing to work WITH you. He knew I needed to be casted when I sprained my wrist -- and I knew I needed to be casted. But if I couldn't take the cast off for certain things, I'd fail a class that would cost me over $10k to repeat. He INGENIOUSLY crafted me a removable cast. It was a plaster cast, heavy as heck, but when I needed to get the sucker off -- I could. I am convinced he made it difficult enough to take the cast off/on to force me into "taking it easy". A doctor that works WITH a patient -- they still exist? He makes sure that you absolutely understand what's the plan, and he does a good job at explaining what the problem is in layman terms. Bonus - he will tell you straight up what's the problem and what needs to be done to fix it. No dawdling around. And he sometimes does his dictations of your visit right in front of you -- so you ACTUALLY know what is in your medical file! He lives and breathes hand surgery. And unlike most surgeons -- he's personable and caring. He also works a lot of hours so it's fairly easy to get an appointment with him. From inside the hospital, any doctor, nurse, or staff member that broke their hand has a story about how Dr. Singer saved the day.

Choose this doctor! show details Choose this doctor!
by Holly Gilmour on Oct 16th, 2009

We just wanted to take a moment to call your attention to a truly exceptional doctor- Dr. Richard Singer.Our son broke his little finger playing football and required having surgery to place a pin to ensure proper healing. Dr. Singer shared not only his exceptional medical knowledge and skills with us and our son, but equally importantly, his valuable time. Dr. Singer always went well above and beyond the call of duty during in office visits, pre-op, as well as follow up visits. Dr. Singer made us feel as though our son were the most important patient he had, and this meant the world to us. Dr. Singer truly cares about his patients and he makes Oakwood look great!Dr. Singer did an exceptional job of clearly explaining our son's injury to us and more importantly to him. Dr. Singer spoke directly to our son, not through him. Our son was treated like a patient and not just a child which made him feel terrific! Dr. Singer always explained what was going to happen openly and honestly, giving our boy realistic expectations and making something extremely intimidating tolerable. Everything has gone exactly as planned by Dr. Singer. In fact, our son has experienced virtually NO PAIN and has taken only one Tylenol throughout his entire surgery and recovery. We're happy to report that our is presently healing great and won't even need to have any physical therapy. It has not been yet one full month since surgery and our son has full range of motion restored and a very tiny scar. This doctor is UNBELIEVABLE and the best you could ever hope to find.

Best Hand Specialist show details Best Hand Specialist
by Brian on Sep 1st, 2009

I have been to see Dr. Singer and his staff for two hand injuries. The first was an A4 pulley tear in my finger, and the second was for a hand injury after a bicycling accident. Both times, Dr. Singer and his staff took the time to explain the injury and the proper course of treatment (in English). Sure, you may wait a bit once you sign in, but what you get is a caring doctor who spends the necessary time with his patients to properly diagnose their issue. Not very many doctors do that nowadays, especially those who specialize. If you have the need to see a hand specialist, you cannot do any better than Dr. Singer.As for the person who wrote a comment about his staff being unprofessional because they "chit-chat," wake-up! That is the sign of good, friendly, quality staff who enjoy their job.

by Steve Skolnik on Aug 31st, 2009

Had surgery August 18th.- great all around experience. At the very frist appointment, all options discussed and all questions clearly answered. The staff made all arrangements and kept me well informed when scheduling the surgery at my convience. The surgery itself was quick and painless. Dr. Singer took time with me and my wife before and after the actual surgery to make sure we had no concerns. Follow up appointment was quick and efficient, wait time was minimal. From the moment the anesthesia wore off, I knew Dr. Singer was a good surgeon. The numbness was completely gone, and had full movement of my arm and fingers, absolutely no pain. I highly recommend Dr. Singer with absolutely no reservations whatsoever.

Thank heavens for Dr. Singer! show details Thank heavens for Dr. Singer!
Aug 30th, 2009

Earlier this year, my Mom had a fall that sent us to the ER. The radiologist who read her films in the ER indicated there was nothing wrong; thus, the ER sent us home. We followed up the next day with her PCP, who called Dr. Singer since she was having pain in her wrist. Dr. Singer saw her immediately, reviewed the hospital films and indicated to us she had hairline fracture in her wrist. Without knowledgeable, caring physicians like Dr. Singer, where would we be? ...I guess walking around with fractured wrists. THANK YOU DR. SINGER!!!

Dr.Singer:Efficient,Precise,Witty yet professional show details Dr.Singer:Efficient,Precise,Witty yet professional
Aug 24th, 2009

Hey,my friend,whomever you might be, let me tell you about an excellent doctor that deals with all kinds of bone and nerve damage.He is just one great doctor.When he comes in the room you know he is there for you and your problem.When I first went to him he ordered blood work and I thought ,"why is a hand doctor needing blood work?" Well, I asked him and he said my doctors report showed I might be diebetic so he wanted some specific findings.Because, tingling and numbness in the hand may not only be because of or related to carpal tunnel;it is also a diebetis or nerve damage problem. On my very first visit this doctor gave me information on how to control my sugar intake,exercises I could do,and especially to watch the carbs(he's big on that)!And this before he had any results!!I would strongly recommend that any one that has had what they feel was a bad experience with Dr. Singer to please bring it to him personally because it sounds like a personal issue,not something in regards to his expertice or professionalism.The doors to the exam rooms are open,I believe, because there would be no need for any privey privacy or confidenciallity.And if need be,say so to the doctor and I'm sure he would graciously accomadate you.Be assured that you are in very good hands with Dr. Singer!He is a man of his word. He promises to not bring you any unnecessary pain and he dosen't.Oh! and who in the heck would wait two hours without going to the window and questioning it and/or make another appointment?Nobody likes to be ignored or made to wait when they don't know what's going on in the back. Dr.Singers staff are polite and courteous and pretty accomadating in what is a very busy office.

by Edward Garcia-McDonnell on Aug 24th, 2009

Excellent doctor. Stays current on new procedures. Avoids surgery until absolutely necessary. Would recommend.

Dr. Singer is AMAZING!!! show details Dr. Singer is AMAZING!!!
Aug 20th, 2009

Dr. Singer is amazing! I recently saw him for a broken finger and not only he the kindest man, he is an incredible doctor. After the surgery, my finger has healed beautifully! In addition, his staff demonstrated the utmost professionalism and care. I am shocked beyond belief to see bad reviews. These people are insane and must be miserable people. Needless to say, I will definitely refer Dr. Singer to my family and friends!!!

Great results with my broken finger show details Great results with my broken finger
by Barb Smith on Jul 6th, 2009

I thought Dr. Singer was great. When I broke my finger near the joint, he got me right in, and did an awesome job in outpatient surgery putting then pin in that held my bone together while it healed. His staff did follow up on my hand strength and teaching me exercises to build my strength back up. Since he squeezes emergency patients into his schedule, sometimes I sat for a while in the waiting room (as I'm sure others did when I was seen right away). But I'd rather have a surgeon that everyone wants to see and wait for a bit, than be seen immediately by one who doesn't have that many patients.

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