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a little peculiar, but his heart is in the right place show details a little peculiar, but his heart is in the right place
by dda on Oct 15th, 2013

first of all, i must admit i really don't like to chat while having routine exams. another doc in this practice talked so much, it kind of turned me off. i'm not going to make longlasting friends or have strange men intrude on my privacy. personal questions, this and that, small talk on and on doesn't make me really happy. so i changed over to dr penney. he's a bit eccentric and prone to good and bad moods. i have seen him a couple of times and he's always been a gentleman, cool and not over intrusive. i give him a big thumbs up for that. he does talk a little, just to be personable and make you feel like you're important and that your opinions matter. i wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others although i am past menopause and have had my babies w/other doctors in middlesex county. but truly an A for effort.

Ms. show details Ms.
by Susan P on Jul 24th, 2013

I m 55 and in menopause. I suffered many years fom painful fibroids, heavy bleeding and an enlarged uterus. I did research on the DaVinci robotic hysterectomy and found Dr. Penney who is experienced in doing them. Recovery time is much quicker with this procedure. Many other doctors ( including my OB/GYN of 25 years) still prefer to cut you open from hip to hip when performing a hysterectomy. Dr. Penney explained the procedure in depth to me answering all my questions. The procedure took about 2 1/2 hours under general anesthesia with 1 over night in the hospital. I had absolutely minimal or no pain after the procedure. I was up on my feet quickly and had to make myself rest in order to heal properally. By two weeks I felt completely recovered. A surgical hysterectomy would have taken months to heal from. I completely recommend Dr. Penney to anyone who may require a hysterectomy. Six months later I have 4 tiny incisions that are almost gone. My quality of life is so much better from not having pain anymore! Thank you Dr. Penney his staff for the great care. I would recommend him and this procedure to anyone.

Great doctor! Great practice! show details Great doctor! Great practice!
by K on Feb 28th, 2013

I can't say enough how wonderful all the doctors and nurses are in this practice especially Dr. Penney, Dr. Conley and Nurse Ginny! They are all so knowledgable, caring, patient and attentive. I would highly recommend the practice and any of the four doctors especially Dr. Penney and Conley to anyone who are looking for a great group of gynecologists!

Sad But True show details Sad But True
Jan 29th, 2013

I always wait between 1 & 2 hours for my exam. He recently told me and other patients (my friends go to him too) that we absolutely must get BOTOX as he provides this service now. I could not believe what I was hearing. I advised him that my husband and I are fine with using condoms as contraceptives - but he insisted on urging me to get my tubes tied which I will never do. Nor will I get BOTOX. Really doctor...are you for real?? You must be having money issues. I saw the disappointment in your face that I am relatively young and healthy so you can't make much $ from me. You give doctors a bad name.

Horrible bedside manner show details Horrible bedside manner
Aug 16th, 2011

I highly discourage anyone from using this doctor. He always appears to be in a rush and very rarely listens to any concerns I have. The other doctors in the practice are very caring and attentive.

Terrible Birth Experience show details Terrible Birth Experience
Jul 16th, 2009

My prenatal visits with Dr. Penney were actually quite good, one day he actually spent almost a half an hour extra talking to me about birth, epidurals, episiotomies. The only warning was that when he did a cervical check at the end of my pregnancy, it was incredibly painful, and whenever the other doctors in the practice performed the same check, it was unpleasant, but most definitely not painful.I was scheduled for an induction at 8 days overdue, which Dr. Penney was over an hour and a half late to. He inserted cervidil to begin the induction, which was painful. He also seemed to be annoyed, like he would rather not be working on the weekend. My labor continued through the next day, and I say him two more times before active labor: to start pitocin, and to break my water. I can honestly say, the only time I cried out in labor was when he examined me. In fact, when the nurse examined me (she was amazing) she comforted me by telling me she wouldn't hurt me like he did.I had back labor, and pushed for 1.5 hours, and the nurse kept running out to talk to Dr. Penney. We kept asking where he was, she came back and said the Giants were in overtime, and he would be in when it was over. I'm not kidding. My husband later said he thought this might have been a joke, but it's probably the least funny joke I've ever heard.Finally, Dr. Penney came in, again, looking bored and annoyed. He told me he could "get this all over in one push" if I let him use forceps. I agreed. What happened next is up for debate. My husband swears he watched Dr. Penney perform an episiotomy, but he never told me he was doing so. He then used forceps to remove my son.Dr. Penney then spent a good amount of time stitching me up, and scolding the nurse, saying he didn't like how much I was bleeding. I was given a shot in my leg to stop the bleeding, but no one talked to me about it, they talked to each other. Before he left he congratulated me, but told me I had a tear. When I was taken to Maternity from labor and delivery, I found out when I was listening to the nurses changing shifts, that I had a 4th degree tear. No one told me what that meant. I had to go home and google it. I had a terrible, terrible recovery. At 5 months postpartum I had to have surgery to correct scar tissue buildup, and whenever I have an exam, the gyno asked me if I experienced some kind of trauma.I have changed practices, and would never advise anyone to go to Dr. Penney. At my 6 week checkup he did take time to explain my injuries, but that was too little too late. If he hadn't been in such a hurry to get back to Sunday football, maybe we could have avoided the forceps, and I wouldn't have permanent damage. He did helpfully suggest vaginal rejuvination surgery which would "make me as tight as a teenager."

Thank You show details Thank You
Jun 9th, 2009

I was 18 weeks pregnant and was having extreme pain. I thought I was in preterm labor. Dr. Penney met me at the ER (on a Sunday morning)and called in a surgeon he trusted. They figured it was my appendix and the surgeon removed it at 7pm that night. I was in the ER all day and so was Dr. Penney. He stayed for the whole surgery as well to make sure everything was ok. Not many Drs stick around after a surgeon takes over, especially not on a Sunday. He was also the one who delivered my son at 40wks. He knows his stuff and doesn't tip-toe around the facts. I liked that.

Numerous Bad Experiences show details Numerous Bad Experiences
Aug 13th, 2008

My regular doctor is Dr. Conely but when you are having a baby you have to see all the doctors in the practice. Dr. Penny is horrible. I got stuck with him for my 1st daughters delivery. He came in the room when he got to the hospital and I didn't see him again for 7 hours. I pushed for 4 hours without him even looking in on me. Then with my second child I went in to the office because I was bleeding a little bit. He sent me home and back to work. He told me everything was fine. My daughter delivered that night 10 weeks early. Thanks Dr. Penny.