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Mar 18th, 2015

There are no stars above because they would have had to attempted something to rate a star. He did not visit my "room", staff demanded urine and blood samples with no explanation as to what kind of tests were being preformed. If my insurance bills me later, I have no idea what can be charged. This was the absolute worst "Dr." Visit I have experienced, and Dr visits are usually unpleasant due to illness.

Feb 12th, 2015

Wait time was 5hrs with a set apt.

Sep 5th, 2013

I injured my foot, I called their livingston office and was refused service. I was told no appointments were available and to go to urgent care. It cost me over $200 for them to tell me its broken and to see my primary care dr. Well I guess I will be looking for a new primary care dr. in the area.

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This office has changed, I will not be back. show details This office has changed, I will not be back.
by long standing patient on Jun 21st, 2013

I have been a patient of Dr. Woodrome's for years, have even convinced my family to see him (12 people). Something has changed, he has become extremely arrogant and doesn't seem to care, his office staff are rude and unknowledgeable. Sadly the one nurse left has even become lazy and doesn't seem to care when I approached her regarding my medicine. I spoke with the manager about a bill that I don't owe, she became defensive and rude. My family and I will be changing doctors immediately.

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This office is a joke show details This office is a joke
by annonymus on Jun 6th, 2013

Still waiting for my prescriptions to be called into the pharmacy. I used to be able to leave a message and a nurse would call me back. I have left several messages and the very last time asked for the nurse that always called me she is no longer there. The staff now doesn't care. They just tell me they are busy and will call me back.

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June 3 visit time for a change show details June 3 visit time for a change
Jun 4th, 2013

Me and my husband have been going to see Dr. Woodrome for many years. Always seemed welcome and never had a problem refilling my medicine. Lately, we can't get them to order the medicine or even get it tight when they do. My husband has been out if his heart medicine. After a lot of the girl who answers the phone just gives me the same excuse. I was there on Monday morning and see too many changes and Dr seems in a rush and the nurses don't know what they are doing. The wait always was long but the girls made us laugh and feel like we were special, we didn't mind the wait. Now they are just rude and not the same people.

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my first and last appointment show details my first and last appointment
Jun 1st, 2013

Staff was rude, receptionist never once looked up at me. She handed me a stack of papers and then said fill these out and have a seat. Not even a smile. After waiting for over an hour a nurse called be back. She too no smile was very rude and short answered. She kept walking away and sitting at a computer. I finally met the doctor, he seemed pleasant for the whole 5 minutes that I saw him. I will not be back.

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dr does not really care about his patients show details dr does not really care about his patients
by David J. on May 14th, 2013

My mother use to go and see dr woodrome, and at first he was ok. she has been disabled since 1999 and has had three different back surgeries, has to deal with pain every day. After a while of seeing him, she would come out of the dr office literally crying, because he was so rude and never listened to her. There was even an instance where one qppointment he did mot even see her, when she spoke to the lady at the front about it, he busted oit into the front and started yelling in front of all the patients about her business, " now i am seeing you" , bad dr. I went to him because he was the only Dr in Livingston who worked with suboxone. He will charge you as many times as he possibly can. i was one day early to get my refill, because the last month it fell on a Friday, was not able to make it before twelve and had to do the weekend without. Which i also called ahead and let them know and he would not call in not one for me to get by on. When i was one day early, he wanted a better excuse than , i could not make it on Friday by twelve and only wrote me fifteen and told me to come back in five days, in which i would have to pay another one hundred and fifty dollars, again. Think about it, any excuse he can find , even when its not your fault , he will find to charge Xtra money. He does not care about his patients, and there are other des out there who treat pain.

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first time visit show details first time visit
by mmwalker on Mar 19th, 2013

This is a very caring dr. he made me feel real good, he noticed some things about me that other doctors never noticed about me, he is very caring, I will be back!!! Dr.Woodrome keeps a smile on his face and makes you smile back, I think he is the best, and his manners are awesome, he is concerned about the elderly, he takes time to talk to you about everything and I love his staff, they are all very nice! Thank you Dr. Woodrome, you are one of the best Dr.'s that I have ever been to, and I thank you for your concern!

wow show details wow
Aug 18th, 2012

How to he keep his license

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Best Dr. Ever show details Best Dr. Ever
May 1st, 2012

I love this office... Staff and all.

Mar 30th, 2012

Yes the wait can be long, but he is a very professional doctor. The best in this town. He is so caring and loves every patient as if they are family. I would recommend him to anyone. VERY GOOD DOCTOR.

Very helpful show details Very helpful
Mar 30th, 2012

First visit, he took blood work, and other tests to see were my health was at. My complaint was menopause symptoms and my other doctor was not helping me as much as I needed; I tried his way 1 1/2 years. Dr. Woodrome was my second opinion. When he recived my results which was the very next day, he called me in immedicatly. I had no male or female hormones that would register in my blood work. He immediately started me on new medications. For any of you that are taking a topical hormone or other topical medication, have your doctor test you to see if it is actually working. My other doctor just assumed it was working, even though I was seeing him almost mostly with the same complaints. The wait was about two hours the first visit, but that is about average for a doctors appointment these days. I would recommend him. If your not happy get a second opinion. All doctors do not meet your expectations. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are not good doctors.

Patient show details Patient
Mar 13th, 2012

He is a very good Dr. I have been to several here in East Texas over the years, and I have walked out of many offices.. He doesn't push unnecessary drugs, he addresses each problem in a professional way.. Most of all he treats me like an equal, listens to everything I say before making a diagnosis.. I highly recommend him to everyone...

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Treated Like your the Only patient of the day show details Treated Like your the Only patient of the day
Mar 11th, 2012

Came to Texas, needed to see a Dr. Found Dr. Woodward. We got an appointement for the next day. Waiting room was packed. Waited over 3 hours, BUT... it was worth it. He was so nice and thourough. He took time to listen, did appropriate tests and blood work. And followed up the next day with all my results. Totally professional staff too

Mar 8th, 2012

Yes, there is a long wait. However, Dr. Woodrome treats each patient as if they were his only appointment for the day. You never feel rushed, or that he has something more inportant to attend to.

Caring Doctors show details Caring Doctors
Feb 25th, 2012

He is a great Doctor. He spends time with his patients and cares for each of them with deep personal care.

Was not impressed show details Was not impressed
Feb 2nd, 2012

I think this Drs hitting his own drugs. I'm a cronicly ill and my WBC needs to be checkedWeekly. Well I went to him for 3 mos and he never took blood from me once. Even when I ask them too.

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Jan 5th, 2012

He's a very good dr. to my whole family. Very caring and involved with every process. Ive had nothing but great experiences from him

Very poor doctor in e tx show details Very poor doctor in e tx
Sep 22nd, 2011

This dr places patients health in jeopardy trying to use other unresearched methods of treatment. Please be cautious when using this dr. He will guess at a diagnosis before referring a patient out.

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Rumor Mongers!!! show details Rumor Mongers!!!
Sep 19th, 2011

Funny how this Dr is rated best until horrible, nonfactual, rumors start flying. These people making comments about his work ethics OBVIOUSLY dont know him. it sure is easy to feed in to small town BS isn't it. Go visit him with an open mind and see for yourself. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find a very professional, caring, Attentive Dr. And the LAST thing he does is push dope on people. Quite the contrary! people, speak what you know and know what you speak. This is an EXCELLENT DOCTOR!

Drug Pushing Doctor! show details Drug Pushing Doctor!
Sep 13th, 2011

This Dr. will do whatever it takes to make money for himself. His practice is only a "cover up" for him to push addictive drugs illegially. Check with many pharmacies in Livingston, TX,...they are refusing to even fill RX which he writes. Very sad when someone like this is allowed to continue to practice medicine. Keep your eyes on the arrest records, his name will eventually be on that list! He is the worst kind of "scum of the earth"! The poor unspecting people who actually depend upon him for medical treatment are being taken advantage of by this "QUACK"!

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Quack show details Quack
Aug 9th, 2011

this dr has no professionalism nor does he care about his patience. he does not know what hes doing and insists on patients using his other facilities and requires an office visit when he screws up and doesnt follow through with prescriptions for those who need them. he needs to get out of this business. i would not reccommend this dr for my animals

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What a Quack show details What a Quack
Jul 27th, 2011

I need a new doctor, because my old family pract. was retiring. I had seen this doctor on three occasions, and he was just the worst doctor ever, vain,narcisstic, and just overly full of himself. I have lived in five different states due to the Marine Corps and had seen military docs who are better educated than this quack. If you value your childrens lives, be very weary.

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Mar 23rd, 2011

Dr. Woodrome is an fantastic doctor. He sat and took the time to talk to me for a long while. He took care of every problem I had. He is also very energetic, loving, and personal with his patients. He is like one of our family now. We love him.

Great Doctor!!! show details Great Doctor!!!
Feb 28th, 2011

Dr. Woodrome and his staff, including new NP Carly Perkins, are wonderful! I suffer from Migraines and they helped to keep them under control! Also, my husband has bloodclots and they are so attentive to our every need. I love this Dr.'s office and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!!!!!

Jan 22nd, 2011

Doc you and I have been together along time Thank you for serving our country and also man kind.Thank you for your love of God and I love it if's meal time when you and your whole office prays..I know This family would be proud to stand up with you on know that I hope you had some good fun and relaxing...Tell your granny hi I love her....Love Ed & Gloria

Wish he had moved with me.... show details Wish he had moved with me....
Jan 2nd, 2011

Dr. Woodrome was my doctor when I was in Livingston area. He saved my life. I had serious breathing problems that could have proved fatal within a short time. That was about 4 years ago. He is caring, smart, and a great man. I had to go to the hospital at one point, and was sent to the ICU. At 11PM he was wating for me in the doorway. That is not a job, it is a calling. I only wished I could have had him move with me to my new location. May try it yet!!!!

great doctor! show details great doctor!
Nov 21st, 2010

Dr. Woodrome is a wonderful doctor. He listens to what is going on with me and spends time talking with me. He is a doctor who genuinely cares about his patients. He knows what he is doing and I trust his opinion.He is very upbeat and whether I am feeling horrible or not, when I leave his office I am in a better mood. His staff is very nice. The longest I have waited was 15 minutes. He is an amazing person and I will continue to have him as my family doctor.

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Dr. Woodrome Fan Club show details Dr. Woodrome Fan Club
Oct 21st, 2010

I don't want to give the good Doc a big head but he has an outstanding set up. I did have to wait just a bit but I was handled superbly when I was called. I've only had 1 visit but I hope he will be our family doc for years to come.

Dr. Woodrome is the best show details Dr. Woodrome is the best
by A Patient on Aug 13th, 2010

Dr. Woodrome is one of the most caring men I have ever known. He truly cares for his patients. You will not go wrong with him!!

Waiting time and time spent with doctor show details Waiting time and time spent with doctor
Jul 31st, 2010

I had a scheduled appointment and signed in upon arriving to my appointment. I waited 4 hours and no one ever called my name or asked if I needed anything. I got up and went to the front desk and they acted like it was no big deal. Dr Woodrome only spent a few minutes examining me. He was asking me "why wasn't I on medication" without even having blood work results and a complete examine done. This is just not right! I may be old , but not an idiot.

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by Janice on Jun 24th, 2010

Dr. Woodrome is a fantastic doctor. Yes he is loud, but he is down to earth also..He doesn't mind taking the time to talk to you..AND IT IS GREAT TO KNOW THAT A DOCTOR CAN REMEMBER YOU AND THE REASONS YOU HAVE VISITED EVEN IF IT WAS A YEAR AGO!!!

Great Doctor show details Great Doctor
by Just Vinny on Apr 25th, 2010

This is one doctor that really cares. I would recommend this doctor to anyone. I am over 50years old, and now feel better then I have since I was 20.

Awesome Doctor! show details Awesome Doctor!
by A Patient on Apr 15th, 2010

I love Dr. Rob! He is such a caring doctor. I have had medical problems for years and he is the only one who has been able to keep me feeling well.

Jan 28th, 2010

Poor standards of care

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Best Dr. in East Texas show details Best Dr. in East Texas
Nov 12th, 2009

Dr. Woodrome has been my family dr for the past 5 years. He is the best in the area and his office traffic shows. you will not go wrong with him.

by Monya Curtis Lyon on Sep 22nd, 2009

He is very outgoing and caring. He is quite intelligent and an excellent diagnostician. He takes time with you and listens to your health problems. He has been able to help where other doctors have not. If he can't help you, he has a good list of specialists that he can refer you to. He talks loud for those older patients how have trouble with their hearing. He has a positive attitude and happy disposition.

by Jason T. Coldspring, TX on Jul 3rd, 2009

Very Good Doctor He Is A Rare Doctor That actually believes you and doesnt make you think your crazy he takes time to sit with you and talk and take care of you i have had alot of doctors and so far he is the best.

May 17th, 2009

This review is based as a patient and as a family member and friend of other patients

Stay away from him if you value your health. show details Stay away from him if you value your health.
May 5th, 2009

I'm surprised he has low ratings here as well as During my initial visit, he advised me to stop seeing my psychiatrist, and said see him (Woodrome) only. He thinks psychiatrists get people addicted to medications just to keep them coming back. He misdiagnosed a cancer patient as well. Luckily, she had a second opinion and got treated before it was too late.

Misdiagnosed show details Misdiagnosed
by nannykay on Aug 13th, 2008

He told me I didn't have brast cancer & had nothing to worry about. "If it hurts it's not cancer." If I had listened to him, it could have cost me my life. By the time I got a second opinion I was between a stage 3 & 4 breast cancer.

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