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For the suffering patients who needs some insight........ show details For the suffering patients who needs some insight........
by Alexander U. on Apr 27th, 2013

Roderick Fields is no different than the other horrible Rheumatologists in ABQ, NM. You noticed he came from Las Cruces, and read the reviews there for the patients were already mistreated by Roderick Fields. He is not an Rheumatologist, he is just a clinical assistant to the RA Dept of UNM Sandoval. These types of doctor usually comes from 8300 Constitution (Kaseman Hospital in ABQ) and works off of another Rheumatologist's license. Roderick Fields is a soothsayer. He walks in his spiritual relaxed slippers like the soothsayer that he is, for don't let his last name, if it really is his last name, fool you. Fields is Asia Minor or from India, same thing. UNM Sandoval is so cheap, they couldn't even pay for a real nurse for Roderick Fields, but gave him a medical assistant of less than 2 yrs of education named Teresa Ruiz and her daughter Evette who is an operator for UNM Sandoval. When I first made an appt with this UNM Sandoval, they were very nice, sweet, helpful. The first appt with Roderick Fields, he came with a smile and told us (patient and caretaker) that, "Have you tried Embrel, Humira, Orencia?" I told him that my insurance will not approve for they only approve Remicade. He acted like he is unaware of this problem, but suggested he needed full blood work and X-rays at UNM Sandoval Hospital at 3001 Broadmoor Dr., Rio Rancho, NM 87144 before noon because UNM blood work closes early, but they can do X-rays until 8pm because they have a night clinic he stated very calmly and still with a smile. Before meeting Roderick Fields, Teresa Ruiz, his medical assistant (MA) told us that a man came and yelled at her for all the other RA doctors have treated him so bad. Teresa also stated she corrected him and told him that it was not her and her Roderick Fields didn't do this to him, so why is he yelling at her? I agreed because the game has just begun. Teresa kept stating that the new patients mistreats her and that she just takes it, but they fail to see that the Rheumatologist is dogging out all these people in pain. And if they are not stabbing the patients with the needles inappropriately, they cancel their appts with the patients two weeks prior, or this happens: THE RODERICK FIELDS--TERESA RUIZ GAME PLAN CALLED "THE EMBREL CAN'T GET APPROVAL GAME AFTER 2 VISITS TO THIS RA DOC AND 11 LARGE VIALS OF BLOOD WORK WITH A URINE TEST GIVEN BY ME, THE PATIENT." Then they make sure that you make an appt for the next 4 weeks and requesting for more blood work and X-rays with medications they know Medicare is not going to approve, and they expect lab works to be done only at their UNM Sandoval Labs, despite they do mention Tricore, but when you get to Tricore, Teresa Ruiz, did not send them any info, so Tricore had to call the RA Dept of UNM Sandoval to get the patient's info for the extensive lab work requested by Rod. Fields. Cause medicare will only approve Remicade Infusions. If you want Embrel, you must pay the high co-pay, and it is going to be high whether you are working or not. Then Teresa Ruiz, the MA of Roderick Fields had the nerve to show the back of her ID badge stating that the management at UNM Sandoval says that if you are not having a good day, don't come to work for they don't want you, UMN Sandoval employees, to mistreat their patients, but that wasn't true. The MA's are cold hearted and the operators that make your appointments talk to you like you are dirt after you become the patient because they really don't want you in their clean hospital. Really, they don't want to work, they don't want you to bother them in any form or fashion unless you haven't played their games which means you are going to be their new patient. They want you to walk into their trap of nothing but clinical visits to Roderick Fields and his MA, Teresa Ruiz, and a whole bunch of blood works plus extensive amounts of X-rays requesting constantly for they say without the lab work results they can't help you, when they don't want to help you anyways for it is all about the money. By the 2nd visit which was 7 days from the first initial visit, Roderick Fields stated that for him it is not about the money, it is about the healing and from my experience this is a lie. For after 14 days of the inital visit equaling to 2 office visits to Roderick Fields, Embrel was not approved as I stated, but Roderick Fields kept stating that he has another way to get the medicine by him going to another distributor for Embrel, and he also stated if that don't work out with Embrel then he will put me back on Remicade in about 7-10 days. 15 days later, Teresa Ruiz with little education stated that, "Medicare will not pay for your Remicade." For when Medicare has been paying for Remicade since 2006. So now after 15 days, 2 office visits, 11 large vials of blood works, urine test, and Teresa Ruiz lying without shame from Friday 4-19-13 to Friday 4-26-13 about Embrel and clearly she and her doc didn't want to give any biologic medicine for the RA patients....there is still no help, still no medicine, but yet Roderick Fields still wants to see me in 4 wks on 5-17-13 at 3pm. My question is why does Roderick Fields need to see me when Medicare is not paying for anything as Teresa Ruiz, his puppet stated, and that he has been lying using his MA as his mouth for his office visits and the funny thing is I went to Tricore instead to get my lab work for they make it convenient meaning they close at 5pm. If you don't give all your money to Roderick Fields and pay out of pocket for your medicine, then you will never get your emergency specialist medicine. So what was the purpose for New Mexico to build this UNM Sandoval Hospital in Rio Rancho? It is to have the new patients come to this hospital and then send or throw them out to the doctors at the out-patient clinic. UNM Sandoval Hospital just take your money and then give you referrals to other doctors when they have already charged you for their office visits....when you can do it yourself, go refer yourself through your Primary Care Doctor for a Specialist Doctor or through the internet cause UNM Sandoval Hospital near the Santa Ana Star Center is trying to take the Primary Care Doctor's job (money). I think UNM Sandoval do not have doctors in there, it is an empty hospital with employees who like to play games with the sick and talk a lot of lip cause they know they can't help you and still going to send you to an out-patient facility, to a real doctor. Roderick Fields is affiliated with these Ra docs: Sharon Nunez, Eddie Benge, Frank O'Sullivan, Peter Rosandich for that is all we know at this time. They all work together to make the suffering patient's life a living heck hole, for that is their job and they do it well. Research and you will find that Roderick Fields and most of the Rheumatologists that I have listed above came from 8300 Constitution after kissing a lot of bottom to Eddie Benge for he has been around in Administration to get the power and use it against Presbyterian Hospital by not giving the patients the services they should get which is quality medical care for these Rheumatologists are suppose to beyond a MD, cause they are specialists. When your specialist don't give you quality and proper medical care, then the staff below these specialists give you even worse care. That is why there are so many malpractices here in NM cause the specialist doctors don't care, it is so corrupted that the lawyers here won't take your malpractice case unless you have a wrongful death. Remember that lawyers are like doctors and vice versa and the people who belong to satan the devil are the same as these doctors and lawyers. They want the insurance money but they don't care. There is no love in the hearts of these so-called specialists for their suffering patients. And Peter Rosandich made a rheumatoid arthritis patient stand for 2 and 1/2 hours in excruciating pain while he watched her through a smokey white glass door. If this is not true, when you get to his office on 8200 Louisiana, ABQ, NM will see the smokey white glass door while he watches you. You cannot miss Peter Rosandich's big constitution even through this white smokey glass door, plus Peter Rosandich is the same religion as well as Roderick Fields (Hebrew). And this is very sad for anyone who is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis that needs Remicade or any other biologic medicine, because after all the office visits and blood works (lab works), you will still be suffering while these RA doctors and their nurses or lower educated medical assistants (MA's) laugh in your face. I noticed that as I went through these processes of these specialists, that many like myself is going through the same thing. And their nurses and MA's at UNM (Sandoval and Downtown Lomas location) had the nerve to say that I am dumping or jumping doctors to another and they didn't like it, but when in actuality I was trying to find the best medical doctor I could find with no success. I am not the only one looking for the best medical doctor I can find or at least a doctor that has some love for his/ her patients. IT IS ALL OF THE ALBUQUERQUE AREA IN NEW MEXICO THAT IS GOING THRU THE SAME THING THAT I AM SPEAKING OF. Then the doctors make it seem like it is all about them and they have willingly forgotten and forsaken their ailing patients who is suffering tremendously. Last but not least, these doctors forgot about their oath with their right hand on the bible promising to take care of their patients. Their oath is like the toilet paper you wipe your bottom with and continue to discard it to the sewage, and don't forget their nurses, their medical assistance who does nothing but lie and talk about themselves and their daughter and their pain, but they don't give a darn about no one else. Before I made an appt with UNM Sandoval, I read one of the reviews of Roderick Fields at UNM Sandavol. The lady stated the same thing, "DON'T LEAVE YOUR MEDICAL DOCUMENTS AT THIS HOSPITAL FOR IT WILL BE LOST, DON'T EXPECT NO CARE AFTER MONTHS OF DEALING WITH THE DOCTOR'S VISITS FOR THEY WILL JUST SEND YOU TO OUT-PATIENT." I now know this is true and I believe this lady 100% for I, too, have walked in her shoes at UNM Sandoval Hospital. I am through with these wicked RA docs in NM, for I prefer my suffering with many massages, alternative medicine, acupuncture, heating pads, external herbal pads to relieve my pain, constantly trying not to use the wheelchair so my legs don't get too weak, eating very healthy, and spending all my money on my health. I WILL NOT ALLOW THESE WICKED DOCTORS OF SPECIALTY NAMED RA DOCTORS TO SEND ME TO THE STREETS FOR DRUGS OR ALCOHOLISM TO RELIEVE MY PAIN. All my money will go to Alternative Medicine which includes everything I have written at the top. My most important ingredient in this terrifying, unrelentless, painful disease injected by these doctors in the same field is to PRAY TO YAHWEH AND JESUS CHRIST for Jesus Christ is our Wonderful Counselor and Healer. HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH CAUSE JESUS CHRIST IS COMING AND THESE BAD EARTHLY DOCTORS SHALL STILL BE STUCK IN THESE HOSPITALS AS THE EARTH BURNS IN INDIGNATION FOR YAHWEH'S, OUR CREATOR, CHILDREN AND ALL PEOPLE WHO ARE SUFFERING UNDER THESE BAD EARTHLY DOCTORS. For the children of Yahweh and Jesus Christ shall be raptured into the Kingdom of Heaven and these cold-hearted, money driven, bad earthly doctors shall disappear in the ashes of satan the devil for this is how they have lived. See you in the Kingdom of Heaven very soon, the good and righteous who are suffering trememdously. For all the patients that are suffering because of these bad earthly doctors, nurses, medical assistants, will be very satisfied when you see the vengeance of Jesus Christ on these doctors who have wronged you on purpose with premeditation, and their aids whom again shall burn with the fire of Jesus Christ. YOU WILL BE VERY SATISFIED AS YOU SEE THE GOLDEN ARMOR OF THE LOCUST EATING THE SKIN OF THESE BAD EARTHLY DOCTORS AND THEIR ASSISTANTS, as you, the child of Yahweh and Jesus Christ, watching by His right hand in the clouds of Yahweh. We will all laugh and look and see what the Power of Yahweh have over this earth. These bad earthly doctors shall feel every pain that they have inflicted upon you for Yahweh sees all things and you will see all their sufferings when you finally get raptured, so hold on, so that way you can be satisfied because of your current suffering, for you will see the vengeance that is coming and it will catch these bad earthly doctors and their bad earthly assistants off guard while they scream for help, but there will be none, while they will wish for dead, but the flesh still burns and the fire of their unforgivable deeds will be unquenchable, while they scorn at the Father, YAHWEH, even as the 7 bowls of vengeance is poured upon them, they will clench of their teeth but their suffering will never end. For these wicked doctors and their wicked assistants are the 100,000,000 hundred million demons that fell from the heavens for that contititutes their actions and their deeds. KARMA shall come. Watch, wait, listen, pray, watch, wait, listen, pray to Yahweh and YOU who have faith shall see the truth and you who have love with faith and good deeds shall see the Kingdom of Heaven. All of your sufferings have become treasures stored up in the Kingdom of Heaven for nothing is in vain upon this earth if your heart is good and righteous. And these bad earthly doctors only have treasures on earth and none shall be given to them accordingly to the judgment of Jesus Christ, Our Righteous Ruler of Eternity. Roderick Fields is the Asia Minor Doctor who is your worst nightmare cause he will not heal you, nor is he trying to heal you....he is just going to lie, and lie, and lie with his puppet, Teresa Ruiz who helps him lie, and lie, and lie. Roderick Fields is the doctor who loves to play games without giving you any medicine and he steals your medical documents just to have his lying assistant, Teresa Ruiz, to throw them in the trash so that way you don't have any evidence. As the tornadoes and the hurricanes twist in its guided direction in the last days, Roderick Fields and Teresa Ruiz with the other RA docs working with them, their lives shall twist in a moment with Yahweh's twisters. Roderick Fields is so wicked that I gave him the one star he didn't deserve and the computer kicked me out a couple times. So now I have to see if I can give him a 2 star which is not my opinion of this man, he deserves no stars unless he is one of those once bright stars (angels) that fell from the heavens and now is a creature.

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Mar 1st, 2012

I was hoping to see one of the other Rheumy's at UNM but they were completely booked. Went to Dr. Fields for a 2nd opinion. I had pain for 18 months and no diagnosis yet. 1st appointment he was great, suggested new tests to be run as all previous blood work was normal. Asked to keep my file I had with my records to scan into computers. 2nd appointment he told me congratulations I was in remission. I explained that I felt worse than the previous year but he didn't care, my blood work was normal and so I was fine. Told me to come back in 4 months to make sure I was still doing well. Also lost all my personal copies of all my tests and dr notes from the previous few years. Could not get a call back to see if they found them.

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