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Turn her in to the Missouri Board of Healing Arts- show details Turn her in to the Missouri Board of Healing Arts-
Jun 5th, 2014

Years ago I reported Inniss to the Missouri Board of Healing Arts. Originally they declined to do anything. I sent another letter indicating that it would look bad on the Board's part when I go public with the abuses my sons and I experienced by this "psychiatrist." The Board sent their investigator who said, "With the volume of evidence you have, we should be able to something about it THIS TIME." I asked him if she had been turned in before. The investigator declined to respond. The Missouri Board of Healing Arts still CHOSE to do nothing. If enough of Inniss's victims turn her in, perhaps the Board will perform it's responsibilities and protect the citizens by stripping her of her license. Below is the address of the Missouri Board of Healing Arts. I suggest everyone turn her in. I find the Missouri Board of Healing Arts just as negligent as Inniss, as they chose to let her continue to practice. Write the Board. Let's try to stop the abuse of this woman before she can damage anyone else and/or their children. Let's hold the Board of Healing Arts accountable for their condoning of this invective woman. Board of Registration for the Healing Arts, 3605 Missouri Boulevard P.O. Box 4 Jefferson City, MO 65102 * 573.751.0098. I cannot, in good conscience, give her even 1 star, however the review would not save unless a star was marked. (This review is my perspective and opinion.)

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Run! Run like the wind! show details Run! Run like the wind!
Oct 29th, 2013

This woman is crazier than any psychiatric patient out there. Run as far away as you can from this doctor. I gave her one star, only because a rating of negative a million, was not available here. I was ordered to see her by the courts. I had no mental health history. She began by not answering my calls. The phone would ring and ring, with no message service. I got there, to find her office was a nearly abandoned building. No front desk staff, barely any furniture, and filthy. I waited over an hour before each of my visits. She'd peak her head out of a closed door, tell me was almost ready, then come back an hour later. To get to her interview room, I had to walk through two adjoining offices. They were cluttered with stacks of newspapers, boxes, trash, and crochet projects, like an episode of Hoarders. The interview room was a little cleaner, but very strange for a mental health professional. It was tiny, had fast food trash, a few toys, and an old phone on the floor. She seemed nice at first, although very unprofessional. More like a scatter brained lady from the Hood than a psychiatrist. The phone rang and she chatted with someone for half my first session, talking like she was in her living room at home. The other sessions were even worse. She became very rude, insensitive, and made no mistake she was not there to help. She called me names and twisted my words as if to try to entrap me. It was more like being interrogated by police than a mental health professional. She asked off the wall questions not related to my case. She asked very inappropriate questions. Then she twisted my answers into something totally different, right there in front of me. This doctor took notes in pencil. No pen, no recorder. If you are court ordered to see her, I highly suggest sneaking in a recording device. Missouri is a one part state and the penalty for recording would be far better than her altered and fabricated reports later, with no proof to show she lied. This lady is bat sh** crazy. She should not only lose her licence, but pay all her patients damages. Google her, and click and read. Be sure not to stop at the first page of Google suggestions. You will see mountains of bad reports, actual court cases, lives she's ruined with her court testimony, reports, and diagnosis. If you research, you will find that she is semi retired and does mostly state cases. Cases and patients that somehow have the state or county or a corporation involved. Cases such as rehabs, child protective services, elderly services, mentally delayed group homes, juvenile group homes, foster care, etc. And if you read, you will see she sides strongly with the state in every one. She goes to the highest bidder. I never once received a bill from her, never an email, letter, or call. Yet her bill was given to another member in my case to tell me I owed her $22,000. After months, I was court ordered to pay her a portion of it. Later, after several payments, she wrote a letter to the court saying I never paid her a dime and they garnished my wages by 25% for her bill. I never received a notice, just a letter from my employer out of the blue saying I'm being garnished and it's a court order. This woman is in the courts hip pocket.

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Home maker show details Home maker
by John Q. Public on Sep 4th, 2013

Dear Reader, This is a doctor my husband and I were referred to after he was in a horrible accident at his work place. ( and yes, lets be clear the accident was the work place owners fault.) We went to see Dr. Innis at the request of a company working for my husband's employer. ( the company is called ConniCare and that hold's a whole new Hornets nest of problems for you as consumers, but one problem at a time. Dr. Innis) After my husbands release from the hospital, we were dealing with PTSS. or Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, pain and suffering and a host of other issues that come after a person has been in an explosion and on fire. Our first visit and last visit to Dr. Innis was one of the most frightening visits I have ever incurred. Yes, I wrote "frightening" about a doctor who is suppose to provide- comfort, care, compassion and wisdom, regarding the days ahead, etc. as well as the explosion behind us. His life we knew would be changed forever and to some degree we were hoping to get a handle on how to deal with day to day stress's that would evolve over the "healing" months. Dr. Innis immediately started to lecture us, in her filthy office. Her desk was literally piled almost to the ceiling (maybe two feet from the odds and ends, to the ceiling) with odd things, things you would see on a desk, i.e. folders, binders, and things you would see in a garage sell. The setting was not relaxing. It was littered with hoarders things. She started with telling us the do's and don'ts in her office. "Don't yell at me, don't try to be combative with me, don't get up and walk out on me..." end quote... she went on and on with don't as though we had walked into a prison. In my life I have never entered into a meeting where someone immediately took the defensive and raised there voice at me, nor has my husband, who is a man that speaks softly and was feeling very ill that day. After noticing toys all over the floor, littered with things like permanent markers and paper clips- ( a hazard to a child and carpet, etc) we asked her what her specialty was and she said she "use to work with children, but her knee's were bad and she could no longer get up and down off the floor..." yet in her treatment room, not waiting room, she had toys scattered every where. She said she now worked solely with adults. After telling her we would like to think about seeing her further, she raised her voice and said, "I came in just to see you today." Middle of the week, and most people do go to their offices to work." My reply was simple, "well, you get paid for an hour and get to leave quickly..." I did not know what else to say, after her berating us and raising her voice to us, for no reason other than she did try to pick a fight with every question and answer... After all was said and done, we researched her online. We found out, she is actively being sued for child abuse and neglect, all types of misbehaving with the children in her care. We found out that she was not able to keep a functioning practice because she was so mean and unsettling to any patients. I also took the time to read "yelps" advisors and was appalled by how many people this Dr. Innis has hurt. She needs to be reprimanded and sent to some sort of school for anger management. She should not have a license to practice medicine of any kind. Good luck to any and all that have had to deal with such an unsavory woman. I could write much more in relation to why this woman should not be in practice, but if this is not enough, then I pray you are able to find your way to peace with this woman or can find other options. Please do not leave your child or teenager alone with this woman. Protect the youth. And if you are court appointed to her, ask for anyone else. God speed in your needs and healing. We will continue to search on our own for the right doctor.

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Quack quack show details Quack quack
Aug 11th, 2013

There is no rating sufficiently low enough for this charlitan. Lazy, criminally negligent. Engages in illegal and fraudulent billing practices. I would be happy to provide court testimony to convict her of not only fraud but malpractice and malfeasance . Totally and completely incompetent . I know of three instances where she caused very serious, permanent injury to the mental health of children put in her care. Research on line for some excerpts of her court testimony. An obvious "opinion for hire" . Contradictory , confused , irrational testimony obviously to support the position of whomever was paying for her appearance . Anybody that willingly and knowingly hires her is a fool.

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Read "yelp" about this doctor as well. show details Read "yelp" about this doctor as well.
by John Q Public on Jul 2nd, 2013

After a basic berating of things not allowed to say to her... no greetings or salutations... and after walking through a filthy absolute disorganized mess to get from one office room to the nasty sitting room, we smiled with fear and listened to her talk about what she did and did not allow. Trust me, I could sit here and waist your time about all the bad in her office... this is one angry doctor. I don't know how a psychiatrist whom is suppose to be kind and caring is so absolutely terrible. she is bad all around in every form you can imagine. She even blatantly lied to us as to why she was no longer working with just children. ( and parents, don't ever leave a child alone with her.) With just that said, if you go to her for depression or any illness, you will just leave more depressed. We as a couple were lucky to smile through her speech about her self importance and scurry out the door, finding a kinder far more experienced doctor. Use common sense, when it feels wrong just know it is wrong. And she is a hot bed of anger. I don't know why, I don't need to. But keep the smile on your face and disingage from her if you are a patient. There will be someone qualified to help you. Good luck to those of you that got caught up with such an angry woman.

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This woman is an insult to the medical profession and the legal profession show details This woman is an insult to the medical profession and the legal profession
Feb 20th, 2013

This woman should lose her license. I am a practicing, board-certified psychiatrist and I am embarrassed that she claims to have the same credentials that I do. She is unprofessional, unethical, ignorant, and biased. She manipulates the system for her own financial and personal gain. She markets herself as a "forensic psychiatrist" selling her "expertise" to lawyers and judges, while causing emotional damage to children and their families. She relies on the fact that most legal professionals have so little knowledge of medicine and psychiatry that they don't see her for the sham that she is. She is an insult to the professions of both psychiatry and law. I am astounded that she has managed to get away with it for so long. Furthermore, I am disgusted with anyone who recommends her or places any trust in anything she says. I recommend filing a complaint (as I have) with the Missouri Board of Healing Arts.

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Dr Innis is a fraud show details Dr Innis is a fraud
by Troubled on Feb 6th, 2013

Dr Innis is a terrible resource to use to help children. She is lazy, unorganized, and does not promote a true interest in helping those who are trying to help their children lead productive lives. Dr Innis forms her opinion then seeks to ask questions and distort answers to support her opinion. She is part of the reason our youth are so troubled. She should have her license revoked and not be allowed to be a part of any child court case. Her follow up report is not accurate of the conversations had nor does she follow up on her questions to both parties to get answers. Her work is sloppy, lazy, and a real disservice to those seeking solutions. She should be ashamed that she has been given so much authority when it come to troubled families.

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Help STOP this abuser! show details Help STOP this abuser!
by Walter Brickey on Feb 5th, 2013

Corrected Contact Phone is 816-305-8454 or

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Extortionist Criminal Must Be Stopped show details Extortionist Criminal Must Be Stopped
by Walter Brickey Bates City Missouri on Feb 4th, 2013

Worse than any serial rapist/sodomizer that has ever walked planet earth. Please contact me at 816-305-8455. I have audio recordings with proof of her criminal conduct. This woman needs to be locked up and the keys thrown away!

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CRIMINAL!!! show details CRIMINAL!!!
Sep 30th, 2012

This woman is insane. She blatantly lied in her report, and mentally abused my children. Id like to see a class action law suit against her. Id be the first in line. How she can continue to ruin lives is beyond me! She needs to be ivestigated and criminally charged!

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Bad listener! show details Bad listener!
Apr 26th, 2012

For a psychologist she is horrible at connecting with clients. I saw her yelling at a child in the waiting room right before my appointment. She is very hard and non-relative. She does not make you comfortable and gives a very hard demeanor. I would not recommend this lady to anyone.

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Quack show details Quack
Mar 28th, 2012

How did this person get a medical license? And she practices on children. I do believe she is evil! Nothing but an opinion for hire. She also cheats her patients on insurance. If she thinks she can get more money she will refuse to bill your insurance, even though you verify it beforehand

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Oct 31st, 2011

This lady is a joke. She must have gotten her medical degree out of a crackerjacks box.

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Sep 25th, 2011


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Aug 21st, 2011

This physician is extremely rude, does not do her homework and is uncaring. She collects big bucks and does nothing. She is insulting to other professionals and downplays their opinions, because, as she says, she is a psychiatrist. I, too, plan to pursue legal action as this doctor is unfit for her profession.

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Jun 1st, 2011

This rude, nasty doctor is the worst ever. She shows no respect for her patients and could not imagine having her treat my child.

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unprofessional show details unprofessional
by jake965 on Aug 15th, 2009

I am writing this for a child who was treated very poorly by Dr. Inniss. Derogatory remarks were made to the child and she is supposed to be a professional???

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dr self absorbed show details dr self absorbed
by money tree on Jul 22nd, 2009

extremely insinsitive condescending unprofessional, there is not enough space for me to complain,but i will persue legal actions against this unfit dr!

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