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best dr ive ever seen HANDS DOWN!! show details best dr ive ever seen HANDS DOWN!!
by christina h. on Jan 25th, 2014

Dr B has treated me like more of a human being in need of GOOD, PROPER, PAIN MGMT FOR OVER FIVE YEARS. I AM only sorry for all the bull he has had to pUT UP WITH IN RECENT YEARS BY THE EXTREMELY EVIL OREGON MEDICAL BOARD!!! What this means for us patients that would do almost ANYTHING to contine to see him is that we now are being treated like PARIAHS BY other drs in same industry. Honestly i can be QUITE SURE that it is NOT BCA OF PATIENT COMPLAINTS that hes being investigated but oTHRR DRS AND PHARMACISIS THAT CHOSE TO DESTROY HIS CAREER HERE IN OREGON. I can guarantee that there was not a single patient of his, or partner of hi patientsthat would have done this to him...since his leaving i have been called a junkie by at least 3 drs and between 6 drs total i STILL CANNT GET AN APPT TO GET HELP OF any kind.. so i have ABSOLUTE FUNCTIONAL DECLINE AND WILL HAVE TO BE IN A WHEELCHAIR OR COMPLETELY BEDRIDDEN BEFORE MID FEB...

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M.D. show details M.D.
by Roy Blackburn on Jul 24th, 2013

RESPONSE TO JEFFREY S. Dear Mr. S. I just happened to stumble upon your post. I find it intriguing. First, I searched the records and there is no record of a Jeffrey S. at Oregon TLC so, if that is your real name, then you have not been a patient at Oregon TLC. Furthermore, the process regarding mailing of prescriptions needs a comment. Patients are advised and it is posted to please check their prescriptions prior to leaving the office. Unfortunately, these types of prescriptions have of necessity much data in order to address the multiple regulatory concerns surrounding the use of narcotic pain meds. In addition, Oregon TLC has a strict policy that requires a hard copy for all narcotic prescriptions. If perchance, a patient needs a refill prior to next appointment and it is indicated and/or there is a requested valid change in the prescription, etc. then the patient has the option of coming by the office to pick up the prescription or to have it mailed out. The Oregon TLC charges for mailing are not 15$ but are simply the amount to cover shipping and handling fees of the mailing in order to make that a budget neutral process that does not cause any negative financial impact to Oregon TLC overhead....and neither does Oregon TLC benefit financially from the shipping and handling cost. In addition, there is a minimum charge of 15$ if the patient chooses to pay said fee with a card as the charge card machine transactions cost Oregon TLC additional fees below a certain limit. So, if your shipping and handling fee for mailing a requested prescription, again if indicated, is $2.41 and you use a charge card to pay for it then you would have a $12.59 credit. Now with regards to hidden agenda concerns of pharmacists it is unfortunate that there are some pharmacist who capriciously and arbitrarily refuse to fill a valid, verified prescription based on vague, subjective criteria. It is not too dissimilar in the past when certain pharmacists refuse to fill birth control pills based on their religious beliefs. This arbitrary, non objective, criteria .....which is not posted anywhere in the pharmacy or their website..a.k.a. hidden agenda......can be very disruptive for especially established patient's whose prescriptions are often restricted to being picked up the afternoon before the day of scheduled use. Furthermore, with regards to my lack of response to any emails you are most likely unaware that the system at Oregon TLC is designed to keep out, if a patient suddenly changes their email without properly notifying Oregon TLC in advance then that email will be automatically deleted. Likewise, if someone is not a patient and tries to send an email then their email address is from an unknown and it is automatically deleted. It is called security. Also, these emails are not reviewed except during business hours so even if an established patient emails on a late Friday afternoon it is not uncommon that the response will not be forthcoming until the following Tuesday. And it is posted and made quite clear that Oregon TLC is not an emergency room or urgent care. In addition, in order to keep the rift raft crowd out of this clinic and withstand the due diligence of up to four regulatory agencies it is of necessity that we confirm who we are dealing with and to exclude those who have known behavior that can interfere with the chronic pain management provider-patient relationship. For instance, if someone is convicted of perjury that in and of itself means that anything that individual says must be verified and should not be acted upon in non emergent situations unless so verified. This goes straight to the heart of the matter of the social responsibility and due diligence of Oregon TLC to keep these potent tools for pain management - i.e. narcotics- out of the wrong hands of those individuals who are untruthful to their providers and divert their narcotic pain meds, which is a violation of state and federal law and behavior for which Oregon TLC has zero tolerance for....especially since those types of individuals often cause misery to legitimate pain patients as well as legitimate pain managers secondarily due to reflexive political backlash...which though may be well at times poorly focused on the root of the problem. Now in terms of your comments of my mental health...I do not recall being analyzed by health care provider named Jeffrey S. so I question your ability to make such a statement with any diagnostic accuracy; rather you have simply misused a word to be derogatory. I do have a fairly high maximus feces saturation point which is seemingly more and more required of an endeavor such as pain management which when targeted by backlash political hysteria.... leading to dragnet tactics of certain agencies..... causes much additional use of many a pain management's ever increasing non reimbursable time to address those concerns.....which further detracts away from a doc just trying to be a doc who views the doctor patient relationship as sacred. Basically, Oregon TLC ain't B**ger, not anyone can just have it their way here. Nor would I want to work at a pain clinic that applies the model of "the customer is always right" as those clinics will almost always find themselves in difficulty. Since, you may not have even been a patient at Oregon TLC I will tell you that the posted, prioritized mission statement is simply #1) Promote more benefits than risks and #2) Optimize independence. So, the ideal goal, if achievable in the chronic pain patient, is to get that patient to a level whereby they can manage their own pain to decrease it to a level where it does not significantly interfere with their ability to function and therefore they do not have to go see the doctor regularly for it since they no longer require the intervention of that provider. That is the hope....the intent....the goal....but unfortunately it is not often achieved in chronic pain patients but it is nice to see it happen when it does. In closing I would like to leave you with a little fable to ponder upon.... A man spread rumors about another person and caused that person much grief. Eventually, the man was trying to atone for his sins and approached the man whose life he had caused much grief to by falsely spreading rumors about him. When the man bearing false witness rumor asked the other man for forgiveness, he responded by taking a pillow case full of feathers and tearing it open. The feathers quickly spread throughout as the winds carried them away. The man then turned to the one who caused him so much grief and told him...that when he gathered all of the feathers and put them back in the pillow case that he would then forgive him. Be well Jeffrey. Whoever you really are.

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Find a different doctor! show details Find a different doctor!
by Jeffery S. on Jul 23rd, 2013

This man has mental health issues! I've been seeing him for years and have put up with his strange requests from asking patients to spy on pharmacists and report any "hidden agents" to signing affidavits that I've never been convicted of purgery. I have my pills counted by pharmacy each month, taken blood AND urine tests which cost me $250. It is IMPOSSIBLE to speak him between appointments - he doesn't return calls, his staff doesn't return calls & no way to email him. I've called for a refill of my migraine meds (non-narc) with no reply, ended up in ER. I've suffered because of him. He made a mistake on 2 scripts & charged me $15 to mail it. When I recvd it in the mail there was only 1 rx when I called his office they charged me another $15 - both were HIS error yet I ended up paying for it 2x. I agree with prev posts that he NEVER looks up from pc. He charges by the minute yet can spend a good part of it talking about his family. He is VERY WEIRD & paranoid! Find another doctor!

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Feb 5th, 2013

Worst doctor I have ever seen. The man shouldn't be a doctor, totally unethical.

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The pain man show details The pain man
by C. R. Eugene Oregon on Dec 21st, 2009

Dr. Blackburn is an awesome pain Dr. I have known him for about 5 yrs. and he knows exactly what to do. It is as if he can feel your pain. He treats me with respect and makes sure that he can get rid of my pain or make me as comfortable as possible. He greets you by name and includes you in the decisions of the meds he thinks may help. He is very careful with the amount of medication he prescribes and explains it in detail before you leave so you have no questions about the doses when you leave his office. There is so much I could go on and on about but basically Dr. Blackburn is the Greatest and I would highly reccomend him. His nurse is also a highlite of the office, she has made me feel comfortable and welcomed when I enter the office. In their office it is more like family than just Dr./patient. That is what makes the difference....C.R.eugene or.

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GREAT DR show details GREAT DR
Jun 5th, 2009


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Very Professional show details Very Professional
by Sam Dillon on Mar 15th, 2009

Well There are a lot of places we can begin but the main thing is he is a very smart man. Treats you like you should be treated when you go to the Doctor for pain. He does not treat you like you are just another junking out to get pain pills like I had 3 others treat me before I found Dr. Blackburn. But don't get me wrong if you go to him and you are lieing about you pain just to get meds he will know. Remember he is a SMART Man. He found things wrong with me that 3 other Doctors could of found just as well if they cared to do there job and not look at me like I was just tring to get pills. The best care is at Oregon TLC

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A wonderful doctor show details A wonderful doctor
Apr 22nd, 2008

I've been seeing Dr. Blackburn for a couple years now. He's never been anything but kind and helpful to me. He is not a doctor who is coddling and fuzzy if that is what you're looking for. He does the best he can with my situation and has kept me pain-free ever since I started seeing him. I'd highly recommend him for a pain-management physician.

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