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Dr. Roy Schmidt, MD
Anesthesiologist (pain control), Pain Management Specialist, Neurologist (brain, nervous system)
25 years of experience
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Great Doctor show details Great Doctor
Dec 11th, 2014

The problem with these sort of sites is that only when people have negative experiences they seek to trample the caregiver. And sometimes it's not that the experience was bad, sometimes it's due to individuals who are seeking drugs who do not get what they are looking for. I read these reviews prior to my first visit and expected the worst. My visit went well. Dr. Schmidt shot me the cold hard truth about my situation and explained how it is currently correctable but is very dangerous at this stage and that he honestly was concerned about touching me but he is willing to for the sake of my well-being and quality of life. I have 2 bulging discs, spinal stenosis, and where the real problem lies a nerve that is under significant pressure when my femur is aligned parallel with my spine. He showed me my MRI and what was happening to my nerve step my step when I move. He explained that if my nerve is to become 'clinched' or completely impinged to the point that I lose feeling of my leg I may never regain full or any feeling again. He explained that even when the pressure is removed, (whether the nerve block works or we have to do surgery), I may still be in significant pain due to nerve damage. At that point he went on to explain the nerve burning process in order to correct that. Overall a wonderful doctor who seems to care. Very informative. He took time to explain the problem thoroughly, the dangers, and the procedures from front to back and under different scenarios and circumstances. He did not prescribe me anything. I am treated 100% by my primary care physician and intend to sustain that unless my physician changes that. I challenge anyone who reads these reviews and is going to see Dr. Schmidt to write a review afterwards. This doctor has a poor online rating and I personally believe he deserves much better. I was very concerned after reading these but after seeing him I'm very confident in him.

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Sadistic, Cruel Money-Grubber! show details Sadistic, Cruel Money-Grubber!
by Tormented on Sep 7th, 2014

This man does not practice ethical treatment, he is in it for the money. I have read elsewhere on-line other bad reviews, unfortunately, after I left him. He makes claims on his hyper-baric oxygen chamber like it will cure you for a large price -not covered by ins. because the ins. co. knows its a hoax - If it could cure your ails then the ins. would be fools not to pay for it. Also, he did trigger point injections (more than 10 shots) on my back that was so painful I cried out during the whole procedure - I really believe that he must have not used any anesthetic at all and it ended up not working anyway. He used all kinds of pain meds on me that made me sick and in the end just dropped me from any meds at all?!?! Why would he do that to anyone - How confused and sick he made me feel. I wasted so much time & $$ with him. Do not expect him to have any compassion for you - this is just a business - he is capitalizing off of human suffering. Also Beware - his administrative staff are quite a joke - billing is so messed up on their part.

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Pain! show details Pain!
by Beth on Jan 24th, 2014

I saw him several times prior to back surgery. The insurance required I do spinal blocks first. So first time went ok but had no affect on my pain. Second time I think he missed the spot cause it hurt so bad. I'm crying telling him it hurts and asking is it supposed to do that? No one said a word. I came out crying and my husband didn't know what to think. Few wks later I had surgery on my discs and the surgeon said he literally had to scrape this glue like substance off the nerve in my back. Now you can take it from me if that needle doesn't hit the right place it hurts like H*** After getting the surgery I did pretty good and no more of that severe pain. NO I would not go to get a spinal block done by ANYONE.

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Biggest SCAM EVER!!! show details Biggest SCAM EVER!!!
by Be Ye Warned on Jan 15th, 2014

I'm an educated professional, with a disabling chronic pain disorder. Don't care what you think either way...I'm just telling it like it is. Your first visit will cost you $240 out of pocket if your insurance doesn't cover, which mine did not. No problem, I paid it. Brought all my meds, no problem bc I have nothing to hide. Waited almost two hours to be seen...whatever, guess he's busy. He did a quick, basic exam & proceeded to inform me I'd have to come back in 2 weeks. He did not write any prescriptions bc as he said, "I never write an Rx on the first visit." I wasn't prepared for that but, I even accepted this. On my way out the door, I was told to SUBMIT A URINE TEST!!! Ok...again, although I've NEVER been asked to do this before, I obliged. What REALLY upset me was when the secretary stopped me at the desk before walking out of the clinic. She demanded an ADDITIONAL $100 fee for the urine test (not included in the office visit charge of $240). I begrudgingly paid it & left. Two weeks later I returned for my follow up hoping to get my Rx & was told I owed $240....AGAIN!!! I was VERY upset by now. I said, "I'm out." Literally out of a good doctor, medication & frustrated over the way I've been dooped. I want to know everything up front so I can decide if it's worth it to me to have to jump through all these hoops in order to get relief. It's like starting a new relationship or job & finding out a lot of negatives after you've already invested time & effort. Total disappointment. I'm just laying out MY personal experience prior to ever getting any "real" treatment from this person. Thank God I'm not dependent on seeing him for anything. I'd rather silently suffer. It's your choice Mr. or Mrs. ABC Patient. Just letting you know to be prepared to pay The Piper...or, is it the Grim Reaper? You decide.

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Horrible experience EVERY time show details Horrible experience EVERY time
by BB on Apr 2nd, 2013

Though the staff is courteous, Dr Schmidt seemed to care less about me. He came in the room, stared at his computer the entire time I was taking, and only seemed interested in getting a procedure of some kind booked. While doing procedures he could care less about how much pain the patient is in. He claims you will be sedated but that is a LIE. The amount of sedation given wouldn't even affect a toddler. Before you leave from one procedure he is already discussing what procedure he will try next if "this doesn't work". I wouldn't recommend him to anyone ever! I literally felt violated in some way when I left due to the amount of pain I was put thru with no compassion from him whatsoever.

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Do not recommend if in a lot of pain show details Do not recommend if in a lot of pain
May 16th, 2012

I would not recommed this Dr or his Physican Assistant. They do not seem to care how about how much pain you are in. They seem to treat me like a drug addict. They seem to run people through like cattle, maybe spending a couple of minutes with each patient. Dr. Scmidth never speaks and the Physician Assistant seems like she doesn't have time to listen.

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Ms. Green show details Ms. Green
Apr 25th, 2012

great treatment, staff and environment....I would definitely recommend to anyone..

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Aug 26th, 2011

Really helped my sciatic and lumbar pain problems. I like him.

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Still in pain show details Still in pain
Jul 21st, 2011

I went to this doctor for low back pain. The first shot din't help but 24 hours abd was a $1000. Went back for a follow-up and never sent the doctor. His personal assistant came in for a few mintue. The doctor didn't even stick his head in the room. I will not go back.

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