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Dr. Rupan Trikha, MD
Retina Macula Diseases
9 years of experience
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UMDNJ (2003)
Top 50%

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Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2015)
American Board of Ophthalmology
American Society of Retina Specialists

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  • Riverview Medical Center
    1 Riverview Plz, Red Bank, NJ 07701
    Top 50%
  • Publications & Research

    Dr. Trikha has contributed to 6 publications.
    Title Ten-year Follow-up of Eyes Treated with Stereotactic Fractionated External Beam Radiation for Neovascular Age-related Macular Degeneration.
    Date December 2011
    Journal Retina (philadelphia, Pa.)

    To determine the long-term effects of stereotactic fractionated external beam radiation on eyes treated for neovascular age-related macular degeneration.

    Title A Novel Envelope Mediated Post Entry Restriction of Murine Leukaemia Virus in Human Cells is Ref1/trim5α Independent.
    Date March 2011
    Journal Retrovirology

    'Intrinsic' resistance to retroviral infection was first recognised with the Friend virus susceptibility gene (Fv1), which determines susceptibility to murine leukaemia virus (MLV) infection in different murine species. Similarly, the tripartite motif (TRIM) family of proteins determine lentiviral restriction in a primate host-species specific manner. For example rhesus TRIM5α (rhTRIM5α) can potently restrict HIV-1 infection while human TRIM5α (huTRIM5α) only has a mild effect on SIVmac and HIV-1 infectivity (Lv1). Human TRIM5α is able to restrict MLV-N virus replication, but is ineffective against MLV-B or MLV-NB virus infection. Lv2 restriction of some HIV-2 viruses is seen in human cells. Like Lv1, Lv2 is a post-entry restriction factor, whose viral determinants have been mapped to the viral capsid (CA). Unlike Lv1, however, Lv2 is determined by envelope (Env) in addition to CA. Here we present evidence of a novel Env determined post entry restriction to infection in human cells of pseudotyped MLV-B and MLV-NB cores.

    Title Hiv-1 Subtype Distribution in the Gambia and the Significant Presence of Crf49_cpx, a Novel Circulating Recombinant Form.
    Date March 2011
    Journal Retrovirology

    Detailed local HIV-1 sequence data are essential for monitoring the HIV epidemic, for maintaining sensitive sequence-based diagnostics, and to aid in designing vaccines.

    Title B-cell Lymphoma Line (raji) Viability and Surface Marker Expression Minimally Affected by 20- and 25-gauge Vitrectomy Systems Analyzed by Flow Cytometry.
    Date December 2010
    Journal Retina (philadelphia, Pa.)

    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of 20-gauge (20-G) and 25-gauge (25-G) vitrectomy on cell viability and diagnostic yield (surface marker expression) using flow cytometry and human lymphoma cells in culture.

    Title Phenotypic Analysis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Rev Trimerization-interface Mutants in Human Cells.
    Date May 2005
    Journal The Journal of General Virology

    Nuclear export of unspliced and incompletely spliced human immunodeficiency virus type 1 mRNA is mediated by the viral Rev protein. Rev binds to a structured RNA motif known as the Rev-response element (RRE), which is present in all Rev-dependent transcripts, and thereby promotes entry of the ribonucleoprotein complex into the nuclear-export pathway. Recent evidence indicates that a dimerization interface and a genetically separable "trimerization" interface are required for multimeric assembly of Rev on the RRE. In this report, the effect of mutations within the trimerization interface on Rev function was examined in mammalian cells. All trimerization-defective Rev molecules had profoundly compromised Rev function and a range of localization defects was observed. However, despite the potential for formation of heterodimers between functional and non-functional Rev proteins, trimerization-defective Rev mutants were unable to inhibit wild-type Rev function in a trans-dominant-negative manner.

    Title Optical Coherence Tomography Findings of Exophytic Retinal Capillary Hemangiomas of the Posterior Pole.
    Journal Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers & Imaging : the Official Journal of the International Society for Imaging in the Eye

    Exophytic retinal capillary hemangiomas (RCH) can be a diagnostic challenge in subjects without von Hippel-Lindau disease (VHL). This report of two cases describes the optical coherence tomographic (OCT) characteristics of RCH in two eyes of a subject with VHL and in one eye of an otherwise normal subject. Three different OCT instruments were used (Stratus, Cirrus and/or custom high resolution Fourier-domain OCT with 4.5 mum axial resolution) depending on availability. All instruments localized the tumor to the outer retina. A sharp border between the tumor and overlying inner retina was noted. The tumor bulged into the subretinal space and showed marked shadowing. Associated cystoid macular edema and subretinal fluid were noted. High-resolution Fourier-domain OCT showed a focal photoreceptor layer rip in the adjacent tumor-free macula in one eye with poor vision after treatment. OCT may be a useful tool in diagnosing RCH and studying associated morphologic changes.

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