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Jan 11th, 2015

I went to this doctor quite a few times in Southfield. The first few times were long wait times, but tolerable. My last time there was awful. First, she had moved offices and was very disorganized. I had the first appointment and expected the visit to be fairly quick. It wasn't. I had 3 kids with me, my toddler being seen for a shot/well child visit. I waited an hour before someone bothered to come back to the room to tell me Zebari would be with me soon. I was beyond irritated. She had scheduled multiple people at the same time, the room was so dirty I was afraid to let my toddler on the floor. There was dirt and dust and it looked discusting. I have never seen a room like this before. I thought to myself, ok, last visit. Then waiting that long and still not being seen I had enough. I walked out at 1 hour and 20 minutes later. Then the office staff calls me and informs me they had the shot ready and I have to come back. I said no thank you. I will be going somewhere else. They then call my husbands phone and threaten if I don't return, they will put in the system the shot was given and my son will not be able to receive the shot!!!!! He called me back to inform me of this. I couldn't even believe it. REALLY!!???? After how they treated us? And how unclean and unprofessional Dr. Zebari is? I had never been treated this way by any doctor. I did not return, I found a new and professional doctor right away. My son received his shots and never again would I return to that. And not only that, but she had previosly mis-diagnosed my son with pink eye when he had something much more serious and had to be taken the ER and hospitalized. Had we not taken him when we did and got him medication, the condition could have done permanent damage. I do not trust this doctor, and absolutely do not recommend.

May 27th, 2008 on

Dr. Zebari is such an attentive and knowledgeable doctor! The staff is also wonderful. I am a mother of four (toddler, teen and in between). The staff at Dr. Zebari's office has been excellent on every single appointment.

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