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Reid Hopital is in a Network but Emergency doctors are NOT show details Reid Hopital is in a Network but Emergency doctors are NOT
by Larry Swihart Sr on Nov 24th, 2014

How is a person taken a in Network hospital ( Reid Hospital) for an emergency by ambulance to know the doctors are not in your network. My insurance pay for everything except Dr. Samuel W Iden . He is a doctor there but in not in the same network the HOSPITAL Your insurance pays the out of network rate and you are left with the rest. Duh I did not have a choice in who treated me and I surely didn't know I should have ask him if he was in my Network, while I was bleeding from the head and had a broken femur . Who would ever think a doctor would not be in the same network the hospital he works in is. My insurance paid, I paid my out of pocket and deductible but I will not pay the $233 dollar difference. If this $233 dollars is that important to him take me to court and let me tell everyone how Reid and this doctor treats people. They should post a ten foot sign outside the emergency entrance ER DOCTORS ARE NOT IN OUR NETWORK.

Very upset with experience! show details Very upset with experience!
by Chelsie Y. on Oct 23rd, 2014

On 8/31, I left very disappointed with my experience at Reid hospital with Dr. Iden. I truly liked the doctor but I did not leave feeling much better than I came. I went for an extreme migraine and was told that I was having a tension headache. The doctor didn't think I needed any further testing (which is fine, I suppose- even though I wanted an MRI) but I left about 2 hours later with the same headache. It seems like my experiences at Reid are just bad and it is sad because it's my hometown hospital. I have never had any medical problems but if I do, I will be traveling to Henry County Hospital from now on. I had a $1000 bill from Reid for this visit where nothing was done and a $331 doctor fee that I cannot afford. I have learned a valuable lesson. Very upset with my service and the doctor. It would have been different if it was resolved, but I had to go to Henry County Hospital to end up getting it resolved overall. They also prescribed something for my headaches and are doing testing!