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 |  Healer Hit's A Bulls Eye!  |  show details
by Diane McPherson on Nov 19th, 2014

Dr. Satish K. Sharma, M.D., can help you but you need to help him so he can help you. Especially on your first visit and on your follow-ups be clear, concise and specific. Keep a journal specific to your treatment re: pain (morning, noon and in the p.m.) compare your levels of pain after you have had a treatment. Be specific and concise. For me my afternoon pain was much less but my morning pain upon waking was worse. Dr. Sharma needs specifics details to ascertain if he's hitting the right nerve when he does a Cervical Epidural Injection. Normally when I had a procedure I would get three individual injections however, I was now having less pain in the afternoons and only the mornings remained a problem. This information helped Dr. Sharma and on my last visit 9/23/14 he gave me only one epidural injection not three. This one shot hit the bulls eye and I knew it immediately. No pain in the mornings. I keep waiting for the pain to return to no avail. Also, I no longer take Lyrica but every morning and afternoon I take the topical pain reliever which keeps the problem nerve relaxed and pain free. I'm taking time to write this in the hope that it may help even one person to not give up hope and to help Dr. Sharma to help you. I'm gratful and honored to be a patient of Dr. Sharma every day is a blessing and a joy to live pain free. I wrote a previous review a year ago I'm just adding this addendum.

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 |  Worst experience this year.  |  show details
by American Female on Sep 29th, 2014

Needs to be investigated for impersonating a health "care" provider. This guy has a hostile office environment, & thanks to two other opinions/diagnosis, im so thankful I followed my instinct before any MRI's or procedure$ were done. One of the worst doctors office experiences of my life, he needs to retire or go back to where its acceptable to treat women like 2nd class citizens. Thanks for the referral, primary care doc, I'm assuming she goes elsewhere for care.

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by Rick Wise on Apr 13th, 2014

I went to Dr. Sharma because my last Pain Mngt. Dr. stopped all Meds therapy. First thing he had me do was to get an MRI. No other pain Mngt. Dr. even bothered to have me get an MRI. Well the MRI showed where all my trouble was. He told me I had to have back surgery within 3 months and if I put it off I could end up in a wheelchair. I thought to myself that was a bit harsh. But his frank and honest assessment spurred my wife to find a surgeon.The surgeon gave me the exact same diagnosis and 2 months later I had my back surgery. If it wasn't for Dr. Sharma and his honesty I may not be walking at all today. I would recommend (and have done so) to anyone who is looking for a Pain Mngt. Doctor who actually cares about the patient.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Gifted Doctor  |  show details
by Diane McPherson on Dec 7th, 2013

An old neck injury finally needed to be addressed after being somewhat dormant for ten years. My GP referred me to a surgeon who inturn referred me to Dr. Satish Sharma to help me with pain management I was also referred to a Physical Therapist (PT). I started (PT) immediately and my first appointmen with Dr. Sharma was 07/08/13. Dr. Sharma reviewed my MRI and other test prior to our initial appointment, I did research as well so when I met Dr. Sharma for the first time we were both insync. It was a brilliant first visit along with his (PA) lots of information was exchanged and I couldn't be more impressed with Dr. Sharma's professionalism, he's knowledgeable and extremely proficient. He's also kind and has a wonderful sense of humor. We just clicked. I couldn't be more grateful for such an outstanding doctor. I've had three Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections; the last one was the most effected. To be able to sleep through the night and to not be in constant pain is a luxury I haven't known in a long time. So if it seems like I totally think Dr. Sharma is beyond amazing, professional, knowledgeable, kind and very funny, you would be right!

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 |  Good Doctor, Terrible Office Staff  |  show details
Dec 3rd, 2013

Doctor Sharma is very professional. He works hard to find solutions to your pain. Unfortunately the office staff fails to measure up to the standards he has established. Upon arrival, I stood in front of two people at the check-in desk. Neither said anything to me for 3 minutes. It was my first visit. When I was called back (mind you this is a pain management practice), the nurse cracks the door open and calls your name. With pain, it is difficult to move quickly and often manage simple tasks such as opening doors, etc. She quickly disappeared into another room. When I went through the door that she allowed to close in my face, I had no idea where she went. I had to wait for another office worker who was busy on her iPhone to ask where to go. The office manager, Arlene is out of her element, disorganized and overwhelmed with her role (she actually said this). She is responsible for any/all paperwork you may need for your employer, disability insurance, etc. Good luck. Everything is stacked (I swear) on the floor of her office, all over her desk and computer. There are sticky notes everywhere. She fails to respond to any phone calls or inquiries leaving you desperate. There is one support person, Romi that is actually pleasant on the phone and appears to be interested in helping you. There may be some others that I have not interacted with. But, the majority are absolutely horrible. Really very sad. I hope Dr. Sharma becomes aware of the issues. He would benefit from replacing those that lack the skills or interest in working for a paycheck.

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 |  Unprofessional office staff  |  show details
by Donna T on Mar 28th, 2013

Dr. Sharma is listed in SHL Directory at 6850 N. Durango as well as two other addresses. I called to make an appointment and specifically asked for that address since it is near my home. The appointment was made for 1:00 pm. The morning of the appointment I received a call from the office to see if I could reschedule. They wanted me there in 30 minutes. I told them impossible and agreed to an 11:15 AM appointment. I cancelled meetings and rushed to get there 15 minutes early. When I got to the location the receptionist had no record of me or my appointment. I called the number I had in my phone (the number I received the call to reschedule from) to verify the correct address I was supposed to be at. I was on hold for 27 minutes. By the time I actually got to speak with someone and found out that they had scheduled an appointment at a different address which was a 30 minute drive from where I was I was told that the doctor was leaving at 12 noon and that I would have to be rescheduled. I told the receptionist that I was not happy about that and explained that I am a business owner and had to cancel meetings to accommodate their change in scheduling already and politely asked that if I was billed for missed appointments was it possible for me to send a bill to them for my wasted time. She laughed, said "I don't think so" and hung up on me. Dr Sharma might be a good doctor, however, I will never know that because his staff are incompetent.

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 |  Lower Back Pain  |  show details
Oct 17th, 2012

Hi have been living with lower back pain for years.It has progressively gotten worse and to the point I could no longer take a walk let alone exercise.I wen to see Dr. Sharma and he quickly offered up a solution-steroid shots in my lower back. I have had a series of 3 and I am as good as new!! I waited to long to find Dr. Sharma.Go see him today!! He can HELP YOU.

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 |  The Best!  |  show details
Sep 28th, 2012

Dr. Sharma was the first doctor to realize that I needed an MRI to search deeper into the problem I was having. He didn't mess around and took care of it ASAP. The steriod shots have been a lifesaver for me. I was living with my situation for years.....And finally, a solution to the problem. I would have been stuck dealing with this problem for the rest of my life, if it wasn't for Dr. Sharma. He is very sweet and kind; he doesn't carry a ego personality like some doctor's do. I totally recomment Dr. Sharma to anyone that's dealing with pain that they haven't seemed to find a solution for. If Dr. Sharma can't find the solution to the problem, then I don't believe anyone else can.Thank you

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 |  Peggy  |  show details
Sep 6th, 2012

Dr. Sharma is a very good doctor and I told him so today. He seems genuinely interested in helping me and we have succeeded because I do feel better. I like his staff and have had positive experiences with them as well. Dr. Sharma is very good at his profession and I highly recommend him!!

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 |  Great experience  |  show details
Sep 6th, 2012

Great experience with Dr. Sharma. His diagnosis was spot on. Highly reccomend him and he will be the first person I contact if I have any further issues!

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 |  I recomended  |  show details
Jul 10th, 2012

he was the best pain doctor I have ever had. Not charming but very very good at relieving my pain

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 |  Wow! Don't waste your time!  |  show details
Jan 15th, 2011

I have gone to this doctor a few times and said I would never go back, however I did go back again thinking I would give him another try. He is the rudest, most impatient, doctor that does not know what he is doing. If you are an addict go to him cause all he does is write rx's. If you try to talk he will tell you to be quiet, he gives no suggestions, gives dirty looks and the only time he speaks is when he asks you if you have gone to other pain doctors as he is very curious about that. If you have he will say those doctors are incompetent. The office staff especially Juanita is so rude, she hangs up on people and is always irritated. And all the office staff is always fighting with each other.

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Sep 22nd, 2010

Rude to his staff. Arrogant and cold. Complete misdiagnosis.

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 |  Better than average  |  show details
by Emmy V on Jul 30th, 2010

I have had seen so many doctors in this town, and an overwhelming majority are just terrible. Bad office staff, uncaring, overwhelmed, uninformative, and just plain jerks. Dr. Sharma isn't my idea of the perfect doctor, but he's as close to that as you can find in this town. He actually seems to care about making me feel better. We have tried several different routes to help control my pain, and instead of getting frustrated and giving up on me like so many other Docs, it seems to have made him more determined. I absolutely trust this doctor (maybe not all his staff) and that is saying a lot coming from me.

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 |  Worst doctor I have ever seen in Las Vegas.  |  show details
by Gene on Mar 29th, 2010

Simply the worst "Pain" doctor I have ever visited. Speaks Poor English. Hindi accent is very difficult to understand.Culturally biased against women.Accused my wife of "Not helping".. Called me a "Drug Addict"..Staff treated both me and my wife as if we were "Drug Seekers"While being "Evaluated" for treatment his nurse "Hurried us along" as we were in the exam room for 10 minutes.Refused to hear my medical history and symptoms then barked "I am the doctor not YOU!"After my first visit my wife sobbed all the way home and cried herself to sleep that night. We never went back.My NEW doctor did a thorough evaluation and found a clear Diagnosis. A diagnosis that Dr. Sharma "Waved" his hand to silenced me when I suggested that "it" might be the cause.I can't believe this guy hasn't been thrown out of Nevada yet.

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 |  Very Caring  |  show details
by Florence Coker a ( A very greatful patient0 on Jul 26th, 2008

I found Dr Sharma very kind and most interested in my welfare. He never rushed you, always aked if there were any questions he haden't answered. I would recomend any time. Wish all Drs were as great as he is.