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Mar 25th, 2015

Ease of appt. Ten days and counting. Only one person is permitted to make adapts., Radora. She is NEVER available I have been trying unsuccessfully make an appt for the last 10 days. She is either unavailable or plays phone tag and we don't connect. Totally unprofessional. Sure hope Dr. McGarvey or at the least his office manager reads this.

Bunion and hammer toe surgery show details Bunion and hammer toe surgery
Jan 28th, 2015

I wish I had read the reviews before having Dr. mcGarvey do my surgery. Had surgery a year ago, after taking out my pin I still had pain in my foot 6 months later. Called to see if I could come back in to have him look at my foot. Was told to wait and it should go away, I still have sharp pains in my foot and hammer toe. I will call back and try to get him to see me. It is not right for a surgeon to not follow up with issues that are happening or on going after he removes the husband is suppose to have foot surgery and was referred to Dr. mcGarvey by his RA doctor, was told he was an expert in his field. Dr.McGarvey may be an expert but by not following up with his patience when they still have issues later he is not a true Dr looking out for his patience best interest. If it is because of not getting paid for follow ups, then charge us, just make sure the surgeries you are doing are successful! Foot pain is very difficult to live with! My husband will not be having Dr. mcGarvey doing his surgery since I have read and experience his follow on issues after surgery.

by DKranz on Oct 19th, 2014

Dr. McGarvey took the time to listen to what I had to say. Between what I said and the x-ray he told me what needed to be done. Took the time to answer any questions that I had. His caring and kindness showed through in all my visits. I would definitely recommend Dr. McGarvey and any family, friends or anyone that needs a foot specialist.

Sep 10th, 2014

In 1980 at age of 33 I experienced a compound break of my fibula and a dislocation of my ankle. When this severe injury occurred I looked down at my right foot and saw my toes pointing 180 degrees from the normal position. After surgery repairing my ankle and fibula I questioned the Orthopedic Surgeon as to the future of my ankle. At that date I was told only ankle fusion would correct the pain I would encounter later in life due to arthritis. In the ensuing years I had two surgeries to remove deposits in my ankle joint that caused pain. My ankle deteriorated to a point where x-rays indicated bone on bone contact. A friend had ankle replacement and reported its relief of pain. Dr. McGarvey accomplished replacement surgery on an acquaintance and recommended Dr McGarvey to me. I had the surgery in March 2014. Dr. McGarvey was very upfront about the possible complications, especially the chance for infection. We discussed measures to prevent infection and I was comfortable that the risk would be minimized as much as possible. I encountered no complications and no infections. I am six months from my surgery and my ankle is painless, my flexibility is better than previous to surgery, my walking gait is normal, and I can walk stairs in a normal manner. Previous to the replacement I could only take one step at a time. I am very pleased that 34 years after my injury that the medical profession has developed ankle replacement surgery and that Dr. McGarvey performed my surgery. He and his staff have been professional and monitored my recovery in a manner that was cautious which I attribute to the absence of infection and the success of the replacement. I highly recommend Dr. McGarvey to all who are considering care for their ankle.

Bunion Surger 2013 show details Bunion Surger 2013
Jan 24th, 2014

Dr. Mcgarvey did my bunion surgery in Sept 2013 . I chose him because he has done over 6,000 foot surgeries and came recommended. In checking on line for reviews, I did note that a common comment was his general lack of follow up protocol, and a couple comments about how he did not deal with patient complaints satisfactorily. This has been my experience. I followed all the rehab directions to a "T", and have worse foot pain that pre-surgery. I went back for 2 follow up visits and Dr Mcgarvey was very short with me, telling me to come back in 6 months and get some PT. Either he was having a bad day overall, or he isn't a compassionate guy if things don't turn out as planned. This has been my first elective medical surgery - quite disappointed in the result.

Sep 28th, 2013

I had bunion and hammer toe surgery. Dr. McGarvey has performed over 6,000 bunion surgeries, and I felt he was very qualified and experienced in this particular area. The surgery was very short and I had hardly any pain. Dr. McGarvey recommends a conservative recovery program of elevating the operated foot for a couple weeks to prevent long term swelling and pain. I appreciated this as I did not want long term problems as a result of too early or too much activity.

Retired MD show details Retired MD
May 25th, 2011

My wife recently had foot surgery by Dr. McGarvey. She could not be more pleased. I have practiced medicine for 40 years and I can attest to his expertise, professionalism and very good bedside manner. Everything was well explained and thorough. He came highly recommended and met and even exceeded our expectations.

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Find someone else show details Find someone else
Oct 29th, 2010

After being recommended, I trusted Dr. McGarvey to repair the pain in my 2nd toe joint. He recommended I endure a bunionectomy despite the favt that it never hurt in the past. He said he couldn't repair anything unless he did. I did feel as though I was one of many, but since he was recommended, I put my gut feeling aside. After surgery, there was no follow up call by surgeon or staff. I went back after 2 weeks as recommended, for removal of the pin in my 2nd toe and sutures in several locations. A week later I began to see a dramatic change in color of the foot as well as swelling. He was rekuctant to take the time to see me, ut did because he was afraid there could be an infection developing. At the appointment he treated me as though he was doing me a favor. If you notice, you will see that there are no follow up appointments that he will schedule past the removal of sutures and pins post op. Isn't that strange? Doesn't he want to know how you are doing 3, 6, or 9 months after surgery. The answer is NO, because has already been paid by your insurance and will receive no further payment for addition appointments. So he will not waste his time with you. You will be told that he has no appointments available by his nurse who has been instructed to tell you that he is on vacation and will call you, or that everything you are dealing with is completely normal. Actually it's not, and if you see another surgeon, they will tell you that that is not the case. After over a year, my foot is actually worse since he cut my bunion unecessarily, didn't repair it correctly and now I have pain in 2 places instead of just 1! I wish i had never had this surgery with Dr. McGarvey. This is just unbelievable! Find another surgeon to do your surgery!

A gifted surgeon show details A gifted surgeon
by Sarah on May 26th, 2010

Dr McGarvey is a gifted surgeon who has extensive experience (my bunionectomy was procedure number 5136 for him). He's kind and thoughtful, but he won't be warm and fuzzy. He's thorough and competent, and his work is excellent. His nurse was always available for questions, and his OR team respects him and trusts him. As a person who works in healthcare managing clinical research trials and working with hundreds of doctors, I have 100% trust in Dr McGarvey, am incredibly pleased with my procedure results (follow the instructions--they're there for a reason), and would immediately give my highest referral to anyone looking for a foot or ankle specialist. He's top notch!

more follow up would be nice show details more follow up would be nice
Feb 28th, 2010

called a few times because I wasn't sure foot was healing right after surgery and told to wait it out. wish there was more office staff support to check out concerns post surgery

Feb 25th, 2010

In my opinion, Dr. McGarvey is the very best foot surgeon to be found anywhere. After having several unsuccesful bunion surgeries done by podiatrists, he repaired the damage and I am now able to walk without severe pain. His name was given to me by others who have been healed by his hands. He is very professional, knowledgeable and treats his patients with care.

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Feb 16th, 2010

Initial discussions minimize the proceedure and the recovery. Once Dr. McGarvey has done your surgery, you will only see him one more time to remove stitches and pins. After that, you will not be able to schedule an appointment to follow up on your progress,questions and concerns. I recommend finding another surgeon who will take the time necessary for proper follow up care. Un believable and unacceptable.

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May 15th, 2009

I was a dancer (not professional, but used to go ballroom dancing 5-6 times a week). I called Dr.McGarvey to make an appointment to see him. I had to wait six months just to see him. I had an accident and saw two other doctors before seeing him. He had been recommended by a stranger who had just had foot surgery by him. My initial experience in the office was good. By the time I was checking in for surgery at Fairview Southdale I started experiencing some alarming things. The nurse who checked me in insisted that it was my LEFT foot that would be operated on. I told her that I was having both bunions removed, but the RIGHT foot was having a claw toe corrected. I actually had to argue with her, finally she said, "well we will just have to clear that with the doctor", and I said "excellent!". They took me to prep me for the procedure, and I made certain I spoke to the doctor before going under.I I woke up very hungry, and the aides were clearing lunch. I asked them for food, and after one hour I was finally delivered food, although I let them know I was lactose intollerent, and they brought me milk and cottage cheese. I also asked for a bedpan, and had to buzz three times to get one, then when I finished I buzzed for them to collect it. Four times I buzzed in a half an hour,for them to pick it up, finally I gave up and some how reached to this window sill, and set it there. About an hour later some one came in to collect it. The next day I started physical therapy. There were two therapists who were far more intrested in discussing last night's soap opera on t.v. then my physical therapy. They told me to walk along this brace, so I did. I was so weak and in pain I nearly fell. Then they let me go back to my room. By the time I was released I was relieved to leave the hospital (other things added to this bad experience which I could tell you about, I have them written down). I was released and my financee, had set up the upstairs master bedroom, which had it's own bathroom attached. I had a little refridge and microwave in the same room, an arms length away, so I wouldn't have to get up. I was a bit concerned that my toe that had been operated on and had a pin in it stuck up like it had before the operation. For six weeks I had to remain IN my bed other than to shower and use the toilet. I stuck to my promise. My financee went to work during the day, but came home to give me lunch (or prepared it the night before so I could have it ready in the little refridge. On one of my bathroom trips, my foot hit the bottom bedrail by accident, hitting the pin that had been placed in my second toe (the toe that was operated on) sending this horrible shock and vibration all the way up my leg creating the most horrible pain I had ever experienced. I was all alone, managed to crawl into bed and call Dr. McGarvey. I was told he was on vacation for 10 days, unable to be reached, so I asked to speak to his nurse, Ruby, who was also on vacation and unabled to be reached. I asked if there was a doctor covering for him. I was given a name and number, and I called. The doctor who called back said there was nothing he could he could do for me, he didn't have my records and I would have to wait for Dr. McGarvey to return. I called his office and made the first available appointment. My financee took me in for my appointmeents. I was anxious to see the doctor. He was very ananoyed with me for "KICKING" the bed brace. He pulled out the crooked pin from my second toe and it stood up as it had before. The doctor assured me that the toe would go down. I believed him. On subsequent visits he would say the same thing. I was worried and questioned him remarking that it had not gone down yet, and WHY? He rudely snapped at me, accusing me once again of KICKING the base and said loudly, "well, we can just cut the toe off! You don't really need it, and the other toes will grow closer and you won't even notice! "But what about the pain that I am experiencing? I made an appointment with two other doctors, who were appauled by what I told them, and after showing them all the x-rays, and my foot. I was still unable to dance without great pain, AND my bunion was growing back on my right foot AND my back was giving me problems because of my change of geit. Dr. McGarvey assured me that I WOULD BE DANCING AGAIN WITHIN TWO M0NTHS! I called two attorneys who both told me it was impossible to sue a doctor for malpractice in Minnesota, that it would cost me a fortune and DOCTORS DON"T LOSE!!! I went back to McGarvey and pleaded with him he once again yelled at me "LOOK THERE IS NOTHING MORE THAT I CAN DO FOR YOU EXCEPT CUT OFF THAT TOE! IF YOU WANT ANOTHER OPPINION, YOU CAN SEE DR. , BUT HE WILL TELL you THE SAME THING. I saw Dr. ,and he did say the same thing. My foot hurt constantly, I was no longer dancing, very depressed, and had developed a limp and my balance was way off, and I would fall alot, as I still continue to do. By now the time has passed to do something leagally , although I am so fed up by the process of doctors, surgery, insurance, lawyers, malpraactice and the bond that binds the doctors and lawyers and insurance company, that years have passed.Almost 10 years later, everyday I struggle to walk, am in constant pain, have developed a "knuckle" at the bottom of my 2nd toe (where the surgery was performed). It keeps growing and after the newest x-rays was informed I am growing new bone. The knuckle that has grown on the top of my bottom 2nd toe protrudes so much that wearing shoes rubs it painfully until it sometimes bleeds. It looks like it will pop through the skin. It is difficult to walk, I can not run or dance which makes exercise almost impossible. Consequently I have gained 20 pounds and have become very unfit. I am terrified of falling because of losing my balance. I went to the Mayo clinic and they blame my balance problem on my foot.In Dec. '08 I lost my balace and fell down the stairs landing on my foot and my head, breaking my right (bad) foot, and being in a cast for six weeks. Ten years of my life has been affected, 10 years that I will never get back, and I have been so depressed about it that I was placed on antidepresants. I can not seem to get any satisfaction, and have almost given up hope. You are my last chance to be heard. I hope that you will listen. I don't want anyone else to experience what I have had to.

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